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(recently became single)

(But I'm about to have you...)

(Would this work out though?)

So this is my plan

Have you guys ever watched the movie called 'About time'?

(There is this one scene where they can't see but hear each other's voice)

(I hope it works the same way....)

*Nervous af

where do you live...?

At home



like where is your home...?

We are about to move

(Did I do something wrong..?)

(the coach has entered)

(what's going on here)

So I was watching y'al

I was impressed by how stupid he sounded

that mindfu**ed me too

Do you have any questions for him?

(Plz ask him something)

Where is he? lol

(Well shit...)

(Damn, she's more random than Mangoo)

yeah how about we take off the blindfold off

and then talk

Shall we?

(Finally seeing each other's face...)


*heavy atmosphere

I think you look better than in pictures

Like a lot

(I see....)


My viewers are suffocating from watching this

(it's like a library in here)

(can't be like this)

(1:1 counseling)

she's very quiet

Are you hurt?


(She said 'home' when I asked where she lived)


hey bro in law

Can't you be more manly?

Like lead her ok

I'm just worried that she might not like it you know...

No, she will love it

(Lead me please)

So you never dated before?

Yes, I have


I heard you never had a boyfriend

That's not true

Are you awkward?

yeah at first

So that means...

you gonna flip shit and beat us to death when you are drunk

not that much

not that much ok lol

Min-young told me that you are a heavy drinker

yeah and Min-young got better too

how many bottles?

I counted up to 3 (soju)


so would you rather be with a dude that's a heavy drinker or

a lightweight

I want him to be able to drink a lot

my brother can drink like 6 bottles (soju)

Like he could be able to take care of his drunk girlfriend you know

viewer: you gotta ask her how his first impression was

so what'd you think when you first saw him?

He looks very thick/stong

Like his face right

Like bam bam..bam...

(What kind of Mangoo language is that)

She definitely is min-young's friend

they sound similar lol

(Of course, she's my friend)

Please explain us about her

But make sure to tell us

She really never had a boyfriend?

I'm telling you I did

I had one in middle school...

that doesn't count..

you didn't have a gf since like middle school too right?

I thought


Yea so ever since then... he never had a gf..

(good combo of bullshitters)

Also Hee-jin

she's the type of person

who cannot express her feeling

(timid af)

she's very shy

(no wonder she barely talks)

I think that's why she's not having any boyfriends

(she's very shy ok)

Isn't that like your ideal type? like the shy ones..


right right

and you like someone who can drink right?


you can drink like what...

I heard you can drink up to like 6 bottles..

Nah like 8 bottles lol

oh yea I forgot

I'm so stupid

you did drink like 8 bottles

(you gotta look like this to drink 8 bottles)

She's really good at drinking

Isn't that your ideal type? who drinks like 3 bottles of soju

yea yea

This must be destiny...

how about dudes with piercings?

I don't like earrings..

(take them shit off)

(no earrings for 3 months)

just take it off

(Ok I tried my best)

(It's all you now, little bro)

how was my first impression?


(just be honest)

just be straight up

you look like Aegi (Dae-ik's dog)



(The ice has broken)

viewer: y'all should be more comfortable since y'all the same age

shall we?


(Looking good for now...)

so i uh...

why do u sound so awkward again

I was being comfortable



supposed to be comfortable ok

(danger alert)

Jae-wook go to Chi-won

(gotta shut him up)

(Everything looking good so far)


Can you help your dad out


(Brain buffering)

I feel awkward

(why is he shy lol)

So we are gonna go out to drink to get closer to each other

that sounds good but...

idk if my brother is coming with or not

I mean yes we are going to drink

we don't know if my brother is gonna join or not because

(He needs to be picked by Hee-jin)

So if you don't go down

he will be dropped of at his place

(I was going through a heartbreaking breakup)

(remaining time)

(but I found you)

(I was really excited to meet you...)

(and I'm still nervous)

(is she coming...?)

(let's go drink together~)


why did you to see him

bc it was too short

I wanted more...

you wanna talk to him more?

talk more.. and yes

(it's a secret ok)

so are we invited to the drinking session too?

I'm drinking 10 bottles today

yeah 12 for me

(looking good together)

Look at them kids talking to each other lol

(New Drama is about to start)

-coming soon-

Have you been to Yeongdeok before?

of course

oh yea?

(doing the girl talk)

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