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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Balance Your Garage Door

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Hi I'm Dan Musick and today we're going to show you how to

check the balance of your garage door

manufacturers recomend doing this periodically

maybe once a year

to check the balance of your garage door

for safety first it's always good to unplug the opener

to do that you come up here

pull the cord from the opener


disengage the opener

from the door you do that by pulling the rope towards the inside of the garage

and that disengages it

there are two positions on the opener

if you pull it away from the door

it disengages if you pull it towards the door it could reengage

you pull it away from the door and then you lift the door

the door feels kind of heavy

open the door halfway

and it doesn't stay up

and when the door is all the way up

it's still heavy and it won't stay open

typically when a door won't stay open

it needs at least half a turn of tension

and your going to close the door

and add about half (1/2) a turn

three fourths (3/4s) of a turn

I'm pretty familiar with these doors

when it's as heavy as it is even when it's open I usually add

three fourths (3/4s) of a turn

so to do that

I use winding bars that are marked for safety with tape

we come over here

set the ladder

just at... towards the centre of the spring

I want to stay out of the path of the cones

a lot of injuries would happen over the years when people where in the path of the cone

so stay away from that

to adjust the spring you'll need winding bars

most cones have a half inch cone in them

these winding bars have half inch ends

you never want to use a screw driver

punches anything like that half inch hole half inch bar

in order to keep the shaft from turning if you only have one spring on the door

use a vice grip to hold the shaft

the vice grip serves the purpose of an extra employee

about six inches from the end you put the vice grip up here

you adjust it so it fits snuggly

the top of the vice grip is against the header

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