Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dre and Bow Meet LA Mayor Eric Garcetti - black-ish

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Rainbow Johnson. Yeah.

I'm with her.

Uh, I am here for whatever you need, okay?

If you need me to be your body man

to remember somebody's name,

I'm your guy. [ Laughs ]

Alright. Oh, oh, oh.

Don't look now, but one of the actors from "Mad Men"

[ Gasps ] is coming over.

Mm-hmm. Right there.

[ Whispering ] That's Mayor Garcetti.

Oh, he looks taller in person.

Dr. Johnson. [ Normal voice ] Hi! Hey!

We are so glad to finally get you on the board.

Oh, goodness.

Mayor Garcetti, this is my husband. This is Dre.

Oh, nice to meet you, Jay. It's actually -- actually --

So, Dr. Johnson, let me introduce you

to one of the platinum donors to the board.

Uh, this is Mr. Campbell. Brent Campbell.

How are you? He's with the Dodgers.

Oh, wonderful. Oh!

You know, we should get you to a game sometime.

Yeah, we'd love to go. How are your moves?

Oh, well -- We might get on the Dance Cam.

[ Chuckles ] I can floss, you know.

Oh, my goodness! Look at you! Uh-huh.

I cannot do that. [ Chuckles ]

So, Jay, tell me,

are you in the medical profession, as well?

No, I'm actually a Senior Vice President

at one of the top advertising firms

here in Southern California.


Well, I...guess we need those, too.

Nice meeting you. Uh, yeah. [ Laughs ] 00:01:15.659,00:00:00.000 Okay. Good to see you. Good to see you.

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