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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: He's Back! Man Now Questions Infidelity & Doubts Paternity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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You may be seated.

Hello, Your Honor. This is the case of Scott v. Kahlon.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Good day, everyone. Mr. Scott, welcome back.

How you doing?

Now, you previously appeared in this court and it was determined

that you now have seven children by four women.

Yes, your Honor. (CROWD BOOING)

You're here today,


denying you fathered the defendant, Miss Kahlon's

four-month-old daughter Ezra, and today's paternity results

will clear your name.

Yes, Your Honor.

Now, Miss Kahlon, you claim the plaintiff was excited

when he found out you were pregnant.


But then, only a few months before you gave birth,

Mr. Scott disappeared.

M-hm. Number, everything.

You argue that the only reason he's denying your baby

is because you've since learned he was in another relationship.

Plenty of 'em, I've heard.

JUDGE LAKE: The entire time you were together.

That's not true. I wasn't... That's not true.

Miss Kahlon, your counterclaim

I wasn't in a relationship when I was with her.

to Mr. Scott's petition

for paternity test is for $2260 for childcare expenses

and repayment of loans.

Now Mr. Scott, please share with the court

how you ended up in a relationship with the defendant.

Well, Your Honor, to start off with,

we met online, we chatted for about three weeks, I'd say,

Three weeks.

three weeks to a month, something like that.

So she came to visit me, she came to my city, she came to visit me.

You know, we hung out, we spent time, we had a nice time that night.

No big deal, you know. It was nice, it was nice.

She went to sleep. I happened to go through her phone...

JUDGE LAKE: On the first night you guys had a date?

Yeah, well, the reason why I went through your phone

is because her phone...

He had no reason to got through my phone.

Her phone didn't ring all day so I got suspicious!

My daughter, my kids?

So you felt like, since her phone didn't ring...

Yeah, something was fishy.

something was up. Maybe she had it on silent, or...

Something was fishy. So she went to sleep and she had a passcode on her phone

so as the day goes on, I'm looking out my peripheral and how she did it,


so I got her password...

JUDGE LAKE: (EXCLAIMING) Oh, wow! Inspector Gadget!

I had trust issues, you know what I mean?

I had trust issues due to what happened to me in my previous relationships...

CRYSTAL: Go figure!

But we learned the last time you were in court that you were married

and you were sleeping with all different women!

CRYSTAL: Uh huh. Thank you.

I wasn't even married, I was divorced.

Right, right.

MARCELL: Why you keep talking about that? I was divorced.

Go ahead and continue.

So I went through her phone and prior to us being together,

conversating and conversing, I see that she had

other text messages from other men.

That's irrelevant.

JUDGE LAKE: But you weren't in

a commited relationship, right?

Nope... No, not at that time. (STAMMERING) At the time that she...

Upon of her arrival?


No, see that's why he's stuttering, because he's lying.

You don't even know! Who am I married to, who am I committed to...

MARCELL: Upon her arrival, we was together.

I didn't have nothing to hide, I didn't need to hide nothing.

But then she also admitted to me that she was supposed to have

a sexual encounter with another dude but she said he couldn't perform,


so that's when she admitted to me...

JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So what you're saying to me is...

So it doesn't even make...

Oh well.

You discovered information you really didn't wanna know,

meaning that she had other partners at the same time...

Does he got proof of this? Does he got proof? No.

Yeah, I have proof. My eyes! My eyes is the proof right there!

For real?

At some point, despite the text messages

and the "I spy" and everything else,

you all were intimate, because there is a child in question.


Yes we were. It was good, too. It was good.

Wait, wait, wait. Now I just need you to give me the relevant facts.

Uh huh. (LAUGHING)

I don't need to know that.

Yes, we were intimate.

JUDGE LAKE: So you were intimate.

Yes, we were.

You felt like she was intimate with other people during the same timeframe.

Yes, exactly, yeah.


So, now, Miss Kahlon, I gotta come to you.

What do you have to say about his accusations?

He is a liar... I think he believes his own lies.


For real. This is like, crazy.

I don't know where he's getting all this.

So how did it go down for you?

Okay. So I met him on the internet site, a dating site.

I didn't pursue him, he pursued me, 'kay? Let's get that straight.

Yeah, I did get at her. She was pretty, man!

Thick white girl, she was pretty.


Mr. Scott!

She was pretty.

CRYSTAL: Okay. So we're talking...

Okay. She still is pretty!

I never said she wasn't.

It wasn't three weeks. It was months, okay?

Of course I pursued her.

I didn't go and just jump off and go see him.

MARCELL: Yeah, you did.

We was talking for months.

We wasn't. It was like, three weeks.

Back and forth. And, you know, I paid for my trips to go out there.

She did.

He never paid for nothing.

I paid, when we wasn't at his "mother's house," we went to the motels.

Yes, true.

Never met nobody in his family.

Yes, I did get pregnant the first time I went out there.

MARCELL: And the reason why you didn't meet nobody

is because I had my suspicions from the first time!

So you're saying, Miss Kahlon, that you got pregnant the very first time

Yes. Yes.

you visited him.


The very first time...

CRYSTAL: The very first time.

We has sex a good five times. For real, don't get it twisted.

We had sex a good five times that night.


CRYSTAL: So don't let him sit here and play the role.

Yet another fact I didn't need to know!

I never said that. I took you down, yeah, I did. I took her down.

JUDGE LAKE: Moving on!

MARCELL: I took her down. I took her down! Yes, I did.

And I put her to sleep.

Mr. Scott!

She went to sleep, I went through her phone.

Wait, now I'm starting to believe this was part of your scheme or plan

to get to her phone!

CRYSTAL: Obviously.

Taking her down so you could get to her phone.

Now we established previously that you had

a wife, or ex-wife, whatever you'd like to admit to,

during the time in which you were sleeping with that person

as well as...

This person, and that person.

That's sad. That's crazy.

There was only two girls. Don't be adding other people.


Don't add other people.

And you're telling me that you're the person with the trust issues?

I'm a very smart man. You know, me, I look for signs,

and I seen the signs.

That's what it was.

Signs that he knows from himself.

If I call you at 12 o'clock at night, not once, not twice, not three, not four,

and you don't answer the phone? Something's wrong.

Then somebody's sleeping!


I ain't awake all night!

You can't call me the next day at 11:30 and say I was sleeping.

CRYSTAL: Asleep!

So you mean to tell me you were sleeping for 14 hours?

I'm supposed to just jump every time he calls?

Yes. Yes.

Oh. No.


I don't think so.

If I'mma call you, yes you are.


You call me any other time... Any time you call me I answer the phone.

What was your proof? What else do you have?

Okay, I went through her phone...

We got that.

There was pictures of other men's male parts, 'kay?

For real?

Pictures of other male parts. And she was like, I'm fitting to go to Lancaster

to visit a friend, a family member...

And she did it like that?

Pictures of other male parts, are you serious?

The guy says, well...

My kids would play with my phone, Your Honor.

There was nothing like that in my phone.

But there was pictures of you all in lingerie and all this stuff...

CRYSTAL: Lingerie? You got those too?


MARCELL: Look, there it is right there, Your Honor!

CRYSTAL: That's not lingerie! You call that lingerie?

So, Mr. Scott, you submitted this evidence to the court.


You was supposed to be my man!

I was sending you something to keep you happy in a

long-distance relationship!

I never received that picture!

CRYSTAL: Are you serious?

You didn't get that picture?

MARCELL: I never received that picture.

CRYSTAL: That's one of the first pictures I sent you.

Who takes pictures in lingerie...

I don't take pictures like that, Your Honor, come on now. Never. positions that was uncalled for...

Never. No.

...inside Motel 6?

No. Are you serious?

JUDGE LAKE: Inside of a motel?

Yes, it was. And it was a weekly Motel 6

cause they had the whole entertainment system inside the motel.


Uh, uh, wait a minute!

So you know that firsthand?

Of course! Everybody knows what the motel look like.

You know, if you go in to the motel for one day you got the little bitty desk.

Thank you. He knows...

If you're in it for the whole week, you got the whole... She had Subway cups up there,

Newports, she had DVD players...

I don't smoke Newports, baby boy.

Well, Marlboro Reds.



JUDGE LAKE: Let's get some order.

You saying her motel room had all of the extended stay features.



JUDGE LAKE: So, Miss Kahlon, were you in love with Mr. Scott?

Let me ask you something. Were you in love with Mr. Scott?

I wouldn't say it was love.

On the internet site that I met him on,

he wanted basically the same things I was looking for, you know?

MARCELL: Of course.

He said he was family oriented.

Of course I am. I take care of all of my kids, but...

(STAMMERING) How am I gonna have a family with a girl that's already

texting other dudes? If you knew that you was feeling me and you was committed to me,

like, "Oh, I'm feeling him, I'm not gonna talk to these dudes."

I would come down and see him almost every weekend.

How is that not feeling you or into our relationship?

True. But at the same time, there was other dudes.

"I'm going to Lancaster to visit my friend."

Every time I went down there, I never met nobody.

And he says, "Oh, I can't wait to see you when you come back."

"Oh, I miss you too." Why? I'm not your friend.

If I'm your dude, I'm your man.

Yeah, you are.

JUDGE LAKE: Let me get this portion straight.

Miss Kahlon, now, you're in a sort-of relationship,


and you are coming to see him regularly.

You're investing in the relationship, right?

However, every time she comes, you still in her phone.

She only came, like, maybe four times.

About six.


I don't remember six times. I remember maybe three or four times,

cause the first time...

JUDGE LAKE: What I'm saying is

you're looking at her phone every time she comes to visit you...

Yes. From the first time she came...

You're noticing that there's always still conversations with other men

that it seems like she's in a relationship with.

There was always something about a dude. (SMACKING HANDS)

And then the first time it was about a dude, the next time it was about lingerie.

Did you continue to be intimate with her anyway,

even after you saw all of this?

Yes, I did!

So, Miss Kahlon, you find out you're pregnant.

Uh huh.

You immediately know... No, hold on.

Prior to this...

She didn't even know. I told her she was pregnant.

...he told me, he said "I bet you're pregnant."

Yeah, I told her that.

Like, jinxing me.

Cause she's sick.

She called me, saying "You jinxed me."

I said, well, you sick, you throwin' up, come on, you got kids, you know...

I said come on, you're pregnant.

Never had no sickness with any of my kids.

If the baby's mine, then why the baby don't have my last name?

It's the same thing.

Because he wasn't there! He disappeared!

Why wasn't I there? Because I had my reasons and my doubts.

Why am I going to ut you on the birth certificate if you weren't even there?

All right. Give me this information. I need this testimony.

Miss Kahlon, you said you let him know you're pregnant,

and then what?

He was happy.


He said, quote-unquote, "Oh Mommy, we're going to be a family."

See, yeah, that was the nickname.

And did you wanna be a family with him?

I mean, it was was it was. I wasn't sure if that's what I wanted.

What was it?

He wanted me to move to...

Wait, you said it was what it was, what was it?

I mean, I'd just met him not long before that, you know.

I was kinda wary about it myself, you know.

I'm not moving to no Sacramento, man, that's a weird city.

You know, who gets pregnant the first time they go see somebody?


I was like... I didn't know if that's what I wanted.

I told him that plenty of times, you know,

"I don't know, I don't know if you're gonna be there."

I don't wanna have a baby, raise it, by myself.

If the baby was mine, how come the baby ain't got my last name?

The baby don't even look like none of my other kids.

The baby don't... You told me the baby looks like you, Marcell!

(STAMMERING) It's okay. Can we just read the results?

She about to call me another name, you see what I'm saying?


I was? You know, let's get to the results.

Let's get to the results.


JUDGE LAKE: Aw. We're going to get to the results very shortly.

But first I want to get to your arbitration.

Miss Kahlon, you're countersuing the plaintiff

for $2260 in baby expenses and loans


You sent him money. How much money did you send him?

All together, maybe four or five hundred.


The money she sent you, was it a loan?

No! No, no, no! Wasn't no loan.

CRYSTAL: Yes, it was a loan.

Why would I get a loan from her? I mean, I worked at the time.

You act like I'm speaking blasphemy. I just asked, was it a loan?

No, it was not a loan. Not at all.

JUDGE LAKE: Okay, what was it?

I said I needed it and she gave it to me! Every other day!

Why should I be taking care of somebody that obviously couldn't take care of himself?

Alright. Do you have any receipts at all,

I never said that.

from what you sent him?

Here you go.


Now, is this for the loan or is this for your baby expenses?



I see here you have receipts for the money you sent,

Make-up receipts.

totalling $580, baby expenses...

Diapers, wipes, formula, clothing.

Sounds like everything you need to take care of a baby.

You have the evidence showing that you wired him money

to help him or to loan it, per your testimony.

The problem is, you don't have any written evidence that shows that

it was in fact a loan, and that he agreed to repay the money.

This is just a little fact going forward, a legal tip.

If you're gonna loan money, get something in writing.


Unfortunately, I cannot award you that money for those expenses.

Are we ready for the results?

BOTH: Yes.

Jerome, if you could hand me the envelope.


Can I say something, Your Honor, before you read the results?

Are you gonna tell me what you're hoping for?

Um, I just pray and hope for the good results.

What are good results for you?

That she's my baby. If that's my daughter, I'm going to take care of her.

If it's not, then I wish her the best, you know what I mean?

I'll take care of all my kids.

I take care of all my kids. It don't matter how many I have,

I take care of them all.


You about to get eight, y'all.

Miss Kahlon, do you have any doubts, and what do you want?

I got two jobs!

I don't have no doubts. I have no doubts.

And what do you want?

I want him to take care of his responsibilities.

MARCELL: Of course. No problem.

I didn't make her by myself.

I'm not gonna raise her by myself.

You ain't. You gotta change her name, too.


You got to change her name.

I hope she doesn't have to spend her childhood

listening to you all bicker.

CRYSTAL: For real.

These results were prepared by DNA Diagnostics,

in the case of Scott v. Kahlon.

As it pertains to four-month-old Ezra Edwards.

Mr. Scott,


Are not the father.


I apologize. I can be woman enough to apologize and keep it moving.


I guess my assumptions was right. You do the best you can, though.

(BOTH STUTTERING) Baby deserves a father.

Oh, I think you're stuttering now.

Something has finally made him speechless!

CRYSTAL: She don't need a father.


JUDGE LAKE: So what do you feel?

You wanna know why I'm so speechless?

What do you feel?

You want me to tell you why I'm so speechless?

I wanna know!

Because this woman was so confident, and she was so persistent,

to do everything that needed to be done to see if that was my baby,

and it's not even my child.

I could see the confidence on your face.


Like, you really thought he was indeed the father.

Yeah! I mean, it's nothing.

Do you have any idea...

No, I know. I was only with one other dude before him.

He died, though. He was shot.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm sorry to hear that.

And I just want to say to you, if you indeed feel as if you want to get a

paternity test, a DNA test done, it is possible to still do that

and confirm the paternity of your child even though this gentleman is deceased.

JUDGE LAKE: Only you know.


Only you know who you were with,

but what this court stands for is making sure

children are able to know who their parents are,

who they belong to, who's responsible for them...

How come she didn't notify and tell me this stuff about the other dude?

Because I wasn't with you... Marcell, you knew, you just said you knew!

You found text messages and pictures of him!

Yep, you right.

Why didn't you call? Why didn't you call?

I did call him! He denied it!

I explained... What?

Look, look, look. I need to say something to you

before court is adjourned,

'cause this has been decided. The science has decided it.

I'm almost afraid to ask. You know, when you practice law and you become a lawyer

they always say,

Uh oh.

"Don't ask a question you don't know the answer to."

No, I don't want no kids.

But as a judge, we must. I'm not gonna see you in this courtroom again,

am I?

CRYSTAL: You probably will.

(LAUGHING) No... No you won't. "You probably will."

No, you won't. No you won't.

You probably will.

JUDGE LAKE: All right.

Thank you so much. Appreciate.

Thank you for the results.

Thank you so much.

Miss Kahlon, the best of luck to you and your child.

Thank you.

Court is adjourned.


I feel relieved about what Judge Lake had to say, you know?

I'm glad I don't have to go on with the rest of my daughter's life

dealing with him.

To all the guys out there, make sure if you meet anybody online,

you make sure you get they background, they references,

social numbers before you do anything with them,

cause these type of things won't happen to you.

So make sure you don't have to see yourself in this building.

Alright then.

If you've got to come to a paternity court, come. They change lives. Ha!

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