Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hardwell | Dance Valley 2013

Difficulty: 0

Super cool that i'm finally going to be playing in the Netherlands again!

I mean, dance valley has always been one of my favourite festivals in the Netherlands,

It is fantastic that I'm going to be the final act this year on the Mainstage! I'm super excited.

Who is your audience?

My focus is and will always be making music for the dance floor and not for the radio.

If my music's picked up by the radio, I find that incredibly cool,

but in the end I will still make music for the dance floor.

Which DJ would you prefer to play back 2 back with?

It would be really awesome to perform back-to-back with Carl Cox.

He is one of the icons and one of the heroes for me and the whole dance scene.

Hardwell = Rock and Roll + Party + Stubborn?

I think Hardwell is certainly rock and roll.

Hardwell knows how to party!

I think Hardwell is stubborn, he's certainly stubborn.

There's a reason why I chose for Dance Valley, and it's insane to be the final act!

Hi Holland! Hardwell here! On the 3th Of August I will be on the Dance Valley Mainstage.

This is the only festival where I'll be performing this year in the Netherlands.

So I will see you all on the 3th of August at Dance Valley.

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