Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FlyTec T21 Breathing Light RC Drone Outdoor Flight

Difficulty: 0

all right guys were riding with the fly tech t21 a real gem a real beaut a way that one of the

props stuck now that never happened indoors and I never crashed it so what the heck gives with it

Wow it looks like the whole the whole thing broke oh it's okay now it bent

huh wonder how that happened I don't know Oh we'll take off let's put it in a third rate

okay the flips are working they work in all directions

okay remember just like it did when I had it inside flying at that third rate has a

real bad oversteer it's really touchy when you're steering it into third ray you wants

to oversteer and go back the other direction so and the second rate is fine you know it'll

steer normally there's a little bit of headwind causing it to come back toward me ultra fast so

you know you're gonna have to adjust for that to turn it quicker see how slow it

goes out but when it comes back it's going really quick it just takes a little bit of

breeze to affect these little things believe me it doesn't take much but it flies great man

see that leaf blowing so you see that leaf blowing there toward

me so you could tell which way the winds blowing

you know it's a pretty decent range there it's like 50 feet 60 feet right there

yeah that boy when it stops coming around that corner it really has to

use a lot of power and get straightened back out

yeah the range is real decent on it to be honest

oh yeah

aah crash I knew that was coming cuz I lost it I lost the head on it I'm

like which wakes it gonna go and that was that crash but it's crash

proof it's crash proof guys because it uh it hasn't been gored on her

yeah the wind has really effects this thing this thing is this thing's probably strictly

endorsed because any kind of breeze like any kind of breeze out there is gonna

cause this thing to go bonkers it's gonna be very hard to control in any

kind of wind it kind of stopped there for a second but it'll pick back up

okay I crashed again because when you do the flips in the wind it causes it to spin it

causes it to spin around where you don't know what the orientation is it kind of goes out

of position whenever you whenever you do a flip in the wind so when it's a breeze pops up don't

do any flipping okay so so you know that no flips in the wind okay I just reset that the gyro again

come back here

yeah this is definitely strictly indoors you see that nice grab didn't you yeah

it's I don't know if the battery's going blow it's getting a little squirrely so

me reset that again

yeah it's really it's got this lag now in the in seats yeah yeah okay I'm done with

this thing the battery must be weak there's a rule lots of lag in the steering so I'm

not gonna mess with it no more that's good enough uh keep this thing strictly in the

inside this thing's not really that good out here I mean you saw it fly decent you

have to have absolutely no wind no wind whatsoever it'll be okay any kind of wind

no dice all right guys flight tech t21 it's a gym it's a classic okay guys have a nice day


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