Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ghanaian Pepper Sauce With and Without Blender

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hey guys welcome to my channel in this video I will show you how I make this

hot pepper sauce I will show you how I make this using a pestle and mortar and

I will show you how you can make this with a blender for this recipe you will

need pepper onions and either salt or Maggi cube and I also use canned plum

tomatoes start with cutting the onions thinly cut them the easier it will be

to grind the pepper to it and grind it as well continue grinding it until you

get a very smooth paste of the onions and pepper then take the tomato and

blend it with the onion and pepper please

then add in either the salt or the Magi cube

so moving on to the blender cut the onions and this time around you don't

need to cut him very thin add the pepper to the onions add the juice of the canned

tomatoes to help with the blending the three ingredients until is

completely smooth then add tomatoes

and pulse it do not blend it like we did before but pulse it I pulsed it three times

but of course every machine is different so you can start with pulsing it once

and if you're not satisfied with the texture pulses once or twice work

finally add in the salt and you're done so that was it it is a very simple

recipe but it's also very convenient because you can eat it with many

different foods so I hope this video was helpful if it wasn't if you enjoyed this

video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos thanks for

watching guys

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