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news friends at the moment omar chaparro confirms his departure from sabadazo

pink jordi will replace him continue continue the changes in televisa this

Once it's the turn of the sabadazo which includes the output of one of your

stellar drivers through his twitter account the producer alexis

Núñez confirmed the definitive exit of omar short

despite the fact that the driver has been a fundamental piece of the program and of

the same way he welcomed jordi pink who will be the substitute of omar

Cecilia Galliano Jordi Pink and Laura G lawrie and together soon all the

Saturdays he wrote next to the image of the drivers likewise omar chaparro

he used his twitter account to thank the producer for all the support

for so many years and to wish you the best of luck

I'm sure in this new chapter we will go incredible to all I want

Much wrote confirming his departure a few days ago the also announcer of

radio shared a photograph through of your instagram account with your

friends and companions Laura there and Cecilia galliano in which he wrote the following

You know how much I love you unhappy thank you for this dinner and for your support

unconditional the publication of omar Chaparro lets see that his departure from

Sabadazo could be due to labor issues and new projects

for the speaker of the day for you the last program of sabadazo with all

its members will be the next 20 of August and will be from 27 of the same

month when these changes begin It is worth mentioning that televisa atravesa

for a renewal process that will begin next August 22 this

according to the latest capsules of the San Angel's television station currently omar

chaparro is traveling and immersed in the promotion of his next movie

do not stain frida next to martha higareda we wish you in news at the moment

best of luck to omar chaparro we send a huge hug is to those who

be very successful in any project that the company

this is news at the moment subscribe share the video comments leave a

message here to omar chaparro and that to his future much success omar thank you very much

for watching, we'll see you in the next note until then

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