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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Inside Halt and Catch Fire: Episode 407

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I just need you to meet me at 350 Hamilton Avenue at noon.

Can you do that for me?

Um... what is it about?

Does it have to be today?

That's my girl.

The relationship between Cameron and Bozzy

is pretty noteworthy.

Obviously, it's fatherly on one hand.

They are best friends on the other.

And I think it's really touching.

Holy (no audio).

Huss: Bosworth's wedding, again,

is a nice little piece of writing

that's done really quickly, really cleanly.

We're not gonna make a big deal about it.

We need witnesses.

Since she brought her daughter...

A really beautiful moment between those two characters.

And a nice way for them to bury the hatchet.

But I didn't dress up.

Look perfect.

Davis: It's her father.

She didn't have a father for 15 years.

And then, for the last 10, she's had this person.

And it's been the most sort of important,

enduring relationship in her life.

Oh, thank you for coming.

You're not in a rush, are you?

Oh, yes. I want to get back to work.

Joe and Cameron, at the start of this episode,

are connected and also missing each other

in every scene they have.

I lost a whole morning because of this.

The public perception of the Internet is really surprising.

Alexa's coming tomorrow, and I wouldn't even

have picked up if it was anybody but Bos.

They're at their best, but also starting to be

more focused on their individual projects.

I thought we were going for a hike.

We are. I just want to, um, make one...

minor tweak to the collision detection.

It will take two seconds.

Great to see her back and at it

in the Airstream and working on something new.

I swear to God, two minutes.

I know you believe that when you say it.

But at the same time, they're just missing each other.

What happened?

Oh, just everything.

She goes to Gordon,

and you see her for the first time

really being honest about her difficulties

in a way that's really refreshing.

At least we're not direct competitors anymore.


It'll make it a lot easier when Comet kicks Rover's ass.

Donna and Gordon have really bridged a gap.

They're just being honest and direct with each other.

Well, we're doing pretty well.

About to launch a big marketing push.

Do you know what your user numbers are?

Yeah. We got 50,000 hits a day.

Rover's doing twice that.

It's fun to see that ignite something in Gordon.

And then he brings it to his new partner, which is Joe.

But it could also be a destination in itself.

Look, a-according to Donna, we're not even close.

Whoa, whoa! Donna?

But Joe has always had this narrative in his head

about Donna. He doesn't trust Donna.

The two of them are probably more similar

than they'd like to admit.

Why would you give us

potentially useful market research?

I'm sorry, what?

Joe just has a hard time accepting the data

that Gordon got from Donna.

Okay, you won!

You got Haley and Gordon and Cam.

You got everybody. What more do you want from me?

-Ow! -[Gasps]

And I think a lot of truth falls in Joe's lap

at that moment when he realizes

that Donna is not exactly the Machiavellian V.C.

that she was, maybe, at the start of the season.

Donna, I get it.

It hurts to be thought of in that way.

Now that she has this life experience

of sort of being that monster, too,

and seeming that way to others,

they have this really, I think,

a gorgeous moment of mutual respect.

And what are you gonna tell people?

Punched a wall.

'Cause I couldn't find what I was looking for on Rover.


Throughout this season, we've wanted to play Gordon

as a character who has been doing pretty well.

He's been able to put some of his issues and demons

that we've seen in seasons past

to rest, finally.

Donna? What are you doing here?

This is the last few memories that are going through his head

before he fades away.

What are you doing?

The way that we visualize Gordon's actual death

is so lyrical and beautiful.

And it's his life flashing before his eyes.

But his life is different versions

of Donna throughout time.



I mean, what a beautiful thing.


Gordon finally has contentment with his life.

Everything is sort of lining up.

He let the tracking of the illness go.

His relationship is good.

He just needed all this stuff to wrap itself up

for him to calmly ease away.

Gordon's death, to me, means something immediately

to all of the characters.

And I think it's fairly clear in the episode itself.

It says to them, and through them,

indirectly to us, that this chapter, this story,

this tale is coming to an end.

We thought it was apt that "re-launch" is

the only thing that's written on the board,

and yet no plan.

And I think that's what Joe is contemplating

in the aftermath of Gordon's death.


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