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In a faraway place, in a faraway wood,

Lies a fairytale world filled with evil and good.

There are trances and spells where all magic dwells, And everything was turning out the way that it should.

Whos that girl, wandrin about, Shakin people up everywhere she goes?

Full of questions, puzzled with doubt, Somewhere, surely, someone knows.

Whos that girl, travelin along, Tryin not to leave no stone unturned?

With a burnin curiosity thats deep and strong, She does her best to build on evry lesson learned.

Nobody knows where shes goin. Nobody! Nobody! Nobody knows from whence she came. Nobody has the answer.

Now, its a fact her legends growin. Nobody, nobody Dressed like a beggar in a royal frame. Knows her game.

Totally clueless to her new-found fame. Knows her game. No better moniker that she can claim, but Whos to blame?

Princess, Princess, Princess Whatsername! Princess Whatsername!

Tell me, tell me, whats her game? Tell me, tell me, whos to blame

For Princess Whatsername?

Forsooth one needest a veritable sleuth To ferret out the truth of Princess...


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