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Hi, this is Yolanda from In this segment we're going to talk about

how to start flowers from seeds. Now we all start flowers from the garden center or the

farmers market, they're already in the container growing and we plant them. And they do really

well, or we buy a flower bulb and we plant them and they do really well. But a lot of

us are kind of afraid of seeds. But seeds are so basic and they're really easy to use

and really easy to grow flowers with. So I've just collected these seeds from my garden

in the fall, and so as soon as the blooms are done, and the seed pods have formed and

they've dried out, and before it rains really hard and before they've turned to mush and

freeze hard, I collect the seeds, and I just keep them in little envelopes. So these are

just cimicifuga or bugbane seeds and they're a really pretty flower that grows in the shade

or part sun and they're easy to grow too. So I've collected the seeds in the fall and

I'm just going to save them in the fall. And then keep them in the house in a dry area

and come April or May I'm going to start them in a very easy manner. So there is a few different

ways to start the seeds. I could just go right into the garden and plant some of these seeds.

In April, May and just make sure that the weeds have been pulled and that it's good,

usable earth, good compost or potting soil, and I could plant them right into the dirt

and they do really well, they probably come right up. But because my garden is kind of

crowded and I want to control it a little bit, I'm going to start them probably indoors.

And an easy trick I found is just put a napkin on a plate, put some seeds on that napkin,

put another napkin over it, keep it wet, and keep it in a dark, warm location and the seeds

will start to sprout. And as soon as they sprout, you turn around and put them right

into your flower beds or right into your garden where you want them to grow or in a container.

And that's easy as well. Or I could just put the seeds into some paper and put them into

a plastic bag, and I've found that works really well too 'cause then it never dries out. And

I just check on them every day or every couple of days and as soon as they have sprouts I

throw them in the ground. I've also used different seed starter kits, so you can use a lot of

the soil that you used to start seeds that's high in vermiculite so it's got a lot of airy

kind of peat moss soil in it. And so I'll just put some soil in here and put the seeds

about one or two inches deep. And keep watering them, and the trick with seeds is don't throw

the water on heavily, kind of mist them or put cloth on top or a sheet or any type of

cheese cloth and the water will go right through without disturbing the soil and then the seeds

will grow real easily. So there's lots of different methods to grow seeds. You can put

them right into the ground or you can start them in the seed starter kit, or start them

in paper towels, but any way you start them they're easy to grow and the best time to

grow them is after the last heavy frost in the spring. And you can also plant them through

the fall.

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