Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Varmaa

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Rambabu, my husband is held up with work today

So pick up my kids from school in the evening and drop them at home


- Ok, Bhavani - Don't forget

Why hasn't he still left for work?


What's all this?

Your son's laundry

Why are you getting it done here? Can't you do it over there?

The salt water supply there is bad for clothes

A doctor wearing faded clothes? Won't look good on him

Get some sense

- How is he doing? - Thanks to your prayers, he's fine

What's with her?

Neither are you concerned about him nor do you let us visit him


Why are you being so adamant?

It's been 92 days since Varmaa left home

Are you aware?


We'll celebrate the 100th day next week

If you had been a little lenient, he wouldn't have been in this situation

Shall I go bring him?

No need!

Isn't Bhavani there to take care of him?

What does he do over there?

He does everything

He is addicted to all kind of bad habits

Is this how a doctor behaves?

He has a dog named after her and whiles away all his time pampering it

At times, I'm worried looking at his plight

When he doesn't care about his life then why are you bothered?

Don't you pull words out of me!

Act like a head of the family!

Don't judge him

Is this how a father talks about his son?

How dare she talk to your father like that?

She raised him and so she has the rights

He belittled him and that provoked her

Drop your ego, talk to him and I'm sure he'll come back

Look here, he is arrogant

He won't obey anyone

He is counting his days

After all he is a doctor...

and I wonder if he's behaving so, knowing his death point

(Liquor consumption/ smokingis injurious to health)

Filthy fellow!

That's my nightgown you're wearing! Give it back!

Oh dear God!

(Liquor consumption/ Smoking is injurious to health)

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)


Hey doctor

How about having wake up sex?

The most auspicious hour of the day...

and it's the best time to have sex

- So, will you turn up at least today? - Yeah. Yeah

(Smoking is injurious to health)

Welcome doctor. You are too fast

Come on. Come on

'You wanna take me cruising on an ocean liner'


Very sexy

What are you doing?

That's waste. Bottom is enough

- Why? - Quick! Undo it

- How many knots? - Wait, I'll undo them

- Can't you just be ready in your inner? - What's the hurry?

- Remove it! - I'm doing it!

- Remove! Quick! - Wait! Stupid

Wait, I'll undo it

Quick. Quicker!

"Oh Baby! Oh Baby..."

- Uh-oh! Get up! - What now?

I think my fianc is at the door! Please leave!

Why is he here now? It'll be over in two minutes

Listen to me! Get out!

Get out!

You turn me on throwing words like 'wake up sex' 'auspicious hour for sex' and now?

You want me to leave halfway?

Please! Don't be so loud

Agreed, I wanted it but didn't expect that crack-pot to turn up

Please! I beg you! Leave

"Oh Baby! Oh Baby! Oh"


(Smoking is injurious to health)

(Smoking is injurious to health)




Me...Megha, what are you eating?

Who fed this to you?

Being a 'Pattar' caste girl, how can you eat chicken?

Open your mouth! Open!

Come on, now! It's common that a dog eats chicken, mutton and beef

How many times have I warned you not to address Megha as dog?

Ok. Megha madam

Had some leftovers from yesterday and I fed her

Do you have any sense?

Why would you feed her leftovers?

Who do you think she is?

She's a girl from the 'Pattar' caste

They bathe four times if they come in contact with someone who ate meat

Stop it with 'Butters' and their practices

The hospital had called up four times

Seems like an important operation. Now, leave!

I know it. So, shut up!

You shut up and get going!

Wait and watch. Your days are numbered!

Good morning, doctor

Listen carefully (Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

Now, this is a Large

You must serve this once in every half an hour during a three hour operation

With four ice cubes. Ok?


Do not exceed this limit

Exceed the limit and you'll be responsible

Good morning, doctor

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

- Greetings, bhai - Greetings

This is a classic case of the angular mal union of the femur

Bhai, this is for you too. So, pay attention

Like how our skin heals after getting wounded...

...similarly our bones too heal

Last time your bone got fractured, you went to a doctor and got it plastered. Isn't it?

But all it did was heal your wound but not the bone

Hence, it ceased to function and is painful now

So, what well be doing is, cut of the excess bone...

and fix it with plates and screws


Doctor, you'll be operating only my leg...

but they shaved off all the hair below my hip

This hurts me. I didn't even feel so bad during my Sunnath (Customary circumcision)


Didn't anyone explain the pre-operation procedures to the patient?

Don't worry, bhai. Just a general procedure

Don't we clean the whole ground to play on a small pitch? It's quite similar

Very simple procedure. Everything will be alright. Ok?

(Smoking is injurious to health)

- Deepa - Sir?

Get the OT ready for the patient in bed #11

The patient's astrologer says tomorrow is an auspicious day to operate him

So the patient wants to get operated tomorrow

Who does he think he is to fix it?

Tell the patient that his leg has severe sepsis

So, if not operated today I'll have to remove his leg and...

...his tool along with it! Go tell him

Astrologers, idiots!

Sir, let's cut down on the number of operation you perform

Since you're hired illegally...

the chief doctor wants all the operations...

you perform to be registered in Dr. Kishore's name

Few staffs feel that it's wrong that you're allowed to perform so many operations

Also they keep mumbling about you performing four-five operations in a day

The order is to register this operation in Dr. Kishore's name

Shall I go ahead and register it in his name?

Do as they wish!

Do it and...


You don't bring this shit to me, Devi. Handle it yourself

Sorry, sir

(Football commentary in Hindi)

(Commentary continues..)

(Liquor consumption/ Smoking is injurious to health)

Megha please, last peg

I'll finish watching this and we'll leave

Hi bro

Is she Megha?

Hey, bubbly girl...

I love you, dear

Once more

Not you, bro. Once more

(Liquor consumption/ Smoking is injurious to health)

Pass! Pass!

Come on! Take it!

Over here!

Come forward, defense

Get it!

Defend it!

Varmaa! Make it!


What's going on? Damn it!

You! Out!

Why did he give Varmaa a red card?

This is on purpose!

They are cheating to prevent the goal

This is too much

Varmaa, stop it!

I saw him trip Varmaa

Instead of him the referee gave Varmaa a red card? Not fair!

- We don't need this! - He did the right thing

Why has he summoned us?

He's a discipline committee member. Must be an inquiry

Welcome, to all our new students

Majority of people consider doctors as 'Gods'

So, this is a 'God' manufacturing place

We have shaped many 'Gods' here before

Are you guys able to feel the same vibration?

- Yes sir - Yes...

Yes, Mr. Varmaa

Please, sit down

Hope you all know him. Dr. Varmaa Vasudevan

One of our best house surgeons

His academic credentials surpass many before him

Exemplary records


He is the epitome of someone with anger management issues

Anyone in the medical profession who cannot control their temper...

is as good as a thug with a machete

Anger is everyone's first enemy

And you all as doctors, when you learn to control it...

only then you can be yourself and treat a patient

Sir... but the fault was theirs

The full match is on video. You can watch it

Nonsense! I don't want your explanation

Get out!


You guys leave

Sir, please control your temper

Aren't you a doctor too?

Why can't you control it?

Varmaa, I'm very disappointed with you

What about our college reputation?

Is this what we taught you all this while?

You can't manhandle someone. For that, we are suspending you for a month

But before that, I want you to write and sign an apology letter

And I wanna see it on the notice board.

Otherwise, you'll have to leave this college

There is a damn satisfaction in that game

Self respect matters to me more than winning

If I had controlled my temper for three minutes, we would've been the champions

But frankly, I don't care sir

If you can't understand this, then I shall quit college at once

You'll quit college?

Are you serious, Varmaa? You wanna leave the college for this?


Do you feel it's right to quit halfway after being a good house surgeon?

Yes ma'am, I wanna leave

Ok then, your NOC papers are ready

I'm waiting for the dean to get it signed

But give it a good thought once again

Let me know if you change your mind...

...or else I'll issue the documents after two hours

Here is the apology letter

To hell with the apology letter!

Dude, all he wants is an apology letter

Just sign it

Why quit college instead? (Smoking is injurious to health)

How about we gather all students and protest at the beach?

We'll threaten to set ourselves ablaze. Let's stun the city!

- Why should you quit? - Shut up!

(Smoking is injurious to health)

(Smoking is injurious to health)

He's calling you


(Smoking is injurious to health)

(Smoking is injurious to health)


First year?

Yes, sir

Good luck

May I leave, sir


'Dear viewers, hope you liked the song'

We were even ready to set ourselves ablaze for you but...

just a glass of tea changed your mind. Huh? How come?

Students, I have an headache. Let me go grab a cup of tea

That girl in the second last row

That's the girl

Do you girls think there is some kind exhibition here?

Which one?

The girl in Pink Churidar in the second last row

That's the girl

Oh! I see

Hey girl...

Come here

- Why are they calling her out? - No idea

What's your name?


Full name?

Megha Hariharan

Oh! Are you from Kerala?

From the Palakkad 'Pattar' family...

but settled in Chennai

What's wrong with you? Can't you answer?

Let her off the hook, poor girl

Ok, now I want all your utmost attention

So, this is to let you all know that...

this girl, Megha is for Varmaa

Hence, we don't want anyone trying to woo her

So, apart from your sister-in-law...

you may see other girls and date them

- Tell me, dad - Varmaa...

Remember, our client Padmanabhan?

His cousin's daughter, Megha has joined your college

Since your college is famous for ragging...

...her father is a bit worried

So, I want you to take care of it

Ok dad. I'll handle it

Ask him, how did the hockey match go?

Your brother wants to know how did your hockey match go

An issue sparked up three minutes towards the finish...

I bashed up an opponent player

A formal letter will be sent home. Ignore it

As usual, ok

Take care of that girl


Hey! Didn't you hear me?

Come on, all of you remove your dress

I said, remove

Do you all have any hearing problem?

You heard us! Remove your dress! (Smoking is injurious to health)

Please ma'am, I'm from an orthodox family

Oh! So, you're from an orthodox family?

You think we aren't?

To become a doctor, first you must get rid of your shyness

So, remove your dress and start the show

Ma'am, I'm on my periods

Me too

Stop it with your periods story

Do we look like we are making a period movie? Now, remove!

There are only girls here. Let's go ahead and remove

What if these rogues record it on camera?

And imagine if it leaks?

It'll be embarrassing!

What's the secret sharing over there? Undress now!

Megha, what are you doing here?

Come, let's go

You! What's your problem?

The show has just begun...

She won't be joining you. You may leave

Excuse me! Megha is Varmaa's girlfriend

He doesn't want anyone disturbing her

Didn't anyone inform you?

So, shall I take her with me or call him here?


Can't you tell them you are Varmaa's girlfriend?

Come, let's go join the girls playing Sing-Along

(Devotional song)

Aiyo Lord Ayyappa! This song beats beer in putting me to sleep!

Sing some new song

Hello dear, where are you going?

Now look where he parked! Right on target

(Song from Velipadinte Pusthakam)

So that's what's up!

Good to see you

Hope no one's bothering you

Do you like the college?



Do you like the hostel and mess food? Yes?


What song were you singing?

Jimikki Kammal

What does the lyric mean?

Tell me

"My father stole my mother's earrings and bought brandy with it"

"So, my mother took that brandy and drank it all"

Is that your family song?

I'm just kidding

That was an 'Helicopter' shot!

Sixer on the first ball!

What happened?

Does it bother you that everyone saw it?


So what if they saw?

I just follow my heart and act quick

Like, the way I fell in love with you

And it must not be one sided one

That's too old fashioned. It's too cliche

But I know you'll fall for me. I can see it in your eyes

Ok, you may go

Go, continue playing Sing-Along

"Moment I laid my eyes on you, I was swept off my feet"

(Smoking is injurious to health)

"Drenched in the rain of love, I feel complete"

"Oh! The cupid's arrow has struck me! Thanks to you!"

"Thus begins our love story. So, let's take it nice and slow"

Megha, come here

You two, go back

Ok sir

You, come here


Megha, this ain't like any other degree

This is M.B.B.S, ok?

You're going to be a doctor

You have to put your heart and soul into this

Focus on the board


At the same time don't believe everything they teach is correct

You must learn by putting it to practice

Don't get scared by the corpses in the anatomy lab


What's your name?

Anu, sir

Ok good. Anu, this is Megha

Sit closer to her

Don't worry about me. Be a good friend to her

- You stay in the hostel, right? - Yes sir

Both of you become roommates. Ok?

Ok sir


That's for the rest of them, Bujji

Not for you

So, what class you got today?




Do one thing

Come with me. I'm anyway preparing for masters

I'll teach you and it'll help me revise

Come on

Come on!

"Madly in love, with you I take control"

"I wish I could change myself. I know you too wish you could"

What is today's topic?


Fine, come on


"You make the rain and sunshine look beautiful"

"Your heart is where I wanna reside because your love is unconditional"

"Every time I think of you, I forget myself"

(Smoking is injurious to health)

"I'm so lost in love that I don't see anything else"

"The breeze doesn't need the flowers' permission to pamper it"

"In love, even the shores don't question the waves that slam it"

What's the topic today?

What's the topic?


...upper thorax


- ...the topic is upper thorax, right? - Yeah

Teach them well and ensure they understand

Fine. Now, take a hike...

...or else you'll start teaching me before I can teach them

"Here I am, lost in love and off the track"

"You are the reason and I don't wanna go back!"

"Here I am, lost in love and off the track"

"You are the reason and I don't wanna go back!"

"Moment I laid my eyes on you, I was swept off my feet"

"Drenched in the rain of love, I feel complete"

Amidst your violent love, it's good that you manage to teach her

Hey, try calling Megha again

We already tried 28 times. Her mobile is switched off

You are being a torture since morning

Hello, Anu. Where's Megha?

Sir, few guys barged into hostel and...


- Megha...? - What did they do to Megha?!

- They smeared color on her - When?!

Sir, just now

Varmaa! What happened?

- Hey! At least tell us before you leave - Varma

Don't cry, Megha

Don't worry

I am here

Don't cry

Go freshen up and come

Now, go


who were they?

Sir, the AMC student whom you bashed up during the hockey match... was him

He came in looking for 'Varmaa's girlfriend'

He embarrassed her in front of everyone by smearing color on her

They came as a gang...

...but only that fellow...

...he molested Megha

(Smoking is injurious to health)

(Smoking is injurious to health)

Don't anyone dare to come near me!

How dare you molest her?

How dare you molest her?

I dare you to lay hands on her now

Come on!

Let go off me!

The hand that touched my Megha! Isn't it?


aren't we of the same age?

Don't you understand love?

How could you even think of molesting someone's girlfriend?

Painful, isn't it?

I'm going through the same!

This must be the last sin you ever commit in life!

Ranjith, everyone in this world loves one person with all their life

Even a small scratch on them...

...will take our life away

That's how I feel about Megha

Anything happens to her and I...

I'll lose myself

Not just her...

...if you even dare to near her shadow...

I'll finish you!

(Smoking is injurious to health)


...I have never pleaded anyone in my life for anything

For the first time, I'm requesting you

Promise me you won't disturb Megha hereafter


I committed a blunder to get even with you

Promise, I won't disturb your Megha forever

(Smoking is injurious to health)

It's ok

It's ok


Meet the groom we have chose for Priya

From New York

Dear groom, meet my close friend, Varmaa

Working as surgeon


- Congrats Priya - Thanks

- Hey - Hello


...long freaking transit from New York man

Disgusting Indian air hostess

They look very old

Hairy, oily...

Well, I'm not saying air hostess must be as beautiful as Angelina Jolie...

...but at least they got to have some shape

Oh my God! Even I would look better in a Saree

Indian's taste sucks big time


We never talk about women like this

He is just objectifying them

Cheap mentality cheapo!


Do you really need such a doofus?

Marry a man!

He is nothing but a wuss

Objectifies women!

Hey! Show some respect man!

Hey! Get out off my sight!

What is this?

Do you have any idea who I am?

Do you have any idea who my father is?

Don't you know who your father is? Why ask me?

- Go find out from your mother - Please dude

Brother-in-law, what's going on?

Don't you call him that! I'll break your jaws!

Get rid of him

How dare you? Is this how you treat me?

You must be thankful that I agreed to marry your sister

Damn fool!

Hit him, now!

You do it

- Priya - Yes?

Priya, how can they be so mean?

- Why did you hit him? - What else do you expect?

Forget about grooms from America and Africa. Find a nice groom in our circle

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

Mom, come on now

Hang up

Ok, this looks good

If you don't mix water, I will

Little rascal

Now, what are you up to?


Holy guacamole!


You! Stop!


I'll deal with you when you come tomorrow!

Dude, this is an apartment

You can't behave like this

She has been diluting my booze!

I was wondering why I'm not getting high of late

Crazy woman, she was acting smart

She doesn't realize how costly it is

Fine, you can deal with this tomorrow


What are you doing?


She is only 19 and she doesn't require a suture

And what are you guys doing here? Don't you have any sense?

Dude, we just arrived

Doesn't make any difference

Itching to perform surgery just because you got your MBBS?

Now, move!

It's quite a deep cut

Basic first aid will do. The wound will heal itself

It'll burn a bit

Kindly bear it, Bujji

Why did you walk without any footwear?

It's a beer bottle that cut Megha's sole

Why were there beer bottles here? In first year itself?

Well sir, we just bought one and shared it, just to know...

You guys shared it?

You mean one ounce per individual?

No sir...

If warden asks you, tell Megha is staying at her local guardian's house

Ok sir

You guys stay away, in those rooms

Don't disturb us

Now, what was that all about?

I smelled something fishy when he booked the resort

Now that you guys get it, leave!

Go, watch uncut movies in Amazon

You too. Enjoy yourself

Wait. I'll just get comfortable

"No rain clouds in the sky nor is it raining, yet I feel like I'm drenched"

"It's neither bright in here nor the place is lit up, yet I feel the glow"

"United in love, we are two bodies and one soul"

"Our bodies mean nothing now,"

"As we transcend into bliss to find the meaning of life"

"Like the music and beauty of nature, we too are now a part of it"

"Like the fragrance emitted by million flowers,"

"I feel the happiness when you come closer"

"I'm the sky holding the stars. When you shower love on me, what will happen to the stars?"

"I was waiting for you and you made the wait worth it"

"No rain clouds in the sky nor is it raining, yet I feel like I'm drenched"

(Smoking is injurious to health)

And so our college life comes to an end today

The beach house, our friendship... studies and fights

Everything has come to an end

Chuck that farewell sentiment

We came, studied and enjoyed ourselves

Next, you'll become a sex doctor

He's gonna become a psychiatrist

I'm heading to Vizag for 15 days, for my final course

Once the course is over, we all are professionals

Sounds good

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)


let's kiss today?

Guys, I'm serious

"With her lips on his"

"She stole his words"

"She made him experience life and death at once"


I'll ask you something...

but don't get angry

Can't you postponed your journey by two days?

This sudden separation...

is hitting me hard


I'm already upset about it and you keep reminding it!

Do you think I wanna go away from you?

Look here, only if I reach Vizag tomorrow I can become a certified doctor

Please Kutta


Look here Bujji, we must be apart for few days. We don't have a choice

Like love, profession is equally important



Is this my Bujji's home?

No, this is Mrs. Varmaa's home

Come in


So you're finally a surgeon

Varmaa, this is my brother

Hi. I'm Kunjunni



Mom, this is Varmaa

That's my mom

- Hi aunty - That's my elder sister


Where's uncle?

He has stepped outside

Ok. Well, my brother is getting married in two days

All my friends are coming. So, I'm here to take Megha

All packed? Let's go?

No way!

We cannot take any decision without her father's knowledge. Ok?

You just wait here, until he comes

- Got it? - Ok

- Which way is terrace? - That way. Why?

Just a smoke

It's been so long


Bujji, don't worry. I'm here. I'll handle


I knew that you're a rogue based on what my cousin told me about you

If I see you again with her...

and that will be the end of it!

- Come here! - Hello!

Excuse me! Megha and I are in love

We have decided to marry

- Don't you hurt her! - How dare you kiss him?

How dare you raise hands on her when I'm here?

Yes, we kissed! So, what? You have no idea how far things have gone

Haven't you kissed your wife?

What's going on?

I warn you! Don't you raise hands on her!

Or else I'll break your jaws!

Megha, you're the reason I'm being patient

Don't you have sense?

Why did you allow him into our house?

Talk to me! If I want I can take her away with me right now!

I'm not doing it considering my father's prestige in the society

Oh really? Go and ask your father to come. Now, get lost!

I'll do that!

If son is like this, I wonder how his father will be!

Let him come and we'll deal with it

He doesn't understand. You and mom, go talk to him and fix it

You mean, with your brother's wedding in two days...

you want us to fix alliance for you? Or get you married to her right away?

Daddy, will you or will you not talk to that fellow for my sake?

First, have some respect for him

Look how your brother treats everyone elder than him

Has he ever invited trouble?

What troubles have I invited?

I love her and so I kissed her. He reacts as if it's a big deal!

Will you come or should I take Bhavani and her husband...

and introduce them as my parents?

Prem, what is he saying?

Has he gone mad?


at least you put some sense in his head

Can't he be patient till his wedding?


...after all he is her father

You could've explained it to him in a smooth way

Aiyo Bhavani! Megha's father is a fool!

You might feel he is a fool

But for her, that's her father

I can't handle this anymore

You guys talk to him

Look, love involves only you and her

But marriage? It involves two families

Both family has to discuss together and make a call

Yes, Bujji?

Kutta, please come here

Come and talk to my father

Let's convince him


Hey, there he comes

Come on guys!

(Smoking is injurious to health)

What's up, guys?

Damn it! Who do you think you are? A thug?

How dare you woo the girl from our locality?

Mr. Brother-in-law!

Hey Kunju!

Come here

You look just like your sister

(Smoking is injurious to health)

How did he convince you guys?

He said he'll throw a party

(Smoking is injurious to health)


- Don't drink too much and get run out - OK bro


- Stop right there! - Daddy

- Daddy, I asked him to come... - You shut up!

Why are you here?

I'm not here to create a ruckus

I need to discuss something with you. May I?

In few days my license will be cleared and I'll settle down with a good job and salary

I will take care of Megha better than you

Trust me


Talk about all the money and wealth you have...

but we don't believe in inter-caste marriage

Ever heard of the 'Pattar pride'

You touch us and we'll bathe four times before stepping into temple

If I marry her off to you then it'll be an insult to our caste

Look here, we both are adults

Why don't you get it?

Talking about castes? Haven't you guys evolved?

It'll be easy for us to get married without your permission

How dare you come here and talk like that?

Get out of here!

This is our personal issue. You please stay out of it

Megha, I'm here because you asked me to come

If this fool still talks like this, what does it mean?

Varmaa please

See the situation is not going as per plan

You please go now. We'll talk about this later

You're repeating what he said! Then why did you ask me to come?

Is this how you're gonna treat me?

Your dad won't get convinced. Come, let's go

You don't have to stand here

- Get inside! Get in! - Varmaa, you go

Please try to understand

Varmaa, you go now. We'll talk about this later

She won't agree. You may leave!

You 'Butter', I won't agree! Go, inform your daughter!

Listen, you don't have to come with me. Just get lost and do as you wish!

Varmaa, please listen

Please stop

Varmaa, please listen to me for once. Please

You heard your dad. Isn't it?

Why does he have to be that way?

Baby, please calm down

I know about you but what does my dad know about you?

Megha this is too much! Just come inside

If dad finds out then this will blow up!

You better come. Why are you unnecessarily...


Get lost!


Varmaa, what is this?

Why are you behaving like this?

So, how do you expect me to behave then?

You want me to beg your father?

The way he perceives us is wrong, Megha!

He will never understand

I would've broke his jaw!

- He is my father! - Of course!

And that is why I didn't harm him

We're not gonna happen if you just keep quiet about this

So, decide right now!

Kutta, listen...

I will talk to them

I just need some time. Please

I'm begging you. Listen to me, please!

You know, I'm nothing without you

You know that, right?

You're my soul. You're my breath. You're my life

You're my everything, Kutta

I'm begging you. Please!

Stop delivering movie dialogues

I'll break your face

Look here...

you are here

I am in here

Your dad will never get it

Go, tell your dad that I am your world

Please Varmaa. First, get rid of your roughness

Just give them some time

I'm sure they'll definitely understand us



I'll give you six hours

So, make up your mind and call me

I am ready to do anything to spend my life with you, Megha

If you too think the same way, then call me

You know the consequences if you don't call

You know me

Varmaa, don't make things so complicated

There's no complication here, Megha

What do you think they can do?

They'll marry you off to someone else

Go, get married and suffer!

Kutta, don't say that please

Let me go. Please

- No, I can't - Megha look. Your dad's watching us!

- Your dad's watching us! - Let him

Then what about his reputation?

What about your family pride? What about 'Pattar pride'

I don't care

I can't live without you

And I can't let you go

How can I survive without you?

Answer me, Kutta

Ok. Ok

Ok. Ok

Six hours

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

Here is her laptop and mobile

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)

Dilute it! Don't drink it raw

Get lost!

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)


Sorry, I don't know

Do you know where is Varmaa?

- Who? - Varmaa


Have you seen Varmaa?




Yes. I need to see Varmaa, please!


He was somewhere here

Megha, what are you doing here?

- You shouldn't be here - Uncle please, I need to see Varmaa

- No way. Come with me - Uncle please. I want to meet him

- You don't need to meet anyone. Come on - Uncle! Please, let go of me!

- Uncle, please listens to me - You listen to me!


Megha, don't be so stubborn!

Varmaa! Varmaa!

'Please, things will go awry if I don't meet him'

'Dear, this won't work out. Just come'



(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

Hey Varmaa!

Open the door!

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

(Chanting mantras)

Who changed me into a diaper?

It was me

What did you inject yourself with? You passed out and were asleep for two days

- Give me a cigarette - Now? Really?

Just give me!

Listen! Listen!

What's the hurry? Careful, you might hurt yourself

Don't you have even the patience to remove it?

Yes, she is right

You have never known patience

Only if you had been a little patient, you could've spoke to Megha the other day

What's the big deal?

Did she call you and complaint?

- Nonsense - No

She said she is getting married

Getting married?

Very good. Very good. Let her get married

Now what? Am I suppose to get all worried?

I won't fall for such tantrums


Megha's marriage is over

Shut up


...what he said is true

She got married yesterday morning

(Smoking is injurious to health)

- Stop! - Don't go!

Go! Go, get him

Dude, get on the scooter first!

Hop on


You shameless mongrel!

How could you love me and marry someone else?

Get up and come out!

I said, come out!

Why marry when you don't understand it's meaning?

You shameless!








So what if she is married?

Is everything over?

What kind of system is this?

She is my Bujji

How can I imagine her with someone else?

Even now...

Look here

Her fragrance is still all over me

Do you think this will fade away if they marry her off to someone else?


Her family people were bashing you up...

and she stood there showing her back like a serial actress

She didn't even turn and look at you

Fragrance; my foot!

All this lovely dove stuffs are black magic

"Palm wine look so pure like milk..."

"...both may appear same but..."

Do you have a cigarette?


I have beedi with me. Wanna try?

(Smoking is injurious to health)

Listen! No smoking inside the police station

Order has been passed!

(Smoking is injurious to health)

Look, your brother is here

Why is your face bruised?

Did you again go and create a ruckus at her house?

Everyone at the wedding were inquiring why you were missing

We couldn't even click a complete family picture

Like that is more important!

Go find a photographer and he'll help you

Did anything go wrong because I didn't attend the wedding?


Nothing went wrong

And if things shouldn't worsen further...

I want you to get out of the house

He is already dejected...

and you want him to get out?

Bhavani, you be quiet

I want you to leave now

Why should I leave?

Please leave, sir


At least we'll be in peace



I'll leave

I'll never ever return back home!

I'll leave

Listen. Varmaa...

Dad, what took you so long?

The crowd is more here compared to food and provision outlets

Fine, go and send up some food for him

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)


Look Varmaa, your license has been cleared

I know how much you love your profession

Get a good job, man

Concentrate on that

Prove yourself

Try to move on


Hey Ashok...

Ask him to eat

Brother, this is just another phase in life

This too shall pass

Don't worry

You leave. I'll take care

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

"A permanent wound keeps pricking me over and over again"

"Without you, my moon, my life is slowing down in pain"

"How am I suppose to live when nothing is left in this life for me?"

"Been in every direction and I can't find an answer, so is this how it's gonna be?"

"Every tear that I'm shedding for you, my girl, takes my life away"

"Your absence is killing me nice and slow, day by day"

"Thus came crashing down; our love"

"Lost the track of time as I live in loneliness, feeling blue"

"Why did you come into my life and then leave? I keep wondering"

"Where are you, can't you see I'm suffering?"

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)

"Love can't be true if you aren't, my girl"

"Then why did you disappear like the shadow in the dark"

"So empty inside that I'm just a soul-less body"

"Where are you off to, leaving me stranded?"

"I close my eye yet I can't sleep"

"How can I cure myself from this wound that is so deep?"

"Even the breeze doesn't want to carry my message"

"Whom do I share my burdens with, to get rid of my emotional baggage?"

"You're my sky. You're my world. Oh my love"

"Oh my love"

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)

Megha and I, we were happily cruising in my bike...

- Am I reciting bedtime stories to you? - No! Listen! It hurts!

"Life isn't happening and death isn't easy"

"Looks like I'm blessed only with misery"

"If the past was a dream and tomorrow is a lie"

"Then why live today instead I could die"

"Every tear I shed is killing me slow"

"I would rather prefer life to come to an end once and for all"

"Dear life, once you break free..."

"ensure you find her doorsteps and that is all I need"

"My dear, if you were a lie then I believe love too is a lie"

"And so is this life"

Every girl who comes looks different

I too doubted him first

Then I found out that he just brings them over and narrates his story

And they listen to his story, collect their money and leave

Nothing else happens

But one thing

If any girl tells him that she has fallen in love with him...

then poor girl, she is a goner!



Here, you keep this money

I don't need a pay to listen to his stories and weep over it

Poor you. You keep waiting all the time

Here, have it as a tip

Sit. Let me tell you something

Now, he keeps calling you, in particular, again and again

Don't you get it?

How can you be so innocent?

Being a boy, he'll feel shy to open up

You must open up

I did but he didn't like it

I didn't mean literally

I meant open up your love for him

Aiyo! I feel so shy

Shy? How will things workout if you feel shy?

Go, tell him that you love him

Megha, she is tipping for being a guardian

Now, wait and watch


I love you


I don't wanna see you ever again!

Don't strain yourself too much

Eat properly. Got it?

I want you to weigh two kilos more in the next visit. Ok?



Actress Raiza madam, sir

Chief doctor recommended you


Tell me

- Doctor, actually... - Hello Raiza madam

Happy to see you here


Dr. Varmaa...

VIP patient


- You look gorgeous on the screen, ma'am - Thank you

Our entirely family watches the show for you

- Oh nice - Even my little daughter

I hear you've signed lot of movies too

All the best

Thank you

They'll take care of anything you need

Sister, take care. Make sure no one disturbs her


Have your brains gone numb?

What's the big deal with this VIP?

She's just an actress, right?

Is she some sort of Olympic gold medalist or space scientist or what?

Did you forget the routines to do at a patient's arrival?


Sorry for that

Now, you can tell me what happened

I twisted my knee while dancing


- Remove your footwear - Yeah

Get me a knee brace

Ok doctor

- Age? - 24

Show me your leg

- Does it hurt? - Yeah



- This must be worn on bare leg - Ok

Don't wear it with leggings on. Also, don't wear high heels

Remove it before you go to sleep

- Ok - Ok doctor


How do you feel now?

Much better. Thank you

Wow! Raiza

- Is Mr. Doctor married - No madam

I got his number madam. It's 9841029394

Look, it's Raiza!

Both you bouncers are over smart when it comes to such things

Thank you, ma'am

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

What is he doing here?

What's all this?


What's your problem?

What are you up to?

- Are you doing drugs? - Hands off me!

- Are you injecting drugs? - Why are you here?

Let's go home

- I'm not coming. You leave - I said, come!

- Guys don't fight - Prem! You better leave!


I said I'm not coming

Where are you off to?

You don't need this

Guys, don't fight

Prem, I'll kill you!

- Prem! - I'm not leaving without you

I said, I am not coming home!

Stop fighting

- You better come home - I'll kill you!



Let go of each other

Hands off me!


Guys, come. Stop it

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

Wait, I'll make some coffee

I warned him a hundred times yet he brings a new girl every other day

And this dog...err...

Everybody in this flats are against having Megha madam in this apartment

He drinks, smokes and does everything that spoils his health

He was a smart fellow and look at him now

At least you try to make him understand...

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)

I'm advising as your elder brother

Put an end to this exile

In the heat of the moment dad asked you to get out

It's too much that you're being so stubborn

Do you think he'll be happy knowing that you are having a tough time here?

Please. Come home

Let me be, man

This is my space

I have to go through this

This is my pain

I must endure it

- Try to understand - But how long will this go on?

You're spoiling yourself in the name of love, failure and pain

Forget her and find someone new

With all this beard and looks, you don't appear like a doctor

What's wrong with his beard?

Even now if he steps out in his boxer, he'll make girls go crazy over him


(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)

Even now, whether I'm sincere to Megha or not..

I'm still sincere towards the love I had on her

And I'll always be

But a single birth won't suffice to show it


- Sir, juice - Thanks

Madam will be here once the shot is done



(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

Take Ok!


Hi Varmaa

What a surprise visit

What made you come down to the shooting spot?

You got time?

- Why? - I would like to share a story

You wanna make a film?

Your story?

Yes, it's my story but it can't be made into a movie

I just want to share it with you. That's all


I fell in love with a girl during my college days

Her name is Megha

She left me

And I can't seem to forget her

Her face. Her eyes. Her smile

The sound of her breath

And her smell too

In fact the only person I ever had sex with is... Megha

In order to forget her I drank, smoke and did drugs

I tried everything

In fact I even tried speaking to other girls but...

nothing worked out

I only feel pain everywhere

Aiyo, I'm really sorry for you Varmaa


This is what annoyed me in the first place

No one can pacify me with regards to this

So, please. No idiotic sympathies or sentiments

May be you can do me a favor

What is there I can do?

Physical help. I mean like friends with benefits



I have tried it many times before

In this matter, I feel you would be the right person for me

I am safe

After all I'm a doctor. I'll be safe

If you want I can show you my medical certificate

Let's make it open and raw

It's ok, we don't have to start right away

Just like your dance steps...

...we can take it step by step until you're ready

"Here you are the river of desire and the shower of hope"

"If fulfilling a desire can erase the pain of love, let it heal you"

"The soul wants love and secretly endure the pain"

"But the body wanders alone looking for some gain"

"You and me, we are the same"

"The season of love is here again"

"Just another taboo for others"

"But it makes sense for us"

"You don't have to utter a word to express your desires"

"Even a look from far away takes me higher"

"Our bodies are nothing but merely a medium"

"Gender is just a myth, let's forget them"

"Eyes that fall in love seldom sleeps"

"Cuddle up and the warmth will keep you in peace"

"Everything that starts with love ends in lust"

"But what starts with lust ends up in love"

Aren't you Raiza?

Dr. Varmaa?

Finally after all those local girls, here is a heroine

Awesome Varmaa!

Have a seat

- Hey, sit - Hi


Is that your ex?

You still miss her?

- Juice... - Thanks

Don't drink on empty stomach. At least eat an egg

I thought you will win the last season of Big Boss

It's after all a show

I know that. I even know that everything you all did was staged

- She is too sweet, isn't it? - Yeah

She's like my mother

"Drape my beauty with your looks and fulfill all your desires"

"Drag me closer and shower me with kisses"

"Express yourself and let's make love war to find peace"

"You have now become my strength and my weakness"

"And here I am to fulfill all your desires"

Dude, what's with all the gossip about you and actress Raiza?

Any news out about us on the media?

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)

They say we both are getting married soon


(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)

I have been waiting for this moment, Varmaa

I really wanna tell you this


I love you

- Varmaa, what's wrong? - This is wrong!

This love is wrong!

I told you clearly that it's all going to be just physical sharing

Then what's all about this new found love?

Varmaa, where are you off to?


I thought we're gonna be frank about this. Why are you being so emotional?

Please wait

Why do you wanna bring damn love into this?

I don't wanna see you ever again. I'm done!

Don't ever try to contact me!

Varmaa, please wait

Get off me, man!

Please wait

Varmaa, please

Please wait!


Even after I told her so clearly, she says she is in love with me


only you are the sole owner of that word and only you should tell me that

Yeah right! Keep doing this...

and finally even that dog will stop loving you

If not her then ruining your life is your last resort

It's all because of this wretch

I hope it dies soon!

I warned you time and again

Stay in your limits

No way

Now that she is married to someone else...

...then why do you keep pondering over her?

Dear, look here

Now there's a girl who loves you

So, better marry Raiza and start a new life

I raised you and I believe I have the rights to tell you this

Please, listen to me

Damn it!

Get out you slave!

Stop talking like you have sacrificed yourself for me

It's not like you raised me for free. You got paid, isn't it?

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)

Hey Megha! Why are you screaming?

Don't worry about her

She'll be back

She'll be back

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)

Sister! Where is Sister?

Please, bear the pain for sometime

It's ok, the doctor will be here soon

Doctor, a delivery case. I think cesarean is the only option

Please come here at once

Devi, I'm drunk right now

Doctor, this is the polio attack patient, Kavya

You have been following her case. You must come

There are no duties doctors available

Ok, get everything ready. I'll be there

Ok doctor

I'll be there

Move! Kavya, it'll be over soon. Hold on

Take deep breaths

Don't worry, Kavya. Take deep breaths

Listen Kavya, you must be brave!

Be brave

Take deep breaths

Take deep breaths

Move. Move

- Kavya. Kavya - Doctor...

I can't bear it, doctor

Why isn't she given anesthesia shot?

Anesthesiologist isn't available

Then how can we perform a cesarean delivery?

Where did that idiot go during duty timings?

Did you try calling him?

Doctor, he is out of station

I even asked for help from the neighboring hospital but no one's available


Don't worry, Kavya. I am here now

Just bear the pain for some time

Make the necessary arrangements for a delivery

We cannot perform a cesarean delivery

Now, go make the necessary arrangements for a normal delivery

- Ok doctor - Quick

Cool! Cool. Cool

Hold in there. Hold in

I can't bear it!

Doctor, totally wrong. Instead of the head, the baby's leg is coming out first

It's critical

This is the final alarm for you. Stop it right here!

What you did has become a serious issue

Entire country is watching you!

What he did in the operation theater was an unbelievably intelligent move

You, shut up!

Over looking the fact that you saved two lives, they have taken up the matter to IMC

Where is Bhavani?

What's all this?


I'm just dehydrated

And why are you dehydrated?

You got drunk and passed out in the operation theater. Isn't it?


I drink a lot! So, what?

You just won't get it

This a phase in my life and hence I'm like this

Leave me alone and I'll endure it

'This incident that took place in a private hospital a few days ago...'

'...has taken the field of medicine and the people by shock'

'The doctor was drunk beyond recognition...'

'while performing the delivery of a child...'

'This is a punishable offense and the doctor...'

'must not be forgiven is the opinion of the majority'

'At the same time, people who are close...'

'to the doctor have said something in contrast'

'Here is an interview of Dr. Varmaa Vasudevan's...'

'college principal, Mr. Rajendra Das'

Dr. Varmaa is a college topper

In fact he is one of the best doctor this college has produced

He is hot headed. That I accept

But drug addict? Alcoholism?

Do you know what it takes to be a qualified doctor?

- But sir, the Indian Medical... - What Indian Medical Council?

The Indian Medical Council is for doctors, like us

Not for media and politics

Sir, Varmaa has done so many operations but they say he is just a house surgeon

Surgeon, my foot!

Actually, he saved two lives

The case is now in Indian Medical Council

They'll handle it

What does your silence mean, even at this hour?

What do you expect me to do?

You don't have to meet him in person. At least call him

And say what?

How can someone share the pain of another?

Let him suffer

(Smoking is injurious to health)


A case has been filed by the medical council

We tried our best to convince the chief doctor

But he is so adamant, doctor

It doesn't matter if the media and the patients support you

The hospital administration that hired you has ditched you

In fact they were smart enough to collect your blood samples

Just that the level of alcohol on that particular night exceed the limit


Would it have been fine if I wasn't drunk and if someone died?

Whether the patient made it alive or dead is a secondary issue in this case

The primary issue is whether the surgeon was drunk during the surgery

Basically this is a criminal negligence and a medical negligence case

Criminal negligence?

I have done 484 operations up until now

And one of them was brain centric neurosurgery

I have also done 20 heart transplantation operations

All of them successful

And I was drunk while performing all of them

Medical negligence?

The whole hospital is hell bent of proving that you are a criminal

Alcoholism, drug addict, womanizer...for God sake

Your image is being damaged everywhere from TV, Newspaper and internet

So please try to understand

In here, totally...

there are 484 radiographs

But the hospital log book says you have performed only 300 surgeries

In every record of the radiographs I have...

it has been embossed as referred by you, that too in detail

If you want I can give you the back-up details in the pen drive

The most important thing, the mother and the child are healthy and doing fine

That woman considers you as God

So, at court she'll say anything that we want her to say

That's an advantage we have

A preservative is used in the lab to test the blood samples

We argue that the fermentation levels are wrong and hence the result is wrong

On top of that, there is no record of the 184 operations that you had performed

These points must suffice

There are few adjustments apart from these. I'll take care of those

(Smoking is injurious to health)

All you got to do is just one thing

Keep a blank and clear face at court

Reading faces and sensing innocence are what the judges are good at

Always have a smile

What matters is, how genuine the concerned party is

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)





What happened? It's already time, we must be at court. Get up!

Madhan, he got wasted again. Come here

Hold him


Lift him

Get him to lie down

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)


You have to be at court


His pupils are dilated

He just won't change

Ashok, what are you looking for?

Varmaa! Varmaa! Wake up!

Do we really need this?

You shut up!

Wake up!

- Varmaa! - Get him to sit

Hey! Look! Here you go

Hold this

- Now sniff it - Just sniff it damn it!

Sniff it

He is back to his senses


Your brother arranged this in-house court hearing after a lot of struggle

Please, act normal

I am normal


Of course, you look normal. Now, come on

Come and get ready

Madam, Dr. Varmaa is an alcoholic

He even behaves in a rude manner with his patients when he is drunk

It's people like him that bring shame to the medical fraternity

But the toxicology report says he is clean

They've provided enough proofs that claims...

Dr. Varmaa wasn't drunk while performing surgery

You guys arranged evidences?

This is so wrong

We are in a favorable position to win the case, so keep quiet

My whole life is ruined

Yet the only quality that still remains with me is...

my honesty

You want me to lie and that too in the presence of my father

Listen, dad knows everything and he is too a part of all this


Tell me the truth. Does he really know?

Stay quiet

Dr. Varmaa...

...if you speak now, it will be admissible in the criminal proceedings

Do you understand that?

Nodding won't suffice

You have to say it

Ye...Yes I understand

Madam, Dr. Varmaa is extremely sincere in his profession

Mr. Ramana...

you don't have to strain yourself. I'll talk to him

So, tell me Varmaa. It's your turn to speak up

Case filed against you is disrespectful to your profession

Do you understand?


What was the case you were treating that day?

Can you explain it in detail?

Patient name: Kavya

Blood group: B +ve

Age: 27

She was physically challenged

Nine months and 12 days pregnant

But she delivered five days before the due date

C..C...C... Cesarean case...

...but the baby was delivered naturally

Ok, sounds good

But you fell unconscious right there after the surgery was complete


Now tell me...

on the day of surgery, were you in anyway intoxicated?

I will repeat the question

On the day of the surgery, were you drunk or chemically intoxicated?


I was drunk

Please be mindful of whatever you say. It'll be held against you

Yes! I was drunk on the day of that surgery

It has happened many times before too

Even now, I have come here drunk

All the operations I performed were successful

Including this one


What I did was a mistake

The trust that patients have on doctors...

is on what I have brought shame upon

And I do not deserve to be a doctor anymore

My hospital has got nothing to do with this

Please make that clear

Madam, now it's clear that Dr. Varmaa has...

No. No

No more arguments

Mr. Varmaa...

I cancel your doctor's license for five years

Further, if you practice in any clinic then...

you'll be sentenced to imprisonment for three years

"As time passes by, my wound continues to be alive and fresh"

"Seems like sorrow is here to stay as my life clings on, bearing all burdens"

" (Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

"Like the sky is infinite...

Here, sir

"..and life is shapeless..."

"There is nothing greater than love"

"At the same time there is nothing tragic as love"

"Shadow is life-less"

"But memories? They are painful"

"The traces left in the path of our life is a lesson but it doesn't belong to us"

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

Where are the furniture and everything?

Did you sell everything?

Hey! Why are you smoking the beedi?

Do you want one?

How are you?

What's up? All of you are here

Our marriage is fixed

Was your relationship indeed a serious one?

I thought you guys were just pretending

Ashok, if these guy say they are in love...

then what about Megha and I? What will you call that?

Fine! Your love story is the benchmark for love

Let's say they got lucky and things worked out

But why are you being so mean?

I don't care what you feel or say about us

I hope you'll attend our wedding

No, I won't

You guys don't deserve it

You guys are unworthy candidates for a love marriage

What's wrong with you? Why won't you attend our wedding?

I won't attend!

To hell with your love story!

It's pure nonsense

Just lust!


Madhan! Madhan! Wait

Why are you being so rude?

Isn't fair?

They are our friends. We cannot treat them like this

You keep quiet

Fine, do as you wish

But we just can't see you suffer like this

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is injurious to health)


At least take this

I'm ashamed to call you my friend

They are not the unworthy candidates. It's you!

Good that you didn't marry Megha

Or else her life would also have been ruined

Come, let's leave


Now what's wrong with you?

The neighbors did warn me...

...but I thought, you're a doctor and you'll be decent

Now, I saw your true color in the TV and papers

Please vacate the apartment! (Smoking is injurious to health)


Where is Bhavani?

She vacated this home long back

Bro! I know you! You were with me at the police station the other day

I was arrested for smuggling. Remember, I gave you a beedi?

Don't you remember me?

Look at you! You look so different

My house is nearby. Come, we'll go to my house

- Add it to my account, I'll pay later - Ok

Jobless fellow! Lives off in credits

This is my house

Welcome. Has all facilities like TV, fan etc.

Careful, watch out for your head

Have a seat

You're my guest. You must be tired

I'll go buy some booze

Excuse me...

did you see anyone wandering here with a pet dog?

No, I didn't

- Excuse me - Yes?

Did you happen to see a bearded guy with a dog?

No, I didn't


Sir, did you see a bearded guy with a pet dog somewhere around here?

No, son

Excuse me, pay Rs. 5/-

Add it to my account

Even food at 'Amma' canteen costs only Rs. 5/-... can you charge so much for using restroom?

How unfair! Come on, you don't worry. I have credit accounts everywhere

Excuse me, did you happen to see a bearded guy with a dog, somewhere here?

There at the fast food restaurant

"I live in an unconscious state..."

"and silence is my mother tongue"

"Chaos is my work of art"

"And tears..."

I have been searching for you since morning. Come, let's go!

I'm not coming. Leave

What's his problem?

You shut up!

Please, come with me

Why? I don't want to go there



I thought you'll come visit me

I thought you'll speak to me at least when we met at court

Can't you see I'm talking?

Birth, marriage life and death...

...all these are just 10% of life

Rest 90% of the life...

is all about reactions

If you're disappointed in me or angry with me...

If so...

please show it out dad, please

I know that I'm the reason for whatever happened to you

Say something, dad

'Don't stay here! You embarrass me! Get lost!' Say something like that, dad

It hurts me that you left without expressing your anger on me

Sorry for being a trouble, dad

I thought, one day everything will be fine and then I'll come, stand before you

Forgive me, dad


[prayer chants]

[prayer chants]

[prayer chants]

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

[club song]

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

"The world is infinite and to be explored; so is this life"

"If you can spread your wings then this world ain't out of your reach"

"Wake up!"

"Time to conquer the peak"

"Step forward and put an end to the past. Move on and start a new beginning"

(Liquor consumption is injurious to health)

"Let not the sand pull you down, root yourself and grow taller"

"Let not the ocean wash you away, stay afloat like the island"

"Remember, only sculptured rocks turn into beautiful statues"

"Only nurtured seeds can grow up into strong trees"

"Forget the past and your sorrows will leave you"

"A period can put an end to a sentence but let it not put an end to your life"

"Even when the leaves fall off, the branch doesn't stop living"

"Wake up"

"Time to conquer the peak"

"Step forward and put an end to the past. Move on and start a new beginning"

Just look at you, man. You look rejuvenated

Now, without the beard and mustache no one will believe you're a doctor

You look like a first year student


Aren't you furious with me that I spoke ill about your love?

Shut up, you crazy!

What about you?

At least she has some ego. I'm shameless!

Now you see why they are so compatible?

- Stop the car! - What is it?

What is it?

Look, Megha

So, what?

No! She is not happy

How can you judge?

Come on!

I know the sound of her breath

Don't you see it in her eyes?

I know every inch of her being


I'm going to ask Megha to come with me

She is not your Megha to come along with you

She is somebody else's wife now. Can't you see she is pregnant?

That doesn't matter to me!


Megha, look here

Look at me

Fine, you don't have to look

At least, hear me out

Why should I?

You must hear me out, Megha

You are not happy

I can see it in your eyes

I am sure about that


Is it so?

How does that concern you?

So you accept the fact that you are not happy?

I asked, how does that concern you?

How does it concern me?

Who else would care about you than me, Megha?

First, have some concern for yourself and take care of yourself!

You are a drug addict

Just go! Go, take care of your life

Megha, I have changed now

So, what do you want me to do now?

Aiyo! Bujji, just come with me

Don't you have any sense?

How dare you grab my hand in a public place?

Do you think this is your college, to rag others?

Don't come closer

Stay away!

You want me to come with you on your orders?

Do you think I'm a prostitute?

Aiyo! Bujji, don't ever say that. Please

Please, come with me

I beg you


Beg you?

Are you begging?

On that day, didn't I beg you not to leave me?

And how did you respond?

You said 'Stop delivering movie dialogues'

You warned me, giving six hours time to decided and left

Is it fair to leave a girl stranded like that?

Your curse came true

My life went down the hill

Megha, calm down. Please, calm down

Please, forget about all that. It's in the past

I'm just certain that you are not happy with that...husband of yours

What's stopping you from giving up this society,

family and friends to come with me?



This is just flesh and blood



Megha, please stop crying

Do you know?


this is not just flesh and blood

This is your child

This is the living proof of our love to the world

I never allowed that guy to touch me

Now, I wanna tell you again!

This is our child


please give me some water

After knowing the truth, I didn't want to stay at home

I left home

I was wandering like an orphan

Later, she took me in and took care of me like a mother

Bujji... you forgive me?

Of course, she forgives you

Even if Lord Guruvayoorappan sins,

women will forgive him, because it's in their nature

Only for your baby?

What about me?


Kisses for me?

The Description of Varmaa