Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cardin S449 / S486 / TXQ449 / TXQ486 programmeren

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Hello, in this movie I'm going to demonstrate how to add a new

Cardin remote control to your existing system.

You will need: an already programmed remote control, with which you can already

operate the garage door, and a new remote control, that doesn't open

the garage yet. Furthermore you need: a small

object like a pushpin or a small paper clip.

There are two methods for adding a remote control to the system,

1. the remote to remote procedure: for this method you only need two remotes

and a receiver that supports this kind of programming. The other method is

2. to program the new remote directly in the receiver. I will demonstrate both

methodes in this example. We start with the remote to remote

procedure. You need to be close to the receiver for this procedure, so if you

just go stand next to the receiver, you will be close enough. Take your

existing remote and push the secret button (the small hole on the bottom of the

puch buttons). Press the button, the receiver will make

a peep sound, whereafter you press the button of your existing remote that

you would like to copy. Then take the new remote control and press the

button that you want programmed,

so where you want to store the code.

Two beep sounds will sound as a confirmation of a correct programming procedure.

After that you will hear a long sound indicating that the receiver will now

exit the programming mode. I will show you: take the

existing remote control, push the secret button, push the button that you want to copy,

and push the button of the new remote. You will hear two beeps as confirmation.

And eventually the long peep sound indicating that the receiver exits programming mode.

You can see that I can operate the system with my new remote control.

For the second method you don't necessarily need an existing remote control,

so just a new remote control and a receiver will do.

We are going to program the remote directly on the receiver.

Open the receiver and somewhere you'll see a small button with MEMO indicated beneath it.

That's the learning button. Press (and keep pressed) this button,

now push the button of your new remote control,

the receiver's LED comes off for a second, then push again on the button of your remote until the led stays on.

You can now release both buttons. You'll see that now I can operate the

system with my new remote. These were the two different methods.

Do you have any questions? Please let us know,

we will gladly help you! Thank you.

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