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Are you ready? Yeah I'm ready

Woohoo are you ready?


For uh Psychonauts 2

I think people will be expecting the unexpected more you know

I think the the first game especially now

And I think you know people know a little more what to expect from from double fine and from Tim


And so we might not blindside people quite as much, but we'll see what places we end up going with it

So those look super sweet now, so the feet should

Should never end up like hanging off to the side of (right) the rope like they were ruined before


Is a little bit below, I don't wanna take a look

If the primitive and moves are at this level coming out of pre-production.

On screen, which I was hoping you could show everyone. Zak

All right, cool

We did this just as a test so we aren't actually planning on using

UM, this for the game, we don't plan on going back to to

Whispering (Tim: Yeah) Rock right now.

None of this is ever going to be ever seen by anyone except for right here. Yes, we built it to burn it

Yes, but we did learn a lot of stuff so Um, but you can also see early version. This is Raz moving around


We've got his basic ground movement in he's got a cool little walk and creep. We've got the double jump in

we've got


The ball motion in there

Uh, and we've also got this beautiful beautiful rendition of the

the kids camp. SPOILERS the art test came out looking really pretty. Zak: Came out very very nice

you can do a million things

Yes, it's a big big move set and one of the things that was important for me from the design was to uh get a lot of that

Basic stuff in before we started prototyping new things you can, it was important for me and for the team

to get the basics working well we spent a lot of time making just a core like ground movement feel good

the jumping and the double jump and

Also get the metrics in so that we understand like how long is it jump?

How long is a double jump? Uh yeah? We also have our sweet Raz model

he's got nice facial animation, he looks very determined in his run now

I like it because it's both acrobatic and kinda zen. We might not keep any of this stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah

We've got like this little balloon glide now and multiple

And then also just a detail of the world you can see this nice foliage that molasses flood did

All the little Wildflowers and just the density of the world and for a platformer

It's really important to be able to read the world and understand where you can go and where you can't go and where you can

Explore and so starting to explore. How we layout levels so that you understand where the points of interest are.



That's all right

Beautiful we did start with the assets from the original game, and they've been sort of completely remade

They weren't you know like painted over

They were actually remade from scratch

So there's still a few of the old ones this outhouse is old this tree stump is still old

And if you go over here.. Tim: Oh my god don't do it. Zak: this is the old..this is the old background assets.

That's the old skybox?

And you can see if you go all the way over here

You can see you can see the old low poly version. They look like original original game bacon around lunch

It doesn't look as good as you remember actually..(Tim:Oh Yeah)

So Uh.. it's BIG change big change from that you know.. to this.

Tim: cool

So the other thing we've been working on is Uhhh...

In addition to just getting all the core gameplay up and running... time so we can take a look at some of those

Which is our test of all of our kind of lighting and material treatments, and how we deal with?

real-World exterior spaces

then just playing with these fun primitives like I was talking about earlier, and you'll work your way into the

Abandoned cytanium mine, and then eventually to the quarry where uh..

The Psychonauts headquarters is we've also been working a lot on our basic Raz motion and getting a system

So the rats can move smoothly between poles like that. That was it was smooth

We've made our tight ropes even fatter than ever

They've got a lot more licorice whip make them a lot easier to see and then being able to continue going on

I think that's a really really important part of overworking right now so from here

We're using this kind of a basis and we build out a lot of the basic kit that will be using for decorating the area

And we'll be using this to build out

Actual production levels starting pretty soon because I think you understand by that time where your destination is

Where you want to be going and so try not to impede the player as they're trying to make their way up

They're really making those action pads feel satisfying for

Good recovery. Yeah, what turn that mess of the designs. I did almost fall

But yeah, you know trying to find

It feels really good as you're moving through these environments

but it doesn't feel like

The flow that you can have jumping up there is super great

And it's definitely some sort of things we talk about that people really remembered about psychonauts. Is that sort of open?

childlike exploration of a natural environment

And we talked about how much base we wanted in the game and how much interior kind of office you space?

Like you're hitting the moves that you want you're hitting the jumps the cantilevers

the tight ropes objects summer can't be

Exploring the world so they'll be the headquarters itself which will be kind of a cool 60s by office environment

But then things like this, I abandoned cytanium mine, and the wilderness and forests around the camp and then some other surprises that were

Talking about spec. So they're wanting to explore those things getting rewarded for doing that alright. We're out of time

It's a really good list of things

I'm super proud of where this thing ended

I'm going to get it under but we will not be showing that right. It's gonna look amazing so much

It will just put permeable pretend okay?

eventually built for synchronized to

even if it was just

Something that goes into a document as a lesson learned and the best practice for the future powers

And we're just starting to build out our giant hub and our first brain levels

But think we were going to show today

We're not Gonna Ruin brain content secret Brain content, but we can shut Raz but Raz was perfect before

What and he died mysteriously you know?

How did you make resin you use polygons?

Yeah, I mean

We sort of had this at the only person to ever model rat actually these days the person who's built an official

Where do you not trust anybody else to model rat? Yeah?


Building resin so scott really cares with the exact shape of the earmuffs and whenever we do any sort of like

Toy or dollar painting rivers is always like another right size, and we've drawn over them until is the right shape yeah

There's so much could you push the wonkiness could be first a bit how with the long factor on a roasting plant?

What we might think of the word goes

If I can just stronger that yeah, I know he's got a more. I have it. Just got a big old Mardi Gras

What is this amazing space that you're in but a lot of great Rogers entry right in the middle?

Production we have a new res that we released to our backers and show them

was new moves and new look yeah, I've got a new outfit and

yeah, we're developing our to misprint new abilities and

We've been sharing that all the way with the backers as we go, but anyone can look at our big agency

I'll do stuff

I know you're going known as interior art to HQ know so I'm going to enough and they realize they go to underscore Art 10

So the last thing that we had shown the last and this was our test of how we deal with interior spaces

Oh yeah, first pass at the headquarters. Yeah, this is the headquarters lobby, so you can see some the cool

Iconography to see the quarry actually out there could end up looking a lot different despite being lovingly decorated and Super cool

It's not there's not really you know platforming affordances and things to run around on in here

So I'm just getting totally redesigned for the real game

but it does

Serve as a really cool backdrop to show off or have I think they'll might be indigent you start by using very simple primitive shapes

To sort of block out the level and that helps you iterate in the design your pretty pretty art

Yeah, my bunk space right now as is all of our brain levels

Early version and a little on the quarry area and you can see all the player

Interactable that raz can climb around on this is a rock of a section with a jet pizza cut soccer ball around yes

This is going to be in the army. It's actually a 20-sided die sometimes. Yes

Wait, I just going to do that's also good. That was young um

Yeah, I didn't tell Jeff we're doing

Really much everything

All the different systems in the game all in one place

And so there'll be combat and powers and puzzles and exploration and collectables and all kind of stuff like that

So that's our big push over the next couple of months for the team right now

Yeah, that's something we're not going to maybe throw away

No, we're gonna have making making shipping content now cool and not not just testing five lines along with

You know all the systems were working on intrigue reduction one of the things that was most important was to get a lot of our

core players Moveset

Nip and a lot of our efforts have been into building out

You know getting all his old moves up and running and then building upon that one specifically

I'm not that around to fix. No seats there that way you just fix it. Well. He looks on anything cool being it down

And it'll spring off with Rhoni. Okay first some other

Exciting message and rumbles of ruin and we are actually going to be doing a physical copy of rumble Saru we can't call it that


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