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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dont Mix DRY ICE and Coke

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In today's video, we're going to take a look

at the relationship between dry ice and Coke,

how they react,

and how big of a reaction we can get.


You've probably seen some cool videos,

or played around with the reaction

between Diet Coke and Mentos.

This is a cool little experiment.

The mint surface on these Mentos has tons of tiny tiny points

that work as nucleation sites inside of the soda.

The nucleation sites pull the carbon dioxide

out of the soda where it's dissolved,

and it suddenly increases

in size massively erupting up out of the bottle.

Lots of people have done experiments with this,

and it's really fun to try at home as

long as you're safe about it.

Well, we want to try something else,

and that's the relationship between these carbonated sodas

and dry ice.

The dry ice can act much the same as the Mentos with lots

of tiny little nucleation sites.

It pulls carbon dioxide out of the soda quickly,

with the added benefit

that the dry ice itself starts to sublimate,

and that expands as well,

adding even more carbon dioxide into the mixture.

Hopefully, giving us an even bigger reaction.

Here's the basic idea.

We're going to see

what it takes to get the best reaction

between dry ice and Coke,

and then we're going to try

and scale that up to something really impressive.

Here we go.

We're going to do side-by-side tests of Coke Zero, Diet Coke,

and regular Coke.

One at a time though.

Here goes Coke Zero with 3 Mentos.


Right about there, I'd say.

Not bad.

Not bad.

Decent little reaction.

There it goes.

Little mushroom fountain.

That's fine if it goes out of screen,

it's just to show it reacting is the fun part.

First was Coke Zero, now is Diet Coke.

3, 2, 1.


It may be went just a smidge higher,

but the most part, the Diet Coke and the Coke Zero reacted

almost exactly the same way.


I would call that a noticeably smaller reaction.

The Coke Zero and the diet Coke both got to about here.

The regular Coke, I'd say,

only six to eight inches above the bottle.


We got a pretty good launch,

but of course, we want more out of it than that.

So, this time,

we're going to see what happens if we

constrict the opening a little bit more.

This funnel here has

a much smaller opening on it than our Coke bottle.

So we're going to try

and attach the funnel on to the top of the Coke bottle,

and then drop the Mentos in afterward.

Now this is going to be a little bit tricky.

So here's my thought.

We'll have three Mentos taped together just on the outside.

That tape will be attached to a piece of string,

which will come up through the funnel,

and then we can let go,

and that should drop the Mentos down in.

That point, shooting our little geyser up

through our much constricted funnel nozzle.


The drop.

3, oh-- 1.

That probably went eight to ten feet up in the air.

This little nozzle here,

the opening is probably 1/5 to 1/8 the area

of the regular Coke bottle opening.

So it does have to go a lot faster,

and when it's going faster, it goes a lot higher.

Let's move onto dry ice.

Now, we're moving onto dry ice,

and we're going to do two little test.

We're going to do single lumps that are just barely small

that they can fit through the nozzle of the bottle,

and then we're going to try

a crushing up a bunch of dry ice powder,

and dropping that in as well.

So first up, single lumps.

Coke Zero and single lump of dry ice.

Here it goes.


A very quick foamy reaction in this state with a single lump.

It wasn't more volume,

and it didn't go higher than it did with the three Mentos,

but we still,

as you saw, got a very quick reaction.

Same thing.

Diet Coke.


Once again, quick reaction, lots of volume.

A lot of soda was pushed out,

but it didn't go as high as it did with the Mentos.

It wasn't as fast.

All right, regular Coke, dry ice, single lump.


As expected.

I got a lot more of the smell

of the Coca-Cola with the regular,

as opposed to either of the diet versions.

And I think we actually lost more total volume

with the dry ice.

It just took longer.

All right, let's try powdered dry ice.


My goal with the powder dry ice is to have approximately

the same volume as three Mentos.

So I think that should give us the best comparison

of the reactions.

I'm going to take the powdered dry ice from this funnel,

and pour it down through this funnel into the soda.

We'll see what kind of reaction we get.


It didn't sink.

Oh, it didn't all go in either.

It got frozen.

All right, we're going to try adding a little bit more.

Some of it didn't quite make it through.

The funnel got a little clogged.

Funnel likes to get a little bit clogged.

So this is kind of interesting.

We're getting a very very quick reaction

with the dust with the really fine powdered stuff.

It's actually reacting

so quickly that it just hits the surface,

and then there's so much bubbles and foam

that the rest of the ice powder isn't actually sinking

into the cola.

So with these larger pieces,

we're getting more of a reaction.

We just have to be able to get them all in at once.

So I'm going to try going more of those slightly larger pieces

into this bottle,

and pouring it in this one

without any of the small stuff to cause foam that will stop it.

We've got a bunch

of pebble sized pieces of dry ice, and hopefully,

those will flow in and actually sink a little bit.

Here it goes.


Yeah, kind of like that.

That was a much faster reaction.

Still didn't have a ton of sinking so I don't think

our height was any better than with the Mentos,

but the speed of the reaction was quite impressive.

That got me...

This is one of the reasons we like using Diet Coke,

is it doesn't have sugar in it

so it doesn't get sticky when you get coated in it.

Still gonna want to wash,

but I won't be sticky until then.

I actually think that from here,

we just want to scale this up.

I want to go big,

and rather than using one of these little Coke bottles,

we're going way up.

We're gonna use a 5 gallon bucket.

For this larger bucket,

we're going to use our larger funnel

that still has a pretty small opening right there.

So here's the plan.

Much like with our mementos that we dropped into the coke

through the funnel on the string,

we are going to attach our dry ice to a mesh surface.

We're going to sort of make a bag out of it.

The bag will be suspended underneath the lid,

and we're going to lower it all down.

We're going to clip this lid on.

They're already be

several gallons of Coca-Cola inside this.

I think we're gonna use the Diet Coke.

I like the reaction of that one.

So, Diet Coke, several gallons.

Dry ice, 10 pounds at least.

Whatever we can fit in

between the Coke and the surface.

We're going to seal this down.

We're going to actually add some additional tape

to make sure it's really strong,

and we're going to let go of the string, and hopefully,

we will get an almighty launched through the sky.


Up to where the dry ice is will be full of Coke,

and then, by letting go of the strings,

all of that dry ice will drop down into the Coke all at once.

Hopefully, we get just an absolutely insane reaction.

Okay, here we go.

Whole lot of Diet Coke.

Hopefully, we don't lose too much of the fizz by pouring it

into this separate bucket.

This is the last we're gonna able to pour in

before it's too high up.


Okay, I'm ready when you are.

I'm ready.

3, 2, 1.


Well, in terms of volume...


We had a lot.


I'm going to tip it.


It's a little strong for the bucket seal.

I think I can get another another shot out of this.


That's a weird kind of Coca-Cola gun right there.

Refill a little bit,

put another chunk of dry ice into that.


I'm trying this again.

Might help the lid stay on better.

Might just make it louder when the lid pops off.


There's the louder when the bucket pops open.

That was, thinking might happen.


And that wire mesh,

which I'm sure is so healthy.


Oh, it's leaking.

Oh, it popped.

Definitely leaked before popping.



Guys, that's not all.

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