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The ritual is done. Give this water to Mayuri.

Drink this and get freedom from evil powers.

She will die as soon as she drinks the water.

-Hello. -Happy Birthday, Mayuri.

You can say that in person.

I've been waiting for you for so long.

Come home before the cake cutting.

How much longer will it be?

I'm stuck at the office. I won't be able to come.

But I'll definitely come to take you on the day of 'Rakhi'.

Please forgive your brother this time.

If you don't come for 'Rakhi', I'll never talk to you again.

Okay, bye.



What's wrong? Why do you look sad?

Brother won't be coming. He is stuck at the office.

It's okay. No need to be sad.

It must be important work.

And, I brought you something that will cheer you up.


It's so beautiful.

-Thank you. -Aww, it looks beautiful.

-Did you see that, Mom? -Yes, I saw it.

Wait and watch what I'll do next.

Excuse me! Please gather around for the cake cutting.

Neha! Mom! Come on here.

Did you see that? I'm the last one he called.

Forget it, Mom. Let's go.

-Mom! Mom! -Auntie!

-Mom! -Mom!

Call the doctor immediately. Hurry up.


The number you have dialed is currently busy.

What's the matter? Is auntie not well?

She hasn't been keeping well for the past few days.

But don't worry. She'll be fine once the doctor comes.

Please have dinner.

Did you call the doctor?

I've been trying but my calls are not going through.

Really? I'll try. Go and take care of Mom.


How was it? I've ruined her birthday party, right?

How dare she snatch my son from me?

I'll show her what I'm capable of.

Yes, Mom. It was awesome. You should've seen her face.

You are such a good actress.

For a second I thought you really had a stroke.

You are great.

Mom! I thought you've really changed.

What did I do to deserve this?

Why are you determined to ruin the peace of this family?

Don't raise your voice.

I never liked you in the past

I don't like you now and I'll never like you in the future.

So you pretend to be good in front of Girish.

Pathetic! You are deceiving your own son!

Do you realize that?

I'm not deceiving him. I'm saving his life.

You've cast a spell on him.

So I have to do this in order to save him.

Did you ever think how hurt he'll be when he finds out?

Who will tell him?

I will.

-You will? You will tell Girish? -Mom!

Will you instigate my son against me?

Mom, let me go!

Will you take my son away from me?

You are flying too high. You need to be put in place.

Let me go.

Don't worry, dear. I'm fine.

Mom! I'm so glad you are conscious.

I called the doctor. He's on his way.

Why do you look worried?

Are you worried about Mom? She'll be alright.


-Son! -Mom! What's wrong?

-I'm in a lot of pain. -Bring some water!

Oh God! Oh God!

-Mom, what's going on? -Go bring water.

Why are you still standing here? Go bring water!

-It hurts a lot. -Mom! Mom, calm down.

Neha, be with Mom.

No, son! Don't go! Be with me!

I feel better when you are around.

Mom, I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere.

I get tired doing all the work at home all day.

That's why I fall sick.

I'm fine now. I don't need a doctor.

No, you need a doctor. He'll come and give you

medicines to recover. You will feel better.

And I don't want you to do any household chores.

Why do you think I've hired Raman?

Drink this water.

Mayuri, make sure that Mom doesn't do any work at home.

Raman will do all the work.

If he needs help, you do it.

-Girish! -Yes?

Wait a minute.

My Brother is coming home today.

Can I go with him to spend the day with his family?

You don't have to ask me for permission. Go ahead.

Is everything alright at home?

Yes. You forgot, right? Today is 'Rakhi'.

I was so worried about Mom that I totally forgot.

I didn't buy a gift for Neha.

It's okay. Give her money. She'll buy a gift for herself.

That's a good idea.

Oh. That's why you are all dressed up today.

You are happy that you are visiting your brother.

Happy 'Rakhi', brother!

Give me your hand.

Now give me my gift.

I was so worried about Mom that I forgot to buy you a gift.

But don't be sad. I'll give you money.

Then you can buy a gift that you like.

Brother! You haven't given me any gifts for so long.

And it's been so long since I've looted you.

Today you'll have to give me whatever I ask for.

What do you want?

I want the same necklace that you gifted Mayuri

on the birthday.

Okay, I'll gift you a necklace next time.

This time you take money.

Why next time? She'll want another gift next time.

'Rakhi' is today. You can't give the gift another day.

She's your little sister. Don't say no to her.

It's not done.

Okay, Mom.

Mayuri, give that necklace to Neha.

I'll get a better one for you.

But you brought this for me.

I know. You already have a lot of jewelry.

I'll bring another one for you. Okay? Give this to her.

Give that to me.

Thank you, brother!

Raman! Bring water!

Please sit. How is your work going on?

Everything is good.

-Hello, sir! -Raman! How are you?

-I'm good. How are you? -Awesome.

Raman! Make something special for brother.

He's come from so far, I'm sure he's hungry.

Okay, madam.

I'm still upset with you.


Why didn't you come for my birthday party?

I waited so long for you...

I was...

Hello, auntie!

God bless you!

Did you come again to take your sister home?

I came to take her home for 'Rakhi'.

I'll drop her back by evening.

Oh, I see. Only till evening?

Actually every time she plans to go home

I feel she won't come back like last time.

She came back only after five years.

No, auntie, actually...

I won't be surprised if she does that again.

Is it necessary to dig up the past?

Yes, it is.

I don't trust you.

She won't go anywhere.

She'll tie you a 'Rakhi' right here.

Why can't I go?

Because your mother in law says so.

Just a minute.

Take this. Tie him a 'Rakhi'.

It's okay. No problem.

You just have to tie a 'Rakhi'

be it here or there. It makes no difference.

Raman! Can't you hear me?

Why are you making food for him? Let's go to the temple.

I'm almost done. I will come with you once it's ready.

He's her brother, not yours. She'll cook for him.

Come with me or I'll complain to Girish

that his old mother had to go alone to the temple.

Come on!

Mom! What is your problem?

I cook for your relatives.

I respect them. But when it comes to my brother

this is how you treat him?

How dare you humiliate me before a servant?

Why don't you...

Madam! Why did you burn her hand?

Shut up! Or I will burn your tongue too!

What's wrong, Mayuri? Why did you shout?

Nothing, brother. I'm fine.

Let's go.

Brother, come and eat food.

I won't leave without doing what I came here to do.

And I'll endure all her torture for that.

Look, Mayuri! Don't fill your head with negative thoughts.

Try to bond with your mother in law and sister in law.

Because the situation got so out of control last time

that you had to leave your home. That's not good.

So be more careful this time. Okay?

What's wrong, Mom?

I burnt my hand while cooking food for Manoj.

Let me see. Did you get hurt badly?

No, just a little burn. I applied ointment.

Mayuri! Why did Mom make food? You know she's ill.

Why didn't you do it or ask Raman to do it?

Don't you get it?

Calm down, son. Eat food.

Mom is telling lies. I cooked the food.

What rubbish are you talking? Why would she lie?

Son... She joined me later... When the food was ready.

Girish, what is wrong is wrong. I won't keep quiet.

-Look here... -Mayuri, that's enough!

Shut up!

Mayuri, that's enough! Shut up! Don't make an issue!

My son came home tired. Let him eat in peace.

Is this the reason you didn't go to your brother's home?

You told me not to go!

What? Why will I tell her not to visit her brother?

How much more will you lie?

That's enough! I've heard enough! Shut up!

Or I'll walk out of here right now.

Eat food, son. You too.

Why didn't you let her go?

At least we would've had some peace at home.

You won't have any peace now. I'll make sure of it.


Thank you. Thank you so much.

Mom, I've some good news.

Our land which was in dispute is free now. We won the case.

What? That's good!

But there's a problem. I can't register it on my name.

It needs to be on somebody else's name.

Then all our problems will be solved.

Once the land is registered on our name

Neha's wedding, our home and car... I'll get everything in order.

Mayuri, I don't know what happened in the kitchen

but I don't want Mom to do any work at home.

Make sure of that. Alright?

You shouldn't have stayed back here.

You should've gone to your brother's home.

That would've cheered you up. Why didn't you go?

Forget it. I'll go some other time.

Mom misunderstands every word I say.

She and Neha have a problem with everything I do.

They interfere in everything I do. Very interfering.

Tell me, don't I have the right to do anything here?

It's not like that, Mayuri. You came home after five years.

How will they trust you?

This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't left home.

So, try to win their trust and love.

Okay, I'll try.

Just maintain peace at home. That's all I want.

That's all? You don't want anything else?

Are you sure? Not even me?

I didn't mean that.

I want you. But I want Mom and Neha too.

You know, they took care of me after you left.

Now it's my responsibility to take care of them.

I need you to support me in doing that.

You are absolutely right.

Of course. I'm his mother.

He'll register the land on my name.

Once that's done, I'll remove Mayuri's name out of the list.

Will brother agree to it?

Of course. He'll do exactly as I say.

He knows that we can't trust Mayuri.

She'll be here one day and run off the next day.

I chased her away with great difficulty the first time.

I shouldn't have given in to Girish and brought her back.

Forget it. Though we can't remover her from his life

we can at least make sure she doesn't get our property.

Marriage is a sacred bond.

Husband and wife become a part of this

unbreakable bond for seven lives.

Sushma and Neha want to break this sacred bond.

Sushma tried to get rid of Mayuri in the past too.

She was successful to an extent.

But Girish's love saved his marriage.

They both didn't like that at all.

That's why they planned to get rid of Mayuri once again.

Are money, land and property more valuable

than someone's marriage or someone's life?

Will Sushma and Neha be able to fulfill their dreams?

Will they chase Mayuri away from the house and

make sure that she doesn't get any property?

Why were you checking my work files?


What's wrong? What were you looking for?

Nothing. I was trying to see on whose name

you got the land registered.

I haven't thought about it yet. But how does it matter?

The land belongs to our family. That's all.

You don't understand such things.

You worry too much. Stop worrying.

Do you know something?

You look very beautiful when you are angry.

Should I pull this off?

Think twice.

Okay, I did.

Hey! Naughty woman!

Come home early in the evening.


-Bye. -Bye.

Raman! Wipe the table.

What were you trying to teach my son?

I'm not teaching him anything. At least I don't lie.

Hey! How dare you call my Mom a liar?

Isn't that true? You both are liars.

And you are fooling Girish.

Be in your limits.

Otherwise I'll be your worst enemy.

You are already my worst enemy.

First look at yourself.

You left your husband for five years

and stayed at your brother's house.

Ever since you got married and stepped into this house

this house is filled with bad luck.

My daughter's wedding got cancelled.

And Girish went bankrupt in his business.

You couldn't even give us a heir in all these years.

Barren woman!

That's enough, Mom!

You are crossing your limits!

You are crossing your limits.

You are not a good wife or a good daughter in law.

And you'll never become a mother.

You try to be a good person first.

Then you except things from me.

I let you drive me out of this house in the past.

But I won't make the same mistake again.

You are trying to ruin my life.

I'm not wrong. You are wrong.

How dare you!

How can you raise your hand on me?

Don't be disrespectful to my Mom!

I know everything you two are doing behind

my husband's back.

Let go of my daughter's hand! I beg of you! Don't hit us!

Enough of your drama!

How dare you try to slap me?

How dare you!

Mayuri, let me go! Please let me go!

Brother! Brother!

She was trying to hit Mom.

Look what she did to me when I tried to stop her.

-No, they are telling lies... -Shut up!

Brother, I've been trying to tell you this for so long.

She tortures Mom every day.

Mom has heart complications because of her.

-Don't lie! -Shut up!

Just shut up!

Let's go inside, Mom.

Raman, bring some water.

Girish, listen to me! Listen...

Why should I listen to you? Why should I?

I saw and heard everything.

Son, don't be angry. Come and have some tea.

You too, Mayuri. Drink tea.

They are just acting before you.

-Stop it, Mayuri! -Girish!


Slap me. Slap me. Why did you stop?

Will you slap your wife for these liars?

Shut up!

My Mom is not a liar. I'll kill you.

You are trying to make my Mom sick.

You are hitting Neha. What do you want?

Girish, please listen to me. Try to understand.

What should I understand?

Be happy that my Mom took you in.

If it was somebody else, you would've been divorced.

Girish, hear me out just once. Let me speak.

Apologize to my Mom and Neha right now.

Otherwise you will regret it.

This is what they want.

They want us to fight and separate.

They want to throw me out of this house.

They want all the property to be on their names.

You are such a materialistic woman!

You only care about money and land.

Mom and Neha didn't ask me about the property even once.

But you always ask me about it.

If it is so important to you, I'll register the property

on Mom and Neha's name.

I'll see what you'll do.

-Girish! -Get away from me!

Wow, Mom! What a game!

I told you to shut your mouth.

But you never listen.

You lose your sense in your anger.

I shouldn't have listened to my son and brought you back.

This time I'll chase you away for good.

We'll see.

Drink this tea, Mayuri. Don't do this to me. Drink this tea.

Now Girish will come out and put you in place.

Do you know what I mixed in this tea? Poison.

First you'll have pain in your throat. Then you'll vomit.

Then you'll die.

What happened? What's the matter?

Oh God! Why did you make me hear these words?

Why didn't you take away my life before this?

Do you know what she said to me?

She said I mixed poison in her tea.

Why would I do that? I didn't even make the tea.

Raman made it.

You crossed all your limits this time.

You can't stay here anymore. Get out!

Girish, forgive me. Forgive me, please.

Mom, please forgive me.

Please think of me as your own daughter.

Give me once chance. You won't regret it.

What are you thinking? Tell Girish to forgive me.

Tell him not to throw me out. Tell him, Mom.

Son, forgive her. Give her a chance.

Mom, I don't think Mayuri will leave this house.

She'll get the land registered on her name.

She'll own the house and rule over it.

That won't happen. Didn't you see how Girish

put her in her place today?

He's my son. He'll obey me.

That's your misconception, Mom.

That wicked woman has cast a spell on him.

And he's a man after all.

We will lose everything.

Don't say that. I've waited for this day for so long.

We should do something big.

I can't let Mayuri take away everything from us.

What's wrong, madam? You look worried.

What does it have to do with you? Be in your limits!

Get out!

Please tell me. I've a solution for every problem.

I know what's worrying you. Mayuri madam.

If you already know, why did you ask me?

I can solve this problem for you if you want.

What do you mean?

Ignore him, Neha.

There's a shaman. He's a very powerful man.

He'll solve this problem for you in a minute.

I can take you to him if you want.

So, Sushma and Neha's evil minds started working.

Because of their selfishness

they made a plan to get rid of Mayuri.

Mom, where are you going at this hour?

It feels suffocating inside the house.

So I thought I'll take a walk in the fresh air.

Okay, go ahead.

Give Raman some money to get vegetables.

Okay, Mom.

-Let's go. -Raman!

Glory to you, Baba! Please bless me!

God bless you!

Hello, Baba.

Baba, they both are very troubled.

Give them a solution, Baba.

Don't worry. I'll solve their problem.

Her daughter in law Mayuri is the cause of their problems.

That woman has cast a spell of her son.

Yes, please help me. We've endured a lot.

She is not right for my son.

Don't worry. I'll solve your problem in such a way

that she herself will leave your son.

It's better if she dies.

Otherwise she'll come after my son again.

Okay, bring her here.

But she will never agree to come here.

Don't worry.

Mix this ash in milk and make her drink it.

Slowly she'll start obeying you in everything.

Then she'll agree to come here.

Bring her here tonight itself.

But make sure that nobody knows about it, or else...

Okay, Baba. Nobody will know.

-We won't tell anyone. -Go home.

Sushma and Neha's love for money blinded them and

took them deeper into the world of crime.

To achieve their goal, they took the help of magic

which is a superstition.

Will their superstition help them to get rid of Mayuri?

Will Mayuri recognize their wicked intentions?

Mayuri! Please forgive me.

I've realized my mistake.

Please forgive us.

We both mistreated you so much.

But you never tried to harm us.

You are a good person. We made a big mistake.

We should've never tried to separate you and brother

or remove your name from the property.

Please forgive us.

We won't do it again.

I came to my senses now.

Now we'll live together as a happy family.

Everything will be fine now.

We'll perform a prayer

so that we can have peace and harmony between us.

Okay, Mom.

I spoke to the priest. We'll go tonight.

Since we are doing it to have peace in the house

let's do it at home. Why are we going out?

The priest said that it should be done outside

so that all the wicked forces remain outside.

Because there's evil in our house.


We'll first do it in the temple and then at home.

It will help you and Girish to have a happy marriage.

I'll do as you say.

I'm very happy today. My family is united.

I can see only happiness in store for us.

Really, Mayuri. You brought us good luck.

Yes, son. She's my daughter in law after all.

Raman, bring some milk for her.

Drink milk every day and eat nutritious food.

Then you'll become healthy and give me grandsons.

Mom, I'm tired. I'm going to sleep.

Okay, son. But Mayuri will sit with us for some time.

Sure, Mom.

Drink the milk.

Mom! You said he's a priest.

But he's a shaman.

It really doesn't matter if he's a priest or a shaman.

We just want the evil forces to leave us.

Sit down. We'll offer prayers.

Sit down.

The anger of wicked forces is slowly flaring up.

They can separate you from your husband.

There's a chance that your husband might die.

No. Please, no. Please do something.

My husband should be safe. I'll do whatever you say.

The ritual is done.

Give this water to Mayuri.

Give this to your mother, and this is for you.

Drink this and get freedom from evil powers.

Mom... Mom, my head is spinning.

It's okay, dear.

That's what happens when evil forces leave you.

No. Something is not right. Let's go.

Let's go, Mom.

I think she's dead.

Thank you, Baba. You saved us from her.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


You both brought me here to kill me?

-No... No... -Mom...

I was...

What's wrong? Why do you look shocked?

Did you think you fooled me?

You joined hands with this shaman to kill me?

You are the ones who got fooled.

I knew your plan from the beginning.


You deceived us and joined hands with her?

Yes! That's right! Because you both are wrong.

You mistreated madam. You always insulted her and me.

You don't have any mercy for anyone.

That's why we both came up with this plan.

Baba, save us from these sinners.

Come, let's go.

Neha! Neha!


Why are you scared? Nothing will happen to us. Trust me.

This will be between us, no one else will know.

Now hurry up and bury them.

Take this. I shouldn't see you in this city again. Now go.

Nothing will happen. Quietly go and sleep. Go.

Mayuri! Mayuri!

What's wrong?

Where are Mom and Neha?

They are not in the house or in the garden.

They left their phones here.

They were supposed to go to the temple this morning.

They informed me.

Which temple is that? Why haven't they returned yet?

I don't know.

Should I call the police?

You are scaring me. I just want them to be okay.

Call the police.


Nothing will happen. Okay? Just do as I said.

Tell us, Mr. Girish.

I don't know, sir. This is the first time that they both

went out without telling me. They never do this.

Yes, sir. They just told me

that they have to go to the temple to offer prayers.

They didn't tell me when and where.

Can you tell me who wakes up first in the morning?


Come here.

Yes, sir.

-Do you wake up before everyone? -Yes, sir.

Didn't you see them going?

Sir, I'm busy with household chores.

I didn't see them going out.


Mr. Girish, I need to search your house

because they went missing from here.

Also, we've to investigate the nearby temples and

find out which temple they both went to this morning.


Pradeep, check the house

Sushma, you check upstairs.

Bring some water.

Don't worry. We'll find them. I'll bring water for you.

What are you doing? You'll get us into trouble.

I said nothing will happen to us.

The police won't find anything. So stop worrying.

Sir, we found this in the servant's room.

Whose necklace is this?

This is my sister Neha's necklace. She wore it.

What is this doing in his room?

Why is it in your room?

Tell me! How did you get it?

Where are his mother and Neha?

Why do you have this with you? Answer me!

Where are Mom and Neha? I'll kill you!

Wait a minute, Girish.

Answer me.

I did this because madam asked me to.

Tell me the whole story! Come on!

Sir's mother used to torture madam.

She used to insult her, and burn her hand many times.

When I tried to stop her, she used to say...

Stay in your limits! Okay?

I'm a poor man. I got very scared.

That's why we killed them.

Yes, I killed them.

Otherwise they would've killed me.

It was actually their plan, but I implemented it.

Are you so criminal minded?

You committed a crime.

Inspector, take her away. I don't want to see her face.

-Take her away. -Arrest her.

-Girish, listen to me. Listen to me. -Take her away.

Why don't you understand? Girish!

Finally Sushma and Neha's madness

turned Mayuri into a killer.

They got trapped in their own trap.

Do you think this was right? No.

At the end of the day, a crime is a crime.

Mayuri's actions indicated a criminal's mentality.

It was her plan. Sushma and Neha just fell for it.

Mayuri could've helped herself in many other ways.

She could've approached the police for help.

Instead, she chose to follow a path of crime.

But it wasn't Mayuri's fault entirely.

Even Girish is at fault.

If Girish had been discerning and solved

his family problems without hurting anyone

Sushma and Neha would've been alive

and Mayuri wouldn't have turned into a killer.

So I request you, if there are problems between

your wife, mother and sister, you can all sit down

discuss the issue and solve it.

That's it for now.

I'll meet you again with the next case.

Crime Alert, a Voice Against Crime.

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