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From being filled with nuclear waste to shattering on impact, here are 11 of the most insane

bullets in the world.

11: Dragons Breath Rounds

Dragons breath rounds consist of mostly magnesium pellets and shards.

These are considered some of the coolest and most exotic shotgun rounds ever!

It is not considered a tactical load and is really just for fun although it can be quite


When shot through a gun barrel, the magnesium reacts vigorously with oxygen to produce a

streak of white light and heat, which can extend up to 30 meters (100 feet) basically

turning your firearm into a flamethrower.

The spray of flames resembles a dragons fiery breath, ergo the name of Dragons


They are pyrotechnic shotgun shells and may look cool particularly in the dark night sky,

but these pellets are no joke.

They burn at 3,000 °F (1,650 °C) which is sufficient to engulf your target in hellish


I dont think I have to say this but just in case, do not ever do this in your house!!

They are an extreme fire hazard when used in dry areas, especially outside with lots

of dry wood and grass.

But, those in favor of Dragons Breath claim that magnesium pellets can also serve as distress

signals and that these rounds can be a less-than-lethal option for home defense.

Clearly, if you happen to fire these rounds, you might end up burning down your house,

the intruder, and yourself.

This makes them illegal by default in some US states such as California, Illinois, and



Hollow Points

Hollow point bullets have exactly that.

A hollowed out shape in the point of the bullet which causes it to expand as it hits its target,

causing more damage to tissue.

They are outlawed for use in warfare, and in many countries and states in the US, but

they are used by some law enforcement personnel, and ordinary gun owners in self-defense.

Why are they banned in the first place?

Because they can expand, explode, and fragment inside a targets body, maximizing damage

and pain.

Normal shots, which are fully jacketed and rounded with a smooth surface, penetrate a

target without expanding.

If the body doesnt reduce their speed sufficiently, they just pass through.

On the flip side, hollow points stay put.

Once they pierce a target, they mushroom, slow down and rarely pass through so they

can be controlled and prevent collateral damage.

For example if they are used to shoot on an airplane.

When they are taken out, they leave an abnormally large hole.

Law enforcement agencies employ these insane bullets for various reasons.

These shots rarely leave the human body, thus posing less risk to bystanders.

It is also recommended for self-defense.

It seems a little counterintuitive that the bullet that causes more damage is chosen because

of their safety for everyone involved.

Well...except for the one that gets hit...but most likely, they deserved it.


Railgun Projectiles

Actually, who needs bullets at all anymore??

The US Navy electromagnetic railgun is essentially a super weapon!!

This futuristic projectile is safer to stockpile than explosive ammunition and much cheaper.

The railgun can fire a hardened projectile and blast anything it hits like a meteorite

from outer space.

Railguns are experimental devices that use electromagnetic fields to launch high-velocity

projectiles at a target.

Years of research cumulated in the 2010 test at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren,

Virginia, where BAE Systems fired a 3.2 Kg projectile at 33-megajoules.

One megajoule is equivalent to the energy produced by the impact of a one-ton car traveling

at 100 mph!!

Now picture 32 airborne cars, aimed straight at you.

The railgun-fired projectile hit targets 100 miles away.

The railgun has cost about $500 million dollars since its inception but because they are so

dangerous, they have not yet been tested enough to be used in battle.

As the Navy has developed the electromagnetic railgun, it has also been investing in hypervelocity

projectiles (HVPs) which is a low-drag spike that the railgun can use for ammo.

Hows that for a bullet??

HVPs can be fired using other types of weapons so now the Department of Defense is actually

much more interested in the projectiles than the railgun.

These HVPs can fly through 7 steel plates, no problem.

Plus, they only cost about $25,000 per round, which is peanuts when you consider that a

Tomahawk or Harpoon missile costs over $1 million per unit.

While the US has been losing interest, other countries havent given up.

As of last year, January 2017, Russia unveiled a deadly electromagnetic railgun that can

fire bullets at 3km per second.

Did you catch that?


Also recently, it came out that the Chinese had a ship with their own electromagnetic


In the future, railguns could become commonplace since they reduce the need for explosives.

Ironically the railgun which causes so much destruction, is actually safer.

And now for number 8, but first, who do you think developed bullets with nuclear waste??

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8: The .577 Tyrannosaur

For those not acquainted with the T-Rex: It was one of the deadliest carnivorous dinosaurs,

with teeth the size of bananas.

Whats more, it could swallow 500 pounds of flesh in one bite.

If you want to learn more, just watch my video on the largest carnivorous dinosaurs of all


The .577 T-Rex rifle carriage is not a dino, but its equally deadly.

Its an insanely powerful bullet made by A-Square in 1993 for professional hunting

guides in Zimbabwe.

Tasked with the risky job of protecting clients on hunting expeditions; they needed a bullet

that could stop a charging animal, like a furious buffalo, or an elephant, instantly.

A-Squares solution was a 14.9 mm, 49 g solid projectile that dwarfed other hunting


Only the companys monster Hannibal rifle could handle the shot.

As is to be expected, several people on YouTube have attempted to fire this monster, with

sometimes funny and other times painful consequences.


Because the shot produces a powerful recoil that leaves the shooter reeling in agonizing

shoulder pain.

The impact is more than one and a half times the force of a gunshot in the shoulder with

a .22 hollow point bullet.

So, if you have a loaded Hannibal rifle sitting by idly, remember that medical care is not


Especially if you live in the US.


Nuclear Bullets

After the collapse of the USSR, the media started reporting on the presence of a mysterious

weapon developed since the 1960s.

According the original article which was published in Russian, Soviet physicists were producing

nuclear bullet fillers out of an element called californium.

To cause a nuclear explosion, Uranium-235 or plutonium-239 is enriched up to 90%, and

through fission and fusion: Voilà, Major Explosion!

However, the explosion will not occur until you have a critical mass of the substances,

around 1kg for uranium and plutonium.

But, they are not the only radioactive materials that can cause a bang!

Californium, which has a lesser critical mass of just 1.8 grams could be packed into small


Like bullets.

Californium used in the project was possibly derived as a by-product of nuclear weapons

testing by the Soviets at their infamous Semipalatinsk Test Site, also known as "The Polygon."

Its alleged that their atomic bullet was about 14.3mm to 12.7mm, making it suited for

arming heavy machine guns.

Supposedly, they also engineered smaller 7.6mm bullets to fit in Kalashnikov assault rifles

like the AK-47.

When one thermonuclear bullet exploded, the heat could liquefy an armored tank.

Several of these insane bullets could vaporize a brick story building.

Im not 100% sure about that but thats what the reports said....

Radioactive substances are unstable and must decay to become stable.

This process produces lots of heat so the Soviets had to refrigerate their nuclear bullets

at all times and use special vehicles to transport them.

There was always the danger of the bullet getting stuck in the barrel or even self-detonating

resulting in radiation exposure and death.

Can you find these legendary bullets on eBay?

Um probably not, but researchers speculate that some are in private collections or museums.

Some claim that its just a hoax and they never existed in the first place.

6: Depleted Uranium Silver Bullets

While Soviet nuclear bullets read like science fiction, depleted uranium bullets, DUs, are

pure fact.

These rounds penetrate through thick hardened steel, making them the ultimate tank killers.

They also ignite spontaneously upon impact, due to the pyrophoric nature of uranium and


If youre fighting an enemy with DU fire, a fast-moving and well-protected tank is not

the place to be.

Why use radioactive nuclear waste as ammo?

Tungsten is also used for anti-tank rounds, but it can shatter on impact at extreme velocities.

Depleted uranium rounds, on the other hand, vaporize armor, and explode inside with a

devastating effect.

NATO armies are notorious users of DU rounds in conflicts overseas.

Truth-seekers assert that big players in the nuclear sector have colluded with the military

in order to dispose of toxic wastes in hostile countries.

Back in 2001, the UN found fragments of depleted uranium ammunition in Kosovo.

These bullets, dropped by US pilots, are suspected to be the cause of high rates of leukemia

in the region today.

5: Flash Thunder Grenade Ammo

The Flash Thunder Grenade Ammo is not your typical shotgun round.

A shot produces a blinding flash and an extremely powerful blast of 182 decibels.

At just a little more, 195 dB, the human eardrums rupture.

Jet planes taking off only produce 165dB.

Therefore, this insane ammo can cause permanent hearing loss without adequate ear protection.

Its being used by some Special Forces units to storm buildings during military operations.

4: Macho Gaucho Rounds

Macho Gaucho rounds mimic the appearance of thebolas,” a device made by linking

two heavy balls with a string of one-to-two feet.

Gauchos or South American cowboys have used this contraption for hundreds of years to

hunt game and capture cattle since it entangles the animals legs causing it to trip.

The concept has been carried forward to the 21st century in form of deadly 12-gauge shotgun


Macho Gaucho Rounds can cause devastating damage to targets.

You can find several videos of the round being fired, but the balls dont always stay connected.

3: Jihawg Ammo

Labeled as the most controversial round in the universe, the Jihawg Ammo is the subject

of much criticism and ridicule, even in the gun owning community.

Its creators, believed to be some Idaho gun owners, were sitting around a campfire enjoying

their drinks.

They were infuriated by the construction of a13-story Islamic center in Lower Manhattan,

two blocks from the World Trade Center bombing site, also known as Ground Zero.

They sought to find a way to counter any future insurgents.

Their solution: Create bullets considered Haram, or forbidden by Allah.

Somehow they convinced South Fork Industries, a dyeing and finishing company, to take up

the challenge and infused paint with the meat of domestic pigs, which was subsequently coated

on standard 9mm caliber rounds.

During the ammos release in 2013, the company stated thatWith Jihawg Ammo, you don't

just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to hell.”

Of course, they became highly controversial.

The company fired back saying that their ammo was not to be offensive, but defensive.

Shannon Dunn, an assistant professor of religious studies at Gonzaga University, weighing in

on the matter, stated Muslims unknowingly hit by South Forks bullets might not be

banned from heaven.

2: Punt Gun Shells

The Punt Gun is the largest shotgun ever, used avidly by wildfowl hunters in the 19th

to 20th centuries.

A typical punt gun averaged 8 feet 4 inches in length, weighed 43 kg, and had a bore diameter

of 2-inches ( 51 mm)

By all standards, this was a very large gun.

In some old pictures, youll see two men carrying the gun on their shoulders.

They would mount it on a small skiff boat called a punt, and the hunter had to maneuver

the entire boat to aim the gun at a flock of fowls.

The large bore diameter ensured it could fire 500 grams of shotgun pellets, which could

kill up to 90 birds in one go.

Its invention and use were to quench the insatiable demand for bird feathers in the fashion industry.

Naturally the populations of wildfowl were greatly affected and the punt gun was outlawed.

1: G-2 Research R.I.P.


Topping this list of insane bullets is the Radically Invasive Projectile, nicknamed the

Rest in Peacebullet.

Many consider it the worlds deadliest bullet, and the manufacturer markets it asthe

last round youll ever need.”

Its lethality stems from its unique tip, which allows it to shatter upon impact producing


The manufacturer, G-2 Research, claims that the bullet can open nine separate wound channels

in a target, and obliterate vital organs.

Get this; they made them for women who are living alone and anxious about their familys


Those who have tested R.I.P bullets on various targets such as sheets of metal, glass, plywood,

and blocks of ice, have marveled at their damaging power.

So, unless youre battling zombies, lock these bullets in a safe.

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