Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Musement: Exclusive Visit to Leonardo Da Vinci's Vineyard

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Welcome to Milan with Musement!

Im standing out in front of the church

Santa Maria delle Grazie.

This church houses the Last Supper,

Leonardo da Vincis famous painting.

But what did Leonardo do

when he wanted a coffe or a glass of wine?

Most people dont know what he did,

but what he did, in fact, he crossed the street.

Now we are inside this hidden gem,

right in the heart of Milan.

This is the entrance:

I dont think Leonardos home,

but it looks like he left the door open for us.

On the wall here we have the Sforza:

this was the ruling family of Renaissance Milan.

They donated this place to Leonardo saying:

Leonardo you are amazing!”

Just have this beautiful vineyard right here.”

This is Leonardos hidden passion.

A team of enologist working for eleven years

have been able to recreate

the very same very old growth vine,

the same grape Leonardo cultivated.

Milan can seem like a mad place.

Its a crazy city,

but right here, in the heart of it all,

its one of the most relaxing spots I found.

Thanks for visiting Milan with us.

This is Musement.

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