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In this video I will review the most expensive Advent Calendar I had this year.

It's a makeup Advent Calendar from Fortnum & Mason, and it'simpressive.

I hope that this video will help you to make your own choice among Advent Calendars.

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It just looks beautiful.

I was looking so much forward to start to open it.

I paid for it more than 200. And thevalue of the products, the way I calculated it, was a bit more than 900.

So it's a good valuefor money, if you have good products.

I'd say that it impressed me every time I opened it. So let's start.

Number 1: It was a very good beginning, "Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter" with Cupuacu.

It's from "Sol Janeiro", it's made in the USA.

Maybe you recognize this brand "Sol Janeiro", somehow I recognize it.

So Iguess I had some product before. People are kissing, very tempting.

It feels very good on your lips.

Youdon't even feel it. That's what you want with lip balm, you want to put it on

and not feelany stickiness or that it disappears immediately.

So I apply it a lot during the day.

The nextproduct was also a lip product. Which I was happy about because I like lip products.

"Lip Plumping Treatment" from "Instant Effects".

It's some oxygen 2+ technology.

The thought behindthis technology is that it doesn't sting your lips, so you don't feel uncomfortable.

It feels justlike a simple balm, you put it on your lips and after 5 minutes you take it away.

The resultshould be that immediately after 2 minutes you see that your lips are 20% fuller.

Asyou can see I already have small lips. I used it a lot of times, quite a lot. I hope it made my lipsbigger.

But you know, when you have small lips, kind of you don't see the result.

But anyway it was apleasant experience, it IS a pleasant experience.

Product number 3: we got this small tube "Le Prunier", "Plum Beauty Oil".

It's 100% plum oil.

It's one of my favorites, I really like it. As you can see Ialready used most of it.

It smells amazing, it feels very good on your skin. You can put it on your face, it's a face oil.

But you can as well put it on your hair. I put it on my hair a few times, but then Ifeel that it's a waste

because I like this oil and I want to use it for my face as much as possible

because then I can smell it more, feel it more.

Then number 4: we got a sample-size product from"Chantecaille".

This cream is made in Switzerland, so it's quite confusing how I should pronounce theword

uhm... the name of the company. You can read it on the screen.

This cream is super expensive. For the full-size product you will pay more than 200.

If you want to know my opinion about how it feels on my face. Uh... I don't see anything special

because I also think that this product is for more older skin, where you will really feel and see the result.

The next - number 5 - we received three products in one box. It was very exciting, right? Three products.

But I don't know. It's just a "Shower Gel", then we have a "Body Hydrator", and then a "Body Lotion".

I think that those body lotionsand body hydrators are kind of the same thing.

We got shower gel with the smell of rhubarb. And then we got a body hydrator with the smell of rhubarb.

Which you should use after the shower. Andthen we get some random body lotion of tea rose.

I think the third one is the third wheel.

These threeproducts are from the brand "Noble Isle". It's a new tradition, it's from the UK.

I am sure that theseare high quality/high brand products. But for me, I didn't see much difference or value

or I don't know, it's just there in my bathroom.

Product number 6 is this a cream from "Dr. Russo". With SPF 30 high protection from ultraviolet.

It's a "Sun Protective Brush-on AllDay Moisturizer".

It's for your face. The price of it is not less not more 49, quite expensive.

Number 7: We got "Aromatherapy Associates - London", "Perfect Partners".

And we're wondering 'What is that?' It's quite heavy, and when you open it, you see this.

These are two small bottles, these are sample bottles with bath oil.

They have special smells. Let's see, one of them is "ReviveMorning".

And the other one is "Distressed Muscle".

How you use this oil: You just put a few drops in your bath. And then, or you have Reviving Morning

or you have a bath after training or hard day, and you're just relaxing your muscles.

Anyways I don't have a bathtub in my apartment, thisone goes to Ukraine.

Number 8: We got these two small/tiny samples, looks so cheapish. I don't know,I thought... just some random door.

These are from "Sisley Paris", and when I looked at the price... it's quiteexpensive.

So we have this "Black Rose Cream Mask". You're supposed to put this mask for 10-15 minutes

and then remove it. The price of the full-size of this product, which is six times bigger, is90.

Which makes this small tube, I don't know 15, very expensive.

Anyway next we got Black Rose, also Black Rose, so some consistency, "Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream".

And this creamis even more expensive. The price for the tube which is six times bigger is 150.

So in onebox, we got these two small tubes, which I thought is worth nothing. They're worth about 40 together.

Number 9: Eye patches from "Patchology".

Anyway these are "Flashpatch, Restoring Night Eye Gels". And you have five of these in this package.

They are made in Korea. Like, kind of I havea feeling, all the masks in the world are made in Korea.

I used 4 of them. You just put itunderneath your eyes for 5 minutes and it gives some cooling effect to your eyes,

especiallyif you're very tired.

Number 10: We got "Ilapothecary", "Keep Calm Hand & Body Lotion".

Thisproduct is not that expensive, I'm quite spoiled with this Advent Calendar, you know.

I know, it'ssupposed to be calming with the calming effect, calming smell. I just don't like the smell.

I alsothink maybe I have an allergy for this cream, because my skin starts to itch when I put it on. Only a fewtimes.

And number 11: It's a day cream from "Lucia Magnani".

The bottle, as you can see it looksamazing, fancy, expensive, luxurious, I don't know.

Honestly I don't like excessive things like gold,tiger. But it looks nice, I've heard it from a few people that it looks nice.

This is a sample sizecream and the full-size will cost you more than 200.

Which makes this small bottle cost about70.

Did I use it? I didn't use it. I don't know

It smells like any other cream. It has this cream-smell.

And here we have some products from Be Original "Iconic London". Eyeshadow, liquid eyeshadow.

Every time I kind of hope... please give me a nice shade of eyeshadow.

But no, every time it'salmost the same, like a bronzy golden color.

I suppose you can see a bit of the effect it should give onyour eyes, like a chrome effect.

At the beginning I thought it's the sample-size of a cream. But it'sChrome Flash Eye Pot, Spellbound".

But like I said, I'm not a fan of this shade. So I suppose thiswill go as a present.

Door number 13: the thing was so nice that I gave it a present. So I don't haveanything to show you.

It was a hand cream. And also this hand cream (or lotion) was from the same brandas the first lip balm

from "Sol Janeiro", and it had the same delicious smell.

Door 14: We got thiscream from "Christian Breton Paris".

It's a "Liftox Serum". Caviar and collagen extracts.

This tube orbottle, what's inside - I don't know, costs 80 for 50ml.

This goes directly to my motherbecause I really hope that it's some powerful lifting cream.

Number 15: We got this cream from "Aurelia Probiotic Skincare".

This is a "Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser".

I have a few things to tell about this. Firstly it smells quite good.

That's the first thing, actually it smells powerful.

This bottle is a sample-size actually, believe it or not. So the real size is twice asbig.

But even for this amount of cream you will pay about 30.

And luckily from another AdventCalendar I got a serum from the same line, "Aurelia Cell Revitalise".

And I use these two productstogether.

And yes so far I like the feeling which it gives. Just the skin feels refreshed. Noallergic reaction or bad reaction.

Next two doors, door number 16&17.

I kind of hada peek inside. I thought, I really hoped that it would be a Shampoo and Conditioner. That would belogical.

But we got a Shower Gel and Body Lotion.


Am I happy? No I was not happy with thosetwo doors.

Also these two products were not in one door. This was Shower Gel in one door, Body Lotion in another.

Okay that was the introduction to this product. This product is from "Bramley".

It's"Body Wash" with "Grapefruit, Lavender and Sweet Orange Essential Oils".

And like I told you, inthe next door we got a "Body Lotion" from "Bramley".

And this time with another smell. With "Juniper, Sweet Orange and Bergamot Essential Oils".

I'm dubious about the different smells.

On one side,maybe they wanted us to smell different things and to make our own choice:

Which one we like moreand which one we want to buy further.

But on the other side, for me, and for the user for whom this time would be the first and maybe even the last time using this product.

I would prefer to havea Shower Gel and Body Lotion of the same smell.

So at least on a few occasions I can have thisnice body smell which is consistent.

And now I will use shower gel number one, and then body lotionwith another smell,

I don't think my body smells for anything after that.

Number 18: We got a balm"Baume27", "Bio Energizing Cell Repair Balm".

There is not much information on this bottle.

Again, this product is quite expensive, it's a bit more than 100.

It's from "M.E.Skinlab, Paris".

It says thatyou should not resale it individually, which obviously states the fact that it's a sample-size.

And it's maybe even something that you can get for free.

When youopen it, you have this perfect filling.

It delights me even to look at how perfect the spiralis, with the point in the end, how smooth it is.

But the small downside, I don't like the smell at all. To me, it smells like a spoiled product.

is it supposed to smell like that? I don't know.

Number 19: Products from this door, I use the most. I use them almost every day.

I like them. Ithink it's one of the few products in this box which I will buy again.

Because I like it verymuch.

It's from "Fresh", it's made in the USA, and it's affordable.

For example these are sample-sizes, but for 50ml you'll pay around 13.

Which, after all those creamsof 100, 200, you name it, feels very down to earth.

These are two cleansersfrom "Fresh". One cleanser is with Soy, it's soft and smooth.

The other cleanser is with Sugar-Strawberry and Exfoliating Effect. I love both of them.

Soy is very soothing/soft, and after you wash this soy cleanser from your face, you don't feel any stickiness.

You don't feel that there was anything. It's just clean... and soft and smooth.

This fresh Sugar-Strawberry Exfoliator Cleanser is definitely my favorite, one of my favorites.

It has this verysoft exfoliating effect on your face, and the smell is amazing.

The smell reminds me of Coca-Cola, I'm not sure how close it is to the truth, it's strawberry and sugar, oh my god.

Door number 20: Wegot a small sample from "Guerlain" from the line "Abeille Royale".

It's a sample-size, 5ml. Iused - as you can see - half of it.

It's a serum for your face and it has this rich woman smell.

And it has those small bubbles inside also.

It's kind of fun, I think it's one of my only products where I have those bubbles.

When you put it on your face you still (kind of a bit)feel that it's something hard, but then they just disappear.

And we are finishing, we have our lastfive products.

Almost all of them are full-size products.

Let's start with this mascara. Thismascara is from "Delilah". It's defining mascara, so not volumizing.

Actually, it says "Volumisingand Defining Mascara". But I like the defining part because I like my eyelashes to be define.

Thebrush is kind of the one they use for volumizing mascaras but also you see that it's very clean,

in sense of that the liquid is liquid. Not thick, as with volumizing mascaras.

Next product, we got"Cult 51, London".

This cream is for your neck and decollete.

It's supposed to make older skin, which is soft and dribble, more firm and nourished.

I will send this one to my mother. Also becauseit's quite expensive, it's 100.

I wonder what my mother thinks of it.

We received a sampleof this cream.

I was so disappointed. I was thinking "What is that? Again some small sample, worthless".

It's from "3LAB" WW Cream, "Anti-Wrinkle with Brightening Complex".

I used it a few times and I felt that my skin was itchy.

And now the exciting fact about this cream: the full bottle will costyou more than 500...

500! for a face cream...

Which makes this small bottle cost about 150.

The thing I'm holding in my hand costs 150.

I think it was also one of the disappointingmoments.

Because this one makes the value of this calendar go so much up.

And yeah you have productsof more than 900 but then you have

a small bottle of face cream, which you don't evenlike that much. And it's 150.

Door number 24:We got this "Silent Night Cream Pillow Mist". It'swith the smell of lavender.

Every time it is about sleeping it's the lavender smell. And it says:"We believe in the healing properties of plants.

Being at one with land, we understand the power of nature." This sleeping mist is from Bamford.

It's a 50ml full-size product. This one I willgive as a present because I do not need a sleepingmist.

I sleep thankfully very good at the moment any place anytime, just give me the opportunity.

The last box, I think it was quite symbolic. Number 25: We have a bag for makeup.

And it's actually not a simple bag, it's quite fancy. It's nice inside with some pocket.

And the brand name. Outside it's velvetwith stars and the moon. I think it's very lovely.

This makeup bag was made in China, but all those patterns, all those stars were made in the UK.

Thank you very much for staying with me till the end, andwatching this long video.

I hope it will help you in choosing your own Advent Calendar maybe.

Seeyou next time, and for now have a good day or night :)

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