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This is the right setting, including the weather.

The wind may be too much for sailing, though.

Let me show you the exterior of the Volvo V90 Cross Country Ocean Race Edition.

Standing here I feel the wind blowing.

I can lean forward. No, the wind isn't strong enough for that.

It's inspired by the Volvo XC coupe concept from 2014.

That's some time ago, but it was a really cool concept shown in Geneva.

It had these colors. It inspired the design of the V90 and XC90.

The color. This is crystal white metallic.

These gray accents is the body kit that turns the V90 into a V90 Cross Country.

Something I like but cameraman Martijn doesn't:

orange accents on the bumper, a subtle thing on the side, and on the rear as well.

These are only small things. I do like the grille, but you don't have to.

The previous Ocean Race Editions were dark blue.

Others liked that, but I didn't. Tastes differ.

Here, in the rim, an Ocean Race Edition mark.

The same at the rear. The interior has more cool things.

I'll tell you about these when I'm back inside.

There's something fun at the rear as well.

A power trunk lid, of course.

Another badge over there. Let's see. It's a bit wedged in there.

This is an Ocean Race Edition flashlight.

It lights up.

Isn't it pretty? That's convenient to have in the trunk.

The 12 Volt outlet is special. This in itself isn't rare, but it also has 2 USB ports

to charge USB devices in the trunk.

On the one hand, who sits with his iPad in the trunk?

Maybe if you have kids who are misbehaving, so you put them in the trunk.

It can be convenient for charging GoPros et cetera.

Look. I wondered what this button does. It switches on the light.

That's convenient on a dark campground.

No, wait. In the marina.

If you need a light, you can switch it on here.

The orange accent on the rear, the gray returns, Cross Country is stamped in there,

and the important Volvo Ocean Race badge. It doesn't say Ocean Race Edition.

I think the Volvo V90 Cross Country looks cool.

It stands out.

Some people like it, others don't.

I think that's perfect for a special edition.

I'm going inside. It's cold.

The external changes are clear.

The technology is simply... Simply? A Volvo V90 Cross Country is special.

It's a normal Volvo V90 Cross Country, which means 4 engines are available.

All versions have all-wheel drive.

There are 2 diesel engines, the D4 with 187 hp and the D5 with 232 hp.

The gasoline engines are considerably stronger.

The strongest is the 306 hp T6, again with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission.

This is the T5. All are 4-cylinder turbo engines.

The T6 has a supercharger.

This one has 247 hp.

That's sufficient for this car, but it doesn't make it a fast rocket.

0-100 kph (62 mph) feels slower. That's often the case with comfortable cars.

0-100 kph (62 mph) in 7.3 seconds and the top speed is 230 kph (143 mph).

We haven't talked about what kind of car this is.

This is essentially a lifted V90.

It's Cross Country, so you can do some off-roading.

These Cross Countrys are popular in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Those countries are bigger. They have dirt roads and snow, especially in winter.

Extra ground clearance is welcome.

Not everyone wants an SUV, such as an XC40, 60, or 90 or a rival car.

This is a nice size in between.

I think the V90 Cross Country has presence.

It's big and it's roomy inside.

There's a lot of room in the big trunk and on the rear seats.

The Cross Country trim looks cool.

The fender flares are gray for the Ocean Race Edition.

It looks cool and sturdy. The interior is different too, with carbon for example.

The key color matches the leather of the car.

This is the V90 Cross Country, but there are some specific things for the Ocean Race Edition.

Orange seat belts. I like the "since 1959".

They were the first to install seat belts.

They're proud of that, so they're showing it.

Again, orange piping and carbon.

All of these boats use carbon because they need to be lightweight despite their size.

The material over here... Let me find out what it's called.

Why am I going to find out? The ocean is there for everyone, but it gets warmer.

We can discuss global warming, but there's also a lot of plastic floating around.

This plastic soup and nylon fishing nets are removed.

I was trying to find out what it's called.

Econyl. This is made from 100% recycled nylon fishing nets from the ocean.

The Ocean Race boats have sensors to measure the water temperature, CO2, salt content, et cetera.

This data serves science.

Someone is calling.

Hello? - Hello, am I interrupting?

I can tell about this as well. - Tell me.

The unique details, for example. They were developed for this edition.

If you don't like the light interior, there's also a black version.

It does have the orange accents, though.

Thank you.

The handling. This car is aimed at comfort. It's not very sporty.

It doesn't reward you at high rpm and it doesn't stimulate cornering either.

The mission is clear. This is a lovely car for long distances.

It has good seats and it's extremely safe.

It's Volvo's mission to have no fatal accidents in and around their cars by 2020.

This is still a clear goal.

The cars are stuffed with collision warnings, lane departure warning, and pilot assist.

It stays between the lines on the highway up to 130 kph (81 mph).

It follows the car in front. You do have to keep a hand on the steering wheel.

That's the law. I think it's a good idea to do it like this for a while.

Everything was made with safety and comfort in mind.

Volvos are nice cars.

You won't drive a Nrburgring lap record with one,

but a V90 Cross Country will take you to the Nrburgring in comfort. It's nice to drive.

I'm still thinking. It's a cool car with its orange accents.

It has a number of different features, such as the flashlight. I'm a fan.

You don't have to like sailing to see this is a nice edition.

The Ocean Race Edition is a concept that Volvo has been selling for years.

They're always nice editions.

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