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Don't make that face Angel, just because none of your friends got

their permission slip.

I'm sure you will have fun!

Have fun at the museum, kids!

Ehmm, wait! Where are you going?

Visit my boyfriends of course!

He lives nearby!

Harrie, here I come!!


We're not there yet!





What is your real plan?



All of Dullsville would fit in here?

Come on!

I know the people at the entry.

Uhhhh! Hihihi!



Where are you going, honey?

In there you complete fashion desaster.

Are you on the list?

Excuze moi???

No list, no fast lane.

Go, the line's over there.

What is this place?


Leggi is here?!



Calm down, Angel!

There has to be another way in.

Do you want cool selfies?



There's a free phone with every contract!

We just want - your SOUL!

Give us your soul, please!

Go, go, go!

Fresh freshness?

It's super fresh and your fav Jimmy Pow is on it!


Jimmy Pow!!

So sick!

We're here!


I can see you're interested in our brand new beauty, the I01 R0 FL.

- the first prize in our photo competition!

Photo competitions?

Well understood and repeated, kiddo!

Whoever gets the most likes on their photo with the hashtag

#VidPlayHotShot, can take this sexy lady home.

He's talking about the camera!

I know!

No problem, sir!

We can do this!

You can engrave Stein's name in this thing!

We... don't usually do that.


First of all we're changing the Hashtag!

From now on everyone will use the wrong Hashtag and they won't count!

Less competition!

Isn't this cheating?



Next we need Merch!

Fangirls love to see other people wearing merch of their favourite YouTuber.

Especially cute boys.


And what about me?

They would just see me as competition so I should take the photo!

But to really score, smooch a little, they love that, and the dog filter -

- bit of a KPop look for Stein.

I'm Japanese.

... and the cherry on top: Leggi!



Think about it!

He will get you the likes you need!

But Angel has the hots for him!

He's myy mortal enemy!

This is not Buffy!

Even if there's an Angel there too - and he's almost as annoying as your Angel!

Lana, no!

Not a chance!

Especially because everyone would find out that I wanna be a YouTuber. That would be super embarrassing!

Absolute horror!


Well what?

Not if you had a star like Leggi on your side!

You wanted connections!


And he owns me a favour!

So... to the merch?

To the merch!


This has everything!

Shirts, buttons, monopoly-games -

even YouTuber farts!

Used bath water I would get...

What size?

S? M? L?

What do you want?

I've got it all!

Jimmy Pow, Forge, Aprorot!

All colours, all sizes, all cuts!

Try it on?

Are we on a basar?

Is this frees?


50 what?

50 bucks?



50 or more and you get a discount.

130 bucks per shirt.

Wait - people stand in line for hours, pay a fortune to get in just to

pay more for overpriced merch?



That kills our budget...

Maybe we could sell something to make money.

What do you guys have?

Your backpack looks super full, Lana!

Hands off!

This backpack means dignity - and the dignity of a woman cannot be touched, clear?


You're my Pony!

I'm getting horny!


Stupid security!

They really bought that Kaya Krassevita number.

Oh well, not surprising when they don't even look at my face!




I'm gonna find out what you're up to.

And meet Leggi.

I'm gonna screw up your day and then meet Leggi.


Okay, Merch Haul was unsuccessful.

Haul? Pff!

We just scraped off the sticker of the FRESH-soda.

Rolling your own is better than not smoking at all is what my mom always says.

So be positive!

Yeah we need that!

Okay then... let's join the battlefield of any convention!

Those are the battle parents!

They fight the security to get the best slots for their children.

The better the slot, the better the chance to meet

the YouTuber you actually want.

Worst case, your favourite YouTuber is already gone when you arrive.

Waited a day for nothing.

Okay, they pay entry to spend more money and wait for hours

to... wait some more?

That's idiotic.

But if you're lucky you meet your star!

And to meet I mean, try to take a photo they're actually on.

That looks like a rollercoaster.

Without the loopings...

And the fun.

Oh believe me, they're having fun.

It's like Pokemon Snap - in real life.

What's Pokemon Snap?

Hey Lana, there's a free Spot! Go!

Come on boys!

Hurry, the Leggi Slot is already closing!

Come on! Jump!

Well, look at that.

If this isn't my old friend Lana DeLay.

Is that her name?

Probably her artist name.

Heyyyy, Leggi, old house!

Hey so, what's up?

It was so quiet around you I thought something happened to you.

There are crazy rumors around the web.

No, I - well.

Enough with the small talk, your pimp looks like she found some twisted numbers

in you tax return.


Whatever - maybe you remember...




You owe me one!


All I want is a photo.

That's all?

With my best friends!

For the HotShot-competition!


His teeth shine bright like diamonds.

Uhhh, Sorry Lana, I can't do that.

That would be unfair competition!

Oh come on, that would be the FIRST time that you cared about the rules!

But I'm also a YouTuber!

We need to stick together, mate!



How many subs?

Well, 2 so far, but -


Miss Garkenhart, we're done.

... but if YOU have some free time later, you know where to find be backstage, kitten.



I'd love to mine his diamond teeth like in minecraft!

I mean - one photo!?

Come on!

There you are, Lana.

We looked for you everywhere.

Jana! Sana!

Ehm - hi!

I though we's meet after the con.

Bitch - you want to carry all your stuff all day?

You can put it in the locker.

OMG - what's in there!

Ehm, yeah, I ehm - guys, see you later.


Move! Go! Go! Go!

Ehm... Okay...

I thought we'd take the photo for the competition with her phone?

But... what's gonna happen with my camera...?

Who even was that?

No one.

Ehm - just two people from the dump my mom dragged me off to.

You poor thing!

So it's just you and me again.

And my shitty camera of my shitty phone.

You think that's his cup?

This is where his hands where.

I can still smell his smell.

This is where he sat!

With his sweet little-

Get lost you freak!!

And that was Bike Ringer!

And after 5 hours of playback music, now on stage your

favourite LetsPlayer - RewindMe!


Here's my best freak outs








Oh my god, that was my favourite scream!

They really put anyone on this stage.

Just so they can put his name on the poster, hmm?

We can do that!

Some day, I will be up there....


The thing with Lana sucks, hmm?

I though she was our friend.

And she just dumps us.


Yeah, thanks!

That's enough!

But I didn't even start my gorilla groaning.

Maybe next year. First we give away signed BuyMyShit-collection merch!

And the winner is: Ticket number 08 - 10 - 20 - 13

Here, I won!


We'll see!

Give it to me!

Bad music, the smell of sweat and rural brutality?

Giveaways and Shit?

This is almost like... the tractor meet up!

I love it here!

And now the reveal of the


Did you hear that Stein?

Guys, look at this photo!



They can't spot me.

Stein... that's us!!

It has everything a fangirl heart could want.

This back to the roots feeling, where we put

stickers on our shirts, because there was no merch.

The retro quality, like it was taken with a toaster -


It still counts as a phone...

and in the center - 2 edgy cast outs.

The community loves it!

With 2.807 likes the most loved photo...


... except with the wrong Hashtag!



What do you want here?

I, ehh...

Since someone tried to rig the competition by adding a letter, HotShot decided to

use the modified Hashtag.

Are you stalking us?


I found out about your plan and I'm gonna tell Miss Gunnhilde all about it.

You will...

... get thrown off the school!

Wait, is this...

Timmy and Stein?


The true winner is...

I have to get them out of here...




Look, here!

Ohhhhhh! Ahhh!

Do you want some one on one time with Leggi?

Go get it!


That photo!

We were so close!

I'm sorry, buddy.

Hey guys!

Oh... you.

We won!

No, we didn't.

Of course we did, turn around!


Your eyes aren't lying!

It's of Lana Delay, the beloved fanfiction author, the first photo of her!

The rumors about her disappearance are probably responsible for the number of likes!

Now we know - she's alive!

The first post in weeks!

Tagged with both Hashtags!

You have to be prepared for anything!

And there she is!

And who are the two young men at her side?

I ehm... am... just a hired actor.

No one ehm -


I'm Timmy!

Subscribe to my channel!

Thanks, Lana.

If she gave it away on Instagram, she probably would've gotten 50000 Likes with it.

Some things are more important than likes.

Guys, I'm really sorry, I'm not gonna go home with you.


Jana and Sana are my best friends from the city.

I will live with them for a while.

That's why you have all that stuff with you!

You want to run away-

I belong here.

The city is my home.

This is where people know me, where I can be myself - and write again.

Didn't you see how people love me?

One post and they freak out!

But we love you, too!

But in Dullsville - I will suffocate.

My mom won't let me post on social media and - I can't go back!

Running away is not the solution, Lana.

Stein is right.

You can write from anywhere.

But not post!

Some things are more important than likes.

We all have the same goal, right?

And together, we can achive it.

But running away in the middle of the night, that's not fair.

This is my mom.

She saw my post.

My mom spotted us too!

Come on, pick up.

And then we go home.




When's the next train going to Dullsville?

Ehhhm... Sooo...

Tomorrow morning at 5.

Oh man...

Hi, mom.

I can't believe they didn't let me go backstage to Leggi.

"Too pushy" my ass!

I hate this security, this convention and this whole city!

I'm not a fan either, Miss Sourpuss.

Talk to me again and I will scream!

Angel, you can wait with us for your dad.

Pff, you just want to come along.

No thanks.

What an asshole.


Okay, okay!

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