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You might be thinking students of IITs are intelligent, studious, boring

Yes That's true but I will show you the other side of IIT Roorkee

but wait before I start Lets roll an intro.

First thing first.

Life at IIT Roorkee begins with a mandatory pic of the main building.

Yes, that's me standing alone having no friends except my roommate.

I don't know why I bought a cycle.

I hardly drove it for a week.

If you are planning to buy a new one remember one thing you have to carry your friends and

have to maintain it.

My cycle is still kept at the mechanic shop I left one and a half years ago.

I am very bad at making friends.

But yes I made many friends and a few really good friends along the journey.

They are not good friends but I call them a family now.

We studied together,

Did random shits on the campus, even during the classes, went for the trips, completed

the whole semester assignments at one night, experienced the haunted place in the campus

at midnight, spent the night watching stars sitting at the highest point of the campus,

had so many night outs, celebrated the best and the worst birthday of my life, stayed

in the department for the whole night without any reason, unnecessary dancing anywhere in

the campus for fun, meeting new people in the fest and a lot more.

Sometimes, things went terribly wrong.

do you know what happened next?

I broke my hand in the first semester.

Well, this was the time I realized I had so much fun.

I will tell you the one untold fact about the main building.

Our building changes clothes more often than you do.

Any event happening, the main building be like yo bro how am I looking?

Moving on to hostel life, It is a place where

your things will be used less by you and more by your friends.

I have seen my friends becoming a social animal on birthdays, releasing frustration of exams.

and assignments but during exams, the environment is quite serious, look what my friend has to say:

How is the study going?

With full effort.


What have you completed till now?

I bought a new copy till now.

Dedication level 100%.

Well, most students spent their time day and night playing PUBG.

I never played PUBG in my life.

Will society accept me?

Students may curse hostels for tasteless foods, pathetic rooms, but they always remember the

hostel for the family it gives and the memories they live.

Talking about the academics, classes are sometimes way too long and the course syllabus is also

sometimes very hectic.

I remember the time, I was bombarded with so many assignments and submissions that I

had almost no time to do any extra thing that I was interested in.

Do you know what I gained from the classes?


In college, partying is just a means to release stress, or enjoy life.

I partied a lot in the first year.

Late-night batch parties after the exam, freshers party, poly party and you know the worst part

of the party is what? you have to carry your drunk friend to the hostel.

But I would say IIT has their own way to teach.

It taught me how to handle pressure, time management, and life skills in the first year.;

they however are not very good at imparting knowledge but since when did students depend

on Professors for knowledge?

Most of the students in the classes are too tired to even hear, right?

If you are a college student you could relate to this.

Here comes the best part.

Being one of the survivors of the Kedarnath flood in 2013, my affection for mountains

never faded.

One of the main reasons I choose IIT Roorkee over IIT Dhanbad apart from personal reasons

is because of its geographical location.

I Had so many trips on the weekend itself.

I went to Mussoorie, had so much fun, went for the trek, and made memories for the lifetime.

Then we had a bike trip to Chopta, Tungnath.

This trip was the best trip of all.

Shivering at the height of 4000 meters in -14 degree temperature.

Had the best trek of my life to Chandrashila, experienced the first snowfall, I remember

every moment of this trip.

It was just amazing.

I also went to Delhi, this was the first trip of my college, exploring Delhi was a different

kind of experience with friends.

Had some memorable nights.

Though I got a birthday gift during the trip which was something I always wanted to buy.

It was a skateboard.

We named that skateboard Budwiser and I dont know why.

Anyway thanks to my friends for this wonderful surprise.

I also went to Rishikesh.

Had a night out, enjoyed the breeze of the river Ganga, and had a very dangerous trek

to Kunjapuri.

And Again more trips at the end of the 2nd semester.

This time we went to Dayara Bugyal but due to some permission issues of the forest we

couldnt go but ended up going somewhere near the China border which was one the most

beautiful places I have visited till now, roaming alone in a village.

That was hell lot of fun.

Now I can proudly say the best thing about IIT Roorkee is trips, nothing else.

Remember me standing alone in front of the main building?

Well, this is how I ended my first year with my college family.

Summing up my first year I would say its the feeling that you will never experience


Its the golden period of college life.

No pressure of placements, internships, and also no mental barrier of clearing some competition.

So was preparing 2 years for IIT worth it?


Every hour, every minute, every second, every single moment spent was worth it.

and it is still okay if you couldnt make it to IIT, I believe every college is beautiful

in its own way.

It will definitely transform you in unimaginable ways.

YOU know only who can turn your college life memorable and wonderful READ THE FIRST WORD 0:06:24.100,1193:02:47.295


The Description of My first year in IIT Roorkee