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The remarkable thing about the success of the

British economy over many years is that we've

been able to spend both on the necessary

provision of our defences, including in Iraq, and

on the National Health Service. So we're spending

20 billion more on the National Health Service

between now and 2011. And that's the reason

that waiting lists are at their lowest ever,

that's the reason that 50,000 more people have

been able to survive cancer. That's the reason

also why we have 80,000 more nurses, 20,000

more doctors and many more people who are

helping us in other areas of the National

Health Service. And we've managed to improve, of

course, almost every hospital in the country. So

the challenge of Government is to do what's

necessary for defence as well as do what

is essential for the National Health Service. And

we are so proud of our National Health

Service, celebrating its 60th anninversary, that we want

to do everything we can to make it

better in the future and we will do


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