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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A DAY IN A LIFE OF A TEACHER: DOING MY NAILS

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my gosh I still come to my life with

everyone yeah yeah yeah you mr. Trant

francis live again yes guys thank you so

much for coming everyone

yeah so in today's live-streaming gyrus

oh my god what happened here in today's

life screaming guys this is just about

my day yeah a date and life of a teacher

yes guys so as you can see the title

I'll be doing my nails guys so who is in

the chat room right now me check hello

JK 2017 2019 how are you how are you how

are you my dear

so yeah and I'm gonna play music

actually I am watching one month with

travels live streaming right now and the

music is very beautiful so yeah guys

here we go

big shout-out to one one foot traveling

a low belly oh my god Billy Dee




teacher asana will complete your ass

bellow are you the truth cannot make is

so much laughing you give advise so I my

husband is my husband an angel

they are watching when I went to trouble

so this is the music guys



you hear the music not very nice music I

love shiny but oh my goodness probably

gonna be the most important LS in my

whole life is it so yes guys this will

be L lowered down the volume a little

bit so I'll be just out just be doing my

nails today guys so this is part of you

know a day in the life of a teacher yes

specially in another country guys yeah

oh oh thank you so much like and you can

beatbox a cracker box will come are you

prepared LOX thank you for coming look

butch restring is hello how are you

montre Sturgis thank you for coming

everyone so I need a de-stressing hello


David Roger hello already David Roger

RGH TV welcome to my life's dream oh all

right no jakey Jung said I'm working my

new language jima Christmas series and

he invited to the party of the year it

all begins Sunday December 1st oh this

is amazing news so we gonna check it out

jakey young 20 17 and 19

okay yeah oh where am I now

Peter Russell said high five Belle

Helene born Zeus I mean maybe I'm shiny

man Bella Vita Bella Bella I think

No she also speaks French a little bit I

guess or should speak French very well

I'm not so sure okay I haven't heard her

speaking French of much hi to everyone

from teacher Russell RGH TV yeah but

this single guys put this single David

villager and shine amen

they are content consumers everyone they

are not creators okay so yeah I hope you

guys yes guys the one month with trouble

guys is actually like today and yeah

such a beautiful music this is her music

guys teacher I still shut up to you she

is very good at French indeed Bella oh

that's great Wow so Bella must have

studied very well no that's great so

anyway guys this is just you know I

would just be doing my nails there yeah

I'm gonna show you guys what I'm using

here since I don't have the complete

materials because of course I can't find

it here it's different from Philippines

yeah you wrestle you did go live today

in sugar like today teacher Russell okay

everyone loved the mom oh yeah this is

my wonderful mom pink maybe you can see

I think it's clear now right I always

have this one on my table and it has

mirror you see I can see myself over

here where am i okay over there



that's me over there but this means that

me know what am i doing it's not me

me okay it's me Bella we shot at the

okay teacher us the lightheaded class

with Korea's oh okay yeah I miss

teaching Koreans you know these things I

don't have Korean students anymore I

only have French and Taiwanese and I'm


RGH TV David Roger okay teacher it is

MWF oh okay

like TV hello welcome must be like TV

because almost everyone teacher Russell

got level two so once again guys whoever

gets the highest levels from booty

single today you will get three WH from

English teacher in France

okay yeah yeah yeah that's it guys there

this is how I I express my gratitude to

you guys for being here it's not really

much because I can't give to everyone

but yeah at least you know so teacher

Russell got level two so whoever goes

whoever gets the highest level we've got

three WH question from English teacher

in France level two are right um what's

this thing are you can sugar yes what

this thing what is my employee here a

love that things like good night to you

eat actually after intern here almost

evening here in France right now

and be sure on Russell and say hi to

like the new cake very good music it's

Christmas guys so yes guys let's begin

let me like TV if you're free come in so

my flower also pink guys yes so a shiny

men everyone are you excited are you

excited to see how I'm gonna do my nails

I don't think you can see everything

guys but yeah I think just like that so

I'm just gonna do like that so I have my

removal yeah this is to remove the older

with that nail polish that I have right

now yes yes Bella but if it means my

pre-shooting brother yes that is life's

roomie is just really like this okay so

yeah if you want to make friends in the

shower room just just do it but do it

the right way okay shiny but my bro is

mad at me by now your brother's eye

Neiman never greasy right Bella

meanwhile we got a lot of stuff laughing

out loud bang shiny so yes guys I have

this um what I have this remover nail

nail polish remover and of course I have

my cotton you cannot remove your nail

polish without your cotton so I'm gonna

do like that and I also have

i nipper everyone nipper I think for all

women out there you knew what - you know

what the things are great

wow he's got a lot of ok like a gnocchi

with buzz that flower good thing if I do

not not a given florist

yes of orders this flower is forever

nurse a peanut might manage not up to

you the seafood is in hi to everyone

okay yes life in you give it but why

your flowers live in UK with buds don't

actually last long oh that should be

here that should be a strange thing it

means maybe you didn't take care of your

flowers in your garden we see juices let

be like ha yes guys this ah I'd be like

how guys she has actually started going

my guys say yeah she goes like that she

has three times so yes guys um hello

zesty I was just admiring you were a

business flower gorgeous oh yeah


so yes guys I'm gonna have the captain

and this to remove the nail polish you

know when I have this color it's very

hard to remove but after removing I'm

gonna put it again thank estamos nurse

aid in America welcome to my channel

welcome to my channel welcome to my

life's dream one night snuggle guys me

night channel is actually from Vietnam

right cool my channel cheese from

Vietnam everyone

Lu lang siya know when long channel

thank you so much for coming by with us

I bought medicine guys and it's very

good because I didn't pay for that

insurance I went to the pharmacy today

to buy the medicine which the doctor

prescribed jeans and then I was about to

pay and I was very surprised because the

pharmacy there they just asked me my

heart's without and also my mute well

sequester shiny man my insurance card

yet I'd leave it and I didn't have to

change like a new favorite but actually

you know what a mindful travel to me the

music is from YouTube library so I'm not

very not very sure big shout out to

anyone for travel

I don't have rose inside the house oh I

see I see them have versus love scene

life annuities laughing why are you

laughing life and you gave it back with

boss no feed collar yes of course is my

favorite color guess what lunch channel

guys is from Vietnam love your music

yes you're not alone Lorenzo Bastilla

and welcome to my livestream means of a

still life thank you okay

10:22 be from here oh yeah I know

because I have a friend there in Vietnam

and she's actually live right now

so dr. Mary floor in Vietnam she's also

like she's in banana in my channel Mary

flour in Vietnam okay she is also a

teacher Mary flour

carrot lover in Vietnam women guys I

need to check something guys who who

like who who David me - well assurance

of complementarity chair okay

assurance complimented my friend Gil no

comment third Bush my name it but anyway

yeah that's it guys so I didn't have to

pay for the medicine yeah because I've

got this insurance image which we pay we

actually pay every month

everyone everyone so yeah so I'll just

make it smell like the 101 future house

music yet to avoid you know CPI thing

because I'm not so sure but anyway she

put in her description it's from YouTube

music libraries so I'm gonna try check

it out let's check it out check it out

so yes guys I think you guys are excited

to see what I do or how I do my nails

right maybe it rolled you're waiting me

when the holidays are over the intrigue

coffee will not shine out I don't drink

coffee is this question for me

if that's my if that question is for me

I don't drink coffee

I just actually drink milk tea or hot

chocolate or milk yes but with coffee I

don't drink because I probably eat after

drinking coffee so coffee is not for me

one lung

channel so yes guys first the music I

don't even know where is the music where

there is the music music good my god I

know sending virus I could have good

embarrass me okay moment guys like a new

K with bars

you got loads of coffee bean plants yeah

that's why she asked me if I drink

coffee I don't drink coffee but maybe

I'll be watching your coffee things yes

so where are we now let's check if there

is any CPR okay no CPR

oh this virus on my computer I don't

know what my husband did with my laptop

he used my laptop to watch a movie

because he left his laptop in the bar

last night

he used it after you used it there is

this thing always about the virus virus

bla bla bla virus huh oh there's no

music anymore no it's impossible

I can't even okay here we go

video and what's next

and then reverse the music is 17 guys

well there's no Christmas music here but

101 foot travel has a lot of music I

don't want to get that I don't even know

where I can find my a music from the


sorry guys I hope you guys can stay a

little bit I'm just checking something

here no no chance at all

okay so let's forget about it okay here

we go

what message do we have here some of

eight who has someone a teacher Russell

I had milk tea today's this got a

stomachache Oh wah so you are not used

to a milk tea I think color make Regina

home welcome to my livestream no problem

color make your channel I know you are

very busy there hello my favorite color

hello my favorite color what's your

favorite color so I Neiman is this your

favorite color but lunch on a lot life

here girls coffee and rice yes a lot of

coffee in Vietnam and rice this is a

life in Vietnam so yes guys I have my

neighbor here and I have my nail polish

I have actually I had three colors of

this the other two colors are like was I

like this one because you know it covers

the dirt big thing in my nails but now

my nails are getting a shoe now so yeah

guys so this is from its Russia again

it's not very expensive guys so that's

the only thing I can afford I love black

coffee oh my god no I'll call her maker

it's your favorite color

oh my god I thought the one I'm wearing

is your favorite color shiny men and of

course because I don't have pusher here

I can never find any pusher here in

France I don't know why but maybe they

are using a different thing and you

might laugh at me this is what I use as

my pusher this is what I use guys

forgive my eyes guys if you don't know

what happened you can watch my live

streaming earlier I mean in my day time

yeah I went lie about it and of course I

have my thing to remove the excess nail

polish and of course I have my nail file

as well named vices elect models charted

models models models cool pusher huh

yes it's your Russell I don't have here

and I can't do my thing without any

insurance oh yeah and I have my this is

empty perfume which I used to use when I

was in Philippines but here I can't find

it here

actually before I left Philippines guys

I actually bought three bottles of this

yeah from Philippines and I brought it

here we put in the luggage luggage yeah

because it's not a lot to bring a lot

you know so I brought this one and now

everything is empty

yeah this is uh my perfume when I was in

Philippines this is aficionado it's

German perfume Germany perfume like that

I love the the smell of it this one but

no now no more because you know I can't

find anything like that here yes so

that's how it is guys where we know

where do you live wouldn't unshot know I

live here in France one on channel but I

am from Philippines

okay I'm a Filipina who lives in France

okay t-shirt Rosso cool pusher ha like

my cup coffee lover here as well whoo

five cups a day is not too much oh my


maybe you should actually email because

he drinks coffee as well he is also a

coffee lover for his morning yes so you

should ask shiny man life be like TV if

he drinks more than you do at day five

cups a day what about you shiny man how

many costed a shiny men ran BP welcome

dear welcome are you Randy PCC why don't

we took a cynic good to be our ticket go

go no problem Sears from BP resume

Explorer hello welcome to my live stream

corazon Explorer guys is actually selfie


dier acs hello everyone from correct

right bluffs everyone so we've got many

friends here who are already monetize we

have REM VP we have dark red locks we

also have a scholar makers channel yes

guys and Bellamy these channels guys are

wet they monetize everyone we also have

nurse eight in America yes and of course

others in the future for sure he will be

the next people who will get monetized

you know like me like that's too much

teacher Russell is laughing just half

cup for me Ren beefy thank you so much

for MVP Mari Chris a vlog hello welcome

to my livestream my dear Mary Chris a

vlog everyone is another monetized

friend of ours everyone yes welcome

welcome everyone thank you so much

welcome Mary Chris thanks Mari Chris Oh

difficult spell me huh okay thanks Mary

Chris shine even teacher have you heard

of py red nail polish by caronia it does

exist in the Philippines yes we have

Carmona and Philippe's SHINee met but

Billy Bob about why red nail polish I'm

not so sure

anyway I have tried using Huronia in

Philippines but you know when I was in

Philippines I used to have you know

always long nails and my nails my nails

were always I always had my nails with

French French tip no French tip yeah I

think most women or all women know what

French tip is French tip it means the

tip only of your nails have the white

thing only on the tip there is white so

I loved it when I was in Philippines

because you know I worked at a school

and in some schools where I used to work

is that a lot to put color so yeah

that's that was very safe I just put the

white on to it on the tip it's not

really me with it but the beauty shop I

used to go to the saloon every weekend

life be like TV that's the only

I can get to keep me awake at night to

do my work

ya know and the turn oh me oh my god yes

you are like a you're like an owl last

be like TV show you name it I've got to

write the work here not my fault oh my

god shine demon I stink

I know what you mean huh Oh amen

but it does exist ah-ha so maybe you can

let me know later and I'm gonna check

about it but I've never Philippines I

used to I seldom actually I seldom I

seldom wear dark colors I oh I used to

wear only French Dip on my nails yes

teacher ah still shine yes my nail

polish right now is caronia Tahiti Brown

oh I have got I've gotta go to bed first

because it's late night see you an


yes thank you so much good lunch China

thank you so much for dropping by - have

a good one I could see neech I wrote

welcome to the life strip tonight Amy in

USA aqua city guys it's a wedding site

and the one one foot Travis

live-streaming is very beautiful this is

Christmas song a lot of Christmas songs

and a lot of Christmas decorations she's

showing in her live streaming but yeah

Isis Turing a silent because I'm not

very sure about you know the music if

I'm gonna get CPR so yes cuz I talk too

much and of course I have my brush here

maybe you think oh she sure missed the

brush I have my brush of course guys

brush so let's remove guys let's remove

that the old nail polish oh my god I'm

really doing it in front of you I think

I remember shine a man wanted to see

this done right shiny man yeah so this

is for you shine even see yes guys

actually with this color guys this color

when you remove it's not easy because

you know look the color is a lot really

it's not easy to remove this color look

at my nails guys Oh teacher which is

better read the color or without the


Marie Curie save love I you andhaka

possibly finally thank you so much Marie

Kris blah

welcome to my livestream a pilaf on

meals oh my god first aid in America

guys Thursday in America acoustic near

like a Bengali person me yes you can

join me here I posted me like an UK with

boss no problem thank you so much

I understand life in UK with bus so yes

guys actually cleaning my nails guys is

one way is my it's one of my ways to

overcome stress in feeling depressed you

know yes

when I was in Philippines guys when I

felt tired or when I feel angry or

something I just go to the saloon I go

to the beauty shop and I have my nails


I mean I used to have my nails done yeah

a lot

Christine Thomas hello welcome to my

life's free life be like TV IBS viva la

red oak aronia existed Philippi but I

prefer dark colors like black and


unless it's summer I will have green or

yellow means Wow

green yellow nails I've never tried that

Maricruz a vlog papi luck with Dinah

hood ok he would go animal nail polish


that's only guys some here any friends I

don't do this very often because you

know I'm very busy they're not really

busy guys but you know I lose my

interest in doing my nails because I

have to do everything I wash the dishes

the laundry everything everything

cleaning and all yeah so yeah I I do it

maybe once someone yeah one someone when

was the last time I put my collar nails

I mean my nail colors showing a men do

you remember shy haman the seafood I

like pink peach color Wow pink peach

yeah I think this is it right pink this

is the one you like the stick would like

be like look guys how about my nails

I'd be like TV teacher I look after my

nails more than my eyebrows

yes life be like hard when I was in


you can't imagine maybe you can check my


I have posted some of my photos of my

mails because after I go to the beauty

saloon I I used to take photo of my

nails every time I finished you know

every time I finished having my nails

done not hair I always I used to take

photos yeah so it was very beautiful

that you know change this in life

nothing is permanent in this world exact

changes thank you so much Mike read

blogs guys record lots is also money

ties everyone she's from the US and life

be like TV is in what the Sri Lanka GP

hammer my life's true great to see you


should I name is thinking a teacher stop

talking oh my god sorry shiny man okay

guys let's continue with our Dale thing

because shiny man is so excited but

there's nothing really special shiny bit

okay so yeah guys look at the captain

the agus it and this is the first one so

usually guys I do it two times to really

remove the color perfectly you know how

to remove all the old all the old done

the old color on my nails see ya guys

where are we now okay let me read a

messages here um Christy haha JB Hamburg

is the last thing all right my dear

JB Humber zippy number guys has started

going live as well

Racine Thomas Thomas I'm a math teacher

I said everybody's laughing exciting

here's guys I'm scared of showing even

okay if he says stop talking I should

stop but I can't stop shining man how

can he do that shiny man your teacher

never stops talking shiny man I'm

sitting I'm gonna stop talking shine

amen if you are on my panel oh my god Oh

at that shiny man yes next time if I use

my stream yard my stream yard do I owe

it stream yard I mean if I use from your

you guys can join me so teachers

teachers no not a trustee

teacher will stop talking guys yeah I'd

be like I'm okay who is that great to

you that JV Hamburg vlogs like me like

TV I'm addicted of nail arts but it cost

me much oh my god nail art I don't like

me to art but it's very expensive it's

true and gel also gel but it damages

your nails gel gel actually damages your

nails you know so I bought some nail art

tools Wow and learn to do it my own so

far I think I'm doing good and that oh

my god life be like TV TV why do I

always call your TV life be like hob you

should come here in France

and do my nails zesty food what color

are you going to apply now yes I'm gonna

put the same colors a seafood yes

actually I have different colors there I

have it's a strange strange guys because

you're in France I'm using dark colors

nowadays yeah I didn't know I mean here

yeah but when I was in Philippines I

didn't used to wear dark colors yeah I

don't know why I like to travel your

music here I a a muted it because I'm

scared of CPR James Williams guys is one

one flow travel


is this your music are you sure - CPR


shininess Wow with the single thing so

much why why am i but this is what they

put this thing would do what what this

you could do why did you think what they

see more life in my club how about



Oh might be like ha got to level okay

level to like be like what color are you

putting if I'm including this color I

don't know how I don't know what it is

in English but it says here joining

mechanisms we fruity please the power is

rose rose

I do not to pronounce it Rose rose pop

yeah this one shiny mint in you see

shiny man ah maybe you cannot see where

is the rose oh my god you can see




roses pink shining men right I don't

know anyway um zesty okay uh teacher

Russell go for stream yard says yes I'm

gonna I sometimes use three yard um

teacher Russell actually before I got

money twice I used to use stream yard a

lot yeah but these days it's kind of

complicated do you stream yard for me

because I need to set the monetization

thing and I need to set on the other

thing editing and things like that so

yeah and yeah I just actually I use

stream yard especially if there are some

people who would like to join me live so

usually it's a planned live streaming

with stream yard because some people you

know talked with me and they want to

join we have something like that but

these days not a lot but I do if you'd

like to you roses think I'm correct

you're right where I know don't worry

teacher maybe I talk even more than you

do and look t-shirt hello hello and up

as far oh my god one what's the trouble

one one foot travels one a my foot


oh my god I can't even type oh my god

what's wrong came here to go hey okay

and teacher Russ so welcome to this okay

this sure Rasta would love to see you in

stream yard shiny men well shiny men

it's only in our dream guys if it's

shiny men you are asking we will be

dreaming of a white Christmas right

shining sea CH light even said in your

dream eater rustle so yes guys I hope

you will be active in as I remember oh

my god don't don't give me a lot of

messages guys because what this thing is

giving you a level guys whoever gets

highest highest level will have three WH

from teacher okay up Cassini pinky samus

is a nurse aid in America teacher

Russell Cheyenne laughing she's laughing

this Restless may I say watch later oh

my god guys what time is it oh I need to

excuse myself everyone okay

because I think that's my daughter oh my

god it's early

the the new new ordinary has sent her

sorry guys excuse me for a second










clever guy oh my god I'm not even sure

if I can finish this

hello - field TV welcome it's blurred oh


roses pink level freeze Leslie would

just eat food zesty food has level three

might be liked easy missing time plus

can dance on Xmas night yes I got boo

good job

hobbies birthday gift is supportive and

my nail passion Wow

kiss kissy

nobody Navas roulette table we we

shut up everyone see sure is a try gel

polish but my nails grow so fast so I

don't like it because I changed nail

polish every week and the gel is so


yeah gel is so expensive everyone and oh

my god it's also actually hard to remove

you know gel polish is difficult to

remove guys ok leave is almost every

person Wow that says made food is here

again welcome back Texas made food thank

you for coming hey Christine tom was ok

baby Richard once was enough and the

only time David ruler said once he's

talking about being on the panel because

David Roger was actually once on my

panel everyone so yeah he doesn't want

it again okay okay I know my gosh I

hello I'm very much don't forget me yes

guys so what's good everybody I hope

everybody's having a great day yes

everybody's having a great day I think

Texas would think Omega what happened

here auntie Shura

so I agree might be like a David Roger

Texas yes Texas made foodies from Texas

David Wolter I think it's from Texas or

well I can remember he used to be in

Texas Oh

correct me if I'm wrong David butcher

you are now in Texas or you moved there

from Texas 20 men like me like hot

sometimes yes

and don't forget we only live twice one

oh my god one life for yourself

and one life for your dreams yes so cute

baby on the go

hello baby everybody said hello 22nd oh

they bought you

yeah the banjo what is this angry face

keep on Juvia van we bought you two

Lavanya yeah baby

no no okay nobody nobody nobody okay we

are now the new baby and will baby Frank

Arkwright lives a little beautiful baby

girl II watch some artistas buff really

oh my god so nut mother right 101 foot

travel a little teacher Russell what's

good David

oh she a sweetheart oh yeah

say bonjour Chloe sick teacher sick was

sick shiny minute my good Chris I'm not

doing time you see yeah I said miss

removing the nail color guys I'm not

even sure if I can finish this

oh my god I've been like for 39 minutes

now Wow okay channel is here yes awesome

friends are later teach Texas meet food

we want David Roger to you cannot leave

intruder teacher Russell when you go

lion teacher are Aviva can visit you've

never done yes here oh my baby she saw

this and she said yeah this is dirty

don't touch it

no touching you have to say hi no no no

- I need dirty you want to say nice come

on no touching

dirty you said you um okay right now

okay everybody's reaching to each other

honey what's up some mother of course

mmm-hmm and sick is little a teen we use

it to say you quote someone all right

oh wow I learned something from shining

in today I'm not familiar with that

route to be honest al Cassini ha ha ha

okay oh so sweet boys I already got the

house welcome to my live stream how are

you well basketball and I would be

memorize you work

very useful expression our money these

iressa would also use sick for grammar

error as shine amen ah really I didn't

know that

see you guys teacher is not perfect

everyone okay yes then Oh see pop what

one lemon woman one no sleep last night

then messy how can I finish you be I

think if somebody's talking here you

sure are still my best buddy nice to see

you teacher Russell ok yes guys so yeah

that's it guys and then after guys I put

water charlie I put water in my nails

like that yes and then instead of using

pusher of course I use this one my very

powerful pusher like thing it's actually

sisters guys to you know push push her

from the word pusher the purpose is to

push the cuticle to push the catechol

guys in order to remove it easily you

know yeah you see oh my god I will show

you you will be disgusted huh you go

yeah that's not where we moved it that's

how I oh yeah no it's not for you oh

yeah I thought English be sure you go

girl Oh ask me rustic welcome shiny miss

missing funds Oh Oh fine so because I

made doing error and typos oh yes I am

sick teacher right shiny man do I

pronounce it correctly everyone correct

your teacher mister to family who if she

wants to join with me


oh no sleep my baby and then after I

pushed guys I used my nipper for any

purpose and I'm not very good at this

any further professional video give me

the chips be me give it to me this is

like that we cannot be no big deal there

are people over there what what guys is

love love love love some more distress

will go like tomorrow oh well great I'm

gonna be there I think good luck today

because I have glasses okay like a new

Peugeot yes I remove it and I have

started some actions to cancel our

engagement proposal was a mistake now

come but not going can a silly to a new

house into one des that's why guys I

can't do it one of the reasons I can't

do it whenever I like special wishes

here because yeah look she's checking

what I'm doing if you can see her face

right now oh my god you're gonna laugh

out loud no don't press that it's not

for you and thank you so much

Oh sending my love constantly make no

baby no baby no baby huh no baby

sandy ah

yes movies brush its brush nope I see


yeah guys see shiny men how can I do

that shiny men do - how can I finish

doing my new did you play with who get

it Gua guess it works which one day one

okay this one okay go down please

go down go down but it has Nazi love yes

this is difficult shiny man you know

everyone say hi she doesn't want to say

hi guys sorry


so yeah a day of a life are you singing

okay sing sing know what why not why not

sing me what do you want to say Chloe

Chloe eating chips telling lies open

your mouth no I follow you you're eating

yes Chloe no Chloe



the ponzu Clube the ponzu depends on the

bunch of shiny may be shining man be

born smooth she did like this tiny'mon


ha where we know typing with direct

penetration ability so I can share it if

you don't mind

ok so cute Chloe I feel like grammar is

a way of getting readers to understand

how you feel what can they see from our

perspective let me know anak subcon up

an open air Kanta oh really

like I get lots of you know of ads for

grammerly yes but maybe sip a pizza

knots about being hot so


virtually be Russia didi can you get

there didi I won't make your I'll go

make I will put new maybe here

see Bobby maybe no slowly be careful ok



cute baby level - who is level - aqua

see me

Wow Athenian ever - of course

see me shine even what are you doing now

shine amen

what kind of question teacher oh wow

applause for that sign amen

like be like huh see you guys

I can't even finish so yeah this one

finger I am supposed to oh I've been

here you blame it up here I think you

guys so yeah when they play together so

I can have peace a little and then

faster I'm gonna cook and then it's done

with me guys after cooking yes guys you

see I have started removing my cuticle

guys you know teacher kiss kiss me kiss

good to fit she she took her cotton nice

and she do she does like me careful at

easier ways outside sunday my table

thank you so much for coming Sunday mile

of sand in my lap guys is also already

money time everyone telling me open your


I found you you're eating candy over

there haha so yes guys look at that

yeah I have just finished removing the

removing the critical and this part

looked with with cuticle and nervous

with with cuticle and here no more so

any difference maybe yes

hello a tea

well we play some like a baby upstairs I

thought if I need 30 minutes more I know

you charge it my lover just because

because when I owe an interstate but is

really little three no because


Oh teacher rest on level three Wow

picture Russell got level three everyone

you see and who is still good teacher

Russell I do try to write properly when

I write emails yes teacher Russell he's

got amazing writing skill teacher Otto

you know when he writes up nothing

it feels like he's writing a book Kisha

Russell that's how shiny Minh rice so

yes guys one finger is done so let's

have the next one chart anything the

next three mainly boy ever be sworn

family and you see you what are you

doing gonna be sporting family 101 foot


it's the alive guys here but I put in a

very low volume guys because you know I

don't know really why no one would

travel no CP are you sure do not be

so yes guys this is it pass it this is

it ponce de chine amen I think the true

Russell is already very late in her

place right now good night teacher

Russell thank you so much for dropping

by James Williams music music we are you


tell us abusing a little huh no more

music went away what a Michael travel

why no music

one-foot travel why is your music not

working ah there you are


I'll shine you can see you teacher Rosco

okay teacher I scared watching you using

the new principal yeah because I used my

dad guys you know I'm not I don't use

that this is experts do that guys

experts they use like that but me I do

like that so they can see cup it ish

sorry Dixie cup shiny man you know she's

sorry she got


okay I have to like cut cut guys let's

cut the music a little in play and cut

like that maybe we will not have CPR yes

everyone thank you so much everyone for

staying guys so yeah guys this live

streaming is just really about my you

know my routine with my nail yeah and

yeah that's how it is and it's starting

to get her eyes when I do my my right

hand it's hard for me because you know I

can't use my left very well

painting my nails you know yeah yeah

yeah and then brush brush brush

shiny men brush brush brush two times a

day Russians I believe I'm more hello

teachers ideally not worn who is this

Adaline amor James Williams from YouTube

Larry Lucchino

and the music metalman go grab it

subscription okay I will put later also

Adelina this is an American shot very

good at some point


I'm pretty upgrade well sure guys so

should I take a booster at the line

my teacher where you must be pristine

tempest an American Shahi idly no more

no that is an American shot

I'm not gonna shine a t-shirt don't call

me please I don't use the brush for

doing my business so yeah guys that's

what I did with my second nail and this

is the first one so we will have the

third one so you see the difference guys

here there is still critical but here no

more subtle so I'm excited and sunshiny

men huh


I removed my and removing the no I'm

removing and pushing I'm pushing the

catechol guys before I remove it using

EEPROM yeah when I push that's what I

get nothing

ok let's remove that and we will use the

Nippon rabbit peanut fresh oh thank you

so much Randy P Anna Marie bootie

Palmyra massara

Oh Anna Marie basura Messara you

got it oh really

also you enjoy enjoy Anna Marie Concha

my life that's the best way to get

something asking I'm here I didn't

really something like be like hog said

Merry Christmas everyone my mailbox is

so thanks for all gifts ask my address

wow really let me like hub so yeah guys

that's how I do it guys so you might

look you might be scared looking at me

doing this with my nails

yes bye guys but that's how I remove the

nail polish everyone ok lower down the

music I'm okay and a number a shiny men

and not like that's ok that Dragon 2.0

hello welcome to my livestream death

dragon death drug a very interesting

name right guys that's wrong gun that

dragon 2.0 is here let's welcome

everyone and yes guys I hope you guys

don't feel bad what I'm doing here you

know see yes guys as you see on the

title don't bring my nails guys this is

the way I do my nails do my nails do the

- this is the way we wiggle our hips

before we go tomorrow so yes guys does

it goes

maestra guys this is it gonna be huh

welcome everyone it's very you know I

even have difficulty with my left hand

after and I do my right hand it's gonna

be more difficult yes guys this is how

it is guys abroad guys you want to go

abroad self-service guys money in


service Iran Tresor has I Brazilian

hello Iran Missourians welcome to my

livestream well a lot of people here

Sofia and Rafael shares Sophie I drop my

shares I think and that's you at field

Coriana TV welcome to my livestream Iran

dear Suarez I'm Brazilian haha I think


ok hello I know Marie is not oh you're

talking hello finest always absent

finest though is not work or either

noise let me make wristbands of a shiny

men I think fans oh is the angry with me

so he's not here anymore

uh he's not here Chinaman hello Anna

Marie must be must be sleeping maybe

you're a night princess

sleepy ok thank you you are very welcome

this dragon 2.0 Sophia Raphael is here

ha ha I think so Iran guru Soros ok this

finish I'm a night person you're a night

owl shy on Anna Marie kruncha death

dragon to please her I like the night

better than day oh really

but me guys I am actually not a night

person so as you can see panda eyes guys

because trying to be a night person

which I am NOT you know hiding boo but

they seem ooh Oh Sophie Rafael shares

but they seem


and I reckon as much as I know funds oh

he's not back home before 6:30 p.m.

Paris time what time is it now it's

actually what time is it now if as if I

saw shiny men it's a oh I'm gonna go

like early I thought it was 6:00 p.m.

it's still 5 p.m. well after after after

after daddy

life build a shrine life be like puzzle

has to do his laundry and waited it to

dry hope he can catch up

I love day that's the only time I can

sleep Wow so you're also a night owl

life be like how guys I hope you don't

feel bored watching me doing this thing

shiny man aren't you bored brush brush

brush yes guys brush brush brush and

let's remove the cook mo inside our


oh that's dragon I'm just gonna be here

for a bit

oh thank you so much death dragged uh no

problem death dragon let me see what's

new about you death dragon that Java 2.0

he's always at my live streaming eyes oh

this is a game channel gaming channel uh

he also has some bomb challenge Wow okay

that's a dragon if you can see my eyes

or still swollen I just put a little bit

of the create cream guys I had to do it

three times a day and you know what guys

this morning during my live streaming

you saw that I showed you their

prescription of the doctor right and

it's very hard for me to read and I

think nobody it won't you could read

that but one did guys shiny men guys

read it well you know shine even read

the prescription of the doctor very well

thank you so much that lets drag them to

point zero for dropping by no problem

thank you so much I really appreciate

your presence here ok you mean fine so

it's still a work yes I feel like I

we'll be sad to learn he has missed you


not kidding oh I ran near Suarez I live

in governador valadares city Brazil also

you are Brazilian you mean now

pure Brazilian or mixed Iran dear Suarez

shiny men your cam was good actually t

sure my cam was good oh yeah ha but now

it's not good now shiny men so yes guys

I finished the third finger now we have

two more to do can you see any

difference oh my god maybe no difference

at all right no difference at all anyway

does it really matter as long as it's as

long as it's clean so yes guys by the

way TGIF TGIF all 16 people are still

here my god you guys are amazing

TGIF because yo course

thanks God is Friday Friday Friday guys

so Saturday and Sunday our favorite you

know relaxing day our favorite no

actually I love Friday guys it's

Saturday because yeah I can sleep you

know as long as I want

and as long as the baby is asleep as

well yeah I don't have to wake up early

because no work you know no work so yes

guys maybe some of you saw my nails you

know it was very long and I caught it

because I broke one nail when you show

the prescription your cam was good

quality teacher oh yeah yeah thank you

so much shiny man that's why you were

able to read it but yeah I'm not I was

not talking about the camera actually

each night II meant but it was the right

thing you know I think many of you would

agree for all the people out there from

Philippines I think you can agree with

me that um you know I'm gonna stay

doctor spend my shift guys is really

challenging to read isn't it huh do you

agree with me with this opinion of mine

oh my

oh my god I will stop my ah you know

when I open it very big oh my god look

open-close open-close saying it oh we

miss him to see everyone's asking well

sorry guys

well I think everywhere you go wherever

there is someone who knows finds oh they

always ask where spans the where spans

oh thank you so much James Williams boy

James Williams it's okay

Gurudev it's okay okay do your thing you

are busy okay just listen to music a

little again guys

now virus cleaning up cool chef my next

vlog went up and we share my next vlog


guys we chef maneet slaw guys do you

know but what is it blue I know this is

not my chat room oh my god


can you see guys guys I was reading here

and uh when I left for travel was


I was service ha why do I have my next

vlog and his blue is the first time to

see his name

hello Blake sweat hi to everyone in the

shed now shiny man we will be the flower

girl idea flower girl

see guys multi-tasking guys I'm ready


the not my shot room the other person

started I'm checking him oh my god -

sure good I was reading it was 101 foot

travel chat room everyone I'm not sure

if you can see why isn't it so clear

yeah I was reading here

I'm super good I realized he's over


yeah so here we go let's continue

stop talking t-shirt uh Blake sweats how

are you Blake's but you are at 18 likes

yeah thank you so much that dragon lake

sweat let's grow together hey Blake hehe

Oh our money up go is laughing at me

you're very bad guys oh you're very bad

so I named it I know I have a I'm

you said no sock bun

where is that way they like that okay

here we go and okay let's do it this way

dress up one second ago bursa

huh you're laughing at me huh guys but

she we could get chopped ha ha let me be

laughing right now but it's good shine a

man didn't say anything

everybody shiny men didn't say anything

let's check ya shine even didn't say

anything ya guys oh my goodness Akbar

MVP oh my god I got lost you know

multitasking it is everyone yes guys uh

we need to I need to support my friends

because yes I would like them to get

money ties as well very soon they're

also true to me truth is when I went

with trouble look livestream away where

I know where am i but we'd never get out

for messages guys why is that so

let's show us enough for everyone I am a

police officer and I study English on

YouTube for two years

oh yeah oh I think how did you how did

you know my channel how did you know my

channel how did you know my channel Iran

your source sorry

around your source actually today I'm

just speaking English here and a little

bit of Filipino language but yeah

usually I go live streaming with English

lessons so I hope I can see you again in

my next live streaming with English


Iran ders flora Soros or Soros yes

that's great you are learning English

through YouTube welcome to my live

stream and thank you so much for coming

here but I would like to ask where did

you actually get my channel or hobby how

did you find me no sorry guys

my thing is not working here hello

teacher rats lol welcome to my

livestream of course Nelly what good me

rat said okay guys I don't know what

happened here with my thing it's pretty

boring this uh okay here we go

okay what happened I be like what

happened according to shine amen

let's see food I'm still here listening

to you just got stuck with something oh

don't get stuck zesty food you have to

get away from that thing ear under

Suarez respect to you serve hello yes he

has been studying English on YouTube and

that is amazing you know that is a very

good job you know you can meet a lot of

people on YouTube who actually speak

English special native speakers and

that's amazing like be like hob said a

man miss that same teacher he went to

the haha yeah there's a problem shiny

men because to you left me without

saying so yeah you missed it shiny men

you missed it it's your problem shiny

man you already missed it oh my god I

can't finish this I keep talking guys

anyway guys if you have things to do

please do it okay don't worry about me

here I'll just be talking to myself but

to myself now of course I would not

talking I would like I would love to

talk with you guys yes guys yeah here we

go here we go

shiny man where did you go I don't use

some love I'll go easy place swept

showed some love and booty see movin on

give me a teasing me with the same omaha

friend vanillin guys what is it more

shiny men david Roger yes they are

content consumers everyone okay

so Iran beer how long have you been in

Brazil have you been living in Brazil in

your old life your whole life

Iran beer is very difficult to pronounce

your name is that correct you're wrong

dear did I pronounce your name correctly

your run dear your nd Omega how long

have we been like oh my god one hour and

15 minutes I don't think I can finish

this life yeah

because ah I will end the stream guys

and I will go live again I'll watch the

replay I was BG for a second all my gosh

I Neiman Victor survived of the Living


hello welcome to the live stream how are

you thank you so much for your thumbs up

everyone thank you so much for clicking

the like button yeah thank you so much

19 yeah thank you so much left drag them

2.0 everyone that's a dragon guys it's a

gaming channel you guys are interested

in you know games please go visit dragon

Oh shine amen come on shine amen where

was where were you you could have me the

best reaction I was right guys I told

you good thing shine Amon didn't say and

I think because he was not there

you miss it guys he missed it yeah you

missed one half of your life shine amen

my goal is to reach 350 oh yeah that's

good today that's good this dragon and

you will get it as long as we do the

right way you can get it wherever now

the dragon ah that Dragon has 342

friends and his goal is to reach 350

yeah if you guys are interested in

gaming channel you can actually a visit

death a dragon every

oh my god I have a date guys it's my eye

you know my is giving me headache James


are you live in UK another big sign amen

which you miss ha ha Wow that dragon got

level 2 that's a dragon

I think everyone only got level 2 right

exempt a teacher Russell got level 3

teacher SL only teach oh my god guys

I've hurt my finger guys Luke it's

bleeding can you see it's bleeding

thank you so much everyone for dropping


yes guys yes yes yes so this is I think

I will just finish one finger my finger

one hand and I'm gonna end the show

because it's already a very long street

not so short or do you think I should

make it two hours oh my god teacher I

can't extend it yes guys what do you

think what do you think what is the

thing that make you happy

James Williams guest SHINee many yes but

your turn

Oh your turn but but I think who is that

God a servant but is not going to answer

you because but is a Content consumer ah

level to that dragon okay yeah teacher

shine Amon is trying to figure out okay

yes Blake gotcha

I love got chopped amor what do I do to

make you happy


what do I do to make you cry no way I

make my own lyrics everyone make my own

lyrics I think America hello good

morning to you good morning to you the

other life in America guys is another

friend of ours who is already monetized

everyone she's also monetize guys the

life in America thank you for coming yes

guys we have a lot of creatures who are

here in the chat room right now see ya


I will be a I hope they finish with this

little finger here little finger is hard

to clean you know you move too much

little finger

stop moving little finger stop moving or

I will hurt you

little finger little finger where are

you here I blade here but you see move

will not reply is the robot I think it's

not as st food you're right shiny not

the wizard hello oh my god I miss you

know tested a napkin tweezer this is

teachers break time from work so I'm

pampering myself by cleaning my needles

napkin wizard guys welcome let's welcome

a pin wizard guys is amazing channel he

has great contest everyone you know I

think shiny man has visited not can we

stretch I named it is he has a lot of

great content over there Sarika are you

gosh I dream in Northern California year

okay thank you so much for convicts

servant of the living

that guy's is from North California I

think I met you at Trish's motivational

moments live streaming right not so sure

if if I am correct your welcome home

stuff I'm gonna tell you Oh enjoy your

coffee got a life in America I don't

drink coffee if you have melty I would

love to drink that host you are you're

also beautiful oh thank you so much I am

beautiful no matter what they say so yes

guys oh I'm almost finished with my

little finger little finger where are


wait guys a little guys so yes guys see

Trish is really talking nonsense here

but yes I hope you love this nonsense of

mine I hope it doesn't get make you you

know bored little finger little finger

where are you here I am Here I am

where are you know with the true you're

not singing the right lyrics huh teacher

so yes guys I'm gonna show you guys

what's the difference what's the

difference oh my god I already hurt my

finger goes you see one is red because I

hurt it

so yeah guys can you see the difference

or not at all

oh my god my finger my hands are my

hands my hands are shrinking guys

because it's cold

oh my god it's so size my fingers oh my

god little finger little finger and Los

Santos idea welcome to my livestream

we'll say hello Monaco I like a couple

more Santos what's up Junior

oh that's of my life's dream thank you

so much for coming and then how are you

let's say my fingers yes little fingers

no I'm actually cleaning my fingers guys

you know I'm doing my nails over here I

have all my stuff's over here for

cleaning and I just finished this and I

heard this one I heard this while using

the what nipper so yeah but this one you

see oh very all believe is there any

difference or nothing at all nothing

yes I think no difference at all

you wonder Suarez its Barry Barry its


uh-huh it's Barrett uh-huh but this EMU

aqua scene appeal my nails oh my god

where are those lyrics where I come from

it's teachers lyrics everyone you know I

am a frustrated singer okay I wanna

thank you so much respect I have talked

to your guys and mother monetize friend

of ours from Macau am I correct

say you always change your location

right use lotion mama France the

moisturizer come on of course I have no

you think I don't have of course I can

but this is aloe vera guys aloe vera

it's just blah blah yes so uh yeah chi

chi no cheese yeah okay let's make our

hand beautiful but actually I haven't

finished the right hand but guys I don't

think I can finish my right hand teacher

is that all Rex ow thank you so much for

coming Rex ow big shout-out to you

Russell napkin who is our teacher how

they get but to signal to interact with

a greetings Oh

it's actually you need to set the

program yeah you need to it's actually

program you need to set to make him

greet or welcome the visitors yeah

Oh what is you Rena welcome to my

livestream how are you uh your rather

than up around ear is laughing why are

you laughing you around ear huh you

render is laughing beautiful yeah

beautiful all right I did say bit bear

it's beautiful very good job Iran Bear

Suarez I hope to see Iran deer Suarez

dream my live streaming tomorrow

tomorrow what you're under Suarez I'm

gonna have English lesson during my live

streaming okay so if you are interested

in learning English I hope to see it

tomorrow tomorrow Saturday Oh tomorrow

Saturday so I think what time is it in

your place right now we're under Suarez

what time is it

hello mama said Nick what is that huh

Iran ders Juarez what time is it in your

country right now

Martha's rich mom come on

CeCe's kitchen this is kitchen I think I

met you somewhere this is kitchen ah I

think I met you at 1-1 foot travel shiny

man if your finger is hurting you can

put some tape on the cuticle problem is

Tony will have to wash the dishes he

used to wash the dishes lashline eight

men before he started oh my god guys

teachers were discussing before he

started before he opened the bar before

we started opening the bar you know he

used to watch the dishes as well yeah

but since he started guys I knew

everything nice and this is my nail

cutter everyone can you guess how long I

have been having I know can you guess

how long I have had can you guess how

long I have had this nail cutter

everyone who can guess if you can guess

I will give you one WH huh how long but

please spell out numbers okay how long

have I had this nail cutter I got this

since I was in Philippines

I brought it here hahaha oh yes guys in

Philippines and then I brought it here

see it has a case 22 years now 10 years

nope thanks for having me you are very


I am CSIS kitchen uh nope four months

nope nope I will give you one uh wh okay

one wh if you know the answer lies lies

recess a little to my wife's room yes

you are you welcome four years

nope a needs three years no I'm

gonna write me here and I'm gonna show

you baby finger little finger where are

you here I am Here I am how do you do

you can guess guys how long I have been

I have been using this and you will be

amazed because you know it looks very

new yes looks very new everyone

sixteen years five years five years Oh

somebody answered five years two years

bikers Wow somebody got served well

answered everyone so the answer is 5

years everyone yes I have had this name

uttered for veigar's it has a case you

know no mmm if you can see it's not so

dirty look it's still very clean and it

looks new I'm not sure if you can see

that clearly

yeah and it is a giant needle cutter

guys yeah Wow Migra not laughing out

loud at Cocinita ASA nurse ate in

America everyone nurse eat in America


but I think she's going to give it to

someone else's kitchen said three years

Wow a Cassini - who are you gonna give

your one wh huh yes five years yes five

years ago Sydney and napkin wizard got

it right but a Cassini are you gonna

give your one WH to someone but it does

a Cassini guys that's actually nurse ate

in America Oh cutting nails guys because

I want to cut one you know because this

is very long compared to other nails you

know I want to make I want my nails to

grow at the same time not one nail is

growing you know I had a brothers you

know you see guys there is blood already

oh did you what did you just do yeah

guys and all adenine support hello

welcome to my life's room awkward innate

present okay to whom a Cassini to whom

are you gonna donated iran dear Suarez

you render suarez guys I think he is a

an organic consumer is from Brazil I

think he is learning English yeah

actually guys because I have met some

students because I joined a I join a

livestream of English teachers and

students learning English so I have met

tongue and in fact shine amen I think

you can remember once I think three

times Oh buddy you have met Lali Lali in

the chatroom loeli loeli guys I met her

from that live streaming yeah so she has

been learning English through online I

mean online means on YouTube like this

yeah so big shout out to Lali Lali he is

from France shiny men she is from France

to whoever needs it Oh whoever needs it

whoever needs it I think you should give

it to a napkin wizard because

he is second what do you think and the

motif of our channel thank you so much

for coming

plus ice princess shout-out to you thank

you so much everyone

aqua Sydney yes okay so that is for

napkin wizard napkin wizard

you've got your one WH from a Cassini

why don't we guys whoever gets the

highest level from Buddhism oh you will

have three wh and so far we have teacher

Russell she's got level three life they

might have got level twos a seafood

level to a Cassini level to death a

dragon level two so whoever gets the

highest level from buta Singh will

everyone will get three WH from English

three frames yes guys um got a life in

America copied by you guys yeah enjoy

your coffee my dear - napkin wizard late

minima Nakayama babies relate much Dylan

- borno problem you are a 21 life think

is so much left dragon yes 20 21 like

that dragon so yes guys thus it goes I'm

not sure if I can even finish you think

I should finish it oh I didn't like for

1 hour and 32 minutes and there are

still 13 people should we extend 30

minutes more shiny men what do you think

shiny men you're not talking anymore ha

shine aimin don't tell me you are

watching their replay now all right I'm

going to go stream oh okay it's all your

life screaming that dragon 2.0

then your phrase thumbs up everyone

hello + ice princess okay princess well

princess princess huh shiny man don't

hide in the corner shiny men now is the

knowledge the challenge guys because I

can't do it well with my left left left

hand I can't do it with my left hand

guys so yeah you see it's difficult it's

more difficult compared to right hand I


Oris right hand I am right-handed so

it's easier to move my hand but with the

left hand no comment no comment guys I

tried to catch myself but it's too early

what do you mean you catch mine so bad

it's too early

where is fans oh man so it's at work no

it's okay shiny man don't disturb fans

oh but anyway I have decided to extend

my live streaming for another 30 minutes

yeah another 30 minutes yes guys and

maybe later late my night time I will go

live again just kidding guys I'm not

sure guys it depends on my feeling guys

because you know I feel better when I

talk to you guys because you know here I

talk to no one

I talk to my husband and my kids outside

you know here I got to shine amen yes

yeah but it's different when I really

talk you know face to face yes guys

continue oh really guys you know this

virus thing with my laptop is making me

crazy right now I don't know what my

husband did with my laptop but he was

trying to figure it out earlier but he

didn't have enough time so I guess he

will finish doing it when he comes home

you see guys it's very difficult with

the left hand life being like haha right

difficult what do you think these sure

why don't you add me on skype laughing

out loud

oh yeah shiny men give me your side I

will give me my side shiny man my skype

is this one everyone whoever is

interested to learn English by this is

the same with my email ad but this email

is not so active anymore because I have

problem but this is my skype I think

English teacher Catherine I don't know

this one shiny man okay check it out

shiny men still here all thank you so

much David

guys the Fedora is so amazing organic

friend you know they've been hold your

what are you doing now David Roger they

patrolled your what are you doing now so

yes guys it's finished sting the word

shine helps hello Tito birch I know

another one it's nice friend of ours oh

my god we've got a lot of friends guys

who have big money ties and it's all

because of your support everyone

especially David Rogers line amen fans

Oh Dan Fowler I thought please these

organic friends guys are really

supportive so thank you so much for all

your support and I think the next person

will get monetized everyone is Morita's

rich big shot up to you Marcus rich

goofing off oh yes that Marcus rich is

actually about yes yeah so yeah she's

doing like she does like she she goes

she goes live everyday these days I'm

sup thank you so much thank you teacher

you are very welcome shine Amen but why

is the message still there I waited

deleted that but why doesn't it go away

rain rain go away guys the message

doesn't go out what happen okay there

you are I had to do three attempts

before it it actually

thumbs up okay guys yeah so yes cuz I'm

just cleaning my nails got nails guys if

you need to make friends okay just

please go check out your friends or your

potential friends and yeah I'm just here


because I don't want a essay the

time to be not really hot and say I

don't know how to speak anymore guys

so yeah so I'm just gonna make it to our

live streaming guys so we've been live

for one hour and 40 minutes I think I

know one hour and 38

so we'll make it two hours so that

missus I still have 22 minutes more with

you everyone what they think about it

yeah monsoon is on the road fun so

please take care Mario both my

congratulations gathering with all the

heart Marie Osmond why a lot a lot of

heart huh why a lot of heart you are so

excited to bring me right a lot of

hearts my egg was mine that's a

come babe is mine from Florida sorry


oh my correct Marie doesn't it yes she's

from the u.s. nor done like that Fowler

is also from Florida oh my goodness man

what a shame I even forgot was it from

Florida I mean was your place in Florida

yeah I think so I think my memory serves

me right right right where's mine

I'm in the oh my god still cold outside

up keep till it's a bit warmer oh yeah

very cold I understand how you feel

david broder right shiny man it's very

freezing shiny man it feels like winter

I hate it anyway I hate I hate many

things hi good girl Jen Ovilus I think

you are going to Iraq I think

congratulations TCB kalasa gate oh my

god I will as general - that is

impossible with the cinema but teasing

oh that's impossible so Jen obelisk at

level 2 shinee minho thief thing about

booty single iran deserters okay where

are we now sorry guys i mean ok because

my chat room is not working well here oh

my god ok

wait t-shirt weather will be better in

four months time yes I am doing it shiny

I am waiting for that moment for the

momentum oh my God my eyes itchy again

is it getting any better everyone but

it's painful here and the pain is feel

like it's inside my my head shiny man he

never talks to me luckily you do

laughing out loud a Balu salute you sure

are you feeling better now still can't

see you oh my god I am feeling great Jen

oh my god bro spelling feeling what is

that Maria Maria Maria was one big

shout-out to you Maria was mine like

that good is all if it's hot guys it's

hot the feeling is hot you see anyway

I just finished one finger guys on the

right you see nobody will finish

everything right now okay oh stop

talking t-shirt do your thing fast

because like that I can show them what I

put the color oh my god I only have 20

minutes this is time pressure shiny man

20 minutes to do it

20 minutes more guys that I should

finish cleaning my nails and I'm gonna

put the nail color oh my god I'm going

to cool BG moment teacher oh thank you

so much Jen a below thank you so much

Jen I really appreciate your position

that I'm I might try to go live later

Late Late Late my time because some of

my friends I want to see them at my live

streaming but they couldn't catch me

because they couldn't catch me because

of the time difference you know so I'll

try to go live later teacher are you gay

are you addicted to live streaming no

not really guys I'm not talking to

people you know well what is this

silence issue okay let's have music when

one falafel





huh no CPR guys I suppose I know what

happened on my chat room hello Vegas my

teeth the birch Anna are you what to do

it I'm cleaning my nails dear I just

finished my left hand so now I'm doing

my right hand

hello Maria and Jennifer and Dean

Thurber channel of course Larson's life

hello welcome to the live stream Marx's

life how are you it's been a long time

without you Larson Larson how are you

here my dear my dear my dear how are you

I am cleaning my nails guys so I have

been doing this for almost two hours now

and but this time I have a little bit of

pressure because I only have 20 minutes

and I haven't finished

I still have three fingers to clean no

ha ha Victor Rochon oh ha ha whoo ha ha

shiny men hello how have you been he

need lungs is no problem teeth upper

channel Flavia lobby lobby on think the

birch I don't think so much Maria was

mine how are you and how is Maria Maria

was my boss Maria actually guys Maria

Guzman gasps Maria is the name of her

daughter Rae it was mine actually guys

this channel is about toys and boxing

yes and sometimes her child goes flying

while playing yes

by the way Maria have you changed the

setting of your videos like made for

kids did you said it made for kids Maria

Maria Maria lobby oh my yes she's doing

good busy at school yes I understand

that my daughter as well no she

so goes to school it's a very the the

critical guys is very thick already you


thank you thinking Lars is my first

Larson's life guys nurses life is

outside okay ray Guzman I'm fine but I'm

in the mist just like t-shirt yeah I

think happy did not I think huh how big

did okay I think happy did not sure oh

yeah because you need to set it actually

the Americas mine and when you do that

actually the videos won't have any

comment the comments will be disabled

it's very hard to clean my left eye my

right fingers guys I almost said hi

because I always call my husband hi

I almost said to you it's hard to bring

my right fingers I'm not honest everyone


ladies and gentlemen please welcome

Maria good fun that's the food you're

syllabear I think happy yes it's

annoying yeah

it is very true but yeah but anyway this

is just to protect actually kids but I

don't understand really guys I don't

know it's been like that you know for

many years and suddenly there's a change

like that but I'm not so sure if it

really changes anything but do you think

you guys what do you think how do you

feel make me happy

oh my God my dear it's from Larsen slime

sorry javi was leaving through her and

the kids were trying to chase after him

but I need to do my stuff oh really oh

my god nurses life let's do it together

Larsen's life nurses life hello so many

maganda filipinos here yes of course

join immense Filipinos are everywhere

we have international beauties uh-huh

international beauties yes

Larsen's life is also in another country

guys she's Filipino but she's not in

Philippines she's been living there for

a long time right larsa's life you think

that you guys write us or Island oh my

god I get confused I'm so sorry everyone

no I hope you can understand me we have

a lot of friends so we can easily get

mixed up you know guys how much time do

you have

oh my god eighteen

more I have two fingers more to clean my

daddy tree stop talking faster teacher

baby finger baby finger where are you

Here I am Here I am how do you do oh my

god I'm singing out of tune okay music




don't lie to the world sit correct am i

singing right distinguish out Marxist

life if I remember correctly isn't shiny

man MBS from France

yes shiny men's from France and his

friends you were talking about bread

remember last time if I remember

correctly I'm actually Cambodian and

it's living claw Nexus life your

Cambodian now I thought your Filipina oh

my god see my memory is not so good yes

largest life you've got a good memory

I'm French from France yeah I think

you're Filipino nurses life and then you

live in the US oh my god I'm so sorry

Larsen's life forgive me I'm sorry god I

love you

I'm so sorry Larsen's life guys thank

you so much for staying guys huh

I'm almost finished where's my sunshine

amen - sleeping on the road I'll finish

the song written joy to the were the

world joy to the world

what joy to the word the Lord has


my god I think I'm gonna have a cough I

feel like I'm gonna come a lot tonight

yeah everyone almost fish who's good a

level now nobody has gotten a level all

baby so much luck in Weezer distantly

thank you so much

no problem no problem not taping wizard

yes guys I'm gonna actually yeah keep

this here because um ah oh I almost

finished finish removing the typical

okay I still have to put color but I

think putting the color will happen

tomorrow or not social but I think it

dries very quickly because I'm gonna

cook I think I will only call her a lot

on finger okay okay with you guys

and I'm gonna finish it later guys

mommy's like oh my god I hurt my finger

again no way you see guys I'm not expert

you know this is English teacher in

France everyone so surface cleaning her

own nails Larson is live napkin wizard

it's my fault teacher

I named her as a Filipina oh yeah what's

your favorite Christmas song teacher

microfiber --it Christmas songs jingle

bells jingle bells

go all the way wait there is someone

one-size cooking hello welcome to my

life's room you should leave that

critical alone and God gave it to you no

this critical is unwanted okay

it's unwanted shiny men so women always

do that

yeah agree with me women women out there

so yes guys give me a second guys I need

to yes I have all the criticals here and

I need to throw it okay throw it throw


just a moment guys here you can't hear

her talking yep

can you can you hear

give me your teacher talking of course

you can right how are you my dear oh my

gosh Mary Greg is finally here our very

beautiful and sexy friend from the US oh

my god my regret finally you're here

you're able to make it and I'm not doing

anything today except cleaning or doing

my nails and Larson's life is only doing

her toes you know if I remember it right

so yes guys first my plastic huh okay so

here we go now I will just put one thing

I will just sup with color on the one

finger guys then I'm gonna show you how

it is oh my god is painful I heard it

thank you so much oh my god

Beach started to you marry Greg thank

you oh my god you are amazing huh

it's been a long time you're not here um

what was I smoking what this signal is a

robot okay that's not a person so I

didn't know it but this he was going to

reply checking her house or his house

Marie Greg how are you my dear you

always show your beautiful face with all

the beautiful makeup on facebook on but

finally you're here I know I miss you

teacher oh thank you so much Mary grant

really this amazing and do you know Mary

Greg do you know the news I think you

know because um she posted on Facebook

Marie Greg right I Ruby's foreign family

just got money ties marry Greg do you

know yeah she's just that money ties and

of course she was in the hospital when

she when she got money twice so yeah how

come but this thing has got no video

what's this thing weighs like huge like

a man guys married Greg Isis from the US

is also a Filipino guy so it's just very

beautiful she's mixed actually mixed

bride marry Greg mixed mixed punished

right so I had to see Ruby also know I

noticed yesterday - yeah but our Ruby

was in the hospital when she got

monetized so she was in the hospital for

like three days and yeah mixed Indian

not special because because of your

beauty looks like a Spanish as well

Marty great guys she was in the hospital

for three days and I think she went back

home yesterday morning or two days ago

in the evening

then yesterday evening she went live for

the first time after she got money time

yeah Sarah but she still not really

feeling perfect but yeah she's feeling

better my god why is it a little bit

she's feeling better at meri great I'm

so sorry to hear that

oh man yeah she's uh she has problem

with her stomach something like that

anyway I'm sure she will tell you the


yeah actual tell you I can't tell indeed

I can stay it in details here yeah oh

god Marie Greg thank you so much for


Marnie Greg you also do your nails right

Marie Greg it's not only for Korea

expenses Oh weasel penis also do that

especially me you know yeah so yeah guys

I just finished my nails

you see hard to type what I mean hard to

type one size cooking Marie Greg yes

guys Marie great guys is from the us our

very beautiful friend you will be amazed

looking at her duty

my poor Ruby I will she will she will

she will is and she will be doing better

okay she will be doing better yes fine

so she is getting better in a way I'm

not sure when she's gonna go live again

I'm not so sure because today she's not

here I think she's going to attend a

certain occasion but she's also not

really feeling perfect but yeah should I

email and of course tiny'mon is here

whoa who are you Greg what are you doing

right now Marie Greg myself but we did

this arrive goal don't tell me you are

driving while typing fun so ha

it's like what you said what'd you say

to Dan Fowler all the time Dan Fowler

are you driving while typing oh my god

guys I will miss you guys if I don't go

like oh my god

I'm gonna miss you a lot cleaning so

boring yes mark is rich cleaning yes

guys Marcus kitchen guys this is just a


of Marcus fish the original channel is

Marcus rich

I'm just sold eating brunch this will go

oh I see

and I'm gonna prepare dinner after this

so yes you see I finished cleaning and

my nails are very short but I've hurt my

this finger and this finger I heard it I

know it's not that this one I heard it

what the net shot yes Marcus kitchen is

very beautiful and she's amazing when it

comes to makeup everyone and she will be

the next friend of ours was going to get

the money time very soon yeah so exact

it for my friends everyone you know yes

puzzle sensei I just got home dirty

nails can you help me out teacher yes

you can wash it fan so I can help you by

giving you instruction you wash your

nails I know what happened here why

isn't it charging huh sorry guys a

moment my phone is not charging I'm

actually using my phone for the lights

reading guys I wish teacher yeah look

and I'm gonna put this one but I've only

put on one finger because I'm gonna cook

so I will finish putting this later so

maybe if I go live again tonight late

tonight I will show you how it looks

yeah okay here we go let's put one here

it's been a long time didn't see you

here yes this is what I told her that's

way that's what I told Marie grand it's

what I told her I'm doing laundry guys

ha ha ha I can relate to because after I

do the cooking we will be eating and if

someone is live again later I will be

doing my laundry while you know what

change people's live streaming that is

like Marie grandpa's the colour of your

nails now Marie Greg

we're regret was the color of your nails

now Marcus regional color right Marcus

rich when I'm gonna see you that I can I

can ask CSS CEO

hahaha yeah very soon very soon Murray

Greg I'm so excited for all our friends

you know it's it it's a nice feeling

when when everyone gets monetized

because we know our you know we know

orange or anything our journey on YT we

really know that we know how it is we

know how we how we did it or how we do

it so it's really sorry guys I'm talking

to my nails right now so I need moons

are cooking oh my god the cream eats she

can really oh my gosh I did what my

charger <