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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Skincare Mistakes You’re Making | How To Make Your Skin Glow Everyday

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We bring you the ultimate checklist

of common skin care mistakes youre probably making

so nothing stops you and your skin

from looking its very best!

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The skin around our eyes, nose and mouth

is extremely thin and delicate

So it should always be treated gently.

Rubbing your eyes when youre tired,

tugging your face while cleansing,

stretching your eyelids while putting on an eyeliner

are some of the things that loosen skins elasticity

and make it more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles.

The right way to keep your skin intact

is to relax your eyes when youre tired,

pat your face while applying makeup

or remove your makeup in round circular motions.

This will keep your skin tight,

healthy and keep early signs of aging at bay.

Just like eating and sleeping,

bathing is an everyday process.

So its important that you use products

that reveal fresh and glowing skin upon its use!

Always opt for one like Doves Bathing Bar

that is super effective in removing impurities

and dirt from the skin

all the while being hydrating!

Enriched with 1/4th moisturising cream,

you are assured that this bathing bar

will replenish the lost nutrients and oils from your skin,

so you can have supple, baby soft skin

from head to toe!

On days where the sun decides to be its absolute worst

you can choose to top your regular SPF

with accessories like trendy scarves,

cool shades and stylish visor caps

to make sure you're completely protecting yourself

from the suns harmful UV rays

all the while looking runway ready.

A lot of us are guilty of going to bed

without removing our makeup.

But you should know that it's an absolute torture

to your skins health!

Makeup clogs your pores

and lowers skins moisture levels.

And dryness, breakouts, chapped lips and wrinkles

are just a few of the side effects.

So before you hit the sack,

make it a point to gently remove your makeup.

Soak a cotton pad in coconut oil

and let it stay on your skin

till all that product is absorbed and then swipe it off.

While under exfoliating leaves your skin looking dull,

overdoing it can destroy the protective layers

of your skin making your skin extra sensitive

and even rash prone.

Its hence recommended to exfoliate twice a week

using a gentle yet nourishing scrub.

Mix 1 cup of epsom salt

with 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil

and add 5 to 10 drops of lavender essential oil to this.

Now gently massage this DIY scrub

using your fingers in small circular motions

and youll be left with healthy, radiant skin!

Before we go

tell us how often you moisturise your skin

in the comments below

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While its only human to make mistakes,

we hope this video has helped you understand

whats keeping you from that heavenly glow.

Until next time, stay tuned and stay glamrs!

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