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I am working for a Dr. Schneider company crew and I'm in the development research

department and there I'm doing the engineer for CFD simulation. Our mission is to make the car

the best place in the world so we want you to feel really comfortable when you are driving

your car. So we make parts like a central console, loudspeakers, cup holders and so on, and for sure

also air vents, so our air vents are our flagship. One of the big challenges I can see is that we

need to speed up our simulation process to remain competitive. Our customers they launched more

models at the same time they want to be quicker in developing their products so we need to be

quicker at developing our products as well. When we make our products we need to make sure

they fulfill the customers' specifications. You can imagine you have an air vent inside,

you want to have, sometimes you want to feel fresh air under your face but sometimes not,

you don't like it then you would like to turn it away from you and then we need to make sure that

air is really going away from you and it's not touching you anymore. So we use CFD simulation

we use Simcenter for that to make sure that you can really feel comfortable in the car

when you are driving and enjoying your ride. When we were actually thinking about using the

Simcenter software package we made a couple of tests using also competitive software and

we were thinking about if we should include our designers in the simulation process or not and we

found out it's really important to have an easy to use tool, and Simcenter is integrated into

our CAD systems and that was the match winner, for example we saw that our designers really

liked to have this tool embedded in their familiar environment. This finally was one of the biggest

reasons why we decided to go with Simcenter. They liked it to do more iterations, they likedit

not to wait for the CFD department to have precise. It was really a problem, sometimes

they are already developing their products further when they received results, so it was too late for

us. So sometimes they had ideas in their mind but they were not submitting this idea to us because

they know we have really no time. Now they have the time and they can do it and they can learn,

it's really good they like it they like it to have it in Simcenter CATIA or in NX included.

Because Simcenter, and especially Simcenter FLOEFD, is pretty easy to use we don't see any

big deals when it comes to geometry preparation. They can have a better understanding of their

products they can turn it around in the 3D CAD software and see how their design influences

the air flow and so on, and that helped them to speed up the development process, and also

get ideas what actual part of geometry should be changed to get better results.

We reduce the timethat needs to be done to do simulations by 40%which

is really really impressive and helps usa lot.

What I really like is that we have good networking with the product managementof

Simcenter. They listen to us, what we as a customer need, and then we can see they

implement it as well. So they don't just say yeah we're doing, we really see they take care

of us and they try to help us and to implement features we really need, that's amazing, really.

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