Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Życie to ZABAWA

Difficulty: 0

This is a serious station, with trains not some fooling around

Oh no, man, it's raining

Probably we could use an umbrella


It doesn't have a spring

I forgot the camera again

Today we had an accident in our crew

What's happened, Kasia?

How do you say "hairstreightener"


I grabbed a hair straightener with my hand

I have such two stripes now, where I got burned

What do we have here?

It's a poster of one of the polititians

Such an election banner is all right

I would vote

We are on the bridge connecting Honsiu and Kyushiu islands

I was very much looking forward to that bridge

The bridge is in a tunnel

I like tunnels a lot, so I'm happy

We made it

It's Shimonoseki


With two cameras you can try like this

This is a fugu fish, local speciality

In reality they don't have these...

and they don't sing

How do you know?

Recently in the vlog there are only silly jokes and fooling around and other dumb matters

Whether I'm sure many of you come to learn sth and get motivated to getting fit, to work and all

However remember, life is fun, it's good to make jokes and be silly

You have to ... So life is a ...

Wow, this is something!

Fugu is even on a bus seat

If Japanese people get fixed on something, there is no mercy...

Maybe it's an idea to do precels on bus seats in Krakow?

However there is Lajkonik, I think

In Warsaw there should be a mermaid

Mermaid? Marmaid.

In Krakow - Lajkonik

In Wroclaw - gnomes

I can do PR for you, OK?

In all Poland big onion

Now you can see the passage between Honsiu where we are now and Kyushiu over there


Fish flavoured ice cream

What a big fish!

It's the first time I see something like that - sushi here, on the fish market, which you can help yourself - I'm in heaven!

I'm touched.

There's no return after japanese sushi

In Poland you can order tuna, here you have 6 types of tuna, depending on the fish species, meat properties, level of fat, it's beautiful!

This was one of the best sushi I ever had, if you want to see what I had, check out TheUwagaPies channel

There will be shortly a film which we are doing of this trip - about this prefecture

Walking here is cool!

All right!

We've made it to the middle

Yamaguchi and Fukuoka

This is the division line

We recorded here a film with boys

So let's carry on

I'm always charmed by japanese ports, seaside, very picturesque looking

If you stay in Tokyo, it's easy to forget that Japan is also a country of beautiful, amazingly beautiful nature

A short stop in town called Modziko, known for its oldschool architecture of Shioa period

We are going to try local food

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