Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MONT (몬트) | Message to Poland Fans 폴란드 팬을 위한 메시지

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Hello, We are MONT!

I'm MONT's main vocal - Bitsaeon!

I'm the leader - Narachan~

and, I'm the rapper - Roda

We recieve a lot of love and interest from you, Poland fans

So, we decided to dedicate this second "letter to fans" for you

I love Poland~

We really need to thank you a lot.

A lot of you give us love and support us.

Say something -

Alright. Our single will be out by the end of this month,

So please keep on showing us your support

and love us, A LOT~

If you keep supporting us as you do now,

we promise to work harder, so we could have a concert in Poland as soon as possible!

We will work really hard!


We have prepared a small gift for you as well,

I love you (*In Polish)

We were MONT! SEE YOU!

We practice here~ It's cute, right?

You can also see the puppy we take care of

It's name is hae-ta~

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