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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 'The Altruist' FULL MOVIE! (feature length film)

Difficulty: 0

altruism (noun)

1. Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.

2. Instinctive behavior that is detrimental to the individual but contributes to the survival of the species.

I'm ready.


I'm ready to die. Go ahead.



'You are ready to die'?

Kind of takes the fun out of it for me.

They said you would know.

Of course I know. But it would be more fun if you wanted to live.

I'm sorry.


Who's that?

My wife. but she doesn't know anything about this.

Wife, now that could be some fun.

Is someone down there Tom?

Tom, is everything ok?

I'm going to call the police.

I cut the phone line.

Who's that?


Don't worry honey. I got this.

Every year in the United States 30,00 people commit murder.

In that same time 60,00 people commit suicide.

Wouldn't it be great if someone could get these people together?


Nick's office, may I help you?

Yeah, right. You can fucking help me. Where on earth is the Wease?

What's the matter, Nick?

What? You didn't see the fucking news? See, I remember

that guy. He came to us, was gonna be one of our jobs. Which means that was one of our

jobs that got all fucked up last night.

And you all know the fucking rules, no 'in-town'!

Hold please, I'll transfer you to Mr. Weasel.

David Easel here.

You see the fucking news?

Yeah, fucked up huh?

See now, what do you mean by fucked up? Are you telling me, that that was our match?

Without talking to you? No. I interviewed the guy. You talked to him too.

Yeah right. Like a month ago, right?

Three weeks ago exactly.

Then what the fuck happened here?

I don't know. All I know is I told him no deal.

Is G-Force there?

Yeah, he's over in his office.

Can you do that transfer thing?

Sure, I can try. 0:04:16:23,0:04:17:53 Can you do that transfer thing?


Nick ain't gonna like that.

I do it to him all the time and then I just blame the phone system.

You do that to us too huh?

Wouldn't you like to know?

No. In fact I wouldn't like to know. Good luck.


'Name please'.


Nick Andrew's office, how may I help you?

Toni, I got fucking disconnected. Now let me talk to 'G'. Somebody fucked something up here.

I'll transfer you sir.

'G' here.

'G', here's what we are gonna do ok? I'm gonna ask you a simple question, and

you're gonna give me a straight fucking answer. Was that your killer that fucked this

whole thing up last night?

No, man. I don't know who that fucking guy was.

You're not fucking with me now are you?

You know me, I always clear it with you first.

See, the Wease and I spoke with the suicider about a month ago, but where did that fucking

killer come from?

How did that guy, get that fucking client's name?




It's fucking Toni.

Want me to transfer you back man?

No, don't bother. Fucking phone system don't

work either.

I don't understand that. It works fucking great.

'Name please'. Office!

'Name please'. Office.

Hello, Mr. Andrew's office, may I help you?

Yeah! You can fucking help me all right. You can tell me what the fuck went on last night.

Seems this little company of ours has sprung a leak and you are the last one in

the fucking boat! You know that guy. You fucking know that guy don't you? That fucking killer!

Alright! It was me. Alright? I set it up.

How many fucking times have I explained this to you?

I thought it'd be alright. He said you would never even know that it happened.

You thought it would be alright? It's all over the fucking news!

I know! I messed up! Give me a break! I lost my boyfriend!

Give you a fucking break? I got news for you! Listen to this. Your boyfriend. I don't

fucking care. I do not fucking care! He shouldn't have been there. You shouldn't have put him there!

You are being a bastard! Alright?

It's your fucking fault your boyfriend is dead. How about that? Your fault, one hundred

percent! You're gonna have to live with that for the rest of your shitty little fucking life.

Stop yelling at me you prick! And if you don't stop yelling I'm gonna hang up!

You hang up and I'll...

Kill me?

No, actually I was thinking 'fire you', but you know what? That sounds like a great

fucking idea. I will kill you. I'll fucking kill you and then I'll fucking fire you.

I'm sorry. Isn't that enough?

You're sorry? Well, a lot of good that does me! You know who's gonna have to clean

this mess up. What are you doing?

Are you fucking crying? Listen! Stop crying about him!

I'm not crying about him!

Then stop the crying! The main reason I hired you is cause I didn't think you had any feelings!

Just like you huh?

Yeah, just like me!

You want us all to be just like you.

Big Nick with no fucking feelings!

Actually that would really help.

So stop fucking crying!

He just wanted to try it!

Mr. Andrews?

He wanted to try it? I don't fucking care if he wanted to try it. Here's my advice alright?

Get over it. He was your boyfriend. Guess what? He's your dead fucking boyfriend now.

Mr. Andrews?

Toni, hold on. Mrs. Whitaker, what can I do for you?

That's Ms.

O.k. Miss Whitaker what do you want?

It's Ms.

Is this what I'm fucking saying? Toni, did I say Ms?

You said Miss.

No fucking way! I said Miss.

You just did it again.

That's Miss. I'm Ms. Whitaker.

Ok, Ms, Miss, Mister fucking Whitaker, what do you want?

It's the profanity, Mr. Andrews. We spoke of it before, in fact we speak of it every

time you come to town. People don't want to hear these words.

These are bad words Mr. Andrews. Can't you think of anything nice to say?

Miss Whitaker. Can I remind you who pays for this office?

Well of course you do Mr. Andrews.

Right, and who pays your salary and her's in there and him in there too.

What does he do?

What do you fucking do? Well, fuck off. You're fired.

I'm well aware who provides the funding here.

But that doesn't mean we need to listen to all...

Shhhhhhh. Miss Whitaker. Shut the fuck up.

Toni? You still there?


Good. Let me get back to it. Now where was I?

Oh yeah, your boyfriend wanted to try it. He's fucking dead now. And you're a widow.

A young one, but a widow nonetheless. So get fucking used to it.

Stop it!

No. I'm on a fucking roll! And you are now a fucking widow. And you've learned one

of life's great lessons. Is that settled?

Yeah, it's settled!

Good, now I can get back to raking you over the fucking coals for letting this whole shit happen.

I thought it was settled?

Oh, your crying part is settled. But I'm no where near fucking done with you!

Fine! You fuck!

Well you listen to this fuck! This here fuck is your fucking boss! Rule number one. No

in town. No fucking killing, in fucking town.

I know!

Oh, I know you'd like to blame The Wease! But I spoke to the Wease, and he didn't

take the Match! You want to know why? Because he knows the rules and rule number one is


I tried to get The Force to use him but he said no!

Are you, are you kidding, are you fucking crazy? You're gonna blame him now?

Of course he said no.

I'm gonna hang up now! Alright? You can yell at me when you get here.

You want me to get there? I'm so close love! You want to know where I am?

Here's where the fuck I am. Right here. Right in front of your fucking desk is where I'm at.

Well great. Can I hang up the fucking phone without you trying to kill me?

Why don't you?

Here's what fucking pisses me off ok? I'm the one who's gonna have to clear

up the mess. I'm the one who's gonna have to deal with the cops. And I'm the one

who's gonna get his fucking ass kicked.

Well, they can kick my ass if you want.

As nice a thought as that might be for all parties involved. It don't fucking work that way.

(random TV sound)

He makes me so mad!

I'm sorry for your loss. And this may not be the best time to ask you this question,

but, how soon until you start dating again?

Cool it Force. Isn't it enough that he's such a prick?

Two men are dead following a break-in last night in Pinedale. Police say the homeowner,

32 year-old Tom Taylor shot and killed his attacker after wrestling the gun from the man.

This happened only after the suspect had stabbed Taylor in the head with an 8-inch

kitchen knife. Taylor's wife Teresa awoken by the noise went downstairs and discovered

the dead man along with her injured husband. Minutes later, Taylor died in his wife's

arms. Authorities have not confirmed the identity of the intruder. We will -

Minutes later, Taylor died in his wife's arms. Authorities have not confirmed the

identity of the intruder.

Minutes later, Taylor died in his -

Mr. Andrews, are you there? I told these men that you weren't in but they

don't seem to believe me.

Hey! You can't go in there.

I'm sorry Nick, they were pretty god damn insistent, and fucking ugly to boot.

Do you want me to stay?

No. You're fine, go ahead.

It'll be all right.

You sure about that Nick?

Now, why wouldn't it be Joe?

Because I think you and your motley crew had something to do with last night.

What about last night?

The double homicide Nick!

Now, what the media doesn't know is, both people were shot. It's true, Mr. Taylor

shot his attacker in the face after he was stabbed in the back of the head, then

the attacker shot Mr. Taylor through the heart. Now doesn't that sound odd Nick?

Stop it Joe. It's a murder, and odd things happen.

And you would know wouldn't you?

Before we go any further with this. Who's that?

That's Mike Shraylow, just made detective, and he's my brother-in-law, just married

my little sister. And, they're going to have a baby soon. So I thought I'd bring

him into our little arrangement.

See, Baxter. I thought we had an arrangement, just you and Murphy.

What fucking arrangement?

Come on. We had a deal.

Oh, that's right. We had a deal. And do you remember that deal Nick?

We can't make that clear enough. No in town killings. It's one thing to have you work

from our town, it's a whole other thing to have to investigate your shit. We don't

want a bunch of unsolved murders hanging over our heads. Now, if other towns have them.

Well, that makes our town look that much safer.

You got that?


You better.

Looks like you broke that deal Nick.

Ok listen, maybe some wires got crossed and mistakes were made last night. I can fix it ok?

And maybe we can find room for your brother in law here. After all he's family right?

That a boy Nick. Listen Nick, I can appreciate what you are

trying to do here. You're providing a service. A service that is needed. Hey, it may not

be the most popular service around but like you I can see the bigger picture. You're

trying to help people. And I, we, are in turn trying to help you. So it would be damn shame

Nick, if I had to shut your operation down.


Now listen Nick. Don't think we came down here without thinking. We checked your finances,

you're very 'liquid', you can afford this, plus it gives you another guy on the

force to give you a helping hand when you need it.

I understand.

But you don't shit where you eat, and you don't eat where you shit. Comprende'?

Yeah, no shitting and no eating.

Not in the same place anyway.

So we are gonna need one more envelope

this month Nick.

Ok, you got it.

One thing. One last thing Baxter.

The wife, Teresa, how's she doing with all of this?

She's doing pretty good Nick, you know. She's planning a trip to Disney World.

How the hell do you think she's doing? She's devastated. She's near suicidal.

But don't get any ideas, killer.

If I had to pinpoint a day when things started to run down hill. Then I guess this would

be the one. We had close to three years of true success, more than 20 people, given

what they want. Yeah, there was that one botched job.

But he didn't live.

And those few talkers.

The Force took care of them.

But mostly it just went from good to great. Until this day,

this was the beginning of the end.

It's a shame really.

You don't have to go out there.

No, I do.

I could go out in your place.

Thanks Mom, but I need to see this thing through.

Mrs. Taylor one question. What did you see?

You okay?

Mrs. Taylor has elected me to read a brief statement. She hopes by doing this you will

see fit to grant her the privacy that she and her husband's

memory deserves. There will be no questions afterwards. Teresa would like to start by

saying that she loved her husband Tom Taylor more than words can express.

That he found the strength to battle the killer -

Who's this guy?

Dr. Carl Nelson? Friend of the family.

- makes her realize how much he must of loved her too. Teresa hopes that in the years they

spent together she made him as happy as he made her. Her only wish,

is that she can make Tom as proud of her as she is of him.

That's it, thanks.

Wait, wait. Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor. What did you see?

Thanks Carl. I'll see you tomorrow?

No, no. It's ok you know, I'll stick around. Do whatever I can.

You've done enough already. Thanks.

You sure you don't need anything?

I'll see you tomorrow.

'Her only wish is that she can make Tom as proud of her'

Hey Boss?

'As she is of him.'

Just letting you know we're catching a plane to Akron to check out the Prentice match.

Ok, call me if you need to.

'That's it. Thanks.'

'Wait, wait. Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor.'

So, why do you want to die?

I'm very sick. It's been with me ten long years, and now I'm reaching the end. I just

can't, won't be able to handle the final stages of my illness.

No, no, no, that doesn't sound right.

What do you mean it doesn't sound right?

Well, to tell you the truth. I wasn't really feeling your pain.

Well I'm sorry I'm not Meryl Streep.

Well, In this business you got to be able to act. Yeah, that's right. Act.

Alright, you're good enough. You got the job.

I'm not sure I want the job. You sure this isn't just some elaborate scheme

you've cooked up to meet women?

No! Hey, how could you say something like that?

It's not that hard to imagine.

No. No. Well. I mean, you're, you're not interested are you? Because at present

I'm un-attached.

Listen, listen though. This is an exciting case.

Now, about three weeks ago out of the blue, a guy sends me a check for five grand. Says

he wants me to check out this company called Terminal Assist. Not just the up front stuff

but the behind the scenes stuff, the dark stuff too. Says if I do a good job he'll

give me an extra five grand. So anyway, I'm looking into it, I'm checking it out, and

I find out that they do this whacky kind of service. Let's say you want to kill yourself,

say you want to commit suicide. They'll like find, like match you up with

someone who's into killing.

So let's say that you want to die. They sit you down, they talk to you. They find

out how you want to do it and if you really really want to do it.

So, how do people find out about this, service?

I don't know. Uh, the internet? I hear they are doing some really whacky shit on that thing.

So look, anyway. You really want to die. They find someone who is into killing.

And then they give the killer the information.

Killer's aren't really the reliable sort. They talk don't they?

Yeah. Yeah, that's the thing. You'd think they would, huh? But they put the fear of

god into them. They got this huge guy and he handles them. I mean if they step out

of line he really handles them.

Like kills them handles them.

So you want me to pose as the victim?

Yeah. Yeah. But the thing is, I don't have an appointment yet. But, hold on. The guy

who sent me the five grand, he sent me -

He sent me this too.

And an extra thou too!

'Double murder shocks town' 'Ron, check into this'

Don't worry honey. I got this.

Teresa. You have been so strong, Tom would have been proud of you. No. Tom is proud of you.

He's proud that you have the strength to go on.

I just feel like I let him down, like I can't repay the debt.

No. no. You can repay him, by living. Think about how hard he worked that night so you

could live. So you need to do his wish now. You need to live.

You have a way with words.

I know that you would have liked to have those few months with him. But, no matter what he

loved you.

What Carl?

I don't believe this. He didn't tell you? He told me he was going to tell you.

Teresa. Tom was sick. He had cancer. It was terminal. He had three, maybe four, five months

to live. I know. I know you would want to have those few months but, they would have

been a rough few months for him. And you. Not the memory you'd want to have.

He was supposed to tell you. Listen. Teresa listen. I'm sorry. You can't tell anyone

about Tom's cancer. I just. I fixed his records so that he could get the extra life

insurance. If the police found out I'd lose my license, I'd lose everything.

I thought he would have told you at least.

Yeah you bastard. Bad fucking timing.

Yeah. I got that guy all lined up for the Prentice match. You talk to Wease yet?

No not yet. But your guy's good?

Yeah, I was just going over the repercussion and ramifications part with him.


Yeah, he got it real good. He's a smart mother fucker this one.

Yeah, hang loose. I'll get back to you.

Just waiting for the final OK. Come on, you can buy me a beer.

Are you ready Mrs. Taylor?


Should I come along?

Oh Carl. You've done enough for me and Tom already. You've done more than you should.

Thank you.

I just want to make sure that you're ok.

I'm okay. I'll be okay. Look, my mom's in town for a couple of days. So I'll give

you a call after she leaves.

Yeah, maybe we could do dinner or something.

Sure. Great.

Ready to go home Mrs. Taylor?

No. Not yet.



Nick! I saw you come down here!

Nick your father told you about this lake. Now your mother wants you up in her room.

She wants to talk to you.

Nicky. Come her sweety.

Nicky, I have to talk to you again.

Mom, I don't want to.

Nicky, do you love your mommy?


Good boy. I have it all worked out for us.

I can't do it for you mom.

Just listen, ok? Listen. In the top drawer of the tall dresser your father keeps his

gun. We'll wait until Nanny goes to the store, then you'll go to the dresser.

You'll get the gun, and you'll put it to my head, and pull the trigger. Then quick as anything,

you'll put it in my hand. Hold it there tightly. Then, you'll run to the pond, and

jump in with all of your clothes on. Swim there for a long time, it'll wash any of

the blood and gun powder off your hands. Swim there until your Father or Nanny or someone

comes and gets you. And when they come you'll pretend that you don't know why they've

come. They'll tell you that your mommy is dead, that she's committed suicide. But,

you'll be strong because you'll know that mommy couldn't live like this anymore. That

I've gone to a better place. Okay? You'll do this for me?

Dad will know. He'll know that you couldn't get the gun.

Nick listen to me. I can not tolerate weakness. Your mother. Weak. She's made herself sick

by being weak and I absolutely hate that.

Mom. You haven't been strong for a long time.

Nicky! You must do this for me.

Sorry mom. But, I love you too much to ever do that.

I can't live like this any longer.

Maybe Dad.

Your Dad can't do it. They'll suspect him, they'll lock him up.

Well, maybe he deserves to be in jail.

Strength is the only thing people respect Nick. It's the only thing I respect.

And you will be strong.


Just met with Mr. Charles Prentice the third. Everything's ok on this end. He's a great

candidate. You know if The Force has his side lined up?

He's got it sussed.

OK. Then. I'll meet up with The Force and we'll catch a flight right after the match.

So be it.

'Name please'


G here.

The match is set.

Consider it done.

Lucky you, It's a go.

So this is it huh Tom? God, I was hoping it was gonna last longer. But it was great.

I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I'll see you soon enough.

Back home?

Yes. thanks.

You okay?

I will be.

You know I heard about what happened, in the paper, on TV. And I wanted you to know

just how sorry I am.

Yeah, everybody's sorry.

If there was anything I could do to change things. I'd do it.

I wanted you to know that.

Do you know what this is?

From the way you are pointing it at me I could take a guess.

Just get out.

I can explain this.

Get out or get maced.

What's so funny?

Just me making such a mess of this.

I know what you're up to.

What? The driver's shift was up, you were talking awhile I thought I'd come and relieve him.

I don't believe you. You're a liar.

Try this. I paid the driver off so I could take you home.

Cut the crap. I know who you are. Scum! You reporters will stop at nothing to get your

little stories. I saw you watching Carl and I earlier. Get anything good? You're such a maggot.

I don't think that was mace at all. What was it, Binoca? That's breath spray right?

I finally got you. I was hoping it was before my health started to go. But I still got you.

I don't know what the hell you are talking about.

You did this same job two years ago. Killed my wife. Killed my Elizabeth.

She might have been asking for it. But that don't make it right.

I didn't kill your wife. I didn't kill any old ladies. Ever.

You're ruining all my plans. It was so simple. Kill the killer and then kill the people who

set the whole thing up.

This is the first time I ever worked with these guys.

After Elizabeth was killed. I wanted blood, but her death took it's toll. Mentally I

was racked, physically I was set upon by every ailment that I'd been keeping at bay.

I finally get back on feet. Started to know what was going on. And now I get the wrong guy.

And you're never gonna find him. I guess they use a lot of different guys.

A lot of different killers. Cause that's what you are. No better than that.

Take it easy Mac, I didn't kill anybody.

But you would of. You would of killed me!

You're the same. Same as that one! No better.

A surprise for police last night when a body was found just outside downtown headquarters.

John Phillips was found dead at 2:30 this morning with a stab wound to the chest. Phillips

was awaiting trial for the 2nd degree murder of Christopher Watkins. Watkins was killed

last November during a scuffle outside 'The Power' a local Nightclub.

I am not fucking happy about this. What the fuck is going on here ?

I swear to god Nick I had nothing to do with this one.

OK! You had nothing to do with it.

And the Wease said he couldn't get a hold of you.

Where, where is the Wease? Is he still out there? Nevermind.

'Name please'

The Wease.

Ah fuck.

'Name please'

The Wease.

Jesus, what is his number?

The Wease.

'Name please'


Ok, that works.

Hello, Mr. Andrews. I hope you are in a better mood today.

No, I'm not.

Nick Andrews office, may I help you.

Toni, what is Wease's cell number? I can't get this voice recognition to work.

Well, maybe your voice is changing. Puberty does hit late sometimes.

Huh, so I won't be hitting the high notes any longer hey? So, what is it?

Why don't you try the Force, they should be together.

Oh, now you're thinking, bye.

Congratulations Mr. Andrews. No profanity!

Oh, fuck, sorry.

I'm sorry, you're not supposed to be back here.

I'm here to see him. I think.


Teresa Taylor.

Miss Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor.

He has problems with that dear.

Miss Whitaker. Go.

I'll be in my office.

Good. Mrs. Taylor. What can I do for you?

I'll get that later.

Are you actually going to act like you don't know me?

I thought I'd try. O.K. you deserve an explanation. A real one. An office?

Well, where is it? Are you still making it up?

I'm trying to decide if you can handle the truth.

I've handled a lot just lately. I imagine I can handle the truth.

What I told you yesterday. About paying the driver so I could take you home. That was the truth.

I don't believe you. There's something else going on here.

What exactly does this company of yours do?

We help people who have no chance in life.

And this is your company?

Yes it is.

So what's in it for you? Big money?

No. Justice. Satisfaction, maybe. In the end it could be just a guilty conscience.

So it's not about the money?

No. Believe me this is very much a non-profit organization.

Our lawyer stopped by the house this morning.

Tom had a large insurance policy, two million dollars.

That's good to know he thought ahead enough to take care of you.

And you.


He left 10% to Terminal Assist.

Two hundred thousand dollars.

Well, he didn't need to do that. Terminal Assist does not solicit donations from clients.

We're funded thru a trust. So you can keep that money.

I take it your company here helped him out. Must of, if he wanted to leave you that much.

So I guess I should just say 'Thank you' for being there for him when he needed it.

I just don't understand why he couldn't have come to me. I would have been there for

him, he didn't need to shut me out. I would have been there.

I'm sure you would have.

He was always so god damn busy trying to protect me. Protect me from everything. I don't

need that much protecting! I could have helped him.

I'm sorry. You don't need to hear this. I guess I just needed to get it out.

Thank you again for everything. I'll make sure the lawyer gives you the money by the end of the month.

There's nobody anywhere, it's empty.

No signs of a struggle here, anywhere else?

No. But...

There was a rocking chair over there.

Hmmmm. Killed the guy with a rocking chair? I gotta try that sometime.

Ah, you're more the bar stool type.

Yeah, you may be right.

So what do we got?

This is a list of suspected people who 'refer' to Terminal Assist. Mostly Doctors. Couple

of old age rights advocates. Even a Hippie Minister.

Great. So all we have to do is visit these folks with your sob story and get in huh?

I think so.

What are you thinking about now, Wease?

About Adolf.

As in Hitler?

More the name then the man.

What about it?

Well, you don't hear anybody naming their kid Adolf do you?

Yeah, can you blame them?

No. It's weird. One man can ruin a name for everybody.

Shut the fuck up Wease.

Boys. The boss will see you now.

Just doesn't seem fair really.

What you should really be thinking about is how you screwed up this match and okayed a fucking killer!

Okay. This much we know, someone wanted to kill a killer.

Can you blame them. Really. I mean, it's fun.

Look, I'm quite embarrassed about this. Upon further investigation that was not the

real Mr. Prentice. The real Mr. Prentice was on a three week golf trip.

Told you Nick. Wease's fault! Not mine. Want me to take him out?

I'm just kidding Wease, I'd never kill you.

I'll do it right now if you want me to, Nick.

That's enough. Here's the big question, now is it someone we know, someone we've

'wronged'. Or is it someone who's worked in the system.

Let's think about this. Can it be someone we used on one of our matches?

Somebody who got disgruntled.

You know, there is a candidate. A real good one.

Donny. That was his name. You and I took care of him G. Couple months ago in LA. In that

warehouse. You remember that guy?

We should have killed him at that time.

It's not like we didn't try.

What the hell's wrong with this fucking thing?

I will tell you what's wrong with it. You're always hitting people over the fucking head with it.

He was gonna get up.

He was gonna get up, because it misfired because you are always hitting people over the fucking head with it.

What the fuck are you talking about?

All I'm saying G, is that while 'yes' a gun is a big hunk of metal and must be great

for hitting people over the head with. It is also a precision instrument and maybe you

should treat it with some degree of care.

Oh yeah. Since when do you have such a fucking hard on for guns?

Forget it man. All I'm saying is don't use it as a fucking hammer.

Well, tell you what man, it's my fucking gun.

You're right. Do what you fucking want with it.

Don't patronize me.

That's a big word 'G'.

Now you see this? This is for hitting. That thing in your fucking hand, that is for shooting.

Oh yeah, this is for hitting?

Now you're getting it.

And this is for shooting?

It is. If you ever get it to work again.

You're a real fucking wise guy ain't you Nick?

Yeah, we really should of killed him when we had the chance.

Hello, Don. Your room guard's on a break.

What time you off tonight?

About nine.

Nine? Would you like to get a cup of coffee when you are finished?

I think maybe you and I got off on the wrong foot. Can't talk?

Ok. You try this. Blink once for 'Yes' and twice for 'No'. Understood?


Now, I was under the impression that the Force explained to you that if you are going to

take part in our little,

Don't interrupt me Don. That bothers me. That if you were to participate in our program.

Keeping quiet was an absolute must. We are trying to help people here. People like you,

who like to kill, to get your kicks. And other people. Who want to die. Who have a right

to choose to die. Now that's good work right?

Yes, it is. If we are to continue we need you to keep quiet. Now did the Force explain that to you?

If you decide to talk, I'll be the one you answer to!

I'll be the one to kill you.

I know. He can be a little extreme. But he tries to try to impress upon our killers,

the importance of discretion.

Which you, even after The Force showed you just what he is capable of decided to tell

a whole bar full of guys how my business works.

I thought I told you not to interrupt me, Don. Don't do it again. I'm not here to

debate with you whether or not you violated the secrecy agreement. I've already decided that.

What I need to do now is finish the job.

You don't like that idea do you?

It's a shame I'm so civilized. The Force wanted to come here tonight.

But I thought I could deal with you better. So, here's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna walk out of here and I make you a promise. If I ever hear another word from you about

my business again. Your life will end.

I'm sorry. He's still alive. My fuck up. So he's a real possibility.

No. He's not.

Hey man. I know Nick talked to you earlier. Let you know what was up.

He's a good guy Nick. He ain't a killer. He ain't got it in him.

But he's flown back east now. And sadly for you. I do got it in me.

Hey, that's what I'm here for. He's no possibility Nick.

Well, there still could be plenty more.

I'll put some thought to it. See which one of my guys might be up to this kind of thing.

Well then we come to your group Wease.

They tend to be dead Nick. Kinda makes it tough for them to be killers.

Yeah. They're dead aren't they? All of them.

Don't worry honey. I got this.

Your Mom let me in when she got here. She's upstairs now.


What's going on Teresa?

What do you mean?

I was looking for you all day. I couldn't find you. I was worried.

I had things to do.

I'm just concerned about you.

You ever hear of Terminal Assist?

What's that?

It's an organization that helps people with terminal illnesses. You, being a Doctor,

I thought you might have heard of them.

Yeah well, actually I have. But, what do you want with them?

Well, Tom went to them.

Huh? That's funny.

Just today I thought I saw the guy who runs Terminal Assist.

Nick Andrews?

Yeah, he drove by your house.

So what's going on Teresa?

What do you mean?

With you and this guy Nick.

Absolutely nothing. If you want to know the truth. Tom left them two hundred thousand dollars.

Left them money?

Yeah, turns out he went to them. They counseled him. Helped him when he needed it. So I went

down to check them out, and to thank them. They really help people. They helped Tom.

Nick's a good guy.

Are you fucking crazy?

Excuse me?

I just don't believe this. You're ready to make this guy a saint.

Carl. All I said was that he helped Tom. I appreciate that.

Do you know what Terminal Assist does?

I think I made myself clear. They help sick people.

They kill sick people! Yeah, that's right. Teresa. They kill people. And you're right,

all the doctors do know about them. It's like some God damn Kevorkian Incorporated!


Yeah, that guy, that 'good' guy Nick. Mr. Terminal Assist. Oh yeah, he assists the

terminal all right. He assists them by setting up their murders!

But why Tom?

Well. Once again Tom was looking out for you. He would have wasted away before your very

eyes. And you know what Teresa? Tom wouldn't do that to you. So I guess that's when he

went to them. Those saints at Terminal Assist. They must have set up the break in.

Somewhere it must have gone wrong. Tom must have decided that you were in danger. And then.

Don't worry Honey, I got this.

Good morning.

There a reason why you're camped out in front of my house?

Yeah. I wanted to talk with you.


So talk.

I haven't really been that honest with you.


No. I didn't tell you why I wanted to drive you home.

No you didn't.

Okay. When you're husband came to us. He came for advice, counseling. He was a sick man,

he was dying. He told me about his beautiful wife. And how much he would miss her.

And how, in fact, she was the only person that he would truly miss. And then after the incident

at your house. Where he did, really the most incredible thing. I had to meet the woman

that inspired that. That is the truth.

But what did Tom really want?


And what did you do for him Nick?

He was a sick man Teresa. His body was decaying. He would have become a burden. He was uninsurable

with that illness. But he wanted to take care of his wife.

But he had a Doctor friend who could fix the check-ups, so that everything looked fine.

So he could get the insurance, and take care of his wife. So they fixed the records and

get the insurance.

Yeah. His Doctor friend took care of that.

And then he returned to you.


Returned to you for what Nick?


Advice on what?

What exactly does Terminal Assist do? Huh Nick? 'Assist' with what? Did you kill

my husband? Insurance policies don't cover suicide, so he came to you so that you could

have him killed. And then everything went horribly wrong and he had to kill your killer.

Isn't that what happened Nick? You run a fucking hit man service? Did you kill my husband?

No, that is not what happened! That is not what happened. Not exactly.

Then exactly what did happen?

People have a right to choose to die!

Doesn't answer my question Nick.

If someone is dying from a terrible illness they should be able to make that end come sooner.

Answer the question Nick.

And if someone is so unhappy that they can not continue with their miserable fucking

existence then they should be able to end their life at any moment they choose!

What happened with my husband Nick?

Teresa, this much I know. There are people who want to die! And there are people who

like to kill! It's a fact.

What did you do to my husband?

In the top drawer of the tall dresser your father keeps his gun. You'll get the gun,

and you'll put it to my head, and pull the trigger. Then quick as anything, you'll

put it in my hand. Then, you'll run to the pond, and jump in with all of your clothes on.

It'll wash any of the blood and gun powder off your hands.

Swim there until your Father or Nanny or someone comes and gets you. And when they come you'll

pretend that you don't know why they've come. They'll tell you that your mommy is

dead, that she's committed suicide. You'll be strong because you'll know that mommy

couldn't live like this anymore. That I've gone to a better place. You'll do this for me?

Nick! Nicky! Are you down here?


I know, my Father told me not to swim down here.

Nick, get out, you need to come with us.

Nicky. Would you come here please?

Yes, mom.

Something terrible has happened Nicky.

What is it?

Your Father is dead.

He took his own life.

Yes mom.

But it will be okay. We'll be okay.

I know we will.

Your husband chose to die. He asked me to let my people know that he was available to die.

And that's it huh?

I didn't kill him.

I think I could argue that point.

We helped him. He needed us.

I needed him.

He was dying.

Teresa, don't leave.




You okay?


I brought you this.

What is it?

Tom's autopsy report, you said you wanted to see it.

What's all this?

These are tests on Tom's tissue samples. Here. Here. All of these show evidence of

metastatic adenocarcinoma.

I still want to go to the police, will you take me?

Teresa, I don't want to appear selfish but, if you go digging all this up.

It will come out that I lied to Tom's insurance company. And that's no small thing. I'll go to jail.

I just want Nick Andrews and his company to be punished for their role in Tom's death.

I mean I know his death was inevitable. But what those people do is wrong. People shouldn't

get to decide when they're going to die. That's for God.

Well, maybe they should. I mean if one knows that they're going to decay into a mere

shadow of themselves, becoming a burden to all their loved ones. Maybe they should have that choice.

Let's let the police decide that.

Yo Force?

Yeah Wease, what's up?

I just got a call for a meeting. Now after what just happened in Akron. I was thinking

maybe you could come back me up. You know, check it out?

You think it's a set up?

Maybe not. They just want me to meet them at a motel on 73.

Hey no problem. My stuff's in the car. Let's go.

Good news.


I got an appointment.

Hey that's great. You did set it up at the motel right?


Great. We're gonna do the whole surveillance thing. Cameras, recorders. The works.

You know how to do that stuff?

Yeah. I got that. I got that. I, you know. Well, actually I got a guy who's got that, alright?

He's really great at that tech stuff. Totally bat shit bonkers. But he's great.

Listen. One thing I forgot to tell you. When you speak to this guy. Everything has to be

in the form of a question. If he hears any statements he uh, he sort of freaks out.

He thinks people are trying to boss him around.

That's great. Perfect.

Now you see, those were both statements. Just so you know.

Hey look, look. It's oaky with me. I'm not gonna freak out. But him? He's a real looney tooney.

Hey, how's it going there 'M'?

Why, I could fit a camera up a fly's ass if need be.

Well, if and when we need that we'll be sure to call.

I could fit a camera up just about anything's ass. If I set my mind to it.

Hey Baxter. Someone here to see you.

Mrs. Taylor.

Detective, how are you?

I'm fine, thank you. Please take a seat.

Thank you.

So? How can I help you?

Actually, Detective. I think I might be able to help you.

With what?

I think my husband's murder was more than just some random robbery gone bad.


I found out some information.

So we're doing our own investigation now?

Detective, have you ever heard of a company called Terminal Assist?

I have, yes.

I'm David Easel. We spoke on the phone.

Hello, I'm Molly.

Molly Welles?

What can we help you with?

I don't know what to do.

Would you believe this guy served in the Gulf war? In the army?

Too much head room in that shot. Can I go fix it?

Man, look. Don't even worry about that.

Sorry, I thought this room was empty.

If it was empty there wouldn't be any people in here!

What are you two guys doing in here?

Uh, hey. FBI business Mame. Now, if you would just, you know, keep this quiet.

Listen Molly. We're here to help you. That's what we do.

I don't want to go on. I think about it all the time. Just end my life, end my pain.



I can't do it myself.

It's a hard thing to do.

It's just. I'm scared of heaven. Getting in. You see, I'm catholic and if you kill

yourself then you can't get into heaven.

So you want to get someone else to kill you?

I want to die, and I want your company to help me die.

Won't you still be killing yourself? You think God's gonna let you in on a technicality?

The chance I'm gonna have to take. Will you help me?

We're gonna get 'em.

I can't even look at this shot. It's off angle. You were suppose to be checking the level.

Man, don't even worry about that.

It's not perfect.

Oh God. Listen, I like things to be perfect.

There's a 1-80 number on there. People trained to talk with people like yourself.

People who've lost the will to live. As much as it might seem there is no reason to

go on. There probably is.

Talk to them. Pray to your God. You said so yourself. Suicide is a sin.

That looks better.

That fucking sin thing lost him. Fucking hell. She should have never of said that! Fucking bitch!

Make the call. Good luck.

Sorry Ron, he didn't buy it.

That's right Fonzo. It's all that sin shit.

You know who I am?

Now I'm impressed, Doc. Didn't know you had the stuff!

I do try to stay in shape there Nick.

Really? What? Some, ah, bench pressing? A few extensions? Some curls to, right Doc?


See now I'm wondering, why would you want to be breaking into my fucking office?

You wanna exchange work out tips?

I thought I told you to shut-up.

Right there. Right there. He's either onto us or he's not right there.

Is he looking at the camera?

The camera is perfect. It's too well hidden.

Alright then, why did he back out?

Yeah, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to kill this one.

Back off killer.

Hey Ron, that's not my name! My name is M-19.

Let's focus people!

We can see that they won't be easy to set up. Now, I think we need to concentrate on the boss.

Nick Andrews?

Yeah, find out why he is so damn philanthropic that he wants to help all of these sick bastards

plan their own death.

I think we share the same desire Nick.

Don't tell me this is about to take a turn down the old gay express, Doc. Don't ride that train.

You're a funny guy.

Got this gun pointed straight at your head. Still you make jokes. That's an interesting trait.

Well why don't I let you in on a little secret? My own 'super power'.

I don't care if I die. Oh, I'm not suggesting you kill me. I still have a hundred thousand

years of preservation instinct. But if a bullet should leave that gun and enter this flesh.

Might be a welcome pain. I could embrace that like a lost love.

Yeah love. That brings us back to my point.

Oh yeah, our shared 'desire'. Which you already promised me wasn't homosexual in

nature. Don't go back on that Doc.

Who's that?

That would be trouble, trouble

for you. My security guy. He's like six foot eight and three hundred pounds.

When he comes in here and sees that gun pointed at me. He's gonna rip it from your hands.

Oh you can be shooting it and everything, but he'll rip it from your fucking hands

and lay your fucking head open and then he'll shoot you. So why don't you, be a good,

smart Doctor and give me the gun.

That way when he comes in here...


Last chance Doc.

'G', get in here and rip this fucker up.

Ah, Wease. Am I not fucking happy to see you.

Just take a seat right there.

What's going on here?

Nick and I are having a little discussion.

I certainly can understand how one could deeply desire Teresa here. I too am a victim, of her beauty.

What Nick? No jokes? I'm glad I was finally able to make an impression upon you.

She is a real find, Nick. And I don't just desire her. I love her. Truly.

Is that what this is about? You want me to stay away from your girl.

Yes and no. Yes, I want you to stay away from her. But no, that's, that's not why I'm here.

You see, she thinks that you arranged the murder of her husband.

Suicide, suicide of her husband.

Yeah, call it what you want, Nick.

Well let's keep that straight.

Give it up man, you've got no chance with her. She hates you. She despises you Nick.

Think about how much you love her, take that same amount, and convert it into hate.

That's how much she hates you.

Well then, that would be a lot of hate. But what the fuck are you doing here?

Either shoot me or get out.

We don't all share that same feeling, Doc.

Shut-up Wease.

Sit tight guys. This can all end nicely if we cooperate. You see the problem is she's

gone to the cops. She wants to expose this whole operation. If they open up the closed

case then, all of the sins will be revealed. Your sins. You arranged all of the deaths.

And my sins as well. You see I fixed Tom's check-ups so he could get the insurance.

If they start looking into it that will surely come out. I'll lose my license, my practice,

I might even do some jail time. And I don't think that Teresa will stick by me through

all of that. I mean, in the end that's who I did all of this for, Teresa.

Is that right?

Yeah, but when this all blows up they're going to be coming after you. Hell, your jail

time will make mine look like freaking summer camp. So I'm here to help. I mean admittedly

so, to help myself too. But ah, you got to clear out man, you got to move on. I don't

care where your doing your fucking killing.

Small point, that would be 'helping people to die'.

Whatever Nick, just go do it some place else. Far enough away that Teresa could never find you.

It's what's best for all of us. Agreed?

I'll be back, and if you are still here, I'll have to grant you that death wish of yours.

Who the fuck are you?

He wasn't lying, you are a big mother fucker.

Hey, you'll never guess what was going on at the motel.

Alright. This fucking cut rate detective firm, they were spying on us, trying to infiltrate us.

Fucking crazy huh?

What's going on man?

Well, it looks like we are about to close up this shop.

Right Nick?

Relocation may well be in order, but there's just one loose end I have to tie up.

What loose end?

This one's just for me.

Joe. You got a visitor.

I don't like the idea of you coming here looking for me.

You told me I had friends in the Police department.

Nick, when I said that was being sarcastic. And I thought you were smart enough to understand that.

But I guess you're just a dumb ass. Actually, you're just the man I want to see.

It's all fucked up isn't it?

Yep. She knows a lot Nick. A whole hell of a lot.

And she wants you to reopen the investigation right?

Not really, she knows that her husband wanted your service, and that was his wish. And for

whatever reason he wanted to die. And she's okay with that.

Then what does she want?

She wants you Nick.


Don't get too happy there Valentino, she wants your ass on a pike. She wants me to

bust your whole organization wide open. She wants you punished. Behind bars.

In short Nick, she hates your fucking guts.

Okay. I get that, she hates me. But what are you gonna do? You gonna bust me?

Well, Nick. That'd be like busting myself now wouldn't it? But I'll tell you what

I want you to do. Dis-a-fucking-pear. Close up your operation and move on.

Yeah, that's a popular sentiment right now.

Then do it.

I think I will. But, I want something from you.

I want to see Tom Taylor's autopsy report.

You know what Nick? You are annoying. I mean you act like we're buddies or something.


Give him a copy of the Taylor file. And get him the hell out of here.

Oh hello, is there a problem?

No. Is Nick here?

Nope. They're all out.

Well anyway, we're here to inspect the sprinkler system.

Who's 'we'?

It's up here.

Anyway, we're going to check it out and make sure it's up to code.

No problem. Your gonna do a good job with that, right 'Stretch'?

Good question. Damn fine question 'Fonzo'. Damn fine.


It's clear.

Baxter. You trust him to do this clean?

Alright then. Make it clean. Fucking squeaky clean.

It will be.


I am sorry about getting angry about you going to the cops.

Should I get that?

No, that's the fax line.

So, am I forgiven? I was just trying to act in your best interest you know.

Even though, Tom wanted to die. I mean he did it for you. And I understand now how you

feel about that terminal assist guy and his company. How you just want him to pay some

sort of price for his involvement in it all. I mean, I get that but, I just think that

maybe it's best if you, look forward. You know, not back. So let's, promise each other.

That we'll move forward. Yeah?

Maybe you're right.

Hummmm. Blank fax.

Yeah. You ready?

Yes I am.

I've decided.


Why don't we go some place warm. Like Hawaii.

No one wants to die in Hawaii.

Alright, get out of my chair. I have to do my nails.

There's no sound.

Yeah, 'M' said he had a little problem with that.

What? I thought you said he was a genius.

Yeah, I also said he was a total lunatic. He said the girl kept distracting him. Hey,

get this, he said she actually asked too many questions. Now that's funny huh?

Hey look, I just want to make sure this thing is ready when the guy when comes.

So when is this mysterious benefactor coming?

I don't know.

Nick's leaving. I'm gonna see where he goes.

Yeah, cool beans. Hey ah, pick me up some coffee on the way back would you?

Christ, what do you want? We only accept shakedowns the first of each month.

Where's Nick?


So it's just you then?

No, The Force is in the back.

I don't think so.

I've just come to inspect your pipes.

Why heavens my pipes have already been inspected.

Well I'm the pipe inspector. So inspect them I will.

No. No.


What the fuck is this guy?

Oh my God.


Oh man.

Fuck. Fuck. Fucking no man!

Let her go man!

I just did. She's dead.

How'd you know about this anyway? You got this place wired or what?

Woah, waoh, woah, Maybe I do, but I didn't see anything.

There's not gonna be enough room in here for all the bodies.

All I'm saying is, if I knew I was about to die I'd be having sex with any woman who'd have me.

Are you trying to say you're currently not having sex with any woman who'll have you?

This should be interesting.

You can put that down Mr. Parker. I made it. Finally.

So you have.

Give me a hand with this will you?

What do you got in there anyway?

None of your business. Just put it over there by the window.

So let me see what you've got here.


We have four camera video surveillance on Terminal Assist. Through this window you have

clear sight lines to one office and the downstairs entrance. You can observe them with binoculars,

a telescope or, any other means.

You got a crapper in this place?

It's communal. It's in the hallway.

You know where we are?

Sure. The restaurant.

Terminal assist office is just down the street.

Huh. I never really knew where they were.

They're right over there.

I'm sorry, this place came with high recommendations. We can go somewhere else.

No. It's okay.


Your waiter will be right with you, could I get you a drink?

Yeah sure, that'd be great. Teresa, what would you like?

Hey! What's the big idea?

Knock it off.

Oh, this is embarrassing. Teresa, I left my wallet in the car. Let me go grab it.

I have money.

No, no way am I going to let you treat. But, if the waiter comes over, can you order me that?



How many fucking people am I gonna have to kill?


Hey doctor, what the fuck are you doing here?

Looking for Nick. I was across the street for a meal and figured I'd just stop in.

Check to see that, he was holding up his side of the agreement.

If you're talking about the agreement of us moving on. Yeah, he's honoring that.

But I suggest you leave before you really get on my bad side.

We can either shoot each other right now. Or you can turn around and get the fuck out of here

and I'll tell Nick you stopped by.

Alright then. You tell Nick I stopped by.

Alright, you leave. You're spared. Now, let's get this started.

Hey Nick.

Yeah, Wease?

You know that Doctor from last night? He just paid us a visit.


What's he up to now?

He's going into the restaurant across the street.

Don't worry. I'll handle this.

I found it.

Ummm, where was it?

Yeah, sorry about that. It fell underneath the seat. I thought I'd left it at home.

But, then I found it.

Well, food's here.

Great, I'm famished.

Me too.


I'm getting ready to go, want to get a beer or something?

Man, you are lazy! You couldn't walk in here for that?

Do you want a beer or what?

No. Go on without me.

Beer tastes good.

Sleep feels good.

You suck. More for me then.

What's he doing here?

I don't know. But I'm gonna find out.

What are you doing?

What do you mean?

The fax Nick. 'Call me'? What are you trying to do to her?

Well, she's not answering the phone. I thought she might answer that.

Yeah well. She's not answering the phone because she doesn't want to talk to you.

She doesn't want to see you. I thought we had a deal? You leave her alone, you go away

from here, you go away from her.


I want to talk to her, Doc. One last time.

Christ. Didn't I make myself clear last night, Nick? I should of killed you then.

Yeah, you should of. Never leave loose ends, Doc. They always come back to haunt you.

Are you gonna haunt me Nick?

Let me talk to her, just for a second.

Fine. I tried!

I tried Nick, but you just won't listen to me, will you? Here. Maybe you'll believe

it if you hear it from her herself.

Teresa, will you please tell Nick what you think of him.

Just get away from me Nick! You took something very special from me. You were wrong.

You're a bad person. Really.

I'm sorry folks. Sorry. Enjoy your meals.

I'm sorry Teresa. He just wouldn't let up.

Would you like to see desert menus?

No, I just want to go home.

Teresa, please. Don't let him ruin this night.

I think it's a bit late for that.

No. No, he's not going to do that to us. We'll see the menus please.

I'll be right out with them.



See anything that looks good?

Have you decided?

Where is he?


Where's the guy, the guy who gave you this?

He's in the back, eating peach cobbler.

What is going on here? It's you.

Alright, let's have this out.

'Name Please'

Come on Force. Pick it up.

Oh yeah, now you want to go out.

Bite me.

Can you tell me again what was wrong with Tom?

He had pancreatic cancer.

Were you sure?

Absolutely. What, what?

Was he???

Do you have insurance Tom?

I'm sorry but, this is one hundred percent fatal. And I was just thinking of Teresa.

Yeah, Teresa. I'm going to have to tell her.

But you can take care of her? Of course you can. You have insurance, right?

I thought there'd be plenty of time.

For everything.

We all think that Tom.

I never thought about insurance. Never thought I'd have to leave her. I don't suppose

any company would take me on now?

No, they run tests. The cancer would show.


But, I think I can help.

I could fake the tests, show them as clean. So you could get a policy.

You'd do that for me?

I'd do that for the both of you.

You'd take that risk?

You are my best friend.

He was sure?

Yeah he was sure. Why do you, why do you think he did what he did?

I'm not so sure.

Pancreatic cancer is 100% fatal. It ravages the body. It leaves a person a living shell

of what they were. They shrink from their body. Their skin turns sallow.

It's an ugly, difficult death.

Is that what you told him?

Yes, it's the truth.

You are a good salesman Carl. You sold him that bill of death didn't you?

Teresa, Teresa. I don't understand or like how you're acting.

This is false. This is a complete fabrication. Obviously created by him. You can't. You

must not believe this. Your husband was sick. He wasn't going to live.

I don't know what to believe anymore, I don't know what to do.


Nick I'm at the office and -

Sorry honey.

I have to go see the police and find out the truth.

Teresa, I already told you the truth. There's no reason to take this any further.

I don't think those tests were wrong. I think you lied to my husband and I want to know why.

Teresa, this is all very bad. Look at all of the people around here. This can not be

overlooked. You'll be taken away to jail. You'll be taken away from me.

This is just between me and him. Tell me Doctor, why would you lie to Tom?

Is this it Teresa? Is this what it's gonna come to? We had a perfect chance to move on

with our lives. You have to know the truth. You have to know why! Well, isn't it obvious Teresa?

It's because of you. Because I love you. Always loved you.

Loved you but could never have you. 1:38:17.42,1:38:130.42 Now it's just, all gone so wrong. You'll be in jail. I'll be in jail.

I don't want to have to forget about you Teresa.

I won't forget about you.

Been looking forward to this. You are the big cheese, the top prize.

What's this now? My money don't fucking do it for you any more?

Well, it was between us or your little business here.

And I guess we lost that draw?

In a big way.

You ain't worried about them out there?


Don't tell me. Turns out, I'm the killer?

Pretty much. Way I see it, we took that information from Teresa.

I infiltrated your organization. Could be a bit messy, true. But in the end,

it will all work out. Because you'll all be dead.

No. Force is still out there. And he will not take too fucking kindly to this.

Yeah. The Force. That is my one regret. Listen Nick, man. This was not an easy job I had.

But don't you worry. I'll get him. Guns don't know big.


My guess is, it's just the cops.

Yeah, better to just let it go, huh?

I'll tell you what. I'll shoot you on the very next ring.

Oh well.

So. You know the truth now?


And what happened with the Doctor?

I think I killed him.

You know we could get out of here. The two of us, through the basements. But we would

have to go soon, before they surround the block.

Don't move Nick.


Stay right where you are, Nick.

I'm confused. You know the truth. You know about the Doctor, your husband was healthy.

The Doctor's been punished.

Yes I know. So, why don't we, the two of us, together, get out of here now.

Before they tear gas the place?

You're forgetting something.

You still had my husband killed.


There were circumstances.

I really loved him.


I love you.

I know.


There you go Nicky.

Just one more.


Just one more.

Just one more.

Come on Teresa.

Just one more.

It's okay.

It's okay.

There you go.

Pull the trigger.

That's it.

Pull the trigger.

It's okay.

Just one more.

The Description of 'The Altruist' FULL MOVIE! (feature length film)