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Millions of people share social media posts online everyday.

Imagine if we could analyze public posts

to gain immediate insights

into the psychological well-being and physical health

of people around the world.

It turns out we can.

And at the World Well-Being Project, we do.

Based at the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania,

we analyze social media posts users choose to share with us

to make discoveries about people

For example, we gather a sample of people

who score the same on a psychological or health survey

and determine which words their posts have in common

We then search for those words across other social media users

who haven't taken the survey to predict how they might score similarly.

This allows us to accurately predict numerous aspects

of a user's well-being, health, demographics, and more

without having to give surveys

For example, by simply analyzing their Facebook posts

we can identify users' personality about as well as their friends can.

Because these methods can efficiently measure

large groups of people quickly, easily, and inexpensively

we have formed domestic and international collaborations

with numerous organizations, healthcare providers, and policymakers

interested in improving the well-being of individuals and communities.

Join us on the frontier of this scientific technology sure to change world.

Please visit and contact us for more information.

The Description of The World Well-Being Project