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Cristian: What's up, guys?

Cristian here with River Pools, and today we're gonna compare vinyl liner pools to fiberglass


This is two minutes in the pool, or beside the pool.

You know what I mean.

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Now, vinyl liner versus fiberglass pools, we do a big extensive comparison and a full

article, in which we cover nine different comparison points.

But, because this is two minutes in the pool and not 20 minutes in the pool, I'm gonna

go over three points of comparison.

You know the deal, I'm gonna set a two minute timer on my clock and try to get to the bottom

of it before the jingle goes off.

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All right, vinyl liner pools versus fiberglass pools.

What we're gonna talk about is customizability, we're gonna talk about time to install, and

ease of maintenance.

So first and foremost, customizability.

A vinyl liner pool can be customized to any shape you want, because in the manufacturing

process a set of plans or design is given to the vinyl liner manufacturer, and they

simply cut the components necessary and seam everything together so that the pool is fully


Steps, entry points, exit points, ledges, shelves, features, you can put anything anywhere

you want on a vinyl liner pool.

on the other hand, a fiberglass pool is not customizable.

You can see behind me that this pool, once popped off the mold, we cannot move the steps


A customer cannot necessarily come to us and say, "We'd rather have the steps over here

or over there."

It takes a lot of time to plan and actually build a mold from which we produce the fiberglass

pools from.

So customizability, we give high marks to the vinyl liner pool.

Let's talk about time to install, however.

You see, a vinyl liner pool is gonna take four to eight weeks to install it in the ground

versus a fiberglass pool, which really could take a couple days.

Most of the time at River Pools, we're able to dig a hole and set a fiberglass pool in

the ground within two days.

We're talking from grass in your backyard to water in the pool, two days versus four

to eight weeks with the vinyl liner pool.

So hands down, this one goes to fiberglass in this category.

Now, let's talk about something that everyone wants to consider if you're gonna put a pool

in your backyard, and that is how hard and difficult is it gonna be to maintain on a

daily basis and long-term?

Vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools, in terms of maintaining chemicals, are both fairly

similar, although vinyl liner pools are a bit more prone to algae growth and so they

require a little more diligent maintenance.

And that's because the seams tend to gather algae.

I didn't make the two minute mark.

But, we're not gonna get to 20, so I'm gonna keep going and finish out my points and then

send you on your merry way to continue your fiberglass pool or backyard pool research.

We were talking about maintenance on vinyl liner pools.

That seam tends to be a catching point and starting point for algae growth, and because

it's not completely smooth as the rest of the surface.

You're also prone to punctures and other things coming up from the ground interfering with

your pool.

You could also have settlement in the ground causing dimples and dents in your liner.

Over time, the liner has to be replaced, which is a very high expense, somewhere in the $4,000


On the other hand, a fiberglass pool, because the surface is non-porous, there's nothing

to affect the durability of that pool as long as it was properly manufactured.

Maintaining your chemicals and keeping it clean, also completely easy to do because

the surface is not prone to algae growth.

There's also no liner to replace after a period of time.

So ease of maintenance, we give this one to fiberglass pools.

Make sure you go back out and check out the full article as we give five more points of

comparison to consider if you're thinking about a fiberglass pool versus a vinyl liner

pool for your backyard.

I'm Cristian with River Pools.

That was slightly more than two minutes in the pool, but nonetheless, you've got your


We'll see you on the next episode.

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