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-[indistinct chatter] -[bowling pins clattering]

[man] Batter up, Cal.

[man 2] All right, Callahan, come on.

[woman] Gutter ball.


Don't make out with it. Bowl with it.

[indistinct chatter]

[all] Oh!

[Jaeger] Now, watch and learn.

[man] Jaeger, don't get in your head.

Don't get in your head.

[man yells]



[Jaeger] Boom.

[man] Snowball.

[man 2] All right.

[man 3] Come on, Snowball.

[man 4] Come on, Snowball. No pressure.


[man] Woo! Moving at the speed of light.


-[screaming] -[laughing]

[man] Come on. Nothing stupid.

[man 2] Yeah, dude. Come on, let me see your moves.

[Callahan] Yeah. Here we go.

[man] Oyster. Yeah.



[bottles clatter]

[Jaeger] Oh, fuck, man.

Jesus Christ.

-[Oyster] Sorry. -[man] Fucking idiot.

[Tony] Hey, hey, hey.

I thought I told you guys to settle down?

[Oyster] We'll settle down when you cut your hair.

That seems like a fair deal to me.

Don't make me call the cops, smart ass, all right?

Hey, when's the last time you oiled these lanes, bud?

Yeah, homie.

They're gripping like crazy so we can't shoot well.

[Oyster] Tony, will you dance with me?

I think we got off on a wrong foot

-and I'd love to-- -Get the fuck off me.

[man] Oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

[Tony] Get the fuck off of me.

[man] Whoa.

Look, if you rednecks don't like the way

I run this place, you can get the fuck out.

Finally, I'm a redneck. Fuck, yeah.

-Congrats. -[laughing]

I'm calling the cops. Fuck off.

Hey. Hey. Come on. Let's all calm down.

We're all right.

He is the cops, dude.

[man] Hey, hey, hey. Come on.

Tony, look. Give me-- Give me that shit.

Sit down. Sit down.

My bad. My bad. It's only my first week.

-Hey. Tony, is it? -[Tony] Yeah.

How you doing? Chris Callahan.

-[Tony] Tony. -Pleasure.

[Tony] I'm sorry. It's my first week.

That's all right, man. That's cool.

We come here every week.

We should get to know each other.

It's all good. I got an idea.

If my brother balls three strikes in a row...

[Jaeger] Yeah.

[Callahan] buy us a round of drinks.

-If he can't, we'll leave. -What?

[man] Wow. That's a really good deal, Tony.

-[Callahan] Come on. -You're on.

-All right. -[man] That settles it then.

-You got this? -I got this.

Okay. Go. Let's go. Come on.

-[man] Number one. -[man 2] We got this. Yeah.


One strike. [makes robotic whirring sound]

[man] He's really good. We forgot to tell you.

And number two for my less handsome older brother.

-[man] Oh! -[laughing]


Tony, what happened, man?

[Oyster] You know what?

For my third one, I'm gonna need to be blindfolded.

-[man] No. -[man 2] No fucking way.

[Jaeger] I can do it. I promise you.

No. I'm serious.

[Tony] He does that, I'll get you two drinks.

Two. He's gonna get us two.

You'll get us two rounds?

-[Oyster] I promise you. -Do it.


[man] I don't approve of this.

[Snowball] Now, be the ball, baby. Be the ball.

You got two steps then shoot.

-Throw the fucking rock. -[man] Aim right. Aim right.

Be the ball.


[Jaeger] Why?

I'm sorry, Tony. I got two.

Can we still stay?

-Tony. -[man] Come on, Tony.

-[Jaeger] Let us stay. -[man] Come on, Tony.

Let us stay, huh?

I'm not buying you fucking drinks.



[foghorn blows]

[Callahan panting]

[can sprays]

[Jaeger] What do you think?

Be good. See you guys Wednesday.

All right. I need to get the bucket on the deck.

I gotta catch a crew boat.


[Oyster] Jalapenos and a fried clam.

Dude, that's fucking disgusting.

Or genius, bro.



you run like my grandma.




[Callahan] Wanna go again?

[car honks]

[Jaeger] Finally.

You're 20 minutes late, man. We were waiting for you.

[Milk] I'm putting out fires, bro.

What are you doing?

[Jaeger] What am I doing? I don't know.

Uh, I'm not making excuses. Hmm.

Don't do it. Don't do it.

Not so close... [screams]


[Callahan] Hey. Hi, Rachel.

[Jaeger] Look who it is!

[Callahan] God. She's beautiful.

Here comes the monster.


High five.

-Oh, so strong. -Yeah.

-Snowball, what's up? -What's up, my brother?

-You good? -[Rachel] You animals.

[Callahan laughs]

All right. I stink. I'ma shower up.

Five minutes. Get your camis on.

Five minutes, McKowski.

-Hi. -[giggles]



-Fucking sick. -Fuck.

Are you wearing cologne?

Fuck yourself.

Can you smell it all the way up there?

Yeah. Fuck yeah. I can smell it.

I thought we were fucking going by

a candle shop or some shit.

I'm right next to him. I feel like I'm gonna pass out.

Fucking smells like glitter.


It's part of my fucking morning ritual, okay?

What is your morning ritual? Walk us through that.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, I get up in whose ever house I'm in,

get home, usually.

Crawl out a window.

-[Snowball] Crawl out a window. -Crawl out a window.

Put on my crisp white strips.


-For about half an hour. -Fuck you.

You got to let those things set in, you know.

Then I do the hair.

That's a good-- That's a good 15 minutes in itself.

[Milk] Yeah, it's got a good coiff to it.

And then, uh-- Yeah. Just as I'm going out the door

maybe a little spray and walk into it.

Walk out of the door, you know.

What, uh-- What's your cologne called?

What's it called?

It's called Transcendence.

-No! -[laughing]

[indistinct chatter]


[indistinct chatter]

[man] No, Cal.

Please don't make us do a squat thrust, man.

[Callahan] Come on. It's one weekend a month.

You can do this.

[Oyster] Fuck. Has anybody seen my cover?

Oh, come on.

[groans] Fuck. Fuck.

No, I think I left it back at the...

God damn it.

Where's your cover, marine?

Fuck me.

Hold on.

Staff Sergeant Callahan, a word.


Staff Sergeant, what's up with your Devil Dog?

-Sorry, sir. -Aren't you two related?


When are you gonna get your shit together?

No. When are you gonna stop sleeping with men for money?

-Hey. -Whoa, whoa, whoa.

[Oyster] Hey, you don't have a cover now.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What the fuck is going on?

He took my cover.

[Oyster] Well, he started it. Ask him.

[Callahan] Come on.

[Oyster] Sorry.

[Callahan] Give me 20 on the obstacle course.

-All right, Staff Sergeant. -[Callahan] Come here.

The fuck is wrong with you?

Man, he's just always on my shit.

-He's jumping in my face. -What the fuck?

You can't drill without a cover.

Yeah. I know. I had my cover laid out for me...

-Go field day the head. -...and I just spaced-- What?

No. Come on. Let me do the obstacle course, Cal.

-Staff Sergeant. -Staff Sergeant,

-let me do the obstacle course. -Now.

[man] All right, gents. We're going white light.

Real world. We're in condition one.

Hammered pairs, single brain. Single brain.

-Give me one. -[all] Yeah!

Brace, brace front! Close door right!

[man] Clear.

[man 2] Moving!

-[gunshots] -Brace, brace front.

Move! All clear!

-[gunshots] -[both] Clear!

-[man] Room all clear. -Callahan,

dig your fucking corners! The lazy way is the dead way.

And Yoo-hoo, you're finger fucking your safety.

Get the gun in the fight.

[indistinct chatter outside]

[Callahan] Mama and Papa were laying in bed.

[all] Mama and Papa were laying in bed.

[Callahan] Papa rolled over and this is what he said.

[all] Papa rolled over and this is what he said.

-[Callahan] I want some. -[all] I want some.

-[Callahan] I need some. -[all] I need some.

-[Callahan] Get some. -[all] Get some.

-[Callahan] Get some. -[all] Get some.

-[Callahan] Grease some. -[all] Grease some.

[Callahan] I've heard some grumbling,

not enough gear, how they're calling up

a bunch of old reservists.

I know, uh, some of you got full-time jobs

you don't wanna leave.

I think we got, what? Two, is it, that are expecting?

But, uh, at some point,

we all signed on the dotted line.

You took an oath to serve your country

in its time of need,

and now's that time.

We clear?

[all] Yes.

Back in the fight.


[Callahan] What?

Just wish you'd look out for me.

[Callahan] Really?

Didn't I just get you a job at the diner?

Just feels like whenever it's between me or someone else,

you side with the other guy.

[Callahan] What do you expect, man?

You know, I petitioned the Marine Corps

to forgive your felonies. What do you do?

You get in a fight the second we got out there.

[Oyster] I'm starving.

[Callahan] Yeah. Well, there's lasagna.

[Oyster] That lasagna is still in here.

[groans] I made this, like, two weeks ago.

It's disgusting.

You know I got that job at the diner 'cause I'm good, right?

I'm good at cooking.

And the Marines need people right now.

It's not like some felony waiver is a big favor to me, man.

You always got a smart-ass response, don't you?

Yeah. Brains is my burden, homie.

Yeah, well, you got one more offense,

you're going back in. You know that, right?

Soy comprehende.

You know, you're really starting to piss me off.

[Oyster] Can I remind you of what you were like at my age?

Oh, I got my shit together though, didn't I?

At least I finished high school in four years.

I actually read books.

You read, like, magazines like Guns & Ammo.

-Don't worry. I'm moving out. -Mm-hmm.

I'm serious.

I got a business plan for a fleet of food trucks.

I'm gonna make a mil by the time I'm 30.

-Oh, yeah? -[Oyster] Yeah.

What do you know about running a business?

Lots. There's this book called

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People,

and it teaches all the secrets of success.

-[Callahan] Oh, yeah? -[Oyster] Yeah.

What are they?

I haven't read the book yet but when I get into--

[laughs] You haven't read the book.

I just got the book. How am I supposed to read it...

-I'm sorry. -...when I just bought it.

-I'm sorry. That wasn't cool. -No. It's not funny.

-The fuck are you laughing at? -Hey, come here.

Don't... I'm not gonna fucking tell you.

-Don't do that, all right? -Fuck off.

I just wanna know about the habits--

[Oyster] Get the fuck off me!




You're fucking deranged, man!


-[door slams] -[sighs]

Hey. You all right?

[knocks on door]

What happened?

-You okay? -Go away.

-Let me take a look. -[Oyster] Go away.

[playing guitar]

I think the chicken's done.

[indistinct chatter]

So, uh, what-- How do you guys--

You guys know Jaeger? You just, uh...

-Oh, he just came up to us. -Yeah.

-Okay. -Yeah.

-Yeah. He does that. -[chuckling]

-[woman] Thank you. -Water, vodka, vodka.

[woman] Thank you, sir.

-So you really don't drink? -Uh, I used to.

He'll have a drink with a side of communion wafers.

-[laughing] -What do you do for fun?

I mean, I'm having fun right now.

[woman] Are you?

-Yeah. -Obviously.

-[laughing] -Oh!

-There he is. -What up, Snowball?

-[Snowball] What's up, baby? -And Milk.

-Hi. -Bro.

-Can I get a beer, please? -Yeah. Here's your beer. Bam.

CO, sidebar.

Clara's in the AO, can I tag out?

All right. Will you cover me while I move?


Ladies, have you seen his tats?

-Whoa. -No. Let's see them.

-Check them out. -Wow. That is sexy.

-Thanks. -[woman] What does it mean?

[Callahan] I got them a while back.

Yo, yo, yo. Come. Come with me. With me.

-It's your lucky day. -Oh, really?

Show me. Show me.

[Jaeger] Ladies, look who I just bumped into.

Everybody, this is Snowball.

-Hi, ladies. -Uh, and this Oyster.

These guys happen to be related.

-No. Where are you going? -[Jaeger] Uh, that's Val.

Hello, ma'am. I'm Oyster.

-[Jaeger] And this is Carrie. -Hello.

[Jaeger] Carrie is an English major.

I speak English. That's great.

[Carrie] You're coming back, right?

Nice meeting you.

-[woman] Amazing. -Yeah, I've been doing it wrong.

-Seven to 11. -Oh, hi.

-Oh, hi. Good to see you. -You too.

-How are you? -Great. Great.

-Hey, Clara. -Hi, Cal. How are you?

You gonna buy a round of those

for your two favorite servicemen?

-Maybe next round. -[Jaeger] Mm.

[Callahan] What you, uh, doing in town?

-My mother's 60th. -Oh, nice.

When are you guys shipping out?

Uh, any day.

Wow. I can't believe they're actually sending in reservists.

Yeah, you know, if you were going off to war,

I would definitely-- I would do the patriotic thing.

You know, I'd buy you a drink. I'd invite you back to my place.

Can my boyfriend come?

I mean, I guess he could hold the camera.


Only you would use this bullshit war as an excuse to get laid.

-Only you. -[chuckles]

-Usually works. [chuckles] -[Clara] Not tonight.

-Do you wanna get out of here? -No.

You sure?

I don't how we ever broke up. You're so charming.

Ah, well, there was a time when it wasn't beneath you

to date a guy who didn't have a masters.

Time to go. Have fun tonight.

It went well.

Just got a text from the ball and chain.

[Snowball] What's he say?

"Look, don't get so drunk you can't fuck me later."

-Oh. -[laughs]

You know, um, in World War II

they invented wife swapping, because, you know,

the life spans were so short.

So I'm here for you, bro.

Rachel would never fuck a Mexican.

That's literally not what every mariachi in town says.

-[laughing] -[imitates mariachi band]


Yo, can I get ten bucks, because I really wanna buy

these lovely ladies a few alcoholic beverages,

and I have had a few more than they have had.

[Milk] Go panhandle somewhere else.

All right. I'm out of here. I'm spent.

You, easy on the booze, and don't make a fucking

-racket later, okay? -Oh, will you get a wife?

Then you can boss your wife around,

so you don't have to boss me around.

You get your own another place, do whatever the fuck you want.

All right, Staff Sergeant. All right, Staff Sergeant.

-[Jaeger] All right. All right. -Staff Sergeant.

-[Jaeger] Mailbox. -We're racing.

-No, I'm gonna stick around. -Are we running?

-[Milk] Oh, yeah. -Stay gold, pony boy.

Last time we only went to Milk's and I gave up.

-What up, Dwyer? -What's up, dude?

DJ, hey, can I get $10 because I got these

beautiful honeys back there,

and I wanna buy them some drinks.

-I'm a little low on cash. -Oh, yeah, man.

-Yeah. -That's a good friend.

-There you go. -Thank you.

But you better hurry up before Daley

gets all of that shit, huh?

Always Ben fucking Daley.

I'm gonna kill this kid.

[Callahan] Really?

[Jaeger] I'm not letting you win this time, Milk.

-Shit. -Hey.

Thanks, Captain Planet. [laughs]

All right.

I got to fucking beat you, man.

Get ready to be smoked.

-Mark. -Set.


-You're going down, Milky. -[laughing]


[girl chuckles]

Where are the prettiest girls at the bar

doing with a couple of scoobs?

What-- What's a scoob?

Just please leave. Bye-bye.

Fuck off, Oyster.


-Yikes. -What's a scoob?

I don't know. Just kind of came to me.

[both chuckle]


[indistinct chatter]

Come on, man.



Get the fuck off me. Get the fuck off me.

[man] Ben?



-Ben. -Yo?

Get up.

[man] Ben?

[Callahan speaking Arabic]

[speaking Arabic] Stop.

[speaking Arabic] Get down.

[speaking Arabic]

[phone rings]



[indistinct radio chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

[officer] Get back. Thank you.

[Callahan] Tell me.

[officer] He slammed Ben Daley's head into a urinal.

-Your brother's record-- -Yeah, I know.

-And fleeing the scene-- -I'll find him, all right?

Just let me find him first.

[indistinct radio chatter]


-Baker Six to headquarters. -[officer] Go ahead, Baker Six.

Yeah, I got that Bronco at 35 Riverside Drive.

[officer] Copy that.

Teddy, get out here.

Hear me out, all right?

-[Callahan] I'm listening. Yeah. -All right.

-There were two of them. -[Callahan] Uh-huh.

They fucking jumped him, all right?

-That's great. -It was self-defense, brother.

He can explain at the fucking station.

[Snowball] You're gonna fucking arresting him?

What do you think I gotta do? I gotta fucking take him in.

You're not gonna fucking take him to the station.

-Talk to him. -He explain it

-at the fucking station. -[Snowball] You think

-they're gonna believe him, Cal? -What's that?

What the fuck is that?


What's he gonna do, jump the border?

What are you-- What the fuck are you doing getting involved?

Why are you behaving like a fucking cop?

-I am a fucking cop. -He's your fucking brother.

Sit down, all right?

Just sit down and stay out of it, please.

Teddy, get out here.

He's got your fucking passport, bro, come out here.

-Sit the fuck. -Yeah, I fucking heard you.

All right?

-What are you thinking? -Give it to me.

[Snowball] All right. Easy. Easy, guys.

-Don't fucking-- No, no, no. -What the fuck are you thinking?

-[Snowball] Hey. Hey. -You can't run from this shit.

-Easy. Easy. -All right?

What do you think's gonna fucking happen?

-Look, Oyster! -Fuck.

[sirens wailing]

[Callahan] Fuck.

[Oyster] Motherfucker.

Get the fuck off me!

No, no, no. Cal.

[Oyster] You stupid motherfucker!

I told you they're gonna fucking take me to jail.

You fucking loser! You fucking fuck!

-You stupid motherfucker! -[officer] Hey.

[Oyster] You know they're gonna put me in there!

-[Callahan] Take it easy. -You fucking piece of shit.

All right?

[indistinct radio chatter]

Come on. Calm down.

Ben Daley just passed away.

[Oyster] No, no, no. Oh, God. No. Fuck. No.

Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

-[Oyster] No, no, no. -That's my brother.

No, no, no! No, no! Get your hands off me!


Get your fucking hands off me!

No! No!

Look at me. Look at me.

Fuck! You stupid fucking animal!

[engine starts]

[siren wailing]

[helicopter whirring]

[indistinct radio chatter]


I just wanna point out real quick

that we're pulling fucking security

for porta potties, man. Are you aware of that?

Get the fuck back up there.

[helicopter whirring]

[soldiers chanting indistinctly]

-[Snowball] Go, go, go. -Up, up. More, more, more.

-More, more, more. -Level with the window.

Snowball, put some dick skin on it, bro.

[Snowball] Working on it.

[Jaeger] Fuck. Fucking piece of shit.

Couldn't they give us real fucking shovels?

I've had fucking hard-ons bigger than this thing.

One more.

[Snowball] That's a fucking lie.

You know, Animal Company 17's first sergeant

made 'em do 150,000 of these.

-Fuck. -[Jaeger] Why, why?

Oh, they burned down their guard shack smoking.

-[laughing] -Shucked the shack.

Fuck off.

[indistinct chatter]

[soldier] One, two three.

Yo, Cal, who's that? Is that Captain Vera?

[gates open]

[metal clanking]

[guard] Put your fucking foot down.

Turn around.

[door opens]

[buzzer sounds]


[indistinct chatter]


Pull up your fucking jumpsuit.

I want all this shit off of this railing now!

You got five seconds or it's mine!

Five, four, three, two, one.


Something funny, fellas?

Who wants to tell me a joke?

How about you?

You got some funny jokes you wanna tell?

No, sir.

[Callahan] Bring it in.

School circle on the LT.

[lieutenant] Listen up, gents. We are losing Marines to IEDs.

Now, this is an ECM.

The ECM is gonna jam any wireless signal for 300 meters.

That means the Haji should not be able to command

detonate any of their IEDs.

Sir, we still plan to keep on the IPs in the dark

-until we step off? -No.

Higher up wants us to treat the Iraqi police

like a partner force.

So, that's what we're gonna do.

Are we good to go?

[soldiers groaning]

[lieutenant] Dismiss.

[metal clanking]

-[Snowball] Ready? -Hit it.

-One, two, three. -[radio static]

-[groaning] -You fucking suck.

[Snowball] That sucks, man.

Oh, Jesus.

[Snowball] It's gonna fucking annoy them to death.

All right. What? This is it? Where are the rest of the IPs?

These are their team leaders.

[sighs] Fuck me. Okay. All right.

All right, listen up.

Who here is more loyal to the Mahdi militia

than to your own country, huh?

Raise your hand.

[translator speaking Arabic]

I don't care if you're Shia, Sunni, Baathist, all right?

Your loyalty is now to the Iraqi police.

Now, somehow, the militia, they know our routes.

They know our departure times.

We can't have it, okay?

So, from this point on, you're gonna go on missions

alongside us. You got it?

[translator speaking Arabic]

Good. All right.

[metal clanking]

What do you want me to see?

Is he putting fucking apples into the pancakes?

Fucking sneaking snacks to his friends.

Where the fuck did he get an apple from?

Come on.

Am I in trouble?

You're not in trouble, kid. Get over there.

-[Oyster] Over here? -[guard] Yeah.

That's good enough.

Look, the boys and me,

we saw you making those apple pancakes.

I'm sorry about that, sir. I was just trying--

-Somebody was talking-- -Shut up.

They look good.

The inmates aren't gonna help you in here.

The guards are gonna help you.

So, if you wanna do something special,

you take care of the guards.

And then we take care of you.

Which is why you're here. All right?

I got two boys outside. They got birthdays coming up.

How about you make some apple pies for them?

You can do it, a couple of apple pies?

You want me to-- Yes, sir.

Okay. So, what do you need?

Uh, for apple pies, apples.

All right, grab some apples.

You know what, put them in those sacks right there.

Yeah, sure.

Put three or four on one side,

put three or four on the other side.

Here's one.


Happy birthday, boys.

And what else do you need for the pie?

Not just apples, huh?

Yeah, I probably need some, uh, cinnamon.

Is it your birthday? Or one of your birthdays?

[guard] Yeah, both of them got birthdays

-coming up, yeah. -Cool.

So, we're going to need-- What did you say?

-I just... -Cinnamon?

Cinnamon, yeah, sugar.

-Sugar, cinnamon, sugar. -Butter, milk.

Boys, hold the bags open, he's got a lot more

to put in there. Sugar is right over here.

Yeah, how much you need?




Oh, fuck!

[indistinct radio chatter]

[radio static]

The IED jammer is fucking with our comms.

I don't think hitting it's gonna help.

Yeah, but it makes me feel better.

Hey, guys. Remember that time

when the recruiter promised us cool missions,

like delivering shit paper to a bunch of action movie guys?

-[laughs] -[Milk] I heard that.

[Callahan] What would you rather do, firewatch?

-[Jaeger] No. -Yo,

where'd the Iraqi police go?

Yo, those motherfuckers peeled off.

Nick 2, this is Nick 4.

Nick 2, this is Nick 4.

This way?


[man] Holy shit.

Contact front. Standby for blood.

[indistinct shouting]

[Man] Go, go.

Twenty-five and five, punch out.

Set up security.

[indistinct chatter]


Eyes on that gun!

Cover that dead space.

Run some security.

Cover that overhead.

I'm here. I'm here, brother. I'm here. I got you.

-Jaeger... Hey, hey. -[groans]

Focus on me. Hey. Just breathe.

Find me a CCP.

We need these Marines off the street.

-[grunting] -Stay with me, okay?

That's it. Okay. I got you.

-Is my dick okay? -Your dick is fine.

-Focus on me. -[screams]


I'm gonna need a CASEVAC, stand by for night line.

-[Callahan] Stay with me, okay? -Shit.

[Callahan] Okay. I got you.


What? What?


I'll take it from here, Sergeant Callahan.

On you.

Go, go, go, go.

[Jaeger] Wait, Cal.

Get that bird inbound.

Copenhagen, Copenhagen.

-[Milk] Get the fuck down here. -All right, all right.

What the fuck are you doing here in the middle of the night?

-[speaking Arabic] -What's going on?

[man speaking Arabic]

[speaking Arabic]

Milk, where's his bed?

Fuck, he didn't-- He didn't fucking sleep here.

-[speaking Arabic] -No fucking bed up here, bro.

-What's he saying? -[speaks Arabic]

Hey. Hey. Where is your bed?

-[speaking Arabic] -Hey, if you're sleeping

show me your bed.

-Hey. Where is your bed? -[speaking Arabic]

You trigger that?

-Did you trigger that shit? -[speaking Arabic]

-Where is your fucking bed? -[speaking Arabic]

You trigger that shit? Where is your fucking bed?


[airplane soaring]


[jet engine roars]

-How is he? -[Callahan] He's alive.


-It's the last house. -I know.




Thank you.

Call me if you need anything.

My practice is only an hour away.


[indistinct chatter]

[guard] You have a visitor.

Who came to visit me?

I don't fucking know. Come read the fucking paper.


Fine by me.

It's been denied.

[keys jingling]


[crickets chirping]


[phone beeping]

[line ringing]

-[Snowball] Hello? -Hey, Snowball.

You awake?

[Snowball] Yeah, what's up?

[Callahan] I need your help.

[Snowball] Yeah, what do you need, man?

[door buzzes]

I know, I know, I know. Hear me out.

Hear us out, right? Listen, he just wants to talk.

All right?

And he wants to help.


Hear him out for me.

Let's talk. Let's go.

-[Callahan] Is it okay? -Sit down.


Look, I don't think it's right.

Fuck yeah.

Okay. I don't think you deserve this sentence and, uh...

This an apology?

You mean I don't need to serve 25 years

for fucking defending myself?

Look, Clara says there's, uh,

a second appeal that we can go after.

It's, uh... It's kind of a long shot, but--

No, the second appeal is pre-denied.

Nichols says it's pre-denied.

-It's pre-denied, bro? -What do you mean? What?

-Why are we pre-denied? -Why are we pre-denied?

What do you mean "we"? Since when has it been "we"?

Like you and me?

Pre-denied? You're the one that held me down

because you wanted to teach me a lesson.

-Okay. That's not what happened. -[Oyster] You're the one who's

resented me since I was a little kid.

-And obviously that's why... -[Callahan] Really? put me in there, that's obviously...

-This is not what I came here. -...why you held me down,

because you can't fucking deal with me.

[Callahan chuckles]

[Snowball] It's not what we came here for, bro.

Right? Because I'm-- I'm just a fuck up to you.

-[Callahan] Bro-- -I'm a fuck up

and I'm a loser to you.

Bro, I did everything I could to give you a shot.

And you're fucking blaming me? Really?

-Everything you could... -[Callahan] Everything I could. give me a shot. -[Callahan] Yeah,

-I did everything I could... -Yeah, holding me down...

[Callahan] ...and you're still a fuck up.

...on the fucking ground,

you're holding me down, that's everything you could--

Oh, you're gonna blame me for that?

-Yeah, I'm gonna blame you. -You're gonna blame me?

I'm gonna blame you. You could've let me go!

-I worked my ass off... -You could've let me go! be your legal guardian... -Guys?

-...and what do you fucking do? -Guys!

-You throw shit at me! -Guys.

-I didn't throw shit at you. -You know, I worked my ass off

to be your legal guardian. You understand that?

That ever occur to you, you know?

Who the fuck fed you?

Who the fuck put the fucking lights on?

Guys, let's not do this.

It was me, all right?

Why do you think I didn't go active duty?

-You think that was for me? -I don't wanna hear how much

you resent me anymore. I don't feel like it!

-I don't resent you! -Why are you coming here

-to make me feel like shit! -I'm just saying I fucking

-sacrificed a lot... -Guys, guys!

...and you're fucking throwing shit...

-This is not an apology! -[Snowball] Whoa, whoa!

I'm the one who's stuck in here!

-[guard] Visitation is over. -Good.

-It's over, happy? -[Snowball] Sir...

[guard] Sir, I'm sorry. I apologize, visitation is over.

It's over.

-[sighs] -Get up.

Let's go.

Wait right here.

Keep your chin up in there, okay?

Yo, why is your chest all fucked up?

Hey, back way from the inmate. Back off, sir.

-No contact with the inmates. -There's bruises on his chest.

I'm sorry, sir, you cannot touch the inmate, back up, please.

No contact with the inmates.

Let's go, I'm sorry.

Oyster, who did that to you, bro?


-Jesus Christ. -[knocking on door]

[door buzzes]

[door closes]

[Callahan] Hey.

-Who's the officer in charge? -Sergeant Capros.

-Yeah, I want a word with him. -Regarding?

-I wanna file a complaint. -[guard] A complaint?

-What's your complaint? -I wanna file a complaint.

-Go get Sergeant Capros. -He's not around, pal.

-Well, go find him, pal. -[Snowball] All right.

Hey, you need to get the fuck out my face...

-[Snowball] Come on, bro. -...pal.

[Snowball] Thank you, sir.

-Thank you. -No, thank you.

And don't never get in my fucking face like that again.

We got it, we got it, thank you.

They need to know what's going on, all right?

I think they're the ones doing it, bro.


[indistinct radio chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

[Callahan] Nichols!


Hey, Cal.

[Callahan] What, you don't return my calls?

No, I'm sorry.

Listen, I filed the complaint with the warden myself,

but I need you to do the petition of transfer.

I know. I got it.

-I got the message. -No, ASAP, all right, okay?

All right. I got them, I got them.

-I'm on it. I'm on it. -No, I can't have him in there

-a day longer. -Right, I got--I got--

Why was the second appeal pre-denied, huh?

The facts of the case have been adjudicated already,

but they're not gonna hear a second appeal

until there's new evidence.

Our hands are tied, that's it.

What if, uh...

What if Dwyer recants his testimony?


Why would he do that?

I don't-- I don't see it happening.

No, but what if he did?

[sighs] I'm sorry, Cal. I'm really sorry.

I did everything I could. I'm-- I got to go, okay?

I-- I'll file the request for transfer

first thing in the morning. I got them, okay?

[door opens]

[door buzzes]

[guard] Not you, you stay.

It would be a good idea to deny any charges

that you made against us.

I didn't report anything,

I don't know what you're talking about.

-You are going to deny... -I didn't report any--

-...any charges made against us. -I didn't report anything.

I didn't report anything, I don't know anything

about any charges, anybody asked me anything, I won't...

-No, no, we didn't say you. -...say a word.

Your nutjob brother.

[guard] He's a little shit bag like you, ain't he?

Don't you fucking talk about my brother.

We're done.

[crickets chirping]

[handcuffs rattling]

[knocks on door]

Hey, what's up, Stacey, how you doing?

-What's the problem? -Oh, nothing.

Uh, Dwyer here?

-Why, what's he done? -Just get him.




-D.J.! -[D.J.] What?

Cal is here.

What the fuck did you do?

Man, chill out.

What's up, Dwyer, how you doing?

-Hey, what's up? -Come out here.

Let's have a chat.

-What you want, man? -Come and have a chat.

Why'd you testify against Oyster, hmm?


[sighs] They had possession charges on me,

threatening to go after me if I didn't cooperate.


I understand. I can help you out with that.

-Mm-hmm. -All right?

I need you to do something for me, all right?

You got to recant your testimony...

-Stop. -...and say they pressured you.

No, dude, I can't do that, I can't go back to jail, man.

-Shh. Shh. Shh. -Look, they asked me if Oyster

threatened to kill Daley,

-he did say it, so... -Just listen.

...I said yes, man. What the fuck are you doing?

If you don't recant I will fuck up your world, understand?

-[groans] -I will fuck up the rest of--

Fuck. Get off me. Fuck.


[Stacey] Get the fuck off of him!

Fuck you, man!

Fuck, fuck! Fuck off, you fucking psycho!

Get the fuck off my property! Get the fuck off my property!

-[D.J.] Fuck you! -[Stacey] Get the fuck off

of our property!

-[D.J.] You psycho! -[Stacey screams]


[indistinct chatter]

[officer] Dwyer's wife is pressing charges.

They want me to throw you off the force.

The DA used his rap sheet to make him testify.

And what am I supposed to do is by--

-[officer] Bullshit. -That's coercion.

It doesn't give you the right to beat him up,

this isn't Iraq.

I can lean on Dwyer to drop the charge against you.

But I need to give you a two-week suspension

so you can screw your head back on.

How is he?

He won't see me.

I'll give the warden a call.

Show up with your badge, you'll get to see him.

You're not gonna take my badge?

Give me a break, Cal.

You know we all think his sentence is unfair.

Thank you.

[door buzzes]

[door opens]

How you doing?

You all right?


We're, uh, working on a transfer to La Belle.

It's, uh... It's down in Pennsylvania

I figured me and the boys will come visit.

Did you really wanna be my guardian?

Because you could have been my guardian when...

you turned 18 but you waited two more years.

I was a mess at 18, I was...

I was drunk for a year after Mom died.

And I didn't wait. I was...

I was trying to make it through the police academy.

[Oyster] And I told you that he was doing shit to me.

I was really clear about what was going on.

Yeah, I didn't know who the fuck I was,

let alone how to be your dad.

I didn't need you to be my dad. I just needed...

you to be my brother. I just...

I needed somebody to joke around with or...

you know, be my wingman at the bar.

Like telling me, you know, some of the things

that I was feeling and thinking weren't weird

or wrong, you know?

I just needed someone to have my back.

[sighs] I'm sorry, Teddy, I am. I'm...

Do you remember what you said when I totaled the Mazda?

You came to visit me in the hospital,

and my arm was in a sling.

And I said to you, "I'm really sorry, Cal."

And do you remember what you said to me?

You said, "I do not accept your apology."

Guard, I wanna go.

[door buzzes]

[door opens]

I don't. Do not accept your apology.

[guard] Lets go.


[indistinct chatter]

Check out time, bitch!

-[Jaeger] Yeah! Motherfuckers! -[Callahan] Yeah.

[Snowball] Yo, where's all the female nurses, man?

[Jaeger] Hoo-hoo!


You need help, bro?

[Jaeger] Yeah, I do, man. Thanks. Give me a hand.

Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

-You are a fucking idiot! -[laughing]

[Milk] I should have known better.

My phone is soaked!

I got to redo my hair!


Look. Look at his fucking hairdo, man.

So that's what you really look like, huh, Milk?

-[laughs] -[grunts]

Sorry, Sarge, you needed new phone anyway, man.

I did you a fucking favor.

[Snowball] I've never seen two mermaids making love like that.

That shit was beautiful. Wow.

Graceful. Graceful.

-Thank you. -[Jaeger] Welcome, man. Anytime.


Really good to see you, man.

[Jaeger] Missed you, brother.

You too, bro.

Don't cry, you fucking dicks.

Milk had my weed in his pocket. That shit's making me sad.

Oh, shit. Well, now I am sorry.

-Yeah. What are we drinking? -Yeah.

[Jaeger] Yeah. Let's get the fuck out of here.

[Snowball] Yeah. Where is this hangout?

[Jaeger] Yeah, I'll show you.

["I Believe In a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness plays]

I'm doing drums. I got drums.

Stand up bass, bro. Stand up bass.

I believe in a thing called love

Just listen to the rhythm of my heart

There's a chance we could make it now

We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down

I believe in a thing called love

Ooh! ♪

[music continues]


The boys are kinda worried about you.

They said you might be going a little Lindsay Lohan.

I'm just having trouble sleeping.

Yeah, that's it?

-That's it. -That's it.

Okay. Check this out.

I still have all these tiny pieces of shrapnel

on my back and my leg.


-Jesus Christ. -It's from my fucking leg.

Holy fuck!

That's right, it takes years to come out sometimes.

-It's... -Oh, man.


I like to keep it around.

Can't complain though, man, honestly.

I'm getting, like, two grand a month.

I might be going to college on this fucking IED.

You should.

How's Oyster?

[sighs] It's not good.

[indistinct chatter]

[guard] Hello.

Oh, look what we got here.

That's not mine. That was not there before.

It's in your cell.

You got a little contraband. A little weed, huh?

That's not mine. That's obviously not mine.

-[guard] Well, who the fuck? -I don't know whose that is

-but it's not mine! -[guard] It's in your cell.

-It's in your toilet. -It's not mine!

You know that's not mine. You know that's not Jodie's.

You know somebody must have planted that shit!

Give me an evidence bag, Sarge. We found contraband.

Pick up your shit.

Oh, I am being polite, I assure you.

I understand, but...

But when I tried to see him today,

I was told to call this number.

Well, how can I find out if he's in solitary?

Why the fuck would he be put there?

[country music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

Yeah. I think so. It's a specialty.

But I've never seen-- I've never seen pasta like this.

Oh, thank you.

[indistinct chatter]

[country music playing]

-How is it going here? -Ah, it's just fucked up, bro.


[Jaeger] What's fucked up?

If I shot that guy here, I'd be in jail too.

Go on, man. Give it a rest, huh?

I almost forgot how annoying you are when you drink.


Don't break anything, huh?


Do you want to take these home?

Okay. They're hot and fresh.

Is this the anti-war welcoming section?

Am I-- Am I in the right place?


-It's a shitty turnout, huh? -Mm.

-[Clara] Hi. -Hi.

I, uh, heard about you and... Stewart.

-Congratulations. -Thank you.

Seriously, did you drag her into this or--

How did you get her here?

She's been helping out for months.


Mostly legal stuff, but help where I can.

-What? -Enjoy. Yeah.

Jane Fonda's giving jarheads free legal advice?

-You serious? -[Clara] Uh-huh.


-[Clara] It is. Yeah. -What changed your mind?

I haven't changed my mind. It's still a stupid war.

[Callahan] Do you like my brother more than me?

-[sighs] Of course not. -Do you?

-No. -Hi, Cal.

[Callahan] 'Cause I understand. I get it.

I've been thinking. He's a fun guy.

[Jaeger sighs]

-I'm not fun. -You are fun, bro.

-[Callahan] I love you. -[Jaeger] I love you too.

-[kisses] -Yeah.

He's my best friend. He's my best friend.

[Clara] I see that.

He's in love with you. Shh.

-That's my night, so... -Wow.

What? What did you say?

Everybody's trying to have a good time.

-[Callahan] What? -[man] You should take it easy.

What's up? What, bro?

-It's all good. -That's what I thought.

That's what I thought.

[Jaeger] Now, what was that?

It's all right. It's all right.


-[car horns honking] -[Callahan] Fuck you. Fuck you.

[woman] What the hell are you doing?

[car horn honking]

[Milk] Fuck. Sit down.

-[Jaeger] Fuck. -[Snowball] What the fuck?

You good? You all right?

-You okay? -Yeah.

[Jaeger] Freaking leg almost fell off.

-[Callahan laughs] -It's not fucking funny.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Do not go fucking dark on us, bro.

We all got fucking problems. All these boys.

We need you.

All right?

Now, do you know how much you mean to us, Cal?

Now, you got us home.

Yeah, he's right.

-You got us home, Cal. -[cries]

-No, we love you. -[cries]


No, we're right here.

We're not going anywhere.


The fuck are you looking at?

You're good. You're good.

-Wanna get up? -[Callahan] Yeah.

-Come on. -Come on.

Help me up.

[Snowball] Wanna sit on the fucking Jamaican dirt all day?

-[Jaeger] Come on. -[Milk] Come on.


-[Jaeger] Come on. -[Milk] Wanna go dance?

-Yeah? -[Jaeger] Yeah. Get some shots?

[Callahan] I'll move this dumpster.

-[Jaeger] What? -[Callahan] Yeah.

[Milk] You wanna move the dumpster?

-I'll move the dumpster. -All right.

-You're moving the dumpster? -All right.

[Callahan] Move the dumpster!

Just move it.

[Snowball] All right. Hold on. Hold on.





[Jaeger] Wait. No. Wait. That wasn't me.

[indistinct chatter]


[Callahan] Just roll with me, like 10 to 15...

-Does this person have a record? -No record.

Okay. Five to eight.

Maybe? I'd say five to eight.

Aiding and abetting, of course trespassing,

destruction of state property.

Consecutive sentences can add up.

Okay. So say it's non-violent.

So what's that? A class C?

[Clara] I don't know.

It would depend on the perp and the circumstances...

or juvenile rights practice.

I don't really have a lot of experience

in adult criminal cases.

-Cal... -Hmm.

Why did you drive all the way down here?

I wanted to tell you something

that I thought you might appreciate.

Uh, right after, uh, Jaeger got blown up,

he was, uh...

He was about to get lifted out

and, uh, and right before he passed out,

I'm with him and, uh...

he starts-- I mean, he was--

He just started saying your name.

A lot of times.

And, uh...

yeah, I just thought you might like to know that.


-[bowling pins clattering] -[indistinct chatter]

What's the fucking deal here?

Why are we called like troops at 10:00 p.m.?

Bring the boys here at 2200, you know?

[Milk] There he is.

Hey, baby boy. [chuckles]

[Callahan] All right.

[Snowball] What's with the suspense, man?

[Milk] Pins and needles here, man.

[Jaeger] Getting married?

No. No. He's auditioning for American Idol.


-[Milk] Motherfucker. -[Jaeger] Cool.

I'm gonna break him out.

[Snowball chuckles]

[Snowball] Get the fuck out of here, man.

Cal, what are you talking about, man?

His, uh... His transfer's been approved.

I found out they're gonna move him next week

to La Belle, so...

I'm gonna do it.

It's five inmates, two COs.

What the fuck? What are you--

What the fuck are you saying?

[Snowball] Bro, you're fucking tripping, man.

Yeah, I can pull it off.

Get him across the border before an APB goes out.

Feds aren't gonna track him to Canada.

Are you being fucking serious right now?

You're gonna get fucking killed is what you're gonna get.

-Fucking listen to yourself. -Oh, yeah.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

We're all fucking here for you, and we all fucking miss him.

[Snowball] Yeah. I miss him too, you know?

We all do.

[Milk] Let's get a fucking shot, go to Gigi's,

-get you a fucking lap dance. -[Snowball] Yeah.

You need to get fucking laid, bro.

Yeah, man.

I'm not asking.

I don't need anything from you guys.

I wanted to let you know.

Yeah, I just wanna let you know.

-[Snowball] This is bullshit. -[Jaeger] Cal.

Go fucking talk to him.

[Snowball] Yeah, he'll listen to you.


[man over radio] Snowball, you taking a nap or what?

Dude, my bad. I'm on it.

[man] Got two new payloads.

Copy that. Rogo. Moving arm to the left.


[Jaeger] I did some thinking and, uh, I'm on board.

[Milk] What are you fucking saying?

You were supposed to talk him out of it.

-He needs us. -[Milk] You were supposed

-to talk him out it. -Couple years of jail

-is nothing to him. -[Milk] Listen to me.

Now, this isn't how we do things.

We love Cal.

He's our fucking brother, but this is fucking wrong, bro.

-[Snowball] He's right. -Oh, he's right?

-[Snowball] Yeah. -The fuck are you talking about?

This is how we do things, Milk. This is how we always--

Dude, what are you saying to me?

I'm in.

-You're fucking in? -Yeah, I'm in.

-Fuck you. -Yeah?

You piece of shit. We fucking...

We-- You fuckin' leave me like this, you motherfucker.

-Whoa. Chill. -I'm not leaving you anywhere.

Fuck you.

I'm just fucking standing up for Oyster, bro.

He's gonna get fucking killed in there.

-You're right. -He's gonna get killed in there.

Somebody's gonna get fucking killed.

[Snowball] Well, at least this is a fucking fighting chance.

We owe him that much.

Now, I failed him in that fucking bar.

I'm not gonna fail him again.

I'm not leaving him in there 25 years to fucking rot.

Fuck that.

You do whatever the fuck you want, man,

but I'm in. I'm in.

You guys are out of your fucking mind.

Yo, Milk. Yo?

[water running]

[water stops running]

[indistinct announcement over PA]

[train horn blares]

[Snowball] Putting him on a train won't work, Cal.

Even if the border patrol let's them through

before the APB goes out,

his passport's gonna be in the system, right?

So they're gonna know he's Canada.

Check that out.

See that refinery across the river?

That's Sorko.

That's my company's sister refinery.

I've been to the other side just to work for a day.

We take a crew boat to Canada everyday

-without any border patrol. -[Callahan] Hmm.

[Snowball] Listen, don't get me wrong,

the security is tight,

but all we need to do is get him on that boat

with a uniform and an ID card, a legit one which I can get,

and then he can just walk out on the other side.

-He just swipes through? -He swipes through. That's it.

The company is just gonna think he's another employee.

-No fucking way. -[Jaeger] Well, well, well.

-[Snowball] Yo. -How you doing, boys?

[Snowball] How the fuck did you know we were here?

You spying on us?

-Jaeger. -[Snowball] Oh, nice.

You in?

I'm in.

Are you sure?

[crickets chirping]

[Callahan] All right.

I want to run through this one more time.

Eyes on, Jaeger.

[Jaeger clears his throat]

Okay. That's the overpass.

Now, this is the service road.

And this is river road coming underneath.

That's fucking abandoned. That becomes the highway.

And we got trees in this ravine.

All right. Bus is gonna be coming straight down here.

It's gonna turn onto US 90, okay?

Now, Jaeger, I want you posted up top.

I need you to shoot out the front right tire.

-Yeah. All right. -Okay? He's gonna feel

way more than a flat in the back.

Once he hits the tire, Milk, you jam the radio.

All right? Now, you're tailing the bus since prison,

so don't get made,

but don't fall too far behind either.

I figure, what, you can see it, you can jam it?

-[Milk] You got it. -Okay.

I figure the bus will come to a stop

somewhere right around here.

Me, I'm gonna be posted up here under the overpass.

I'll be tailing him on the service road.

Snowball, you'll be over here on this road with me.

Now, I'm gonna cut through the trees,

drop a flare.

I'll board and extract Oyster.

All right. Now, once I get him to you,

you gotta haul ass out of there.

-Yeah. -All right?

I'm gonna take him to the dock and I'm gonna put him

on the 8:30 a.m. Sorko ferry over to Canada.

Takes about 10, 15 minutes, so he should be scanning in

on the Canadian side... [sighs] ...9:00 a.m. at the latest.

-[Callahan] Badges good to go? -[Snowball] Yeah. Looks good.

[sighs] All right.

[crickets chirping]

[knocking at door]


[knocking at door]

[Jaeger] What the fuck?


Hey, what's up? You okay?

Yeah. I'm sorry. I need to talk in person.

All right. What's the matter?

I'm worried about Cal. I think he's up to something.

What? Why do you think that?

He came to my office today and gave me power of attorney,

that means that I can sign things for him if he dies.

-Yeah. I know what it means. -And the other night

he was asking me about sentences for a prison break.

A prison break? [chuckles] What are you talking about?

Did you know Oyster is getting transferred tomorrow morning?

Look, whatever you're thinking, I'm sure everything's fine.

Just-- I can't do this right now, okay?

I got to get up early. I'm sorry.

No. You're right. It's okay.

I, uh... I'm sorry I came over without calling.

What time you have to get up?

Uh, 7:30.

I got the early shift at the garage.

[Clara] So you're alarm's set for 7:30?

-Yeah. -[Clara] 7:15?

-Yeah. -[Clara] Which is it?


Clara. Clara, what's going on?

Why are you cleaning your rifle?

What the fuck? I'm going on a hunting trip.

So you hunt with a silencer.

Jesus. Enough. What is this?

This is insane. You're going to get caught.

-What do you care? -I care-- I care about Cal.

Maybe I don't wanna see him get hurt.

-Oh, you care about Cal? -And I care about you.

Well, why don't go fucking go to stupid old Cal's bedroom?

Maybe I don't wanna see you doing something stupid.

-Ow. Fuck. Shit. -Oh, my God. I'm sorry.

No. Nothing. It's fine.

I just, uh-- I got a little shrapnel.


-[Clara] I'm sorry. -No, no, no. It's not you.

Will you get those, um... Some tweezers

on the table there?


Just fucking sometimes I step on it wrong.

[Jaeger winces]

[Clara] Do you need help?

-[Jaeger] No. I got it. -[sighs]

-Let me help you. -[Jaeger] No. It's fine.

-I can do it. -I got it.

I have a better angle.

Pull your shorts up.

Yeah. [winces]

-Does it hurt? -No. Feels great.

-[groans] -I'm sorry.

[Jaeger winces]

[Jaeger] You got it.


[inhales deeply]


[Snowball exhales]

[Milk] There's four channels.

Now, you turn the knobs to adjust for frequency...

then press enter.

[knocks on door]

The fuck are you doing here, hmm?

-No. No. -Take it easy.

-Take it easy. -[Callahan] Jaeger?

-Calm down. -Jaeger?

Calm down. Shh. Shh. Keep your voice down.

-No. Fuck this. Fuck, Clara-- -Listen, I'll be his alibi.

If he needs one, God forbid...

I'm his alibi.

Now, listen...

you bring him back to me.

You hear me?

[door opens]

[guard] Let's go.

[Callahan] Where the fuck is Milk?

-He's out. -[Callahan] What?

[Jaeger] What?

Yeah. He's out. He's out.

What the fuck are you talking about?

He's out?

-Listen. Listen. Listen. -[Jaeger] Rachel?

-No, no, no, no. -Dude, he's got a family.

It doesn't matter right now, all right?

I got the jammer. I can operate it, all right?

-[sighs] -I can do both, all right?

I'll scope it out. I'll fucking jam it.

I'll be the getaway car.

-[Jaeger] Cal, he's right. -We're good.

We're gonna make this work.

[Callahan] This is not fucking good.

This is not fucking good.

All right? Your vehicle can't get IDed.

This is a fucking disaster.

[Snowball] You're the overpass, right?

-Yeah. -[Snowball] I can jam it

-from there. -Yeah.

If I can see it, I can jam it.

That's even fucking better, bro.

[Jaeger] And I'll go with you when you take Oyster out.

[Snowball] As soon as you shoot out at that tire,

I'm fucking down there with you.

-Fuck! -Hey!

[Snowball] Hey. Hey. Focus. Focus, all right?

-Are we calling this? -[Snowball] We're not--

-[Jaeger] No. -We're not fucking calling it.

[Snowball] The plan stays the same.

You should get him off that bus, all right?

We'll get him across.

All right. Big Bird's wheels up at 0700.

See you there.

I'll see you. I'll see you.

[door clanking]

[guard] Turn around. Face the wall.

[buzzer sounds]

[engine starts]


[buzzer sounds]

One man, one seat.

[indistinct radio chatter]

[radio static]


Kilo Actual, this is Kilo Two. Radio check. Over.

Roger. I got you five by five.

Kilo Actual. Out.

Kilo Two, this is Kilo Three, I copy all.

[bus engine revs]

All stations. All stations. Big Bird is on the move.

Roger that, Kilo Three.

Roger. Standing by.

[car engine revs]

[rifle cocks]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[car engine revving]

-[indistinct radio chatter] -[radio static]


[Snowball] Kilo Two, Big Bird behind me, 1,000 yards.

Roger. Standing by.

[Snowball] One minute. One minute to bus.

Roger that. One minute.

[Snowball] Three hundred yards from my position.

One hundred yards.

Passing now.

Kilo Two, Big Bird behind me, 500 yards.

[radio static]

All frequencies jammed. All frequencies jammed.

Roger that, Kilo Three.

[Snowball] Kilo Two, on my way to the overpass.



Son of a...

[bullet cartridge clatters]

[rifle cocks]

Come on. Come on. Come on.

What the fuck is going on?

-The fuck was that? -[driver] I don't know.

What the fuck is happening?

Talk to me.

Big Bird bleeding. Back tire. Back tire.

[car engine revs]

You blew a tire. Keep going. Just slow down.

Fucking call it in.

North 212 to base.

[Jaeger] It's not fucking stopping.

We're out of range, man. We gotta go.

Come on. Let's go. I'll get the car.

[Jaeger] Fuck!

North 212 to base. I got nothing.

What the fuck you mean we got nothing?


Guys, talk to me. What the fuck happened?

[Snowball] We're on our way.

-[driver] North 212 to base. -Slow down.

Whoa! Shit!

Whoa! Hey!

Hey, watch where you're going. Fuck!

[tires screeching]


[Snowball] But where the fuck is the service road?

-Where is it? -There. There.

Left. Left.


Just stay in your fucking seats.

HQ, this is North 212.


[man] Go ahead, North 212.

[guard] We went off the road into some trees.

My driver's unconscious. Over.

I need those fucking radios jammed now.

What the fuck is going on?

[radio static]

It's not fucking working, man.

[man] North 212, please advise your 20.

River Road, about to turn onto US 90.

Hold on.

I see a Bridgewater PD patrol just pulled up.

[man] That's a good copy. Hold steady.

[Callahan] You okay? What happened?

We had a flat.

Anybody hurt?

[guard] Yeah. My driver's out.

All right. Take it easy. I'm here to help.

[guard groans]

Let me take a look.

There. Let me off here. Slow down. Slow down.

[radio static]

[indistinct radio chatter]

Now, put that down and give me a hand.

Let's get him some air.

We gotta get him onto his feet.


-[Callahan] Okay. Easy, now. -[guard] Got him. Got him.



God damn it!

[man] North 212, did you get the name

of that Bridgewater police officer?

-No. -[guard] HQ, I got a 10-900.

Send all back up.

Do you read?

-Put your gun down. -[guard] Don't move.


Get the fuck out of the way.

No, no, no, no, no.

Give me the gun or I'm gonna break your arm.

[guard] Get on your fucking knees.

[Jaeger] Fuck!

[guard speaking indistinctly]

[Callahan] Give me your gun. I'm gonna break your arm.

[guard] Stop walking towards me.

I need all available backup. Do you read me?


[guard] Get on the fucking ground

or I'm gonna blow your head off.


-[bone snaps] -[screaming]


[guard screaming]

[inmate] Yes!

-Oh, fuck! -[guard groans]

Oyster, get up.

[inmate] Yo, man, get these cuffs off.

[Callahan] Yo, sit the fuck down.

Now, stay in your chairs. Stay down.

-Oyster, let's go. -[inmate] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Callahan] Let's go. Let's go. Sit the fuck down.

-[inmate] All right. -Sit down.

-Yo, get down. -Sit the fuck up.

[Callahan] Come on. Come on. Come on.

-[inmate] Let us out. -Go, go, go.

[inmate] Motherfucker.

-Sorry, brother. -[inmate] Come on, man.

[Callahan] You're good. You're good.


[Oyster] What's going on?

All right, listen to me. Listen to me.

-When I take this off... -Yeah. gotta ditch your jumpsuit, okay?

Okay. Okay. Come here. Come here.

Jumpsuit off. Come on.

Come on. Jumpsuit, now.

-Let's go. -Why isn't your face covered?

Don't worry about me, okay?

Listen, listen, the boys have everything you need, okay?

-Jumpsuit, now. Come on. -Okay, okay, okay.

[Callahan] Come on. Hurry the fuck up.

Now, Snowball is parked right through there.

You're gonna come with me, right?

I'm not coming. Come on. Don't worry about me.

-You're not gonna come? -I'm not coming.

I can't come with you, okay? You need to go now.

You're endangering the boys. Come on.

I love you so much.

I love you. Come here.

I know.

I love you, okay?

Come on. Go, go, go, go, go!

[Snowball] In the back.

-[indistinct radio chatter] -[engine starts]

Holy shit!

How you doing? You okay?

Jesus Christ! You hurt?

[Jaeger] Is he gonna be all right?

You good?

Is Cal gonna be all right?

Yeah. Cal's gonna be fine. Don't worry about him.

[siren wailing]

It's a Nextel. You're gonna use it as a walkie.

Once you pass security. You're gonna turn it on.

Give it three long beeps then ditch the fucker.

Once you get across to Canada, you're gonna scan this.

Passcode's on the back.

It's a Sorko ferry

and these ferries go back and forth all the time.

-You listening? -[Snowball] You got this, boy.

Don't worry about Cal.

He's leading them in the opposite direction.

[sirens wailing]

Cal. Cal, listen to me. Please pull over.

If you pull over now, I can still help you.

[car engine revving]

[sirens wailing]

[foghorn blows]

[Snowball] All right, brother. Cargo's here.

Just get out of the car. Get on the boat.

Start blending in.

[train horn blows]



[tires screeching]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[officer] All units be advised,

roadblock set up on 3213 Northeast.

[officer 2] All units, stay off the radio.

He's monitoring our frequency.

[sirens blaring]

Pull the car over. Pull the car over now.

[sirens blaring]

Pull the fucking car over, Cal.

[officer] Bravo One, no clean shot on suspect.



[guard] Come here. Something in your bag?

No, sir.

-Contraband? -No, sir.

Step through.

Where the fuck are you? Come on.

[sirens blaring]


Yes! Yes!


Fuck yeah, Cal.

[sirens blaring]

[tires screeching]

[shotgun cocks]

[officer] Step out of the car, Callahan.


Oh, fuck!


[car door opens]

[officer] Hands where I can see them.

Turn around. Put your hands behind your head.

Walk back pretty slow.

Backseat, let me see your hands.

Step out of the car.

The Description of Semper Fi