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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TOP 10 SEXIEST VALENTINES DAY DATE #FRAGRANCES 2020 | #FRAGRANCEREVIEW

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so by these 10 fragrances you will be smelling like the most attractive man

that she've ever smelled in her life you don't want to smell like her EX?! True?? so

let's start by Rochas mustache a great cozy sweet rose based fragrance, rose

in this fragrance is fresh we have some freshness on fruitiness a bit at the top

I cannot say too this fragrance fresh I cannot say to this fragrance dark... very well

balanced but very sweet like candied rose performance is okay not bad seven

hours on the skin some can get more performance I cannot get that much

projection is also very smooth very sexy one of the outstanding fragrances for

date situations... this DNA smells sexy and outstanding so by this fragrance you

gonna smell different in a sexy way Rochas moustache at ten spot


fragrance at number nine spot, and outoutstanding and sexy fragrance why

it is outstanding because of this dominated pistachio note how many

fragrances do you know why pistachio not?

it's not like dior sauvage if you go by

dior sauvage you gonna smell attractive sexy but like her EX

probably what why this fragrance you gonna smell outstanding masculine manly

sexy and different you will smell like yourself in a very attractive way

Tom Ford Noir Extreme is sweet gourmand edible smelling type of fragrance very

seductive like as I said the pistachio flavored ice cream by very good

performance and loud projection in a sexy and a smooth way next one we have a

very great dark sweet seductive fragrance Dark and Mature masculine

fragrance nutmegs suede a bit undertone reminds me of dior homme line like them

seductive manly and modern ladies love this DNA very much

extremely lady pleaser fragrance Armani Code Absolu is a newborn sexy star

that's why I'm sure you gonna smell different and outstanding not like

those old or hyped or well-known fragrances very seductive

not well-known tis very good and lady pleaser Armani Code Absolu... another

great juice is Prada L'Homme absolu

I didn't choose Prada l'homme regular one because it

is too clean for date situations especially for Valentine's and still

weather is cold out there if you want to have a walk after dinner or something

i believe this is better and I didn't choose the intense version because that

one is a bit potent a bit and leathery I want some more sexy juices this is a

best choice in line of prada l'homme this is sweet and powdery fragrance at first twenty

minutes smells lipsticky after that will be powdery sweet by tons of

tonka and pepper black pepper gives to this fragrance a very beautiful kick projection

performance all is a smooth and in a very sexy way prada l'homme absolu

next one is at number six spot paco rabanne's 1million lucky... this fragrance is not

dressed up not suit and tie, not bowtie tuxedo or official smelling date night

type of fragrance this is casual and very free style type of fragrance... I choose this

fragrance because not everybody want to go to some restaurants at Valentine's

Day maybe you won't just have a walk and celebrate by your girlfriend by

your love in some park out there hanging around like that so freestyle type of

fragrance it's not dressed up so if you want to have a very free easy

Valentine's and you want to a smell sexy in the same time this fragrance is a

very great option not dressed up that much but SEXY

another fragrance that I'm 100% sure all ladies love this fragrance is Dolce

Gabanna the one EDP

ginger cardamom tobacco it is a

bit a bit herbal a bit spicy and boozy smelling type of fragrance there isn't

not any booze in the note breakdowns but scent profile is to my nose boozy sweet

very seductive type of fragrance by average projection and sillage it smells

very unique you cannot find this DNA easily in any fragrance very unique

different than 99% of my collection very outstanding and one of the best

choices for date night situations very sexy next fragrance at number-4 spot

Purex is night by Paco Rabanne beautiful a bit hint of booziness pencil

shaving vibe at the background like the regular Pure XS but more Darker compare to

that one also reminds me of somehow ultra male by Jean Paul Gaultier

reminds me of these two fragrances pure XS and Jean Paul Gaultier

but more darker compare to both of them and more thick and sticky syrupy

compare to them in the dark and manly way

very performer very sexy compare to the pure ex night and ultra male why

I prefered this one because at first projection is not as potent as

ultra male pure xs.. it's more darker more manlier more different and still

sexy and sweet it's very difficult to make sweet and sexy fragrances without

being juvenile without being that much youthful

if you want to smell like man

of the night and sexy and sweet this is a very great choice pure XS Night by paco rabanne

at number 3 spot Noir Ambre by Issey Miyake delicious crystallized

sugar saffron and amber some smoky nuances like plasticy smoky like the

plastic in bvlgari black in that genre but not powdery very beautiful

semi Niche smelling outstanding fragrance very difficult to find this

fragrance that's why I'm sure you gonna smell very different by noir ambre

one of the best amber fragrances in designer game hands down ladies love

sweet fragrances I tried to choose all sweet fragrances in a manly way sweet

fragrances this is one of those extremely sweet

crystallized sugary in a manly way because it is dark enough also in the

same time Issey Miyake Noir Ambre

at number two spot again from house of Prada they are very great in terms of

making sexy fragrances Luna Rossa black so I can get than this fragrance leather

and iris which is not mentioned in the note breakdown , tomy nose it's more in the suede

side between suede and leather Prada Luna Rossa black reminds me of line of

dior homme and Bulgari black in that genre...

less rubbery compare to bvlgari black

and not lipsticky compare to dior homme in that genre powdery more

sweeter compare to dior homme line and masculine and modern type of fragrance

very great choice for date situations

at number one spot at the top of the list

in date night situations this kind of close encounters I have a very great

experiences reactions compliments feedbacks from ladies by Amouage Lyric Man

ladies love this fragrance very much

so Amouage Lyric Man Is a

Rose based fragrance very unique Rose Based

Fragrance because of combination of this

fragrance I will say to you the rose is Jamie and cooked

there is the creamy atmosphere here not a meaning of milky creamy meaning of

hands creamy body lotiony type of vibe

because of sandalwood

incense and citruses

very unique combination usually we have rose-oud combination, here we have

sandalwood citruses incense and rose very lady pleaser very outstanding

smelling fragrance you gonna smell so niche mature manly

Amouage Lyric man is

absolutely a dressed up fragrance you cannot get good results by t-shirt and

jeans absolutely a dressed up fragrance turns

to such a monster by suit and tie...

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