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The daily show of Krzysztof Gonciarz!

We're going to the airport.

We're on the airport.

Here we are going to meet Cris.

In Poland, you don't have luggage machines like this!

Incredible, what a technology. Well, fu--

We're going to sight see the prefectures on Kyushu island.

Japan has 47 prefectures. A prefecture is a administrative which can be compared to polish voivodeship.

Like I said before, prefectures have lots of local products and specialties.

It's the hottest island in Japan excluding Okinawa, so a good climate for a summer we have there.

It'll probably be a bit too hot.

We've landed in Yamaguchi.

The biggest prefecture, in terms of the surface, is Hokkaido, the whole north japanese island.

However, the biggest prefectures in terms of the population are mainly these divided into the area of Tokyo.

So on the 1st place there's Tokyo, the 2nd is... I guess Kagawa is the name of area with Yokohama.

The mainstay of every trip in Japan - to use the lockers.

Many names of places in Japan are very basic words.

I. e. "Yamaguchi" means "entrance to the mountains or "lips of the mountains".

Funny, tiny bus.

Rice crackers with flavour of fugu fish.

Smells like dried fish.

Something like this.

I like it - there's a bear holding bats.

It looks like cycadas already woke up in this part of Japan.

They look like people a bit.

It's the map of this.

It kind of reminds me of Kryspinów [polish village].


Well, not bad. Like in Kryspinów.

There are bats, there are rock formations.

And it's cold, dark and nicely.

Amazing cave.

Even bigger than in Kryspinów. I mean, alright, truly there aren't caves in Kryspinów.

One of the biggest rock poles in Japan is behind me.

I wish I flied with drone in this cave and the drone and the bats fought.

More essential information about these attractions is going to be telled by us on film we're shooting with our second camera.

There's our second camera.

Because there's places for it, and here are the vlogs - only shit for retards.

We're making films for Odigo website.

It's the website about trips through Japan, where you can see what trip you can do,

where to go etc., it lists attractions of many regions...

- You can also plan a trip. - Yeah, they have a trip planner.

This company is collaborating with Youtubers who live in Japan to make films about all of the 47 prefectures in Japan.

Some of you can associate the Youtubers who participate in this thing.

Now we're going to see the pond with the water in color of woman's eyes.

A woman with blue eyes.

'Cause women have more beautiful eyes.

- It's true. - And blue, because it's blue depth of velvet.

G7X, the 2nd edition.

Quite good.

Sony A7S. I told you it's popular!

And Kasia.

- I'm a camera, too. - A popular camera.

A home-made Japanese food, a Japanese food from village.

A trout made in 4 different ways.

With hunting sauce.

In such a scenery you must invent some haiku.

"I'm sitting here, wanting to invent haiku,

pretty place here."

I'm rhyming.

Listen to this machine's voice.

We're buying local specials.

From this pile of good.

I bought something like this, I don't know what's this.

Very good, 2/10.

A fin of a fugu fish.

You have to pull back here, and suddenly it's a special sake from Yamaguchi.

Of course "Youtubes" must be created, so...

We will be taking the shinkansen now.

Actually, when I a few years ago was in Japan for first time and was shooting films, the shinkansen ride was the entire film topic.

And today it's just in daily vlog, so...

You know, somewhere between drinking sake and having dinner, so think about our progress since these years.

Cris, who you're seeing here, he's ethnically japanese in 3/4.

- I mean, alcohol-- - He can't digest the alcohol.

- Alcohol is so fuddling him. 3 sips and-- - 'Cause he can't... [Kasia is having issues with pronouncing] ...the alcohol.

- "Trawić". - "Trwawić"...

3 sips and he's already all pink and happy.

- "Trawić" or "trwawić"? - "Trawić". - Ah.

And now you see what is he doing.

He's barely standing, isn't he?

Anyway, it feels that this train is going so fucking fast. We're now going up to 300 km/h!

Shinkansens are awesome. And they're looking like mechas from Evangelion.

To compare - with japanese express train it would last 1,5 h. Shinkansen with riding 17 minutes.

Now there will be a review of the room.


A benefit is swans in the room.

Workstation's ready!

We don't know what's going on, but in this city the band playing on the Kodo or Taiko (?) is everywhere.

I don't know what's the difference between Kodo and Taiko.

Atmosphere like in movies-like Japan. So this Japan really exists!

It's a school of playing on Japanese drums. Fantastic!

If I'd see it in a movie, I would think "Pf, does really happens in Japan?"


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