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I am very satisfied with the response from the YouTube for my videos. They have been

overwhelmingly good and that encourages me to do more videos. You know that I made a

separate friends section for serious people and I am going to be soon posting very serious

discussions and techniques in that particular section, although I continue to put some video

for the subscribers in the general section. Today I am going to talk aboutmatter is

vaporous”. There is no substance to matter at all. Although it appears to be solid. If

we can understand; not only understand but live this reality then no one will ever feel

that they are stuck. You are not stuck in your job; you are not stuck in your dirty

apartment. You are not stuck in your relationship. No body is stuck any where because there is

nothing that stays forever. Thats why I saidmatter is vaporous”. Things seem

to continue from day after day after day, its because we do not want to do anything

to change it. Once you change things within your own mind then things will change in the

outer. The outer does not exist by itself. The outer has to stand or to be supported

by the inner, the inner is your own consciousness; its your own mind. So your mind or your

thought is responsible for anything to exist outside. So if you for instance think that

nothing is stable, every thing is moving then you will see that things are really moving.

So you got to do some inner work but unfortunately we tend to do things in the outside in order

to make changes. Thats not going to work, if its works, it takes a long time. The easiest

way is to change the inner, and by changing the inner, you can change the outer. Always

think that you are not stuck because matter does not exist at all. Matter is only a frozen

reality and you have frozen matter by your own thought process. Just walk with infinite

optimism and positivity that every moment is new and things can be changed at will.

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