Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Taryag Mitzvah #8 Le'abeid

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Le'abed. Do not erase HaShem's name. VeLo Sa'asun Ken LeHashem Elokeichem

This Mitzvah means I must not destroy anything with HaShem's name on it

There are seven very special names of HaShem one is Yod Kei Vav Kei or

Aleph Dalet Nun Yod two Kel three Elokah four Elokim five Elokai six Shakai seven

Tzvaos. If one of these seven names was written on wood or metal the wood or

metal with HaShem's name on it must be cut out and buried. The Chachamim taught us

that any Torah text or worn out Sidur is not allowed to be destroyed that is

why we put any words of the Torah into a box called Shemos and then those

papers are buried. If you see a Sidur worn out or torn don't destroy it if you

write one of our HaShem's seven most special names by mistake don't erase it

If a Sefer Torah or Mezuzah or Parshios inside a Tefilin become Pasul don't throw them in

the garbage Chas VeShalom Instead put them into a

Semos box and then they are to be buried

If a Sefer Torah has a mistake either repair it or put them into a Shemos box

The Mizbe'ach in the Beis HaMikdash was made up of many stones if one of those stones

of the Mizbe'ach cracked or broke they become Pasul, they were not thrown away

since it was used for Kedushah it was stored away or buried but not thrown away

This Mitzvah is a Lo Sa'aseh This Mitzvah is for men and ladies


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