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The Audi S8 is a car with a rich history

Audi began building this special, fast S8

three generations back

It then had a V8

That car was and is, pretty unknown

It was succeeded by the V10 S8

That engine

In the A8..

Was very special!

It now is this legendary car

Audi had to build a succeeder for that one as well

Which was very difficult

They had that sweet V10

And they had to downsize the engine

Cut a few cilinders

They then introduced the V8 Turbo

We now know what this engine is capable of

There is this kind of mythe

that this generation S8 is faster than Audi's claim

Motortrend did a 0-100 km/h in 3,5 seconds

with a standard S8

People really praise this generation S8

Maybe even more than the new RS6

But Audi just won't do it..

a RS8!

They have done a RS7

But a RS8

I don't know why..

But they won't do it

Thankfully there now is something better than a RS8

The new MTM S8 Talladega!

Talladega is an old name

an old story about an Audi 200

with the 5 cylinder Turbo engine

At this time, I was at Audi

working in the engine development

the 5 cylinder engine..

The car was very fast

I think that the car did 350 km/h topspeed

332 km/h average speed

so our aim was, because we do fast cars

to make a car

which is the same, for the street

with a little more horsepower

and with the name Talladega

They have modified the engine

Different turbo's


cooling system

They now manage to get 760 HP!

and 945 NM of torque

We are working for two years about now

on the engine

With the engine, we started with the RS6

We started with 722 HP

Now we have 760 HP

And, for sure, we want to modify the exhaust manifold

and turbo's..

To reach 800 HP

But I think for 800 HP, lower 900..

We have to modify the gearbox also

For the full Talladega experience

you click the gearbox into S

Hit the accelerator..

You then get an amount of power and acceleration

That's just absurd!


When you floor it

you really feel the torque

945 NM..

Release the throttle..

and then shortly tap the throttle..

You hear the exhaust rumbling

a few bangs..

Very noticable on the inside

But you can hear it from the outside as well..

But it's civilized..

As a S8 should be

The whole experience is like that

it always stays civilized..

weirdly enough

for this kind of power!

The topspeed of this beast is 325 km/h

Which is limited..

If you'd put different, special, tyres on it

It would be able to do 350+ km/h

According to Roland Mayer

Walter Rhrl (Pro Race/Rally Driver) is a very nice guy

and he was the most important guy

driving this car, now

and he was very impressed of the performance of the car

of the handling of the car

of the engine, for sure..

but, really of the handling of the car

with the Michelin tyres and so

We've been in the Bavarian woods

at his home

And he has this small street

where he tests all the cars

and he was very happy!

For 15.000 you get this full bodykit

Front bumper

Rear bumper

Splitters, spoiler

The spoiler is full carbon

and quite big

But it does blend with the rear

Steering this heavy beast is no punishment

The standard S8 air suspension has been modified

you can really see that is has been lowered

But it's still comfortable!

But very tight and sharp

feels focussed!


Which is great in combination with the quattro

and the power

This car is..

It's the RS8 that never was..

and much more!

It's a RS8 Plus

times two!

Which is the perfect description..

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