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Goodmorning! - I'm Carla! This is Carla!

I'm in the car, we had breakfast and we got ready. Today is my last work day in the kids their holiday.

Next week school is starting again for the kids. So the summer holidays are finished and it's my last workday.

It's Thursday but tommorow it's Australia Day, so I'm off tomorrow.

So that why I wanted to bring the kids somewhere and we're going to Wildlife Sanctuary

For example.. they keep Koalas and Kangaroo's.. and all kind of other animals!

So that's where we are going now, it's a 30 minute drive

Carla can often choose the music in the car.. Which is what she is asking me here! ;)

It's 12.30 now and we are having something to eat.

We'll stay here after lunch as well, it's really fun for kids here!

I just held a lizard... *sos*

It's something I would never have done.. even though I held a snake once.

But they suddenly came to me here and the man said he would give the lizards to the adults so they could decide themselves if their kids could hold them or not.

Well.. he started with me and I thought: 'No way that I will hold that thing myself.'

But I didn't want to say that when the kids where next to me. :') #gottalooklikeacoolaupair

So I held a lizard and the kids as well, they had a snake as well I didn't held that.

They had a snake as well, I didn't hold that but Thomas kept runing after it because he wanted to touch it.

Quite funny, anyway it's really nice for kids here!

In the meantime we left the park and went to the beach!

And we're back home! And I look really burnt.. - Maybe I am.

We've been back for a while.. It's 6.15 and the parents just left the house.

The mom has a party and is staying with a friend afterwards and the dad is going to Japan for 10 days.

So tonight I'm alone with the kids.. I'm going to make dinner now, pasta; because it's simple and quick.

And than I'm bringing them to bed. But I don't want to bring them to bed too early because usually they go around nine.

And than they sleep long as welll. And when I bring them to bed early; they wake up earlier as well

And I sleep next to the kids.. so sometimes they go to my room in the morning.

And tomorrow I'm off.. :')

Anyway, I'm going to make dinner first; pasta like I said. Super simple, tortellini with spinach and ricotta..

With this sauce.. actually I only have to heat this up. But there isn't much more at home, so simple and easy!

This happens so often.. That Carla and I laugh about something.

Thomas has no idea what is happening but he still laughs with us, because he sees other people are laughing.

It's still quite early.. but the kids where tired already and they were just haning around..

But I don't want to bring them to bed yet.. So we're watching the serie Tarzan now!

I wanted to show them the film.. but it's not on Netflix so that's why we're watching the serie instead.

And after that I will bring them to bed!

It's ten past 9 and the kids are in bed! Which is really on-time compared to there usual time!

And they went to sleep super quick.. Or wel.. they're not sleeping yet, they're still talking

But they were okay with the fact that I would leave really quick.

I even got a teddybear from both of them to sleep with, so I wouldn't be alone either. Super cute!

So yeah, they're in bed! I hope today was a bit clear, the parents weren't there

Only before dinner the dad was there for a bit and the mom wil be back in the morning.

So it's the first time I'm alone for the night.. And usually the kids sleep through the whole night!

But there is still something inside me what says: "What if they wake up tonight?! When you're alone with the kids."

Anyway, probably that will not happen.

I really liked today.. I am super tired, I think u can tell.

Thank you all for watching and I'll see you in my next video! Bye!

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