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Hello overdoing well, welcome back, of course the CSGO news and huge

Thank you to all of you guys watch right now and you know why I'm wearing this

Well, then you have watched the last video

Thank you all very much for breaking 250 likes on the last csgo video

And that is why I'm wearing of course the team YP Jersey and it doesn't it doesn't honestly look that bad

But anyways, welcome back, of course to see us csgo news show

I hope you guys all enjoy we have some crazy stories today

Which a lot of them actually happened just this morning

They were found out just this morning over at extremes land 2018 the Asian tournament if you guys have not heard about this

It's terrible news for optics Indian roster now

it's actually gonna be team member forsaken who was actually caught cheating at the event and I honestly

Not really sure where to take this one

There are so many things that could be said as it right now clips are servicing all the way back from early 2017

several several clips of this guy obviously cheating

We also had BnTet take the Twitter and he said he knew about this a lot of pro players

Suspected this and it's no surprise. It's finally coming to fruition

and the first thing I want to say is this is actually terrible news for an organization like optic but especially

The optic Indian team you guys know the community

We're all a part of it and you know this community never forgets things like this and I am afraid this will not only tarnish

The csgo roster for the optic Indian team for the prolonged future, but people will never forget about this

I hate to say it, but it might even be a meme of the Indian csgo team

No matter what they do in the future. Now, this will always be remembered as a very embarrassing moment

It's just really tough to see on top of that

I have never seen a player try and shove off an admin who was trying to look at his computer

That was actually a clip released by themselves extremes LAN or CSGO to Asia release the clip a forsaken, you know

They're like, hey, we're gonna check your computer. He's no no, I'm cheating don't

It's hard

it's hard to watch and it's really hard especially because the team has now come forward of course their directors come forward and said the

players knew nothing about this and that

What do you guys think? It's really tough, especially the csgo community. And again, I'm gonna keep on referencing that you guys know it

It's very very hard to imagine. These players could not have known if the entire community of pro players suspected him

If of course he'd been cheating back from 2017

It's tough to think the players did not have their own suspicions and they never acted on that

They never asked him, you know

Of course, they've been together for a few months now a few solid months where they've had some really good results over in India

They were the most dominant team in India, and I hate to take away from that

But of course now you think a lot of the fans out there are taken away from that that of course you're the best team

In India because you had a giant cheater on your team. And so it really takes away from all the results

Of course, they made they qualified for this tournament. They'd also recently qualified for ESL pro league season eight in Asia

They had a chance to go to EPL finals

Which is amazing to see for a brand new team out of India as well

Although they would have had to play against I think teams like tyloo and vici gaming

They probably would have gone through but again just to qualify for that

take away from everything because you don't know when he was cheating and when he was not and the ballsiest thing of all this we

Also have NIP tweeting out things, which is just it just daggers there. But it also makes you really really wonder

Why would you try and do this on the LAN?

It's one thing because these teams especially optic India have played a lot of online qualifiers

That's one thing right you can get away with it there

You know what you do you if that's really what you want to do in your csgo career but to try it on LAN

This guy is the ballsiest csgo player

We have seen ever since I don't know big clan jump bug or fnatic boost as well

it's it's just really really sad to see and I hope this is an effect the

Organisation for a prolonged period but I feel like it certainly will

Maybe I'm not helping that but definitely I just a sad situation to see do these players know about that

Did they actually have suspicions should they have acted on those?

There are so many unanswered questions for the future

But it's been forsaken now released from the optic India. Roster guys after cheating at an Asian LAN today

It's tough to see and on top of that responding to our other story about there

We actually had a few a few comments out there that I was actually spreading rumors about

JasonR if you guys don't know the full story. I was not spreading rumors

I was simply sharing this story with all of you. It was JasonR on stream. It was also a nemesis GG female player

They have a female csgo roster guys. It was missperceived who came forward on Twitter

It was all over reddit as well as Twitter and a very very popular story

I was simply sharing with you guys that she was banned in JasonR chat for no reason whatsoever

JasonR then moderator actually came out and said this happens quite a bit

There are many females or anyone who was an obvious

Female in his chat that's actually banned and he does not know why he also said it's probably because of JasonR girlfriend

That's all I said I shared with you guys

I said if JasonR wanted to respond, I'd feel free to take that and share it with you guys as well

Jason R. Did respond not officially with a stream title. You guys can see it on screen

He said he bans everyone equally no further comment. I think that's probably gonna be the end of that story

I guess we'll end the drama there guys

If he bans everyone equally it does seem like a weird way to respond but to avoid controversy

Probably one of the better responses he could have had so I do feel bad if that's the case if there's gonna be females in

The future that I guess avoid his stream because of this

But obviously he sees himself doing just fine without that that controversy and without that going forward and he actually is doing really well

I mean one of the better csgo full-time streamers currently

So best of luck to in the future and that's gonna be able to JasonR story for now

Maybe we'll have more in the future. But for now that's gonna be it

But also on top of that guys one one last thing I guess we have a few other stories here

But one last big thing we continue to have Pasha biceps trolling all of us

I don't know how to feel about this guy anymore

I've talked about him so much because he has the best tweets in csgo

but some of them you just don't know what the truth is from just him trolling or even

Subtle hints at what might be the the future of his career. He tweets out maybe an international team for him

I I would instantly respond to this. Yes

Please leave virtus pro or go somewhere. I think a lot of us would agree

There's two options for the future of Pasha. Neither of them involved virtus Pro either go full time streaming

I'd love to see your face every day or whenever I can

I know a lot of you guys would as well or go to a mixed team

we have people like HS and innocent and Fox trying to make their mixed teams or

International teams as well a lot of random Pro players out there without teams

Which I think we can definitely see together with a guy like Pasha. They don't have to have results

They don't introduce anything results wise but seeing different Pro players play together would definitely I think do well for a guy like Pasha

Right now so my answer is yes Pasha, whatever you want to do in the future now very lastly for tweets out there

we actually maikelele take the twitter last night as well with some very

Saddening stuff and i've talked about him a lot in the past and I almost felt guilty reading these tweets. I'll show him

of course on screen for all of you guys

I almost felt guilty because if you know my background my main channel as well as on here

We've talked about the struggle of maikelele ever since his departure from a team like faze clan and NIP as a stand-in

He is really really struggled and I think myself included in this as well

We've taken out on him because he is now has the record for most csgo teams or most CS teams in general

I think he's around 23 or 24

He's been a pro player bounced around recently from Swedish team to Swedish team

failing to make minors and for the majors and a guy that I always love to watch play and definitely love this personality and it's

Kind of tough to see a tweet like that. So I really do wish him the best of luck in the future

He's also been tweeting her and kind of hinting at some possible future plans and I am I'm backing with him. Okay?

I hope the best for this guy

I hope he can find a Swedish roster a Pasha that's gonna work out for him

But that was obviously because I'm kind of some sad stuff to see and no surprise for all you ex fnatic fans

I mean fnatic Academy fans out there

If you guys do remember the gamers receive the gamerz with a Z at the end reality show

I always mispronounced that they actually signed that roster for three months. They resize them for six months

They then were let go just of I think last month as well and that roster has now parted ways. No surprises

Well, they'd have no backing whatsoever

So it kind of sad to see but that the roster did last for quite some time

It does kind of make you question the future of all gamerz

Rosters because that gamerz show apparently is coming back if that roster which was potentially, you know

A pretty decent roster especially given the results they did have for a short amount of time

It really makes you question how long the other future rosters of the gamerz show can last but that was in some sad news out

There also on top of that some some smaller news for all you AU you fans out there Australian fans

That is we actually have tainted minds coming back in the Australian scene

They might actually have a pretty good chance according to my friend out there that's being tgc. Shouts to you my man

Apparently now the third best Australian team who could give renegades a run for their money when it comes time for those minor

Qualifiers to keep an eye out for that guys tainted minds now pick a Ustilo from of course renegades

I cannot wait to see renegades they signed gratisfaction and a couple other players there to go that full Australian roster as well

I cannot wait to see these teams play it out according to my friend there. It's gonna be at the minor qualifier

Of course, you're gonna have a team like tyloo already go through

So renegades alongside tainted minds another team out there as well to fight for that third place

I guess the tiebreaker spot as well expect some good stuff from tainted Minds here guys

They have a lot of other teams out there in the eSports scene and I cannot wait to see

How they do

but also very lastly some very cool news out there or a person like Davie if you guys do remember the ex-wife's member he was

Kind of ditched by those other teammates who joined the new EnvyUS roster

Well now we have his his little payback here guys, Davie alongside. Odorous have now joined the brand new space station roster

We've actually had that space station story if you guys were here a couple days ago

That was the former azio roster who was mistreated poorly in their house

And they eventually left that house and left the organization the Azio the organization organization for space station

They have now joined two new players guys, odorous alongside Davey and they have an ECS. Yes North American spot

Now why I say a very cool story here because it would be very very not cool

It would not be cool to see but it'd be very interesting to see if Space Station can keep their ECS spot

Longer than EnvyUS with with Davey's all his ex teammates can keep their EPL spot

We're gonna see what race actually who wins this race guys because as of right now space station

I think it's doing decently in ECS and we'll see how EnvyUS plays out there Pro League career as well

But that's new today's episode of csgo news guys. We have more updates as well on Monday

I've been talking to refresh very briefly on Twitter DMS. If you guys know about him, his actual account was hacked early this week

I'm gonna have more updates for you guys on Monday. I know it's a long wait for that, but it'll probably be worth it

So I hope you guys all enjoy as always. Thank you guys for breaking the light count

I cannot wait to wear this jersey the rest of the day. I hope you guys all enjoy it

I'll be back here with one other video today, but more cska news come Monday as always. My name is Jake remember

I like you guys. Thank you for what? I don't know why my arms are up. Okay. Bye

Optic why have you forsaken me?

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