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Hey guys, this is Ravager and I welcome you to my guide for Syndra,The Dark Sovereign.

If you don't have time or patience to watch the entire video,here's a menu for you guys

but I strongly recommend you to watch the entire video.Also, by clicking the main menu

button,you will return back to this list. Syndra is a high damage mage that has the

potential to burst down squishies from 100 to 0 in just a couple of seconds.She has a

powerful stun and a slow which makes her deadly in lane and out of lane when roaming or teamfighting.But

there is a downside to all of this power,she is hard to master because all of her abilities

are skillshots. So,If you want to get better with Syndra, you have to put the time in.

Abilities Let's start with her passive called Transcendent:

Each of Syndra's abilities gain an extra effect at maximum rank. It enhances her spells giving

them extra damage,slow,width and range. Her Q: Dark Sphere - This is your main source

of damage ability. It has a low cooldown and also high damage. This spell has a nice range

on it and a slight delay, but the delay is short enough that this is fairly easy to land.

You can use it to harass your enemies and also farm with it.

Her W: Force of Will - This is an awesome spell. You can pick up spheres,minions and

also neutral targets and throw them at the enemy. If the spheres or whatever you grabbed

lands on the enemy champion he is slowed and takes magic damage. You can use this ability

for kiting,harassing or even stealing jungle camps like the blue buff.

Her E: Scatter the Weak - This spell is pretty unique and it has 2 uses. If you use this

ability on an enemy without a sphere,the enemy will be knocked back but if you use this ability

and you have a sphere, the enemy will be stunned for 1.5 seconds. You can use this spell to

set up combos,ganks,escape ganks and also AoE stun the entire team if you have enough

spheres on the field. Her ultimate: Unleashed Power - With this

ability squishies stand no chance against you.The damage this ultimate gives you is

insane,especially if you have more than 3 spheres near your target. Remember,for each

sphere around the target, her ultimate gets even more damage. Also, every sphere fired

by this spell bounces off the target and remains on the ground,so if you use your E ability

towards the spheres,you can AoE stun the entire enemy team.

Skill Order At level 1 take your Q and max it first

At level 2 take your W and max it second At level 3 or 4 take your E and max it last

And as with any other champion put a point in your ultimate at level 6/11/16.

Some people prefer to max E second because of the wider range and utility it gives, but

I prefer to max W second since it has the biggest AP scaling and damage.

Skill Combos So,before level 6, here is the skill combo

you should use. First,cast your Q on your target,followed up by your E to stun your

target.Once he is stunned,quickly pick up the sphere, throw it on him and cast another

Q. This combo can also be used for escaping ganks

or when running away. Once you get to level 6,the combo stays the

same. Q , stun with your E, slow him with your W, Q again and cast your ultimate. This

way you will have 5 spheres in total and you will do tons of damage with your ultimate.

Pros & Cons Lets start with her pros:

She has insane amounts of damage. She has good crowd control.

She has great harassment tools. She has a great laning phase.

And her spells can be cast while moving. Her cons:

She is very squishy. She is mana hungry.

She has no escape abilities. She is skillshot dependant.

General Strategies Dark Sphere has no channel upon cast, which

means you can cast it without interrupting your movement. Take this into consideration

when playing Syndra, since it allows you to kite and chase enemy champions easily.

During laning, keep Syndra always on the move, only stopping to last hit or kill someone.

This way Syndra will be more safe from skillshots and delayed abilities and she will be free

to poke with Dark Sphere while still moving. After you hit an enemy champion with Force

of Will, follow up with Dark Sphere; they'll be slowed and have a hard time avoiding it.

If you are confident enough in your own aiming, casting Dark Sphere right after Force of Will

will cause them to hit at the same time; this can save a few seconds if you are considering

a combo for Unleashed Power. In teamfights try to stay back since Syndra

is pretty fragile.You should only get close to use your ultimate after you have summoned

about two spheres. If someone gets too close cast a Dark Sphere [Q] and stun him with your

Scatter The Weak [E].

Like I told you in the pros & cons section, Syndra is mana hungry. So, I highly recommend

you to buy the Athenes Unholy Grail. The extra stats this item gives you are extremely

useful.The cooldown reduction will provide stronger harass with Q and W combos, and being

able to maintain more dark spheres on the battlefield will increase the damage on your

ultimate. Runes & Masteries

Ok guys, lets see what runes we need for Syndra.

For quintessences take the quitessences of ability power, for marks take the magic penetration

marks or hybrid penetration marks if you have enough Influence Points [IP]. For seals,take

armor seals and for glyphs take flat magic resist glyphs.

For masteries, standard ap carry masteries taking 21 points in offense and 9 in utility.

But,if you are against a burst mage or assassin, take 21 points in offense and 9 in defense.

Item Builds For items, if you are against an AP mid take

the Dorans Ring and Health Potions. After that,buy the boots,Chalice of Harmony and

the Fiendish Codex. Upgrade your boots,buy the Athenes Unholy Grail and Rabadons Deathcap.

At this point,you can itemize depending on your needs, if the enemy team focuses you,get

the Zhonyas after Rabadons.If they build magic resist, take the Void Staff .. or if you need

more damage, get the DFG. Against an AD, take Cloth Armor and Health

Potions. Get the Chalice of Harmony and Seekers Armguard , rush for the Zhonyas and get the

next core item which is Athenes Unholy Grail. After that get the Rabadons Deathcap,

Void Staff and DFG. Thanks for tuning in to my Syndra guide. I

hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you found this guide useful please subscribe to

my youtube channel, give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment just below the video.

Tillnext time, Ravager out.

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