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welcome friends welcome back to the

kitchen welcome back to

sunday morning in the old cookbook show

today we're going to do a recipe out of

the good housekeeping cookbook now this

is the second edition of this particular


this one was published in 1934

and there were quite a few good

housekeeping cookbooks

put out in series this one is from the


i've got other ones from later in the


and the subtitle sort of tells it all

recipes and methods

for every day and every occasion tested

tasted and approved in good housekeeping

institute kitchens

and i have to say that for a cookbook in

this time period

the recipes are solid in the way that

they are written

they're clear and concise most of them

are clear and concise and i think you'd

have really good luck

making these recipes the flavors

involved the ingredients involved

maybe not always transferable to 2021.

so we're going to try one today called

cheese pudding

and we're going to see where that leads

us now the recipe calls for

six slices of bread a quarter inch thick

so i'm going to cut off the tail end


and then cut six slices did you watch

the throwback episode in nepal and that


slice and bread i think he was probably

better than i am

let's see so i'll get six slices

now i'm supposed to cut off the crusts

and i have to tell you if i was doing


just for myself in my own kitchen i'd

leave the crusts on i would never cut

the crusts off

but because i'm following the recipe

we'll cut them off

and once i've got all the crusts cut off

i'm supposed to

butter the slices

a little bit of butter doesn't say how


i'm going to say that is enough butter


once i've got all of the slices buttered

i'm supposed to

cut them into one and a half inch


and i'm kind of thinking that each of

these slices

probably just gets cut into four a

little bit smaller than one and a half


but it'll probably do the trick now that

i've got them cut into squares

i arrange them in layers in the bottom

of a baking dish

so now after i've got the first layer of

bread in here

i'm supposed to put on some grated

american cheese

so i'm just using the regular old

supermarket orange cheddar that you see

everywhere here

now the recipe calls for two and a half

cups of shredded cheese and that's

always a tough one because

do you shred it and put it into a

measuring cup and then how far down do

you pack it and blah blah blah blah blah

i always take that to mean it the

cheese doesn't matter the exact amount

of cheese doesn't really matter

just put in as much or as little cheese

as you like or you can afford

and i know that it says american cheese

pretty sure i haven't tasted this yet

but i'm pretty sure

that a bunch of different cheeses would

work really well in this

so use the cheese at your own discretion

now i put another layer of bread and

then i top that with another layer of


before we move on to the next step

now the next step is essentially to make

a custard base so i have two and a half

cups of milk here and i'm supposed to


in three eggs

some salt

and some dry mustard powder the recipe

gives you the option of using

prepared mustard if you want to if

that's what you have i kind of like dry

mustard it gives a little bit of heat

so i'm going to whisk this together so

at this point i look at the recipe and i

think to myself

it's kind of a savory take on

uh bread pudding it's kind of a

savory take on french toast

the cheese will melt really nicely

inside i'm expecting uh i'm expecting

big things from this

now once i get this all whisked together

i pour this over top of the cheese and


and the recipe is great because it gives

me a temperature

and a time for baking the oven is

preheated to 325

and this goes in for an hour and a half

hey jules hi glenn hi friends so this

was beautiful when it came out of the


it's all puffed up did you get to see it

because clearly i don't get to see it

it has fallen a lot a souffle of some


um yeah

it's kind of a cross between a bread


and a cheese souffle

and french toast

so does that make it breakfast i would

say yes i would say it is a breakfast

although it could be a dinner meal

here's the thing so this was

this was 1934. okay so we're in the

great depression

okay so it could have been the main meal

it could have been just

things you got yeah things you've got

right you have been there everyone's

been there recently

it's what you've got yeah you had some

stale bread you had some eggs

you had some cheese and you could put

together a meal

that was really cheesy it was really

good that's

really good i mean it's like anything

though right you put enough cheese on it

and you know

yay no i don't think i used as much

cheese as it called for

no no wow it's still pretty super cheesy

it's a bit gooey like if you've got a

texture thing it might not be for you


uh i really like that i've shoveled that

in my mouth all night

okay so you could play around with it

you could play around with the spicing a

little bit

you could spice it up a little bit but i


know that it necessarily needs it

on a little side of some pickle i would

well i was just about to say i'd throw

some pickled jalapeno in it there you go

you know and just add a little bit of


that's really good that's a winner that

is a winner thanks for stopping by

see you again soon


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