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In this video I'm going to share with you some recent Japanese slang

So we're going in a little bit of a different direction on this one compared to most of the videos on my channel

But I thought it might be fun to share some of the language and slang

The kids are using today for you guys that are maybe interested in coming to Japan some of you that are studying Japanese

Or maybe that you're just online with Japanese friends

This video may help you learn some new words, or maybe just get a better understanding to the words that you already know

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So Maiko, can you come over here? She always comes in from this side, but then wants to sit on this side

This is my good size

Hi guys. There you go. Maiko

So basically in this video I picked a few words that have been kind of popular

Recently or some of them are probably I guess within the last year it's been around

So i'm sure you probably know before I knew that these words

um, so let's go through the first one and one of the first words that I wanted to discuss is

So this one you see mainly online and it's pian

Basically, it's when you're sad, you're easy, then you're a little bit sad

So it means to like it's a sound you make when you cry like Japanese really like

Yeah, it could be like just an anime sound or manga has a lot of like cute sounds right? Yeah, okay so it's like

So, I don't really use this honestly it's really really numerous I think it's actually high school kids started to use it

Yeah, like last year or like two years ago. But anyways, it started with

pian, right and this uh

It's like the

Characters that you used to make before emoji became popular so they would yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah

Yeah parentheses and equal marks and just like all these to make faces and so there's one there's like pian and with that word

It's this it came from this and then it became shorter pian and now people use it like pm the pound this phrase

Means it's beyond pian so pong when you call it, it means pons. That means like it's more so

There's like more than sex

You made a stamp line stamp with yukon

Oh, really yeah, we should make it. Yeah we should would you guys like to see line stamps of wolfie

Yeah, let's do it. Yeah, it's so popular in Japan to create live stuff with your kids

But then like there are people who get really annoyed by it, you know

Like it's just I would love to respond to all my friends with my baby's face

But they're gonna be annoyed I'm like I don't wanna see your baby

Let us know if you guys want us to make lime stamps and we'll like we'll do it again. Well, i'll make it

Yeah, just for us. Oh my god, i'll make it for us. Okay use and if you guys want to use it, go ahead. Yeah

I know a lot of you guys don't you know don't care

So this next word is kind of useful, I think I think it's super useful. Yeah, it's it's the word

Originally from like something that's kind of sentimental something that is kind of nostalgic

something that you know, like it's very like complex and that like kind of

Sad, but beautiful, yes, but it slowly evolved into now

Just being cool. Like if you were to say, oh, that's cool

You can use it for anything like you see a new camera or something. You're like

It's like a new

It means cool. But now it's like

But yeah, it also actually has like a little bit of like anime otaku kind of feeling to me

But that's why it's kind of cool at the same time, you know

Like emoji I didn't start using until I met it right here. Oh, yeah, really?

Cause like you think maybe you're having a conversation. Maybe you're making that video the day in the life video. Yeah. Um, he said,

Uh, so he said it

Oh, that's when you first heard it I know people use it, but I never seen the person in a real life using it

Then I started it I'm like okay, he's cool when the moon hits your eye it's like a pizza pie

So this next one, uh, it's really hard to explain it's just kind of like an action word, it's baby tuppy, baby

People on like Instagram and Tik Tok and they would actually put the straw and the tapioca

Yeah drinks and the bubba drinks. It was just like baby tapi

Or is my timing off

There you go

I actually this is so young. I think all the teenagers do it I i'm way older than this

I think they do it on Tik Tok so I don't even use Tik Tok baby

So the next slide that I wanted to mention is yokya and inkya miyokia meaning that someone has like a

Positive and like upbeat energy right happy personality and then inkjia someone that's on the opposite which is kind of like a negative

And dark character, right? Yeah or more like

Quiet a lot of these um words that are going to come up I'm kind of like on the older end of the spectrum

So I don't really use a lot of these phrases not this one though like at school

like there's like hierarchies right like the cool kids and like not cool kids nerds would call themselves like oh,

I don't think like yoga people would call themselves yoga. It's more like inca people would call them like yoga like ah

So basically when you use it you call yourself

Yeah, and then when you when you actually like put someone up you call them yogya. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah

Let's say like Jennifer asked me out for this party

But like all the yuki people is coming so I don't know. I'm inca so I don't want to go

I don't fit in also probably worth noting that um kia the part of it means like character

Oh, yeah at the end of it and yo and in is basically yin. Yang. Yeah in English. I think I'm yogya, you're

Absolutely, okay

You're annoying

So the next word is jiwadu and it's like a joke

That's not like whoa, that made me like laugh, but then like little by little it basically means funny

It doesn't make you laugh right away, but it makes you laugh little by little but it means funny

But let's say like there's a picture with like a funny mole or something

It's not super super funny but like you stare at it for like I don't know like 30 minutes

You started to become funny kind of thing

Yeah, so you just said you wouldn't according but I would never make fun of someone small

So jiwadu came from award 2 at jiwajiwa. It basically means gradually like slowly. Yeah

It's like a sound of bubbling. No

It's not

What's the word then when it bubbles

Learn something new every day

Really really trendy it's something that is something that you hear like pretty much everywhere these days and it's mitsu

So basically you hear this kind of everywhere it's either on, you know, the news or hear from your fans just because you know

There's a lot of pandemic talk and all this stuff that's going on the idea

That in order to prevent the transfer of coronavirus or infecting others. They have kind of this venn diagram

Let me just go over here a little bit

Basically you have right here three different kind of circles and you have like to stay away from a crowded room

Stay away from closed room or like a room. That's not ventilated

And the third one is when people are talking too close. You should stay away from that

And so the government is telling people to avoid these three meetings

When you see those like one of them or two of them or three of them you say to this they were actually like


Tokyo Mayor. Yeah

Had a press conference with like all the reporters around her. It had so many people this is like me to dismiss this mrs

Missus, right? Yeah, so it's so funny

You can't see that like now kids are using it like not thinking of corona or like yeah

They get of like risk of corona just use it in everyday life

Yeah, so like basically if you don't want someone talking too close to you. You just say mitsu desu. Yeah, let's say

You're like a stinky old boss who talks to

Me really close and like you're like this and I mean to mitsu desu

Younger boss is it okay if I have if I was like a younger good looking boss talking closely to you?

Sure. No

You would have do you think you could like use it every day?

Like if you're in the um supermarket and someone's like standing too close to you in line. You're just like me today

That's gonna mean

If you use it outside of your house to a stranger, it's just very kind of like get away from me

I don't want to get corona from you

So this line is men hera manhattan

It's short for

Mental health someone that is like just mentally sick right something not right in the head

But you can also use it in like attention horror kind of ah, yeah everyday life.

I hear it in like a love life situation

Something's wrong with his head his head. Yeah, but like he's not technically mentally sick something's wrong with it

Yeah, something's wrong with it. Like you can call a girl man head up and she's like keep on calling you every 10 minutes

Yeah, you're pretty much just saying that the person is crazy, right? Yeah. Have you ever like worked with someone? That was manhattan?

Oh hell yes

Someone's always mad person who's always yelled at me

usually I do

I could see why a person would yell at me. How do you forget your passwords?

that's one of the things is like I actually have to manage all her passwords for her because she

forgets them all the time when we first met she had like all of her passwords were the same for

Everything so that you can remember he made me change it so I can't remember anymore. What am I gonna do?

But at least you know, someone can't hack your PC


I can't even hack my PC

And the last one is KP I don't even know if a lot of people use it

But we were reading online and some people apparently use it and it's just a shortened way to say. Kanpai

so maybe

a lot of you probably already know what combine means means like cheer, especially when you you know,

Raise your glasses you shorten it by just saying KP but I mean, maybe we should start using it

Maybe like I think it's cool though. Yeah. Yeah, maybe

If it's if it's not so popular, maybe we can make it popular. So when you guys say kampai instead of saying kampai you say

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