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Hi I'm Rick Hatton of E. L. Hatton Sales the company that created

Banner Ups, PowerTabs, PowerTape and now

new EdgeTabs. Millions of Banner Ups tabs have been used globbaly by thousands of

satisfied customers.

In this video we would like to show you why they buy.

If you've been making banners for a long time

you know that one of the main reasons they fail is because the grommet

tears out. It's not that the grommet isn't strong

the problem is that the grommet focuses all the wind force in a small area.

They cut through the banner textile. Not only that

but grommets can be difficult to install and take lots of time!

A real problem, and also if they're not installed perfectly

they lose almost all of their strength. But Banner Ups & PowerTabs are

so much stronger than grommets

because they spread the wind force over a much larger area.

That's the secret to their strength. Using Banner Ups and PowerTabs you can

make super strong banners

in minutes right in your own building. No special tools are needed and the best thing of all is that

you can forget the problems of installing grommets forever.

Banner Ups are so easy to use. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

First peel the release paper from the tab.

Adhere the tab to the back side of the banner. Then fold the tab over and adhear


other half for the tab to the front of the banner. Repeat this at all four corners

and you're ready to install your banner. Simply attach a rope

and you're finished! Here are some special instructions on using Banner Ups.

First you'll notice that when Banner Ups are applied on a banner

a corner loop is created. For indoor or calm weather outdoor banners you can

simply insert the rope through this loop.

For high strength banners for outdoor use

we recommend that you insert the rope through the tab center hole.

Just cut a hole through the banner textile after the tab is installed

using hole punch.

Also Banner Ups special shape allows you to orient the tab three directions according

to how it will be installed.

From the side. At a 45 degree angle, or vertically.

The vertical mount is particularly useful for hanging rigid display board

such as foam board

corrugated plastic or poster board.

Banner Ups are available in three styles.

Regular for outdoor or high strength use. Mini size for indoor use

and Clear Mini size Banner Ups with back tab, which are also for indoor use.

This tab has the benefit of an additional adhesive tape on the back

which may be used to stick your banner or poster directly to a wall or window.

To find out just how strong Banner Ups were we have them tested in a major


research wind tunnel. Banners were suspended in hurricane force winds with only

Banner Ups at the corners

with the rope through the center hole. Just watch the results

70 miles per hour (112 km/h) 80.4 miles per hour (130 km/h)

90 .1 miles per hour (145 km/h)!

Switch to Banner Ups today!

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