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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Toy Collector Part 6 Exploring The Hello Neighbor Tunnels!/ That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

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- [Child] Previously on The Toy Collectors!

- Oh, you guys! - Do they match?

What? - What?

- There's a note in here!

From Santa, to family of 10 kids.

As I hear there's a toy collector out this year

moving my toys and keeping them,

I would not want that to happen to all of you.

- I think we need to put the Rainbowcorns back in the bag,

let's box it up, and then let's mail to Santa.

- Hey guys, there's a new nutcracker.

- [Jordan] Dad, oh my goodness, there is a nutcracker!

- Retreat, retreat.

All the nutcrackers are upstairs.

They can hear up.

So stick with plan A, let's just mail it.

- Okay.

The package was taken to our neighbor.

- [Mom] And I did not see any nutcrackers

or packages. - Basement?

- [Mom] We searched the basement.

- There's only two places I can think of.

The attic, or the Hello Neighbor Tunnels beneath our house.

- Okay, so I am going to actually stay behind

and start dinner.

- Yep.

- You guys go down in the tunnels.

I'm gonna keep the boys here with me.

It'll be easier if two people go and the rest of us stay.

So you guys go down in the tunnels,

see if you notice anything.

Wink, wink. - I'm ready.

- Okay, so I've got our phone, but just in case,

'cause last time I don't think our phones worked

under the ground, so here, you keep the pink walkie talkie,

I'll take the blue one here.

- Yeah, I got some flashlights that I'm bringing.

I've got tons of different types

so I have like a blacklight one, a night vision one,

a regular flashlight, so--

- Then I've got the big white spotlight.

So I'm gonna put this here, Jordan, in the Tuffo bag.

- [Jordan] Okay.

- I also brought a couple of other things

because I don't know the condition.

We haven't been down there for...

Since I put the bars over the top,

so I don't know what it's gonna look like.

So instead of bringing a rope I brought a big tow strap,

because this can hang on the top of those bars

and this will go down and this will be so much easier

to hold onto

than that skinny rope. - So then you could

drop down with that.

- Then we can repel down with that.

- [Jordan] Logan wants to come.

Sorry, Logan.

- I got these lights, these are gonna be really cool

because last time we got lost.

These are gonna be super bright

inside the Hello Neighbors Tunnels.

- [Jordan] Yeah, they're like really bright.

- So we're gonna turn these on

and just strategically place them

inside the tunnels like this.

So that we can see which direction that we came from

and which direction we need to get back out

'cause that was what happened to you and Aubrey,

you guys got lost in the tunnels.

- We got completely lost.

There's a lot of different tunnels.

- And then I've got some hand warmers, I got some food

just in case we do get stuck down in there.

I hope we don't.

Okay, and then we got the hand warmers

and feet warmers in case we need 'em.

- [Mom] Okay, just stay in contact.

If I call you on the walkie talkie,

just make sure to respond back

so I know everything's goin' good.

- We'll try.

If you don't hear from us in like five, 10 minutes, call us.

- [Mom] Okay, I'll call but I may end up

going in the tunnels after you.

If I don't hear anything in 15 minutes,

I'm going in the tunnels.

- Okay.

- [Mom] I'll probably leave the boys behind.

- You ready, Jo?

- Yep, let's go.

- [Dad] Let's go.

- [Mom] Good luck.

- It just barely rained too.

- [Dad] I know.

Mark it all off, the weather's been bad.

Oh, it's kinda snowin'.

- Do you like our Christmas lights?

- [Dad] We just got Christmas lights put on.

Hopefully we get to enjoy 'em this winter.

- Oh, it's cold.

It's raining right now.

- Yes. - Oh my goodness.

- [Dad] It's gonna turn into snow.

- It's just sprinkling like a little bit.

This is the one, right? - Okay.

This is it. - We haven't been

there in forever.

- [Dad] When we tried to get in there before

this tree was all full of--

- [Jordan] Okay, here, you try to open it and everything.

- Okay.

Oh my goodness.

(dad groans)

Oh my.

- What? - Come here, Jordan.

Look at this.

I don't know if we wanna go down there.

Look down in there.

It's kind of all caved in.

- [Jordan] Yeah, there's a bunch of leaves all over it.

That does not look like it's

in good condition. - Should we try

or should we try

to go a different direction? - No.

No, we need to go somewhere else, that does not look safe.

- I don't think it's safe at all.

We could fall down in there

and it could cave in totally on us and we wouldn't be able

to get out. - Yeah, 'cause that's about

to fall to pieces.

- Okay, let's...

- [Jordan] Wet cardboard is not good.

- Oh, you remember?

There was the entrance that was in Jake and Ty's bedroom,

in their closet.

- [Jordan] Let's go to that one instead.

- Let's go see if that one's still there.

- Let's go.

Guys, it didn't work!

- [Mom] What?

- [Dad] We can't get in that way.

- It's like caved in.

- [Mom] What do you mean?

- It's caved in.

The whole top was caved in, it's unsafe.

- There's no way. - There's no way I'd wanna

go in from outside there.

That could topple in and--

- Yeah, it's insane.

- Okay, so...

- But remember, Jake and Ty, in their closet,

there was an entrance there.

- Yeah, but sometimes it's not there.

- I'm gonna go check and see if it is.

If it is, I say we all just, we all go in that way.

- Yeah, that'd be a lot better

than trying to go through the outside one

'cause the outside one is like falling to pieces.

- Okay, we're gonna go check it out.


(dramatic music)

- Okay, guys, so we just found the Hello Neighbor Tunnel

in Jake and Ty's closet.

We're lucky we caught it when it was back

because it's not always here.

It's only here at certain times.

- Yep.

- So we have decided because the tunnels are not that big,

we're going to send Jordan and Ty down into the tunnels

to look for packages, look for nutcrackers,

while Jake will stay on the other end of the walkie talkie.

Dad and I will probably, are we keepin' a rope

tied to 'em or not?

- I'll be here at the top

waitin' for 'em to come back

and help them. - Okay.

And I'll just be hangin' out I guess.

(laughs) I'll be there

with any useful information, I don't know.

- So here it is.

There's the top of the ductwork.

- [Mom] Oh, it says stay out this time.

- So I don't know, it's crazy goin' down into the tunnels

of the Hello Neighbor, so.

- Yeah, I'm kinda nervous. - I want you guys

to be super careful.

- Ty, we gotta stay together, okay?

- [Mom] Yeah, do not get separated

because you can get lost in the tunnels

and you'll be down there forever.

- So I'm gonna tie this to your bed.

So you don't fall going down.


- But you guys hold onto it so--

- [Dad] I'll still hold onto it, yes.

- So you can like let us go down like--

- There, that's not goin' anywhere.

- [Mom] We won't let you fall.

- No.

Jordan, can you put these lights in your backpack.

- Mmhmm.

- What I want you to do is I want you to place them

in the tunnels.

- Like Hansel and Gretel.

(laughs) - Yeah, kinda.

These are your breadcrumbs.

You press the button and the lights come on, okay?

That'll tell you how to get back.

I think that's probably all you're gonna need

'cause you're not gonna be down there long,

so you're not gonna need food or anything else, so.

- [Mom] Yeah, don't go very far

into the tunnels. - Flashlight.

- [Mom] 'Cause those tunnels do go a long ways.

- Okay, here we go.

- [Mom] Stay together.

- I can see the bottom I think.

- Oh, so it's not that far.

- Let me see one of those lights.

- [Mom] And guys, always stay communicating with us.

Let us know what you're seeing.

- so I'm gonna drop this down

so that when you get to the bottom you can see it, okay?

Okay, so this is going down.

- I'm ready.

- Here goes.

That's about 10 feet down.

(laughs) Hopefully this is enough rope.

- I'm only 5'3".

That's double my height.

- Hey, it's like triple mine.

- Yeah, what about Ty?

- It barely reaches the bottom, so you guys will be good.

- [Mom] You'll be okay.

- Okay, so hold onto the rope,

I'm gonna start lowering you in.

Okay, ready?

- [Mom] You guys are good at exploring tunnels.

- Hold onto the rope, Ty, both hands.

Keep goin', keep goin'.

Okay, hold onto the rope.

You're on your own, keep goin'.

You're almost there.

Okay, you're there, good.

Okay, now go down in the tunnel a bit so Jordan can come in.

- All right, it's my turn.

- Okay, you can stand on my back to get up in.

- What?


- [Mom] It might be easier, be careful,

don't break dad's back.

- How am I gonna--

Is there...


Wow, so tall.

- [Mom] Try to lean back and back into it.

- [Dad] Good luck, Jordan.

- Oh, I'm so nervous.

- [Mom] Lean back, back into it.

- [Dad] You can do it.

- [Mom] You got this.

Oh, she's goin' she's goin'.

(Jordan screams)

- Hold on!

- [Mom] Hold tight, use your arm muscles, hold tight!

You got it!

Don't worry!

You're doin' good!

It's just a little more!

- Okay, I'm gonna drop the light, catch it, okay?

Let me turn it on.

Here it comes.

All right, don't forget about the walkie talkies,

keep in touch with us.

All right, they're down there.

Let's hope that they can find the package

'cause it's not anywhere in the top of the house

so maybe it's down in the tunnels.

- You guys okay down there?

- [Mom] You think maybe an hour and then we--

- [Ty] Yes, there's two places to go, left or right.

- Right or left? - Left or right.

- They're gonna go right. - They're gonna go right.

- Say okay.

- Okay.

- [Jordan] You guys, everything has been going good so far.

I don't know, we're not really seeing much

but it's going pretty good.

- [Mom] Okay, just keep going.

- Nothin' to suspicious or weird-looking?

The neighbor's not down there, the hacker

or the nutcrackers, no nutcrackers?

- [Jordan] No I'm not seeing anything yet,

have you guys seen anything up there?

- All clear here so just keep us posted, good luck.

- All right, we'll talk to you soon.

All right, you guys, so we are in the tunnels

and guys, we have gone so deep into these tunnels.

Like, deeper than we've ever gone before.

And I think we may have even discovered some new areas

because we have not been down these areas before.

So we're just venturing all the way back.

This tunnel seems to go on forever.

Here, Ty.

Can you like show a little bit?

- Okay.

Mom, you still here?

- It's crazy,

it goes on forever. - We're up here,

waiting at the head of the tunnel.

- Okay. - Okay.

- We haven't found anything yet, we're still looking.

- [Mom] Okay, well just take it slow, be safe,

let us know if you see any clues.

- Okay.

- Okay, let's keep going.

This tunnel has gone forever, like...

- [Ty] Hey, it's getting colder back here.

- It's getting colder?

- [Ty] Yeah!

- Maybe we're at the end, here, let's keep going.

It's so squishy, you guys.

We have to like army crawl through here, it's insane.

Whoa, wait, this is a new room!

Ty! - Oh!

I can stand.

- This is a whole new room.

I can stand too, what is this!?

This is like a room, like a real deal room, this is insane.

Okay, we need to mark.

- Should I tell mom where we found a new room?

- [Jordan] Yeah.

- Mom, we found a new room.

- [Mom] You found a room!?

- Yep, and me and Jordan can stand up in it.

- [Mom] Okay, go carefully,

make sure there's no booby traps.

Just watch where you're stepping

and just look around really closely.

Are there any nutcrackers?

- That's true we do need to watch out for traps.

Okay, I'm gonna lay this marker down.

- [Mom] Keep us aware of what's going on.

- [Ty] Okay.

- [Jordan] Look at this, okay,

so now we have this one marked, we have way down there

at the end of the tunnel, it curves right that way.

We have that one marked.

- I still got my flashlight. - I think we need to get

another, oh, pull out your flashlight, let's see it?

- [Jordan] Whoa, okay, this just looks like a dead end.

Like there's no way to escape this.

- Did you bring like other flashlights?

- Oh yeah I did, here.

Okay, let me grab my flashlight.

Okay, I have this one.

This one, oh this one's the blacklight one.

- [Ty] Okay, we should to use that.

- We should.

And then I have a...

Oh wait no, this one's the blacklight.

This one must be the night vision.

Yeah, this one's the night vision,

this one's the blacklight.

- [Ty] And we should use both of those.

- Mmhmm.

And then I have one more that I brought.

Let's see what this one does.

Oh, this one's the green light.

- [Ty] How 'bout we use the night vision,

then the green light, then the black light.

- Okay, let's go through with the night vision.

So we gotta turn off this light and maybe there's like,

some stuff on the walls 'cause I know

we've had it before where there's been invisible ink

on the walls, so let's look around and see.

Okay, Ty, I'm gonna be shining the night vision,

you also shine the blacklight, okay?

- Wait, I don't have the blacklight.

You grab the blacklight and look around.

- Okay, I'm not seeing, oh, what is that?

Oh, that's just tape.

Um, do you see anything with your blacklight?

- No.

On the floor?

I don't see anything. - I don't see anything.

- Should we use that green light?

- [Jordan] Yeah, let's use the green light.

Okay, turn off both those.

- Okay.

I don't know if this is like any different.

- [Jordan] Yeah, I'm not seein' anything.


I think we're just at a dead end.

Ty, we went through that really long tunnel.

(static) I think we're gonna

have to go all the way back, Ty.

Yeah, I don't know, let's just head back I guess.

(Jordan sighs) Here we go.

- Put the flashlights back in. (ominous music)

- [Jordan] Yeah, okay, let's start heading down.

Wait, Ty, Ty!

Is that...

That's a...

Is that a nutcracker!?

Ty, call mom, call mom! (dramatic music)

Hurry, hurry! - Mom, there's a nutcracker!

- [Mom] What!?

- At the end of the hall there's a nutcracker.

- [Mom] I don't know what to do, dad had to walk away.



I'm gonna have to wait 'til dad gets back

and see what you're supposed to do.

Is it blocking your path?

- [Ty] Yes, he's blocking our path.

- [Jordan] Wait, Ty!

He's gone!

- [Mom] I don't know, I don't know if you should go past it

or not, what do you think?

- He's gone, Ty. - He just disappeared.

- [Mom] What!?

- [Jordan] He is not there anymore, like he is gone.

He was there.

- [Mom] Are you sure you saw a nutcracker?

Or do you guys need to get out of the tunnels now?

Are you feeling okay?

- [Jordan] We are positive that we found a nutcracker.

We got it on camera too.

- I think we need to get out.

- [Mom] Okay, I don't know,

I think that we'd better hurry and finish up in the tunnels.

Why don't you start to work your way back maybe?

- Okay.

- All right, I guess let's go.

Keep the walkie talkie on hand, Ty,

in case we need to use it, all right?

Let's keep going.

All right, we're almost to that first marker

where it curves.

Well, you guys, I hope we don't see any more nutcrackers,

that was so spooky.

It was there and then it was gone.

Guys, comment down below if you saw the nutcracker

or if I'm just going crazy.

Ty, did you see it?

- [Ty] I saw it.

- Okay, 'cause I'm pretty sure it was there.

But then it just disappeared, so I'm not, I don't know.

Okay we're gonna keep going.

- [Ty] We gotta get going actually.

- Yeah.

All right, you guys, so we made a few turns.

We went left and right and like made a couple more lefts.

And we've gone down this like hallway area place.

It looks like it's gonna go into a room

or it's gonna turn right.

- Well, it is a room.

- [Jordan] It's a room?

- Yeah, can I turn my light on?

- [Jordan] Whoa, it is a room, here, let's mark it.

- [Ty] Guys?

(Jordan coughs)

- [Jordan] Whoa, when I stood up it was really foggy.

Look at that.

What is going on?

Ty, what is this place?

- I don't know, I think we took the wrong turn.

- [Jordan] Report to mom.

- Okay.

Mom, I think we took the wrong turn.

- [Mom] Oh, can you go back from where you came?

- There is a big box and uh, it's smoky, I think,

and we can but I think we're gonna get lost again.

- [Mom] Okay, so you came to a place where it's smoky.

Do you need to keep going forward,

can you clear a way, can you keep going?

- [Jordan] Should we look through the rubble?

- [Ty] We'll try.


- [Mom] Is it safe to keep going?

- Okay.

- [Jordan] I don't even know, like,

what even is all this stuff?

Keep moving all this stuff.

Oh, there's a lot of stuff.

Oh, grab the last one.

- [Mom] Keep going.

- [Jordan] Ty, let me see the flashlight.

- [Ty] What?

- [Mom] Are you doing okay?

- Yes, we're doing okay.

- [Jordan] Okay, move the last one.

Is there any like tunnel? - Oh this is heavy.

- [Jordan] Wait, is there stuff in there?

Is there any tunnel?

- Mom, we found like...

A big box, maybe?

It's very heavy.

- [Jordan] Okay, wait, what in the world is this?

- [Mom] Okay is there something in the box?

- We're gonna bring it back up and open it

where there's more room, okay?

- [Mom] Okay but you better hurry because dad's back

and this tunnel is starting to act a little weird

and I think the entrance

is going to disappear soon. - Ty!

We gotta go!

Okay, grab the stuff.

Here, let's put a marker down there.

- Why would we put a marker right here

when we won't know where to get out?

- [Jordan] Because we're gonna follow

all of our markers back out and we gotta mark this

that way next we come in here,

we know this is where we found this box.

- [Ty] So what happens if the tunnel caves in again?

- [Jordan] Well then maybe it'll help us find it.

I don't know, maybe the light will help us find it.

Okay, let's take it out.

You got this, Ty.

- [Mom] Are you there?

- [Jordan] Through the tunnel.

- We're here.

- [Mom] Um, I don't wanna worry you,

but hurry because the tunnel's starting to disappear.

It's going in and out.

- What!? - Let's go, let's go!

Let's go, let's go!

- [Mom] I'm worried you're going to get trapped.

- [Ty] Okay, we're hurrying.

- [Jordan] Let's go, Ty.

Okay, let's keep going, Ty.

Ty, move behind the box?

That way I can push and you could pull it.

It seems to work a little bit better.

And we're going back down.

We have our markers here so that means

that we've already gone through this hallway.

We're just following all of our markers back out.

I hope we're almost there.

- [Ty] Mom, you still there?

- [Mom] I'm here.

- [Jordan] Okay, let's keep going, Ty.

- [Mom] Are you guys getting close?

- [Ty] Yes, we're almost there.

- [Mom] The entrance is starting to disappear.

I don't want you to get trapped.

- [Jordan] Go, go, go, we gotta hurry.

- [Ty] We're hurrying!

- [Dad] All right, Ty, hand me...

Push it up a little further. - Hurry, guys,

because it's disappearing!

Oh, whoa!

That's a huge package! - Clothes are falling down.

- [Mom] What!?

Whoa, get Ty out of there, we gotta get Ty and Jordan.

- Okay, Ty.

Come on up.

Come on up, Ty.

(Ty groaning)

You're almost there.


Put your legs up.

All right.

Now it's Jordan's turn.

Okay Jordan, come on up, I'm ready for ya.

Whoa, yeah, you're almost there.

- [Mom] Come on,

you don't have time! (Jordan screams)

- My hair!

Pull my up, Ty, pull me up!

Wait, I'm gonna fall!

- Get up, get on. - Get on my back.

- [Mom] Hurry!

- [Dad] Get on my back, Jo!

- How am I gonna do this!?

- [Mom] Pull it!


- I made it out!


(explosion) - Whoa!

It's gone!

- [Jordan] That just barely disappeared.

- It disappeared!

- [Mom] That was close.

- That was so close!

That was too close, let's close this,

that's kinda scary.

- [Mom] Okay, so they said they saw a nutcracker.

That is crazy.

And they brought a package.

So let's just get that

package out there. - Let's look at the package.

- [Mom] Let's go.

- This is kinda heavy.

Holy cow.

- [Mom] Okay, and you saw a nutcracker.

- Mmhmm. - Wait.

- At least we're pretty sure.

- He's not there.

The nutcracker's gone. - Yeah, I think he was

following us in the tunnels

because it looked like the new nutcracker.

- Let's see, well, let's just first

open up this package. - Let's check this box.

Oh wow.

Whoa! - Oh my goodness.

What!? - Holy cow!

- Oh, there's Five Surprise!

- This is like Santa's toybox! - Whoa!

- Shnooks!? - Wait, wait, wait,

there's a note.

- What's this, Smashers?

- Ship to Santa's Giving Event, from Zuru.

Zuru's a toy company.

- [Mom] That's tomorrow!

- Santa's Giving Event's tomorrow?

- What!? - Yes!

- How did this box get down in the Hello Neighbor tunnels?

And you said you went to a place

that you've never been to before?

- Yeah, it was like deep in Hello Neighbors Tunnels.

- [Mom] Okay, well this event is a

fundraiser for kids and families in need,

so these toys are very important.

- They need to get to this event.

- [Mom] They need to get there.

- We need to deliver them.

- [Mom] We're going to help deliver 'em.

- 'Cause that's the only way

that they can help spread Christmas cheer

is by making sure that these get to the kids.

- Guys, the nutcrackers!

- Oh. - Oh yeah, they're...

- [Mom] Yeah, actually--

- They're all in this room.

- [Mom] We're keeping the toys, right?

We're gonna keep all the toys. - Yeah we're gonna

keep the toys. - Yeah, this one's like

my favorite, I love the little cotton candy

that comes in it and I'm gonna open up

all these Five Surprises.

I'm gonna take it down to my room

and I'm gonna do a huge toy unboxing.

- I'm gonna throw Smashers everywhere!

- [Mom] Yeah, that's what we're going to do.

- These are really cool, the Smashers,

oh, they've got the Blasters too, the X-Shot Blasters.

- I know, whoa!

- Wow. - Oh, there's two!

- Nice.

- Okay.

- This is cool.

All right, so I'm gonna make some phone calls

as we put these toys in Jordan's room

'cause she's gonna keep 'em.

- Yeah, they're mine.

- I'm gonna make some phone calls

'cause I have a contact that...

- [Mom] For that event.

- That's it.

And see if they can...

I'll just talk to 'em and we'll see what happens.

- [Mom] Yeah.

- Okay, let's take it down to my room.

Whoa, it's heavy.

- [Dad] This is so awesome.

- I hope the nutcrackers don't find out.

- Okay, guys, it's the next morning.

I just took all the kids to school.

All the stuff is still here from last night,

which is a good sign.

The Toy Collector did not get it.

When I took the kids to school I made a phone call.

Gotta be careful so those guys don't hear.

But somebody's coming to pick up the toys

to get it to that event

so that the Christmas cheer can be spread

and that this will take place for all the kids out there.

So this is gonna be awesome.

This is great.

We just have to stand here and stand guard

because if not, I have a feeling that the Toy Collector

somehow is gonna grab 'em and take off with 'em.

Those were so hard to get out

of the Hello Neighbors Tunnels.

The kids did great last night.

So comment down below if you guys

saw anything weird and funny

because again, we're not really seeing that stuff

in the videos.

You guys say that it's there.

Give us some specific timestamps of where you're seein' that

so that we can go back and find it.

- We'll go back and watch together.

- And then we will actually video us watching it,

showing you guys that we don't see it.

But you gotta timestamp us so we know exactly where it's at.

Okay, I think she's pullin' up here.

All right, hold on.

- Okay, so our contact's here to be able to take the toys

to take it to the event, which is gonna be awesome

so the Toy Collector can't get it, so

we're gonna take 'em out to the car and then they're gone.

So we'll be able to spread the Christmas cheer

without the Toy Collector getting involved.

Shh, don't let the nutcrackers hear.


- Okay!

- Okay, thank you. - Thank you.

I'll get those delivered! - We'll see you Saturday.

- Thank you.

- Take care. - Appreciate it.

- Bye.

- [Mom] Oh, success, we got it delivered.

- We did!

See ya!

Katie! (gasps)

(ominous sound effects)

Another nutcracker, get in the house, hurry!

Come on, hurry!

- [Mom] Come on, Logan!

- Hurry, hurry!

- [Mom] Okay, go!

What!? - Call the kids!

- [Mom] Wait!

It's there.

- How do they keep showing up?

Close these blinds.

- Audrey would be be so proud, she can't do that.

Okay, let's go hide and wait for the kids.

(dance music)

The Description of The Toy Collector Part 6 Exploring The Hello Neighbor Tunnels!/ That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel