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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Real Life Frostmourne is SUPER DESTRUCTIVE

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With wisdom and strength

Hey guys, I'm the Hacksmith and this is Make it Real!

Are you guys fans of World of Warcraft?

Well on this episode we're going to try building a real working version of Frostmourne

Frostmourne was a rune blade of great power, it was wielded by Arthas, the new lich king.

Until it was destroyed by Tyrion Foredering following his defeat at the ice crown citadel

To make the blade, we are going to be using our maverick CNC plasma cutter that we got from EliteMetalTools

After prepping the Vector Graphics on the computer we can begin cutting them using our Plasma Cutter

We are going to be using 1/4" cold rolled steel for structure and then finishing up the aesthetics with use of our 3D printers

This project and video was sponsored by World Of Tanks: Blitz

You can download it today and play it anywhere on any device! And in doing so it helps us keep making these awesome projects!

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And, since you can pick it up and play anytime, I'm going to challenge a few of my guys to a few games during this project build

Let's see if they can drop everything to beat me in a tank battle... To the DEATH!

Now that we have the pieces cut out, its time to start cleaning them up with a grinder

Riley will be using a sanding disc gently over the top to remove any molten steel that may be left around the edges

This process ensures that we have a nice flat surface for fitting the pieces together when it comes time to weld them

So after some measurements and pre-welding positioning, it seems that we may have overlooked a small detail

You see, the portion of the blade that we want to edge needs to be made much wider to account for the material we are going to be removing

While grinding it into shape.

Otherwise, we may be removing too much of the weld which could cause the blade to actually break at the weld

We went back to the vector graphic, remeasured it and added some extra width to the blade.

Better to have more this time so we can simply shave it off after the welding is done.

Now, it's time to get the final piece cut.

Finally, we give it the same grinder treatment to remove any left over material

Now before laying down a full weld we need to make sure all the pieces are tack welded securely into place

At this stage, it's still fairly easy to remove the tack welds if any issues come up

Welding sheet metal in such large sections is not always a good thing, metal itself tends to warp from the heat

This is what happened in our Captain America shield video, and here you can actually see us bending it straight using a very heavy thor's hammer

As you can see the pieces are fitting perfectly, now we can lay down a full weld

This will secure the layers together and allow us to slope it out using our grinder

To do the rough edges and slopes between the layers we decided to use a much more heavy duty grinder.

You know what's also heavy? A tank! Let's challenge Riley to a battle to give him a break from grinding!

Take that!

Oh, it's on!

Damn it james!

As you can see you can really play this game anywhere and anytime

It's action packed and you have a massive selection of tanks, but it'll be your tactical gameplay that separates you from the rest

Try it today by using my link in the description below, and it works on any device too!

While the blade is being finished up, we had ban start creating the visual special effects for the weapon

After finding a 3D model of Arthas and his sword online, it was disassembled and then converted to STL files

Because this is a recreation, and not really a real battle weapon, we opted to have the finer detail sections 3D printed

STL files are what 3D printers use to slice the model and print it layer by layer

After 3D printing all the pieces, its time to assemble the electronics within their shells

To see how we wired this project, check out our circuit diagram....


Make it pretty


To see how we wired this project check out our circuit diagram on

Now, Ban will do a preliminary test so there's no doubt about its functionality

We're using nicotine free e-juice for this effect, cherry flavored!

We tried 3D printing a replacement drip tip for the vape, however the temperatures that the vapour exited at were too hot for PLA and even ABS

So we actually ended up using our Tormach slant pro 15L CNC lathe to turn the drip tip

And then our Tormach 440 CNC mill to drill 4 holes to place the tubing

Next up is painting the blade, now in the game the blade appears to be made of some kind of icy material

So we decided to go with a similar colour palette but keep the edge clean and shiny

Now the center of the blade has a rune segment that we decided to make out of acrylic.

Using LED's and laser etching it, you can actually give it a really cool glow

Well, it's done, this is the Arthas blade, our take on frostmourne

Alright now before we test out frostmourne by destroying stuff like this watermelon

I want to tell you a little bit more about world of tanks blitz

What I really like is how it's quick to play, you can get into a battle fast blow up some tanks and get back to your day to day life

As you know, I love destroying things with my projects in real life

Which is why I love blowing up tanks in this game!

Plus, with constant updates and lots of optimization options you'll never get bored

So download world of tanks today using my link below and help make sure we can keep making these awesome projects

Now, it's time to destroy some things with frostmourne!

We're gonna smash this melon!

Alright we already did a melon, lets make this more badass, dave?



Frostmourne is so powerful and icy, it puts out a flaming melon!

In one swing!

Who wants a turn?

Evan: Alright I'm ready to swing

Are we recording?

King of the North! (Yeah... right....)

Suck on deez melons

You missed!

Riley: What, you think it's gonna make that much of a mess?

Ban: James, where are you going?

James: I don't wanna get sprayed

Riley: That slow mo better be good!

James: Gimme a sec, gotta blow up some tanks

Riley: Not a drop on me!

Riley: That's really hard to hit

(Perfect watermelon fall)

Alright so we hope you guys enjoyed that! Let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments below

We were kinda going for a man at arms kinda vibe

And I think it was a really awesome way of making this awesome sword, called frostmourne

Now if you guys want to meet me and the team and see some of these projects in person, we're actually gonna be at fan expo

In Toronto at the end of the month, August 30th to September 2nd

There's links in the description below and you guys should totally check it out because

We're actually really busy setting it up and packing up to go to this show.

Thanks for watching and I'm looking forward's to meeting you guys!

James: Is that comfortable?

Evan: No!

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