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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister

welcome to today in bitcoin today is August the 30th 2017 be in motion be

proud of success buy-and-hold be a 20% stay positive people this is a positive

day have a strong hand well there's no need to have a strong hand today

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invention that was very very very nice and look at this it's slowing down again

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so okay I mean be I'm sure I'm happy man Bitcoin over 4500 dollars if you combine

it with B cash it's over $5,100 right the what is that the gbtc fun basically

says bitcoin is worth $9,000 I mean I just ripped down all these things

we're in an all-time high every day Forbes is writing about Bitcoin not that

everyone's talking in a positive way there are these crypto dividends there's

the the be gold thing is gonna cancel out segue to X you know we have these

bad players but we're doing a good job of ignoring them and I just I see so

much positive out there countries are about to which countries are seriously

talking about Bitcoin now different countries whether it be Russia or

wherever they're getting a lot of attention so I just I mean I guess I'm a

positive person I'd like everyone out there to kind of like take a step back

and all these new people are joining the space and I know that can be annoying

but still it's better than like dead spaces where no one knew is coming in

and nothing new is happening I mean it's it's really exciting times here in

Bitcoin and we have all these we have all coins also that wanna be Bitcoin and

I mean that's just helping spread the word a Bitcoin businesses being built

around Bitcoin so I see people out there who try to kind of put a negative spin

on things like oh it's not really when you get the be cash or the to every

crypto the be gold it's it's not really free

money no it's not free you know people want to turn positives in the negatives

I want to turn the things that people have tried to present as negatives like

Forks as positives and this is the way you've got to go about life of people

because again in this community right now things are going up so if you want

to be a negative person you can be but the momentum is going up so again if you

want to be negative start a negative movement but that that could bring

things down that could don't do that be positive be positive and I just wanted

to start out to show that way because you should start on the pub because I

think you know I just eaten here even though I complained about negative

people sometimes and I shouldn't because dude man we are rocking and rolling here

in Bitcoin rot I mean just again the beginning of the year if you said

there's gonna be $4,500 unbelievable alright so pound that like button you

can email me at Adam at trades or help calm and another thing with this if fear

and greed run all markets all right whether it be the stock market whether

it be all coin market or whatever you know when you're when you're getting to

this trading thing you've gotta see are they fearing or it is greed pumping this

thing up it's true it's true for all markets so holding simply holding

Trump's all of that beats all of that cuz if you're just holding you don't

have to worry about the market and trading and who's scared and who's

greedy and what's going on it's just it's just holding is the ultimate

positive and now you know with these Forks crypto dividends whatever you want

to call it and again you have people who are like dividend is not the correct

term I don't how can you use that term work Adam you are going to get into

trouble by using the term divot hey why didn't

it be negative like that is Bitcoin a coin so am I gonna get in trouble when I

say buy that when people say buy that coin and this is not a coin again

I'm using a term that people can understand I don't own I don't control

those crypto dividends if SEC wants to come down and the people who forked off

that stuff in China then they can go run the China but me using a word to

describe something to make it easier for people is a positive is a helpful thing

so again if you're to take a person who wants to tell on me to the SEC I think

what kind of person are you I mean that is hilarious I didn't think

that's what I didn't think being a worshipper of the government was what

cryptocurrency was about or or being scared of you know are worried about

every word you said be politically correct so yeah if you go tell on me for

using a word and maybe you can tell your brother to - for saying the word Bitcoin

because it's not really a coin you know something in crazy authoritarian

countries where people would tell on each other and stuff but telling their

own relatives and you know you're that type of person great but hey man we try

to keep it positive around here so you know you say a terminology around here

I'll try to study your toenails you see what logic is the basis for your

terminology try to get it be a thinker and stuff instead of saying oh I'm gonna

tell on you to the SEC oh wow I'm a tattle-tale that's pretty cool all right

comment like button if you are like what's up the power tails and people

being weird about terms I mean Bitcoin is in a coin it's not a

real corner you know and Andreas Antonopoulos actually has a video about

this how we we say things to make them be more easily understandable to compare

them to you know because there's no key there's no the private key for Bitcoin

it's not really a key is it a key so he is a good video out there he's four deep

thinkers and I know most people are not deep they you're very impulsive they

just want easy answers to everything they're not savers but all right here

we're savers and we're trying to be positive we want to be and hey man a

void and then you guys that are like Creek

Trading too much guys you gotta lay back it's Brian holding in there baby

hey this weekend Bitcoin is on at 5:30 p.m. great guests coming on the show

when I read Paul Bitcoin Joe we got a guy coming from Argentina it is gonna be

awesome all right btg oh I've been talking with the guy

Jack and yes Jack is the guy behind the the beat the bit the be gold Twitter

account which is linked to below and btg is going to be the symbol of bit beagle

okay it is btg is used by some dead coin already but in China then okay so btg is

the symbol honey bread on my own on talk thread is over a month old I link to it

below so this is the out people could have found out about this a month ago

but they didn't but he's added some stuff to it

Jack things is people are asking about this be gold now hiring web developers

crypto marketing gurus brand ambassadors etc you'll blame the btg btg slack team

to apply and there's a link so I there's all links are below if you want to get

involved with those dudes that's awesome oh I got connection issues again someone

says all right I got connection issues again that really sucks all right we're

gonna try what I want to UM get rich so thank you for telling me that

let's see if that's better how's that how's the connection guys marry all

right no no okay we got a lot of live viewers here we got like 60 live viewers

at late at night tell me how the connection is people listen oh great I

hope it's alright so now you're not you're not going to see my face anymore

much better they said oh great well I had a really good hair day today so I

want you you know I don't know if it's the Canadian internet so sick

again I told you my uploaded my download speed and anyway you know people

complain yesterday and when I did review the because again you can watch this not

live either and it wasn't that bad until like the last 20 minutes so let's try to

get through this let's try to get through this here okay where were we

sorry for the delay but thank you - Zack Bandera for for warning me about that

alright so yeah I'm still I'm still pretty pumped about the break in the

news about be gold hey so I was i I link to below

to a tweet that shows the cover of Forbes in Africa and it's a Bitcoin

cover it just says Bitcoin town that like button people I mean it is very

positive and speaking of Forbes there's an

article out in Forbes blockchain CEO Peter Smith we're 24 months from a top

30 government digital currency well that's interesting it's that's really

interesting and it's an interesting prediction I thought I would share it

with everyone someone says I still see a picture of your face yeah you're

supposed to see if that I hope you can hear me all right so yeah I'm actually

looking at the cat today people kind of it's hard to do when you're talking so

and yeah always love the super chat people - so okay we talk about forms the

rbtc has a tweet out there it's about a big cash event in China if it's on

September 11th of all days god bless the people that died that day and breathe

very brief you anyway um never forget that day never ever forget that day

people so um I don't always have to go serious though now going back to it

China China's having them they're having an event these Chinese miners trying to

say that they're the real Bitcoin really interesting so if you're wondering how

like be cash can stay pumped up and stuff well like they have events in

China we don't know what goes on in Asia man we're not

on the ground there I mean they're working hard they're working hard trying

to pump up their coin but again it's just a cryptic dividends so hey what are

you gonna do it's a bonus for us it's a bonus for the holders but I didn't want

to point that out that tweet is out there so anyway if theory um had some

good Russian news or something I don't know but speaking of Russia toward a mr.

tweeted out the following this is big because it means the Russian government

is now invested in crypto currencies by co-owning a stock market that trades

them so you know in these countries like Russia and China you know with the

countries that you to interfere completely in their economies where the

government owns businesses they when they when a business is started like

this a stock market that trades crypto currencies they're involved so man

Russia might be holding some big coin here its resting let's let's keep it up

let's uh let's let's investigate this let's let's learn and I know I'm a fan

of Russia here anything like that but it's it's interesting they own a stock

market that's a trading cryptocurrency alright here we go

um a guy uh someone on my in my comments left this comment and then I want to

reply what I I want to read my reply he said if you're going to make Bitcoin

virtual gold you can't just make ten percent more gold out of thin air

anytime you want these Forks are scams and will destroy Bitcoin standing as an

immutable source of value and my reply was just because people are creating

altcoins does not mean bitcoin will lose its source of value people have been

creating all coins for a few years and bitcoin is still as strong as ever it is

it really is guys all this is these Forks are just creating alt coins some

of them are doing it for friendly reasons like be gold some of them are

doing it for annoying reasons like be cash but again this is just a new way of

forming all coins that's all it is it isn't it isn't getting rid of the

immutability her isn't making there be more Bitcoin

there's only one Bitcoin one Bitcoin someone says Adam loves bacon no Adam

doesn't need big Adam's Jewish she doesn't eat bacon nope don't eat pig and

you know that I hear though baking can be if you're not Jewish

I guess eat bacon it's got some healthy Battlement apparently or not not the

kind it's got like unnatural uh preservatives in it but I'm no expert on

the pig man I don't know but uh anyway you want to eat meat set up that you

have battle that is good for you it is good for you

I'm no expert on a pig though I am I am Jewish we don't eat pigs in Jack well I

should say some of us don't I mean so many Jewish people are secular now but

they eat any and obviously I look at when you see me walking down the street

I look like a very very a secular Jewish person but no I try to you know be a

little religious I do not uh I don't need pig and advantage of in this chat

should I get to the all sorts of distractions and there is some people

like this and you know we're not having to ask me anything this month so this is

your ask me anything for September sorry about that guys I just I can't do

it oh okay yeah there so the person who brought that up was actually kind of

trying to yeah but since they know I'm paying attention through the chat some

people are saying some things they yeah you know whatever you can say it's

freedom of speech I could I like a say anything you guys want to say over there

pound that like button if you like someone who doesn't you know tell on

people the higher officials hey that's me it's a free country

freedom of speech is really important to stay in each guys and I encourage hey if

you've got something to say about pigs make your own channel dude if you want

to start a pig channel start your own Pig channel they're very nice all right

okay so where were we quaint telegram I should have said this

is the beginning coin Telegraph has an article about a be cold there you go it

was out today I'll link to it below hey man this is making news it you bro

that's why you come out of Meister's channel I break the news here I am

really proud of breaking that big old story

you know what the article - quick grab articles pretty bad article tell you the

truth they can ask Jack any questions they want to go to his Twitter account

lightning a sick it's linked to below he's answering questions for people he

wants people to work for him and he is marketing views and be a developer I

mean I wishes guys the best luck in the frickin world really I do

alright so should I try to go back to video here you guys want to see the

video alright tell me if it slows down again I hope it doesn't slow down again

but some people for some reason they like to see my face like I really don't

get it because there's 95% men over there and again if you're if your man

who likes a man I guess I understand that but I know that most of you just

the odds are I mean men who like men and there's were the five percent of that

population or something I know I don't think yeah it's that high in the chat I

don't think so anyway so yeah tell me if there if it

slows down guys you get your former comedy some people have said that you

know Animus you got a lot of comedy on your channel and the comedian I don't

think I could do that that's a hard thing I do like I can't Andy Kaufman now

that was an original I appreciate originals he was he took up

comedy too just a whole new weird level I really like that I like dudes like um

Marc Bolan in music they have founder of t-rex that's an original be an original

that should be one of my slogans I mean I don't try to fit in do you know

because if you look back and Andy Kaufman after look Andy Hoffman by the

way there's a great guy presently but Andy Kaufman who's dead and Marc Bolan

who is also dead they both died young both geniuses in their fields of comedy

and music and me were just originals so look to those type of guys google them

and you can see where I'm coming from with a lot of the stuff that I talk

about sometimes found out like fun and it's not easy to be an original I mean

there's a lot of peer pressure out there to fit in and stuff I as I said in a

previous video don't try to be a cool kid don't try to be a cool kid just you

know buy-and-hold be different you don't you don't have to buy everything

because everyone else is buying something died what tangent siping oh

okay so BTC Joe who's gonna be on the show on Friday

hey exact Bandera says is it racist to say Jewish people are natural comics no

it's not racist no no it's not it's not ready you know

is it nappy I I don't think it's no summary I don't think I don't take

offense at all I don't think offense at all you're

you're just you making an observation and a lot of Jewish people are funny

Jewish people asking Ozzie Jewish people do you have the highest IQs on earth so

they're going to be more prone on average as population it's slightly

above Asians are you almost like into that if people don't like to talk about

that time but a people with high IQs do tend to go towards certain fields and

and really do well in certain fields and with high IQs who are total failures by

the way so just because you have IQ doesn't mean you're gonna be success or

a good comedian or whatever these are not a race no they're not really do not

erase that this was someone else said so there over time we become very distinct

in our genetic makeup because we only marry each other only supposed to marry

each other so there was a lot of back in the days of Europe when we're living in

little shacks and stuff in little towns there was a lot of a first cousin

Barrett first cousin marriage used to be very common in many many different on

many different groups many different groups so there's distinct genetic

markers in in Jewish people and a lot of different people but the first cousin

marriage to do that I do not believe the first cousin marriage at all there are

still some cultures that do not recommended it can cost you that across

it's obvious they can cause genetic problems it really it you can it's not

recommended it's legal in the United States I believe in many states all

right we're good we're gonna wave my hand it's tonight

all right so yeah there's a poll by BTC Jojo link to below voting it like more

who are ripping on be gold and I know there's just some people who like to

naturally ripple in anything new that's cool whatever your own little doom doom

hole or whatever but it really part of the reason I'll be a beagle if you read

with the dude wrote at least is to neutralize the threat of these other

lobbies unfriendly forks okay and if they really if it really comes out

before 2x does it's really gonna all the people who are worried about 2x and I'm

not one of them but they're people who are worried about 2x you know what we no

reason to worry oh they won't even worry at all

and again the media is already picking up on this big old thing so I you know

this this big old uh Jack he's got a tweet out there and I like this tweet

you are free to think we are free to act dude that is an awesome freaking saying

I'm gonna have to add that to my repertoire all right you are we

someone's like trolling you and you just said you were free to think we are free

to act and so yeah that's the cool thing about cryptocurrency you people can fork

whatever they want a for people can do whatever they want to do if you get the

means go for it hey someone sent me a song a girl out

there coin song I'd link to it below you know what I'm always trying to help the

artists out so watch her video she sings in it she's a good-looking girl so you

guys will like that since there's 95% men men like that kind of thing

but anyway remember value men value yourself not for one of the woman thinks

of you remember go your on away house prevention vention really was nice

yesterday to give you that send that five bucks to warn me all right here's

another one we'll end on this a tweet from a dude that has 94 in his name it's

linked to below the more Forks the less people care about Forks I kind of like

it a little extra Bitcoin don't worry about inflation no downside for Bitcoin

yeah I agree man these are people are doing friendly Forks they want to it's a

unique way of forming an altcoin it's a new way of maybe that's the way

all coins are gonna be performed in the future I don't know but most people if

the more that happened the more no no pizza is again but create some Adam

Meister altcoin tomorrow did that hurt Bitcoin know there's a new

alternative let's created everyday it doesn't hurt Bitcoin it really

doesn't hurt Bitcoin it's not it's not inflating the supply you sound like

Peter Schiff that's Peter Schiff theory that they're gonna be all these

cryptocurrencies and what the others take away from the value of Bitcoin it

doesn't there's one Bitcoin and they're only 21 Darla's gonna be 21 million of

them bottom line period i'm adam meister the

bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remembers let's try this channel like

this video share this video pound that like button

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