Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 1850s farm kitchen cook stove

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>> We churn butter and we always use the stove. I have a piece of lovage in there.

And of course this will show you the transition between open fire to cook on to the use of

a cookstove, which would have been a major move for any

woman. Imagine.

If you yourself, and all your relatives had always cooked over an open hearth, to change

to stove cooking. This is a big deal.

>> Was this around 1830? or...

>> Yes. The conservative way people began to think in the 1800s:

This stove uses half the amount of fuel that the open fire does.

The fire box is there, and with the one fire that's burning,

if I put meat on a spit and open the doors, I can roast meat, and cook, and bake, and

keep warm, all with one little fire there.

What I enjoy most about the change of kitchens when I go home - is hot and cold running water.



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