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Sarvamangala Mangalye, Seeve sarvartha sadaki,

Saranye thryambike devi, Narayani namosthute.


What Father?

He's coming. - Who?

The one who paralysed our Venu.

Our enemy Surendra.

Your brother is getting him to me.

Surendra. Do you want to see him?

I worked hard to bring him here.

Cut him to pieces. Never leave him alive.

With whose permission did you stop the car here?

Oh, please keep quiet for sometime, Sir.

I must go to house in Gadwal.

Stop, stop. Please stop. stop. Hello, hello.

Oh God, atleast this vehicle should stop.

Stop, stop the vehicle. Stop, stop.

Sir, vehicle!

Oh, Who?

You are son of Mangaiah. What's the matter?

What can I say? There's some problem with my car regulator.

Could you take the passenger with you.

Where does he want to go? - Ramavaram, right to the river.

Ramavaram! - I'll get him now.


Do I've to board this vehicle? Thanks.

Is it okay if I drop him there? - Ya.

Why no one is seen here?

Why did you stop? Let's go.

Hey, why're you shouting like an Owner?

Where do you want to go? Hey, Gireesam!

Sir, wait for moment.

Who are you?

I'm Raju. - Are you poisoned?

I didn't think that way when I asked him to board the cab.

Sir, may I know where is Gadwal house?

What did you ask?

Gadwal house.

Did you come here to die?

Anyone would die if they booze like this!

Hey Gireesham, come here.

Oh no!

You have to cross the river. But there is no bridge.

Even boat man will not be available in night.

So, we've to stay at the bank of river to night, Okay.

Today is Friday.

Yes, Its' Friday. A new film might be played in theatre.

I've unnecessarily asked him

Hey Gireesham.

I'm not Gireesham.

Then who are you?

I'm raju. Keep quiet and sit for some time.

Good night darling. Today's quota is finished, Gireesham.

I've told you hundred times that I'm not Gireesham.

I don't even know who is Gireesham.

Are you not Mallampati Gireesham?

Sir, I'm not Gireesham.

I've told you so many times that I'm not Gireesham.

I bought you in my car as your car had some trouble.

Then, what's your name, Gireesham?

Raju, Raju, Raju.

Raju, Raju, Raju, I'm Surendra.

Anyone would tell about me if you ask ..

..them as Pasupuleti Surendra Sastry.

Sastry! Even sastry would booze.

It's not alcohol. It's Kallu.

Oh, Bomb has exploded.

By the sound I can say some specialist has exploded it.

Sir, Let's go back. I'll take you to your house in my jeep

Wherever your house might be in this state.

Again exploded. Gadwal house would've demolished by this time.

No one can live happily if he can't help..

.. at least 10 people in his life.

Did you see the lights over there? He might be Gireesham.

Hey, Gireesham! - I can't see.

Do you have night blindness?

Gireesham has convinced everyone to sell the house.

But, they put one condition.

It can be sold to a person who is from any state or any language,

but has to be Brahmin,

Who would say panchakshari for 108 times.


What? - I've thrown my Jandhyam.

I was nevol...revolutionary. Tongue twisted.

I think everything is clear.

Sir, let's go, I could smell Jasmine.

Some dancers could've come to attract. Let's go.

I'll leave.

No one should come who is scared. You can go.

I'll give you your rent.

I don't want money. - What?

I don't want.

You want to render service without money, Okay!

Take your bag.

One person like him is enough, to get a nice lesson.

Gadwal house, Great. It's a correct property for natural resort.

Hey Gireesham.

You came to buy the house!

Gireesham is inside with the old person.

I'll call him, you get inside.




Don't do anything to me, Sir. - Who are you?

Don't kill me, Sir. I'll tell you everything.

Is this the same house that I saw yesterday? Gireesham.

Hey Gireesham. Mallampati Gireesham.

Why didn't Surendra come yet!

God, I didn't see him since night. Where did he go?

Don't know. - Didn't he tell to anyone?

I don't know Sister- in-law.

Did he tell me anytime while going out?

He roams as he wishes. He'll feel for it one day.

Oh no, I don't know what all lies she told.

No one knows where Surendra brother-in-law has gone.

Why do you feel sad, Aunty?

Surendra brother-in-law would've come to know about a land or house in sale.

He would've gone there to buy them.

No need to back him with your sweet words, Tulasi.

Leave it Parvathi, See whether his phone is ringing now.

I tried many times, but phone is not ringing.

Hey, answer my question.

Where did Surendra go, from office?

You know, tell me the truth.


There won't be any use by some one from office.

Ask his secretary, you'll know the matter immediately.

Secretary! Who is it?

There she is, his assistant.

Ask her, she'll tell where he has gone.

She's your daughter!

Dad, I don't know.

You know, tell me the truth.

Where did Surendra go?

Don't be stubborn, tell him.

Tell me, where did he go?

Surendra brother-in-law went to Ramavaram.

What I expected has happened.

Some corpse is floating on river.

Hey Nagaiah, We've to see Rudra dragging Surendra's corpse. - Yes.

Do you know who is Rudra? Bhoopathy's son.

If we ask him to see and come, he would fire it and come.

Sir, Who's that coming?

It looks like Surendra.

He's like a snake with revenge.

Tell me, who has sent you?

Show me the person.

Hey, what happened?

Aren't you the one who bought me from liquor shop!

No. - It's you.

As you were not able to drive because of alcohol,

shop owner called me.

Lie, I didn't call you, you came on some purpose.

You were in that shop. Why did you leave me on the road?

Tell me, To whom are you working for?

You came to buy the house without knowing its past.

Did you come here to tell the history?

No need to say that 2*7=14.

I know how to deal a person with an intention to spoil the business.

Sir, please don't.

Don't try to fight with him.

You can't stand up for 6 months, if he punches once.

He'll buy the Gadwal House.

If we want some money, he himself would give.

Come fast. Jyothika, Sir is there.

Sir, we've been looking since this morning.

We saw your car at liquor shop.

We're coming from there.


Since how long you know the broker Mallampati Gireesham?

I don't know him before. He came to office directly and spoke.

Rudra! - Sir.

I think you were beaten badly.

Take this money and have some nice food.

Thanks. - Let's go.

Sir, did you like the house? Are you going to buy it?

If I like something in this world,

I'll buy it without thinking about money.

I'll buy this house also.

Dad, some mistake has happened.

I never thought a better opportunity like this would come.

I'm also interested like you to see him dead.

I've made him booze over the limit and sent him.

Aren't there any man to kill him.


Where is he? - Who?

I asked him to kill him once he enters our village. Idiot.

Where is he? - Jayaram!


Don't talk. Your husband is a waste fellow, a coward.

I've been waiting for him thinking each day as a century.

But the moment he came infront of the eyes, Shit!

You're a body builder, but what's the use?

No one told me that he would beat like this.

Shut up mouth.

By looking at this, he not only has long life, he's also fortunate.

I think that's why they couldn't do anything.

Even that driver also tried hard.

Dad, we were ready with weapons when he was crossing the river.

What Rudra?

Yes, yes. You guys held daggers to guard him. You fools.

Dad, It looked as someone stood behind. But, it's true.

On top of it, I smelt jasmine and heard sound of bangles.


Ghosts roam at that place, Sir. And it's Friday.

Yes. - That's why we wanted to kill him in day.

Enough, we saw what you did in the day.

You know only to eat and build your body.

Someone should come to do the work.

Grandmother, Surendra, who left the village, has come back.

I'll kill you if you shout unnecessarily, be careful.

Rao! - Sir.

By today evening, I need the design of the shop, understood.

Sure Sir.

Hey, come, come. -Hey stop.

Hey Stop!

You didn't come to house at the night, where did you go?

I couldn't come as I had some important work, yesterday.

I know you could've gone unconscious because of boozing.

You were worried about something from the day you were born.

It's all because of your friends, all are waste fellows.

Oh, How did he disappear?

I saw him here.

Hey, what's this monkey business?

You want to scare me by doing mimicry?

I'll slap you. Where is mother and others?

Did she went to complain to brother?

Yes. - Good, tell him each and everything.

Brother would parcel me scolding and advice.

Ya, They've already come.

Two priests has come who was sent by brother.

Can't you hear the sound of bell from praying room?

Oh, black magic!


Means we're the only two in the house.

Yes. So what?

Brother-in-law, nothing is required.

Don't waste time, come to my room upstairs.

Now? - What's problem now?

I'll tell you when to come. If you come, that's enough.

Every work would happen once you come.

Oh no, I can't find it.

Found it, poison. Which one he wants?

Local or foreign? Let's take foreign.

God Venkateshwara, There's no fault of mine.

He said get it, Who am I to say no.

I don't have option as I work here. So, I'm taking it without saying no.

Where is fish pickle for snack?

Could've melted in heat of grain.

Thank God, found it. Pickle for snack.

It's equal to gold for him. So, have to hide it carefully.

Hey Tulasi, Priests are calling, come fast.

Coming mother. See, how she's shouting?

Even mike set is not required.


Keep it aside. Give it to me.

Hey, hey.

Shankam, Sachakram, Sakadgam, Sagadam.

Shankam, Sachakram, Sakadgam, Sagadam.

Shankam, Sachakram, Sakadgam, Sagadam.

Shankam, Sachakram, Sakadgam, Sagadam. - God!

Look, it's a black magic.

Someone did it to kill the brothers.

Who bought it here? Didn't you see?

No, who would've done it?

Someone from Ramavaram would've done it. No doubt at all.

Madhava Sir has called us in the morning,

told where it is exactly in the pond.

God would've said it through him.

He could've seen it from temple when the vessel fell into pond.

Isn't it the meaning?

What Parvathi? - Yes, Sister-in-law.

Surendra has to be careful, here onwards.

They have too many enemies.

Make sure no one gets in the pond for two days.

I'll keep it here for the time being.

We can leave it in sea after full moon day.

Find similar things like this and leave it in the middle of the sea.

God, please save my children.

Oh no, Shit!


What's Shit?

In which Ganga should I immerse myself to get rid of this sin?

No need to immerse in any Ganga, get immersed in our pond,

you'll be rid of all sins.

Oh, Are you drinking without my knowledge? Drink is finished?

Hmmm. Will be finished if you drink. It's not an Akshaya patra!

I've to say one thing which is very serious.

I'll put a chain in your neck.

Chain means Thali.

Is that so?

To get rid of your fear, and for me to live happily,

you should become my wife.

Later, we can change this room into a shop.

Pasupuleti shop. Madhusala. You're the Madhubala.


What, don't you like?

Fell down. He's talking rubbish after boozing.

Look at it.

Hey, Did you see Gadwal house?

I didn't see.

Look it in my mobile, looks like Taj Mahal.

Hmmm, Tajmahal! It looks great.

Tulasi, Hey Tulasi.

I'm coming.

Don't you like my Tajmahal, Mumtaz?

Where did she go?

She would be somewhere around.

Tulasi, what're looking at so keenly?

What's there in it?

Left out grains. Servants has come to beat them.

It's been long time since I had food with new rice.

Hmmm, you go, go.

Stop, that roamer has come!

He didn't go on roaming, he went to see a house there.

Tulasi won't allow to say a word about Surendra, Isn't it.

Look at her face.

What is it stinking?

I too don't know.

It's stinking Tulasi.

It should smell Sandal in the house where pooja performed by priests,

but why is it stinking here?

It's not good, we're clean the house.

Let's go sister-in-law.

Hmmm, move aside.

Oh God, Krishna, Krishna!

I understood your problem.

Your sweat is smelling like fish.

No one here can enjoy the smell. I like this smell.

Can I tell you the way to reduce your madness?

You can find an ENT hospital if you go 3 kilometres to the east,

if you go there, they'll chop your nose..

.. which can sense smell of women.

No, no. I can't live without nose.

Surendra is the right person for you.

Hey Shankaram. - Oh!

What can we do Parvathy? He'll do a thing from which we forbid him.

He's like that from childhood.

He's not scared of anyone, even his brother.

He's sleeping, slowly.

What's the problem if I go to Ramavaram?

So, you're not sleeping. Acting like sleeping.

Don't change the topic. What's the problem if I go that place.

From our ancestor's time, no one would go to that place,

similarly no one would come here from that place.

So, we're following it.

Who told that we've to be like this?

Our ancestors of this family.

You can't say blindly that we shouldn't go.

There has to be a story behind it. Tell me.

Out of two, who can tell me the story?

I can't debate with you. Come quickly to have food.

Hey Madhava!

You call brother for that also, it was me who escaped.

It's my fate, Stinking. My stomach is not well.

But why, to drink 24 hours.

I'm dying out of fear. God!


A plant would grow based on the type of seed sown.

You're doing all this as you're loyal to them.

Why can't you tie ten tulasi garlands to the lord in temple,

so that you can feel good.

Hmmm. You can say so many things like this.

If he asks me to get a liquor bottle, how could I say no?

Shit, Who kept it here? My fate!

Make sure no one gets in the pond for two days.

I'll keep it here for the time being.

We can leave it in sea after full moon day.

Time has changed.

No one has high regards for a person who works in sastry's house.

There's no good conduct about your daughter in the neighborhood.

In that house, with surendra! Call your daughter.

What's your intention?

You heard what he said. I don't want marriage.

No one should come to see me.

I'll break your teeth, don't talk anything.

Come to hall with coffee.

I had to beg so many people to get them here.

Do you know how hard it is to get a match?

Everyone would come to know about Tulasi, today.

He's looking at me as if about to swallow me.

Uncle, take the coffee.

Sure! Sivaram, Did you the girl? Looks like gold.

This one.

How can you talk bad about girl? Idiot.

If I see you again in this place, will kill you. Go.

Come, come, let's go.


Did you see this?

No, I don't see anything.

Culprit, the one who mesmerized Pasupuleti's Men.

She should cry life long, should suffer what she did.

My son become like this because of her and Surendra fought with you.

So, Tulasi also should suffer one percent of revenge.

Hey, Shit! Leave me.

You're the one who is opposite to me in election.

Yes, stop your mischievous behaviour from now onwards.

Should I stop? Okay, will stop. Before that, I will kiss you,


On behalf of him, I ask you for apologize, sorry.

No, there is someone to teach him lesson.

Hey, Who is that scoundrel, Venu?

Brother! - Where is he?

Venu is upstairs. - Let's go.

Not one, two, seven matches.

Keep the play at your range, my range is different.


Fight is going on, let's go.

This is hand which touched our village girl,

here onwards, it'll not be useful to have food

or to clean.

Oh no, stop. Please.

I'm leaving you now.

If you touch again not only a girl of this college,

but anyone in this world, that day I'll chop your hand to pieces.

Understood. Go. Disgrace to Brahmin community, go away. Go.

I'll leave.

This is Durgamma Devi's abhisheka prasadam that is performed for you.

Do you now who did that pooja,

It's none other than Pasupuleti Madhava Sastry.

That pooja is to kill his own brother,

which that Brahmin doesn't know.

He blessed with two hands while giving prasadam as

everything would happens as per your wish.

Words of Madhava Sastry will come true.

Elder Brother believes in God, younger brother won't believe in God.

Giri, you should bring Surendra here for one more time.

Can you do it?

Never doubt it. He's interesed in buying lands and houses.

If I say Gadwal house is on sale, will come as he's interested.

Can't he suspect you?

Me, I'm a best actor. Not once, thrice I got prize for best acting

in youth festival, did you forget it?

I'm not Nedamatti Gireesham. But Mallampati Gireesham.

Both of them are different.

Gireesham was in Bangalore when there was fight.

So, he does not know my face.

You guys be alert. I'll get him here like a hunt dog.

Good luck.

Sir, I didn't come to do Satyagraha. My time is precious.

Why did you ask me to come here?

You didn't meet your brother even as you come from so far.

Atleast, take the blessings of Lord.

I don't know to get fortune by bribing.

If brother told anything, tell me now. I've to leave.

He told not to sell the house thinking it's too old.

This business won't be profitable as per your horoscope.

Pasupuleti's house is run by the profits that I make

by selling lands and houses.

Not only that, I can serve the ones who are dependant

on that house. No one would think of that.

My policy is to sweat hard and have food.

That's my ambition too. I'll do anything for it.

Did you hear? Surendra will say what he thinks and does it.

Go inside and ask Madhava Sastry to seek blessings for his brother.

Goddess Parasakthi.

Okay, okay.

Sir, Casinozha from Chittoor, asked about the house.

Which house? - Gadwal house.

Good morning, Sir. It's me.

You've to excuse me.

I couldn't come here by the time you asked me to.

I was in Rangapuram, last week. An issue with banana farm.

I don't know whether it's my fate, couldn't sell the farm.

I swear on Lord Venkateshwara, If you don't buy that house,

then my family would come to road.

Who are you? Are you cheating ramayya?

I'm Mallampati Gireesham. I'm a mediator and broker.

What're you thinking about yourself?

Oh, I'm innocent sir.

By the way, Who gave you permission to sell Gadwal House?

What could I say if you ask me upfront?

Don't play games with me Gireesham.

I can even remove your head. Understood.

Now tell me, Where are the papers of Gadwal house?


What? - Sir, A snake over there.

Snake, where? It's that side, Sir.

Lord Venkateshwara! How dare you?

One day or other, you'll die because of a snake bite.

Your time to die is nearing.

Nagaraja! Where are pooja's for me? Where is milk for me?

Where is lamp for me?

I was injured because of a knife here.

I'd curse you, If you don't stop the construction

and build a temple for me. Nagaraja!

Hey, Sir is coming. - Nagaraja! -Move aside, move aside.


Are you bleeding?

You'll feel if you play with me.

You've got used to it since long time.

You go to forest for wood, beat a rock with a dagger,

it bleeds, so build a temple over there.

Jammila, it's enough, stop your drama. Stop it you scoundrel.

Sir, Jammila!

Who else? She was Jammila till last week.

Later would tell Mariamma got into her.

Next week would tell Hanuman got into her.

Go away. - Oh God!

Everything is drama.

Go away, continue with your work. - Everyone, go, go.

Everyone, move aside, move.

I accepted Sir, I accepted.

I'm saying whole heartedly that you would reform this society.

Sir, It's fate that Pasupuleti should buy the house

before some guy from SC could buy.

I'll happen.

The owner of the house would be alive somewhere in this world.

I'll find him and get him before you.

Can I trust you? - Yes, you can trust.

Mom, could you tell me a story.

It's not story, I'd tell you about a truth which happened

at the time of your great grand mother.

Maharaja Rajavarma was the king at that time.

Tell it quickly.

Get me some water, I'm thirsty.

Keep quiet, brother-in-law. - Hey, go.

Hmmm. This thing happened so many years ago.

At that time, Ramavaram was a sacred place.

Brother, brother.

Vedas and mantras echoed at this sacred place,

which is divided into half by this river.

There are two great families on either side of the bank.

One is Nedamatti's family, the other one is Gadwal family.

To be frank, It's a Gurukul for so many students.

Nedamatti's family has six siblings. Five sons and one daughter.

Her name is Savithri. She was very beautiful like an angel.

She's so smart as her father.

By wearing dark eyeliner to eye lashes, bindi at forehead,

kasturi perfume, being carried in a cart,

Savithri was considered to be identical to Saraswathi Devi

by the village people.

Maharaja came to Ramavaram at the time of Navrathri.

It's time of examinations for students of Gurukul.


There's nothing later. You go away first.

Please tell me, madam. I'll listen.

Both the teachers were standing opposite, asking questions

and testing the students presence of mind.

Nedamatti's teacher was a bit ahead.

Savithri bought good name to him and made him proud.

Thavamatha Pativratha! Is your mother a Pativratha?


Savithri! You're insulting your mother.

What I said is true. A girl from Brahmin society,

after marriage would have sex with husband on 4th day.

It's our tradition. Isn't it?

So! What?

First day, she imagines as she gave herself to moon.

Second day to Gandharva.

Third day to Fire, who is the king for people.

Then fourth day, you're allowing her to give herself to husband.

That day is the time for first night.

As per our tradition, no brahmin wife is a Pativratha.

Great, good answer. You saved the prestige of our Gurukul.

Let's stop the test now.

Wait, one more question is left.

Gadwal teacher's thought they could win against

Nedamatti's teacher if they make Savithri lose.

They asked an unwanted question to Savithri,

who is the age of their grand daughter.

Which feeling has the capacity to mesmerize five senses?

What is Savithri's answer for that question?

She didn't say, wrote on the peepal leaf and showed to teacher.

What did she write? Madam.

Kama Rasam.

Savithri has changed her fate by herself.

What happens if an unmarried girl writes as Kama Rasam?

Gadwal Teacher asked her how could..

.. you know about this as you're virgin.

As Maharaja witnessed the test, forbidden Savithri from community.

So, her father had to make her move out of the house.

As she couldn't sustain the pain, Savithri suicided

by jumping into the river.

Savithri begged everyone of the village for shelter.

One day, she went inside the Gadwal house.

And cursed Gadwal teacher as he's responsible for all this.

She banged her head to Tulasi tree and died.

Her father who is also Nedamatti's teacher,

got ferocious as his daughter died because of Gadwal's teachers.

He rejected Gods as they didn't save him.

He got black magic into his prayer room.

By that time, Savithri's soul has become ghost

and started to terrify the village.

Savithri has turned into Yakshini as oil for fire,

and roam in Ramavaram, where she died.. satisfy her father's revenge.

Gadwal teacher thought of unwanted things might happen

as Savithri shed her blood at his house.

So, he built a new bungalow.

House warming ceremony of that bungalow was performed in a

grand way in Ramavaram.

But that night has become the night of revenge.

At dawn, Gadwal teacher went to take bath.

Savithri came as Water Yakshini, took her revenge brutally

by bitinig his neck with her long teeth.

The next day, Teacher's corpse floated in the river.

Other members of Gadwal family went of the village

to save their life.

Hey, Do you know the matter?

He's coming here, again. - Who is that?

Surendra. He has decided to buy the Gadwal's house.

For how much? - Very less. Why, do you want to buy?

Savithri herself would kill him. No need to interfere.

Hey, no way. I won't leave him to Savithri.

I've to kill him. Come, get into the car.

I've to talk to you about few things.

Purvam ditta mayam purastu. Jeshothi nyunam priyamcha.

Can you understand anything what I said, Surendra?

Understood. Son of a women who can't give birth to a child,

went to desert, waited for flowers to blossom on water,

prepared bow with rabbits horn and went to forest.

Is there any grammar mistake?

Nothing, right. But, it's nonsense, meaningless.


The slokam which you said is also meaningless, Uncle.

It seems there's a ghost in Gadwal's house.

No doubt, It's true.

I bought so many houses for low price by saying

about ghost stories.

I know.

Foreigners bought those houses for dollars and living happily now.

It's not same now as those.

You shouldn't go, especially members of your family.

What happens if my family members go there?

Will the house swallow us?

Didn't my family members go there previously?

Don't ask me anything?

I'll ask. How did my father Sankara Sastry, who is

also a horoscope expert, died?

No need for you to know.

I must know. You're the one who were there with him

always, even day and night. You must tell me.

Venkaiah, let him know what happened.

Tell him about greatness of the house that he's about to buy

and about brutality happened in Ramavaram.

Whatever happened at that time in Ramavaram remains as

a story with the people.

Time and generations has changed.

Few years back, one of the members of Pasupuleti's family

heard a voice 'Save Me'.

He's the one who escaped the curse, the only left person of

of Gadwal's house, Gadwal Harinarayana, who was the poor fellow.

He banged his head at the feet of horoscope expert,

Pasupuleti Sankara Sastry, to come to his house

and get rid of the curse.

Harinarayana believed that Sankara Sastry is the only person

who can control Savithri's soul.

Pasupuleti's family won't say no to a person who comes for help.

Sankara Sastry promised to Harinarayana that he would come.

That day, Sankara Sastry started to go even the villagers

asked him not to.

He went along with his brother and venkaiah .. the cursed house of Gadwal.

Om Vishwakarmane namaha.

If you can stay here for just one day, and prove that

Gadwal house is not haunted, then I'll be out of all problems.

Mohammad Abdullah from Mumbai told that he would buy this house.

I can clear all my debts with that money.

As per her mother's wish,

I can make her study and enlighten her life.

Venkaiah, Let's splash Ganga water in kitchen and put fire.

Nidamarti Savithri should know that we came.

Jala Yakshi is her residing place.

The great way that starts from underworld.

Where is that pond?

Goddess Kanakadurga, please save us.

Now light the fire.

Venkaiah! Venkaiah!

Oh no, Sastry.

Sastry, Sastry. Sastry.

Oh no, Sastry died. sastry, Sastry.

Fire, fire. - Father, father.

save us, save us. - Venkaiah, fire.

Daughter, go with him, go.

Father. - Venkaiah, Venkaiah, save my daughter.

Brother, you go.

Father! - Fire, fire. - Brother!

Father! Father! Father!

Brother! Brother!

Stop. Good morning Sir. Hello! - Get in.

I thought you may not come as it's late.

I have to see that Gadwal house which killed my father.

A person would get something as per his fate.

I think this is for you.

If you clean it and light fire, then it would become a temple.

Did you find the owner?

I couldn't find even after searching entire country.

So, I did one thing. Got duplicate keys for it.

The person who owns is alive, might come.

I saw the one who owns it.

Who is it? Where are they, Sir.

The walked the path I walk every day,

without knowing that there is a treasure.

Where is that pond which killed my father?

Which is Nidamarthi Savithri's residing place.

It Savithri! They're just fake stories.

It's just to scare others. Come this way.

As all are duplicate keys, don't know which one works.

Sir, where are you? Oh no.

Sir, What magic is this?

Surendra, Surendra, where did you go?

I can't find him.

Surendra, Surendra, Sir, Sir.



Tulasi, what happened?

Surendra brother-in-law.

Surendra! Come.

Surendra's dead body yet to come out.

Somehow we killed him. There is one more life to be slaughtered,

which is the finishing touch for Savithri's soul.

No Dad, it's enough.

What? Are you afraid?

Yes, he has a brother who shines like sun.

Madhava is not Surendra, he'll kill even if we touch him

with or without knowing.


Let him come. I've never seen that Dronacharya.

Go back, go back. Move aside, go back.


Open your eyes and see, Sir.

Look, what happened to Pasupuleti Surendra who challenged Savithri

and entered into Gadwal house.

One wicket down.

Devi Savithri, save people of Ramavaram.

Savithri's soul is getting powerful day by day.

Anyone would face this situation ..

..if they play with Nidamarti's family.

Fire the corpse, shouldn't allow to put in Sandal box.

Pasupuleti's family should realize now.

Dead body should be sent for post mortem.

Any way, dead body should be moved.

Sir, we ourselves can get it to the vehicle.

Move aside, move aside..

Sir, move aside, aside.

Madhava, Pasupuleti Madhava!

Madhava Anna, Our Surendra fell into pond and died.

Shut your mouth. Keep it down.

Even dead body deserve respect.

Don't touch it with your sinful hands,

which he won't bear at all. And will never forgive you.

Keep it down.


Hey Stop! It's our duty.

Is your duty to count the dead bodies in Ramavaram?

They're my students. They'll do your duty, move aside.


Madhava Anna, Surendra was killed by Savithri.

We don't know anything. Please don't suspect us.

Shut up.

Brother! -Your act of innocence to make you believe and then

kill a person, won't be enough for me.

If I come to know that anyone of you has touched my brother's

corpse, I'll come at that moment to this place.

That day, you won't see a peaceful Madhava.

You'll witness king of hell.

You would feel that day, why did we born on this earth.

Wait for my arrival.

I won't leave anyone.

What happened to you?

Where's your courage?

If anyone asks who is the most courageous person

of this family, not only me, the entire village will say

it's Gireesham. Such a person, you're scared!

Please believe in what I say.

I didn't push Surendra into the pond.


I couldn't do it. His fate is to get killed by Nedamarthi Savithri.


Yes, I was alone when Surendra went to pond.

At that time, I heard a huge laugh. Cradle was swinging itself.

Scent of Jasmine, saw a girl in red saree at lawn.

What does your magic shells say, Sir?

Dead Surendra is more dangerous than when he was alive.

Oh God.

Surendra is in Gadwal house.

So, let us demolish that Gadwal house, immediately.

Why should we have that house in our village?

So many people are ready to buy that land.

Is he the one who is ready to buy the land?

Yes. He's Rajiv. He's from a great family.

It's his business. Our Gowri!

Hmmm. Good.

He has gajakesari yogam, which sinks with Gowri's horoscope.

Dad, he needs just the land, but not Gadwal house.

There's a batch in Rajamundry,

who would demolish house with dynamites.

Can I call them?

We've to arrest Savithri in Silver knife and keep upstairs.

Later, you can call them. Understood.

Sure Dad.

Oh God.

No, Surendra is not accepting the karma.

You saw that sacred has fell down.

You forgot to change the Jandhyam.

Nothing is going right now.

God, save us.

I can't see this. Madhava is not comfortable with karma

and chanting mantra. With the same hand he grown!

What sin did I do to see all this?

Surendra won't leave earth without taking revenge.

That Savithri ghost will be punished for this.

Is he your lover, Madhava Sastry?

Hey, you shameless. Enough of your studies.

Leave me brother, I won't come.

Come on. - I don't want this marriage.

Without our knowledge, since when you know Madhava?

Come, go on. Will kill you. - Leave me, leave me brother.

Come on, get in the car.

How can you love him? Get in.

Dad, me!

Don't talk. I've already decided to whom you would be wife of.

Apart from him, I won't accept even the Paris falls on my feet.

Get in, Hmmm.

Get in, tell that this teacher won't come from now on.

Ask Madhava to come if he has the guts.

Hello, Sir!

Is he Madhava?

No Dad, he is Surendra.

I think this is yours, teacher.

If you still wish to come to our home, get down immediately.

Hey, if you get down! - Leave me.

Don't be afraid, I'll take you to my house.

No one can stop us.

Stop, I'll see how you can take her.

Show your strength to your family ladies, Idiot!

If you shout at this age, you might die out of heart attack.

If you still shout, I won't mind even you're elder to me.

I'll tie your hands and legs and throw in this dam.

Rudra! - Sir.

Slaughter him. - Hey!

If a daughter has left his father, then the father has to be

a rogue or the daughter has to be a bitch.

Try to find the truth out of this, atleast before

going to graveyard.

It's not age, man should have knowledge. Understood! Old fox.

If you can, stop it right now. Or else, we can start from here.

I'm okay with anything.

God, he cheated me.

Who's that girl next to Surendra?

I don't know.

She's my mother. Go and start your acting, fast.

Who are you?

Hey, what is this? Who are you?

Mom, please don't be angry.

Parvathi, Who is this girl?

I don't know, I haven't seen her before.

So what, you can see her forever from here onwards.

She is Mithra Sastry, Lecturer in our village's Sanskrit College.

She studied over there itself.

She could've come here for your blessings.

Great. What's your Sur name?

Its! - Nimmakuri, nimmakuri, nimmakuri!

Haven't you heard of Nimmakuri?

Nimmakuri! I haven't heard.

You heard it now. Bless her heartfully ..

..and then give your keys to her.

Because she's is your daughter- in-law.

What's this?

He cheated me.

From today, this teacher is the owner.

Siva, Siva! What's all this?

Hey, Why did you do this?

Idiot, you spoiled our family's name.

I'm Idiot, donkey. Okay, I accept it. But she didn't come for me.


She came for your elder son,

Professor Pasupuleti Madhava Sastry's wife.

What? No one could believe it!

Siva, Siva! Ask her if you want.

Is it true what he said?


Madhava! - Madhava, Kesava!

It's happened. No need to enquire.

I need. I should know what he's thinking.

I know. False self respect won't let mouth open.

But Love would touch the heart.

I came to know, this Surendra knows everything.

God! Parvathi. - Sister-in-law.

My head is spinning, Oh no.


Be careful. - Oh god.

Aunty! - She would fall like this whenever she can't answer.

There's no medicine for it. You please go upstairs.

Someone is waiting for you by chanting marriage mantras.

Understood. See, Love and affection are feelings.

We've to share with one another.

But, it's not a Beejakshara mantra to say to our self.

Brother won't accept it if I tell him.

So, please tell him in your way. It would work.

Hey, go away.

See, My brother would solve any kind of problem.

You wouldn't have imagined about his kindness, anger,

when I told you about my brother. Isn't it?

He won't accept a wrong thing. It's his character.

You're so lucky to have a good brother like this.

Brother! I might be elder to him by birth.

But, he's elder to me in character.

Everyone in our house would ask him for any need.

I understood it. I would thank your brother

instead of Gods, for this.

What is this?

It's Thali, on which 41 days of pooja performed at Bhuvaneshwari Devi.

I keep it in your hands.

What're you saying?

You should tie it to my neck, now, this second.

Great, marriage without music and fire.

Okay, that's what we deserve.

My brother's affection is more powerful than one thousand homams.

That's enough. That's enough.

Have you decided to go to Ramavaram?

It's not my decision, it's Lord Siva's decision.

War is about to begin.

Your father and your brothers would stand against your husband.

I know it hurts you. It won't take much time for Ramavaram

to become a graveyard. No one can stop it how much he try.

We got post mortem report.

It states he's dead because of breathlessness when he sunk in pond.

They've planned to sell the Gadwal house.

Their plan is to demolish that house.

Human can't decide whether a house to be there or not on this earth.

Only God has that right to decide.

Do it fast, go that side.

Take it till the end.

By today, Gadwal house should be demolished without a trace.

Everything is ready. Take it.

Even the foundation should become ash.

To be frank, even this is murder of Brahma.

Everyone chant Ashtakshari mantra to yourself.

Don't delay, press the button.

Hey fool, It's not working.

Is it, give it to me.

Daughter, forgive.

Please forgive children's mistakes and leave them.

It might be lose contact. Press it properly.

Don't talk another word. Idiots.

Open your eyes and see, how the environment getting changed.

My heart is saying that something might happen.

Who? What's this dressing?

Dasavathara's are by men.

By seeing men like us, gays like you would behave abnormally,

and might faint.

Madhava! Madhava Sastry!

Why did he come here?

Hmmm. Bombs put by father and son didn't explode.

You could've dreamt of demolishing Gadwal house

while started from your house, this morning.

When I've decided to save this house, not only you,

even your fore fathers can't demolish it.

Madhava. Pasupuleti Madhava.

Pasupuleti Madhava Sastry.

Why did the deciple of God,

Pasupuleti Madhava Sastry came here so excited?

To buy the house or to see the place where Surendra died.

I won't forgive even if your five senses plead.

Your brutality would come to an end, one day.

Even then, by vengeance won't end.

Leave him. What do you want?

I'll take what I want one by one.

Till then, no one should be around.

You heard our teacher. Go away from here.

Who are you to tell us. This is Gadwal house.

Don't even think of laying hands on them.

You don't know about me.

Did you forget about the one who is lying paralysed in your house?

Jayaram, move aside.

Want to see Documents! Do you want to see the person

who has original documents?

You shouldn't faint on seeing him. Be brave.

Venkaiah Uncle. They want to see, show them.

Gadwal's Heiress , Tulasimani.

Can't understand? Gadwal Harinarayan's only daughter.

Did you forget that day?

Harinayan's daughter we took with us that day, didn't give to anyone.

I grown her in their kitchen, to be out of sight of Savithri.

I saved from her enemies.

Look carefully at her face.

Can anyone say that she's not Harinarayan's daughter?

You can't.

Hmmm. Poor Venkaiah, you couldn't escape

even though they could've hidden you after seven oceans.

I came to know the reason why Savithri didn't come these days.

She's looking for you, go. Put your right leg forward and go.

Savithri would prick and swallow this Tulasi.

Before that, This Madhava Sastry would make her into ash

and lay on your forehead.

I swear on Lord Shiva, who is the controller of five bhutas

and eight directions, that your down fall starts from today.

Go and look at your horoscope, your death is at your doorstep.

Go, go back in the same way in came.

Now, father and son can leave.

See, this father and son put their leg without knowing the depth.

Now, you too. - Everyone go to home.


Within 4 days I'll show that this house can be used to stay.

Only then I'll come to home.

If not, ask mother not to cut mango tree for my burial.

Can fire the corpse with waste wood.

Brahmin's land will have white color and smell of water.

Kshatriya's land will have red color and smell of blood.

Vyshya's land will smell ash.

It's black in color which is sign of graveyard, Kshudra land.

Land of ghosts.


Good, Kalahasthi Carpenter built the house with mud and wood.

Anyone can build eight different types of house on earth.

Aadi! - Sir.

By character, to which type does this house belong to.

Hiranyanadam, Siddhartham, Sukshetram, which one?

South, noth, west, east. Four are equal.

It's not yamakudali, for sure.

Yamadaivatvam, which gives only death.

Oh God.


I bought Viboothi from lord Siva's temple.

Don't be afraid. No black magic!

I'll alter it by the one who built it.

By evening, one of the Kalahasti ..

..Carpenter's family would come Ramavaram.

Stop! - Why?

Stop it.

Who are you?

Oh, are you the engineers?

I haven't seen you in this village before.

Feel happy as you saw us now, Idiot.

Are you Ramanath?

No, U. Raghuram.

They came here in search of work.

We don't need your work.

Our master is in Ramavaram.

Can you show me the way, you Owl eyed fellow.

Hey, Shut your mouth. You don't know about this Nagaiah.

I can increase or decrease the levels of poison in one minute.

I'm a poisoned cobra.

Oh Snake. - Snake!

Don't talk rubbish. I was kidding.

Are you poisoned cobra. You can increase or reduce the poison,

but can't spit. Hmmm. Achuta!

Snake which is dead or in photo can't bite.

Oh no, Snake! - It's not snake, it's fish.

What's the difference between sea snake and normal snake?

Hold the snake and lick it.

It's a sea snake if it tastes salty.

Is it house or forest?

Whatever, there's lot's of wood.

Our problems would be solved now.

Not ours, mine. Madhava Sastry called me, not you.

Keep in mind. If you talk rubbish again,

I'll fire you, be careful.

What! - It looks like someone called us, come.

Hey, there are thorns.

They're not ropes to tie, they're branches.

It's not, thorn in my leg.

I'll kill you if you irritate me. Come.

Boss, it's so calm as in graveyard.

Is there anyone here?

Can't you see me standing here, Idiot.

I asked whether no one is around over there.

If so, you should ask that whether no one is there.

Is there any one there?

Look that side.

He's getting something to eat. Laddu!

I too will eat if it's laddu.

By the way, what's the name of your owner?

I'm Ananth. - Means.

Anantha Padmanabha.

It's not she.

Then go and tell that Carpenter from Kalahasti has come.

Not only Carpenter, tell him an elder Carpenter.

I'm not that aged. Hmmm.

This lotus flower smells good.

It's not lotus flower.

Then. - It's the smell of snake giving birth at that place.


Oh no Snake, you go that side. I'll go this way.

Oh no, legs!

If it's there on all directions except north,

it's called Hiranyanabhi.

If it is in this bungalow, then they will good fortune.

But, we have to face many hurdles.

I didn't know that I was asked to work for snake charmers.

He told that snake gave birth as if his wife gave birth to child.


They told that they are from Kalahasthi.

Will your hand shiver when you hold hammer?

No, hammer will shiver.

Shhh. With whom are you kidding?

Aadhi! To talk funny is in their family's blood.

There's no medicine for it in this world.

I've some work with you. So I called you.

I don't know what work?

If I teach you mantras, can you tell me without mistakes?

Hmmm, Telling!

I'll write imposition for hundred times if I make mistake.

Ask him to take bath and get ready.

Excuse me. I took bath last Sunday.

Will take bath again on coming Sunday.

It's a Vratham. If I get down in pond, the fish might die.

Go, go. - Listen to me.

Look, Dronacharya has much more sophisticated weapons.

It's not like bombs which didn't explode.

Brother, we should kill him with presence of mind but not with gun.

You go to garden.

Flower seller Mohammad is waiting for you there. Go. Go fast.

If you aim Dronacharya with this gun, even this won't fire.

Isn't it brother.

Why is it so?

Gadwal house has to be safe, which is Savithri's necessity.

Only to Savithri.


Every one chant the same way as I do.

Previously, you asked not to talk. Now you're asking me to talk.

Which one should I do?


Don't talk and do as master said.

No one open your eyes. Don't stop even if you hear any sound.

Don't shiver by looking at blood.

My courageous students are also afraid.

Why can't you stop now?

I know that Brahmin's are forbidden from using weapons.

But, I'll use them. Will cut your tongue.

With open hair and shouting like a ghost, you can't scare us.

Om Vishwakarmanye namah.

Your tongue won't move from here on.

Blood. Over there, blood.

I can't stay here.

I'm fed up with ghost's fashion show in the night.

Like a rich man who drinks alcohol while thirsty,

ghosts at this house drink blood it seems.

If stay here, then I'll die.

Raghuram, Stay there.

I won't turn back. I'll adjust with this bronze vessel

for the work I did till this time.

If you say there's no wage for me, then I would curse you.

Leave me. - You can't leave, Raghuram.

Without master's permission, you can leave this house.

If you still go, then your legs would be paralysed.

Life long, you've to crawl like snake. Be careful.

Wait, by the way, Who is going? I'll be here.

They won't leave me unless they see me dead.

Look, everyone would feel for it.

My great grandfather built this house.

If they could've built it with pillars, then I wouldn't

have to come here and do this work.

Look at the price of Iron and Teak wood!

I can hear some sound. Is it because of standing steadily.

Let's sit.

I think the ghost is angry on me as I scolded it.

Savithri, don't do anything to me.

I'm not Savithri. Tulasi.

Mean time you've changed your name.

Is Madhava available?

Don't come near. I'd faint if you come near.

Where is Madhava?


Where is Madhava?

Don't ask me anything about Madhava.

Just by saying Swaha, Swaha around fire with four useless

students won't make ghosts flee.

To get rid of ghosts, muslim swamiji's are the right ones

as in Kanchana cinema.

How do you know?

I saw Kanchana six times.

In that movie, when three ghosts came, he swayed with

peacock feathers, arrested them in a jar and thrown into sea.

I saw it, you know. - Shit, Stop.

Tulasi, Did no one come to take you?

Come, let's go.

They say there are ghosts.

But beautiful girls are coming, to do japam.

Shit, why should I think about all these things?

I may not sleep in the night.

Raghuram! - Coming.

Don't do anything out of excitement, now.

It's not time to be ferocious.

We don't need the place of Gadwal's house, Jayaram.

It's good to forget about that thought.

Dad, Rajiv is very much interesed in it.

My daughter or land in Ramavaram.

Dad, Rajiv needs Ramavaram girl and Ramavaram land.

Isn't it, Rajiv?

Where is Gowri? Where is Gireesham?

They'll understand what I say.

Gireesham! Gireesham!


Who is it? Pasupuleti's elder sister-in-law.

Who is your sister, here? Go away you bitch.

Dad, brother, please come fast here.


Okay, What work do you have here? Why did you come?

You've eloped by insulting father and us.

We didn't forget it, you shameless.

Jayaram, who is it?

See, she came here. Ask her to leave now.

Why do you come here? To see what?

Did you come to know whether father and son are alive or dead?

Dad, your heart knows that everything would be demolished.

Hey Rascal, Are you advising us, who worked for him.


Dad, I swear on God, it's not because of me,

it's for good of everyone.

For good, not required.

Please don't fight with him. It's my wish Dad.

Listen, Do you get the real meaning of her words?

She's asking us to compromise.

Great. Husband would come to fight by crossing river.

Later, send his wife as an act of peace.

What's the inner meaning of what you said?

Hey, Madhava is afraid I guess.

Go away with respect, if not I would throw your dead body at him.

You heard what father said, Go away.

Kamsa Janma,

you couldn't get the lesson even after so many incidents.

Yes, I'm Kamsa. Once Krishna is born from your womb,

send him to me.

I'll kill him also.

You don't have that much time, Jayaram.

Don't come near.

Don't ever put your foot at this house, from hear onwards.

Understand. Anantha!


Take her carefully. - Okay.

Every girl would think that if she is need of help,

her family members will help her without saying no,

even they are angry about her.

You spoiled that trust.

Your heart is filled with revenge,

forgot its responsibilities as father.

Once again, have a look at your life expectancy in your palm.

Daughter Savithri, slaughter him into two pieces and

put his heart infront of me.

If not, I'll not have peace of mind.

Shit, You'll get one more chance to cry like this.

You can cry at that time.

Oh, Is she the woman queen, the devil who swallows everyone.

Hey! I'll make this ghost come out and put an end to it.

Keep in mind.

Nidamarthi's father and son has occupied Gadwal's property

illegally and making fortune out of it.

We've to move them out.

we'll start tomorrow, to make them go out of the village.

Hmmm, Good.

Aadi, we've to be prepared for it.

Let's go.

Why are your eyes wet?

Nothing! I guess some dust has fallen in the eyes.

I know that I'm the dust in your eyes, Mithra.

Oh no. Why're you talking like that?

We should treat an enemy like an enemy.

One might be my friend or enemy, if he does a mistake,

I'll punish them. That's my character.

Don't plead me for the life of your father and siblings.

I won't leave anyone. It's true.

Who stopped it?

Oh, you. Why did you stop it?

I think you are literate. Read this court order loudly.

What's this?

It's the court order to make you move out of this place.

Get out with dignity.

Will you get out yourself or we've to make you move out.

Hey Rudra, break their bones and throw them away.

Come on!

What's this?

Can't you read?

Break the legs and hands of these fools.

Do you want to die? I can kill you with one punch

and bury here itself.

Here onwards, you can't take even a penny from Tulasi's property.

If you take!

Gone, everything is gone,

You came back crying like idiots.

Even pig has certain self respect.

On God, why did you give sons like this?

Dad! - What?

Rajiv called.

He too would've come to know..

.. that Nidamarthi family's prestige has gone.

He rejected our girl as she do not have any property.


When I saw tears in anyone's eyes, I compelled myself

not to show any emotion.

It won't be that way from here onwards.

You should see his corpse being cremated.

Madhava Sastry shouldn't be alive.

I don't see anyone who has the guts.

Tomorrow morning, come to the bank of river, Dad.

You'll see Madhava's dead body over there.

Come Gireesham. Rudra, Hmmm.

Oh, It's been long time since Ramavaram bleeded.

Good luck.


You've decided to boil the milk.

Great, I'll get fire engine.

Aadi Kesava, go out immediately.

You can be alive even by eating grass.


I pray lord Agni, Lakshmi

and light the kitchen of Gadwal House.

It should happen by your hands.

Are you afraid?

Brother-in-law, no. My dad caught fire in kitchen!


You're going to light fire on Savithri who killed your father.

Do as I say.

The kitchen of this house is located in an abnormal place.

Anantha! - Master.

Immediately stop the air flow from east.


Where is Savithri's fire of revenge which resembles forest fire?

Where is the fire which killed Harinarayan?


Savithri would do anything to save her.

Father, Sons or this ghost which is not accepting to surrender,

Whom so ever it is, I won't be afraid of their drama.

Everyone, please come. Milk on the stove has boiled over the vessel.

House warming which should've happened at the time of elders,

is happening now.

Yes, It will change to a place where humans can reside.

To keep the word that I promised to you,

only few things are left to do. Pray.

Take the blessings of your elders who are looking for Savithri's end.

Oh! - Who?

I too don't know. - What happened?

I escaped from this house. But got caught in a spider web.

The spider has ten legs instead of eight.

Good morning, didn't you recognize me?

Good, it's safe for me to not recognized by ghosts.

I won't remove this spider web at all.

Now, only one place is left.

The room of bats, which can kill human.

In the temple, Bhuvaneshwari Devi is the only one missing.

Mohini Devi is under the banyan tree.

Another Yakshini would've light a lamp and pleading her,

You know who it is, your sister.

Where is Tulasi?

She inside. Went to upstairs to light a lamp.

Are you gone mad? What're you doing here leaving her alone?

Ghost caught her. Everyone go so that

burial could be done at same time.

I came here for you. I'll show you the hell.

If you really want me, then leave that innocent girl.

We can fight each other.

Yes, first I'll see your end.

Later, this Gadwal Heiress.

Your death is confirmed, today.

Madhava, Leave me. Please leave me.

Listen to me. - Tell me the truth.

You're the one who pushed my brother into this pond and killed him.

It's not me.

The ghost who helps you to doing wrong things,

all of you should die.

Culprit has to bow to justice, one day.

Your death was already decided.

Take him, take him and eat, Savithri. Eat satisfactorily.

Go Madhava. My father is waiting at bank of Ramavaram river

for your dead body. Go, get immersed and die.


Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!


What? Brother-in-law. There he is.

No, no, over there. Hey, in room which is in north, north.

No, it's south, south, south.

Search this entire world.

Gadwal heiress. If your Brother-in-law who do pooja

wanted to be alive, then he shouldn't have come before me.

Go and stand at river bank, tomorrow. Then his dead body would float.


Aadhi, Whatever happens, don't come out of the house.

Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!

Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!


Aadhi, Aadhi.

Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!

Oh no!

Our Jayaram would come now, Sir.

Then, where is the success light?

Gireesham told me that if everything happens as planned,

would show me a torch from the other side of river.

I don't see it even after long time of incident.

It'll be visible now, look there.

What is it?

Sir, he is Madhava Sastry.

How can he be alive even after falling into Gadwal house's pond.

Sir, Is it dream or real?

Oh no, Sir!

Take. - Son, Jaya, Jaya, Jayaram.

Don't call him. Can't listen.

How Savithri killed Surendra by pressing his nexk,

killed him also by pressing his neck.

Believe that. It is true.

Lie. You killed him.

If I have to accept it, then tell me who killed my brother Surendra.


I don't want to change your old story.

You took revenge, isn't it.

If I take revenge, is it a mistake?

If you still want to be alive, leave this place now.

Don't come against my life

My revenge is not yet satisfied.

I'll go only after killing the one who killed my brother.

The one who came to hit me from behind also would float now,

he's your Rudra.

Then Nagaiah!

Jayaram, Son Jayaram.

Were you here yesterday? Sir!

What's happening in your area limit?

As Nidamarthi's members told, the time to demolish it has

already passed. They're not allowing for it.

Where is your Master?

He's inside.

Sir, He's a liar. Just now, when I asked him,

told that he was in pooja or homam.

First let's enquire the witness,

later can meet their Master. Come.

Sebastian! - Sir. - Take him out.


Don't cry. Please tell what happened here, yesterday

In truth, who committed the crime?

Where is Second witness Mithra Madhava Sastry?

Brother-in-law has sent sister Mithra to home before dawn.

Everyone would say that he left his brothers lover to us

and has sent his wife to home.

Please don't say like that.

Sister went as she bear the pain.

Sir, not only at back, pierced at head also, near right ear.

He's killed not only by piercing at back, isn't it?

Sebastian, take the body out.


Don't take anything in a simple way in this matter,

unless we get a clarity. - Yes Sir.

Stop, that room is filled with Bats.

No one would open it.

Anantha, Don't stop SP sir.

Mr SP, you'll find one more dead body in this Gadwal house.

Dead body? Whose?

One of the persons who came to kill me last night,

went into that room without knowing.

Open and see, you might find atleast the skeleton.

Agastian! - Sir.

No one can save the one who is not eligible to live.

Good people will never feel sad for a rogue's death.


I didn't come to meet Madhava Sastry and wish him.

Do you say that you're not involved in this death.

I suspect you.

You should suspect, Sir.

Truth would come out only because of suspecion.

It's not suspecion, it's true.

I know that no one can stop you, if you've decided to take revenge.

How many should die in Ramavaram?

Come with me, SP sir.

Tulasi, he too will be there for lunch.

No Madhava Sastry.

I won't accept it. Today, you should have food in my home.

I had food in your home so many times.

I behaved as if I don't know you, outside.

I spoke like a police, forgive me.

There's nothing wrong in it.

Friendship is different, duty is different.

You should see everyone in the same way while in uniform.

You should be like that.

I don't know about that girl!

I teach everyone to be like me.

Now, What do you want to know? Truth. Exact truth.

I'll tell you, sir. I'll tell you in detail.

See Madhava Sastry. How could I write now in FIR that

all of them were killed by a ghost named Savithri. Who'll believe.

How the dead body's float at Ramavaram

while they actually immerse in this pond. It's impossible.

There's nothing impossible in this world.

Gadwal house was built by Kalahasti Carpenter who is

expert in eastern architecture.

Who ever falls here, their dead body floats on the river.

No need to suspect it.

What're you saying?

Gadwal is a Lakka house with smaller measurements.

It's not a pool, it's a pit.

The person who built it made a tunnel

which has width and depth.

If anyone puts their leg in it without knowing the

reason, can't breathe and gets into tunnel.

That day when Gireesham pushed me into the tunnel,

I saw the wonder world under the pool.

It looks lika a pool. A pit which is 140 metre deep under it.

A water flow starts from the base of pool.

A tunnel which is 200 metres long.

Family members of Gadwal, my father, brother, died

as they couldn't breathe inside the tunnel.

Because of pressure in the well, the one who has fallen

gets to base of the well without control.

It's not crocodile or Savithri who takes them to the base,

It's pressure.

Who ever falls and dies, finally floats at Ramavaram river.

What? You can't trust unless you test it.

My friend is more smart than the one who built it,

as you found it with experience.

I believe what Professor Pasupuleti Madhava Sastry said.

Venu, stop.

Hey, Come infront of me if you've the guts to go to hell.

Hey Madhava!

I'll take bath only after seeing your death.

You can't go back. I'll burn you and your students alive.

Didn't get the lesson even after the punishment given by Surendra.

For his beating, only your body was damaged.

But if master beats you, then you'll be dead.

Did you come here to die? - Anantha, Leave him.

I'll tell this Idiot in the way he understands.

We shouldn't hear your voice in front of this house.

Go away from here, immediately.

I'd like to meet your father, who has sent his paralysed son

infront of Madhava Sastry.

Fool, days to tell in a nice way are gone.

You're cheating him. All this time he considered you in a great way!

Understood. How could you fight with Madhava Sastry?

Whenever you called for feast, I came to know about

your weapons but not to eat.

Madhava told about that.

Now you understood the story.

Even now if you can't change your behavior,

your entire family might die.

How can you hit a mountain?

Every organ of your body was wounded.

Your sight and speech can never be normal.

Live with that pain till your death.

That's your punishment. Go away from here.

Go away.

What is this? You frightened me.

I scared you as you were afraid.

You might be a snack or a meal, but don't neglect my food.

I can't understand what you are saying?

Hmmm. Tiger hunter grows a sheep not because of affection,

but to get the tiger caught.

Ghost will come when we call showing you.

It's hunger won't be satisfied even after eating you.

Later, I'll be sacrificed.


Sir. - What're you doing there?

I'm teaching her a Mantra.

Either you understand what I say or

say properly what you understand.

Go, don't frighten her.

I just scared her, but didn't swallow her.

Are you afraid? - I'm not afraid.

You should fear.

Exactly in the Karthika month, Gadwal's elder person was killed.

You father Harinarayan, died few years back, today.

Now it's your turn. Take it.

One lakh lamps should be lit by your hands.


Where is Brother-in-law?

He'll come once the night pooja is finished.

He asked to wear this viboothi at the time of japam.

We'll leave. - Okay.

Who is it? Who is it?

Who is it? Who put off these lamps?

Brother-in-law, Brother-in-law.


Leave me.

I don't need students like you who learn mantras

for self development. Don't you know that?

Where is he? Master for all of you.

I've to see him. Call him.


Not Gireesham, it's Devil.

I made that Nidamarthi's ghost to come out by pooja.

That blood thirsty ghost name is Savithri.

Gireesham, Gireesham.

Oh, Madhava Sastry, Are you here? I didn't notice you.

I was telling them that Madhava is not my enemy.

Isn't it true? Mithra is my sister, her husband in Madhava Sastry.

I always feel proud to say that you're my brother-in-law.

If you think of arresting me with iron screw

and move out of this village,

your matter would be Namo namaha.

I'll turn as death to your mother.

I'll remove your house's foundation.


I think you misunderstand my words.

I came here to share my sorrow with you.

Why do you need property in Ramavaram as you stay somewhere.

Please leave this house to me, Madhava.

I'm asking the Karma of Kaliyuga, please leave it to me.

I'm interested.

You brother Surendra has paralyzed my brother.

As he beat him that day, I made him to go to pool,

pushed him and killed.

I was the one who separated his soul from body.

I'm Nidamarthi Savithri. I appeared before you to take my revenge.

I took away Aadhi Kesava's life.

You understood my power, Isn't it.

The only thing that I need is her.

I was waiting for her for so many years.

Savithri will come as Madhava Sastry chanted

one lakh mantras and performed pooja.

Please don't do anything to that innocent girl.

I love her since my childhood.

No one can separate us.

Is it a thoughtful decision?

Why do you suspect me, Dog? Stop me if you've the power.

You're not only an artist, but also affected with

personality disorder. When I entered Gadwal house that day,

and the moment I stepped my foot on your heart, I came

to know that you're the one with disorder and who should be punished.

I promised to Tulasi that I would

make this house free from family's revenge, sin

and turn this place into home.

She'll stay here from today.

Before that, Savithri in you should die.

That death would make you free from the disorder

and deserved punishments.

If torture is the way to punish cruelty,

then it's right, a human right.

I'm separating you from it.

No, I don't want.

I thought the ghosts are gone,

but I guess they're back. - Don't compel me.

No, I don't want this house, I'll come with you.

Dad, tell brother-in-law not to leave me.

Tell him that I don't want this house.

Don't be stubborn, first take keys from Madhava.

What happened to you? Are you interested in this property?

I told you that I don't need all these.

Tulasi, you've heart but not smart enough.

Who is the owner of this house, apart from you.

All this property is yours, legally.

You're a crorepati.

This house is not the one which is filled with darkness.

I changed this house into a pleasant, bright place

where humans can stay.

I've kept my promise.

My brother wished to stay happily with you here.

Brother-in-law wanted to own this house.

So, you should be here.

Gadwal Harinayan's Heirs should play in this house tomorrow.

It's not my wish, it's my interest.

I think everyone is leaving. It's the right time.

Let's go from here without wasting time.

We'll leave.

Why're you telling it to me?

Venkaiah Uncle, he's interested in changing the broken shingle,

and decorating the house. He'll do it in a great way.

So, he'll be here with you as an assistant.

Oh no, what's this you leave me! Gone, my life's gone.

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