Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NEW BABY HORSE!! Adley visits Spirit to help with their farm routine!

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- What do we need to do?

- What do we gotta do?

- I think you need to muck stalls.

[Man In Hat] What does that mean?

- [Instructor] Scoop poop.

- Poop?!

- [Both] Ewww!

(gentle guitar music)

- Welcome to Adley's video.

What are we doing?

- Spirit the horse has a baby

and we're gonna take care of it.

- Yeah, Spirit had a baby, huh?

- Yeah!

- We gotta go take care of it, we have to feed it

and brush it, oh look!

Look at this one!

- Yeah, he's so cute!

- Come here, baby!

- He's so cute!

- Hi baby!

- So, so cute!

- Oh. - [Girl] Whoa!

- He's crazy! - [Girl] Whoa! Whoa!


Lets go see Spirit!

- OK, let's go see Spirit!

- Yay, yay, yay, Spirit, yay!

(Man In Hat gasps) This is Spirit's baby!

- Yeah.

Hi, Spirit!

- Oh my gosh, she's tight there!

(Man In Hat gasps)

- [Man In Hat] What's he doing?

- Um, he's getting milk!

- [Man In Hat] Hey, he is getting milk!

(girl giggles)

- Spirit, you're such a good mommy.

- Good Spirit.

- [Man In Hat] She's such a good mommy, huh?

- She likes it when I pet her!

- Yeah!

- Let's pet Spirit's baby horse!

- Okay!


- Ee, ee, up! Ee, ee, up! Ee, ee, up! (laughs)

- This is so fun!

- Yeah, he's not gonna eat.

- Okay. Shall we go take care of the horses now?

- Yeah, I wanna pet that baby horse.

- [Man In Hat] Oh, you wanna pet this baby one?

- Yeah!

- [Man In Hat] Hi!

- This baby one is so cute.

- [Man In Hat] Whoa!

- He doesn't want me to pet him! (Man In Hat laughing)

- What do we need to do?

- What do we gotta do?

- [Instructor] I think you need to muck stalls

- What does that mean?

- [Instructor] Scoop poop.

- Poop?!

- [Both] Ewwww!

- Wanna do rock, paper, scissors?

- Yeah. - Okay.

- [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

- Hey! (girl laughs)

Will you help me?

- Yeah

- Okay.

- [Woman] Find the poop! - Go find the poop

and I'll clean it up, do you see any?

- Found em!

- Ewww!

Shall I grab it?

- Yeah.

- Eurrgh.

Got it.

And that one?

- Yeah.

- Eurrgh.

Got it. (girl laughs)

Eww, now where do we put it? Over there?

- Trailer round back.

- All right, let's go!

Here, you have to help me hold it.

- Okay! (giggles)

- Ewwww! (laughing)

- [Woman] Ewww! (noises of disgust)

- Oh, over here's the poop trailer.

- Poop.

- Yah!

- Whoa, look over here!

- Ewww, that's all poop!


Shall we go clean up more?


Okay, let's go get more. (girl giggles)

- Let's go get more!

- Okay, we gotta find some.

- Is there any more, Ryan?

- Over here?

All right.

- Poop!

- [Man In Hat] Ewww!

Okay, help me, you gotta scoop it!

(effort-making noises)

- We'll carry it.


- P.U.

- P.U. - That's stinky.

- Yeah, now put it in! (noises of effort)

- Okay.

- Yukky poop!

- Shall we do something else now?

- Let's brush the horses.

- Yeah, let's go.

(crunching of gravel)

- What else do we do?

- We're done!

What else?

- I need one horse brushed.

- We gotta brush 'em!

- Yay!

Where are the brushes?

- [Ryan] In the buckets.

- Okay, let's go find them.

- In the buckets.

- Okay, let's go.

- Will you brush Spirit?

- Ooh, yeah.

- Dad, will you help me brush Spirit?

- Yeah, I'll help you.


Okay, let's brush her.

Will you brush her right here?

- Yeah

- Ooh, good job.

(light jazz music)

- Okay Spirit, we're done!

- We're done, Spirit!

You look clean!

Let's put the brushes away then go find Ryan.

- Yeah.


(crunching gravel)

What else do we need to do?

- [Ryan] We need to feed Momma.

- Feed the mom?

- Yay!

- Okay, can you do that?

- Yeah!

- Whoa.

(horse snorts)

Look, she's eating a lot.


- Mmm

- Good job, Momma!

- Good job! (squeals)

- Oh, the baby's coming!

Hi, baby!

- Baby, baby!

- Does the baby want some?

- The baby!


- She ate a lot, it's almost all gone.

Okay, shall we go ask Ryan?

- Yeah, we're all done!

- Yep, all done today! - We're done!

What do we do now?

- Come back, you're done!

Come back and do more chores.

- Awesome!

(slap of high five)

Oh yeah (slaps hand) thanks, man.

- Bye, Spirit!

- Bye, baby!

Say bye to them! - Babies!

- Bye, Spirit!

Bye, Spirit!

- He's getting milk again!

Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, - Bye, baby!

- Bye-bye, bye-bye!

- Thanks Ryan!

- Bye.

Bye-bye, Ryan!

- [Ryan] See ya!

- Bye, thanks!

- Wow!

- Shall we end the video?

- Yeah.

- Bye everybody.

- Bye (whoosh)

(light, happy music)

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