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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji Full Movie ft. Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Omi Vaidya

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Subtitle by Aldi Arman

Look, Sunanda, I have told you my entire case.

Now try to see that the divorce takes... as soon as possible.

I don't know. Please. At Least try.

Actually your case is very clear.

Both want to take divorce by mutual consent.

So don't worry. It is only a question of 6 months.

But I can understand your feelings.

Because personally...

..I have also gone through this period, Naren.

Look, Naren, I want to give you some advice.

Until your divorce isn't done with, don't stay alone.

Because loneliness will swallow you.

And if you ever feel Lonely, then I'm there for you.

Can I Leave? -Take care of yourself.

Thank you.

Tired gait, rumpled hair, in a daze...

Naren Ahuja made a small mistake in his Life. Marriage.

This bank manager's TV reporter...

..wife was busy in breaking news.

And here, their marriage was breaking up.

And then the place of their Love and Love Letters...

..was taken up by silence and Letters.

In the same house...

..both of them were near, but still far away from each other.

Slowly, the taste Left the chewing gum of their marriage.

And now neither can you vomit it out nor swallow it.

Even the Love for their daughter could not save this marriage.

The promises of Love...

..of being together for seven Lifetimes were...

..converted into arguments and fights in only 7 years.

And then Naren Left his house in which...

..he stayed with his wife and child.

And then both decided to get divorced at an auspicious moment.

Anyway ultimately...

..Naren has at Least come to stay at his deceased parents' house.

But he does not know how to fill the emptiness in his Life.

Beware. This person who is boring God, Milind Kelkar... himself a very boring man. -He was in London for 4 years.

Brought back with him the nation's bondage.

In his part time, he writes the remixes of Guizar to Ghalib.

And in his full time..

..he gets people married in Jhatpat

But the poor fellow is himself a bachelor.

His poetry has a lot of pain, but is a head ache for others.

Milind. Principled.

You are not ready for marriage.

So take back your registration cheque.

No, no, no. I can't keep this.

No, no, no. It is against the policy. -Are you sure?

Yes. -Thank you so much.

Don't worry, come back after 5 years. -Wow. Mr. Milind Kelkar.

So you also give free advice to your clients?

Yes, sir. I'm trying to give genuine advice to the clients.

Don't do it. Just do your work. -Okay.

We are running Jhatpat here.

We have not taken the onus of imparting free advice to people.

First tell me, have you got married yet or not?

No. -Then how can you speak about marriage?

What is so difficult about that, sir?

Before this, I worked in a sari store.

Does that mean that I was wearing a sari? -Shut up.

You know, only three things run in India.

Yes, I know. Car, train and plane.

No. Films, cricket and marriages.

Mr. Keikar, make marriages happen. Marriages. Understood?


This is Abhay Suri.

In English, these people are called playboys.. Hindi 'Chalu' (Cunning).

And girls call them smart and handsome.

At sunset, like the birds go into their nests..

..these people are found in pubs and discos.

Abhay, alias Abby, is able to take someone..

..or the other in his arms, with his boyish charm.

And then girls also bear their entire expenses.

Truly ATM. Any Time 'Mohabbat' (Love).

But don't be under the impression that he does not work.

He is a trainer at a gym.

And he never takes his eyes of his clients' bodies.

Gives them proper attention.

In short, his Life has the three 'F' fundamentals.

Fun, flirting and the third 'F', you must have understood.

This is his Life's only achievement.

I will be back in a minute.

Every day, there is some problem with him.

Hey, what is it? What's going on here?

Where is the girl? - Girl?

Which girl? From where?

What happened, baby?

Hey, did you people see?

It is a dally occurrence.

This won't do in a rented apartment.

Shut up. Why are you shouting? -Hey, I'm the MLA of this area.

And also the secretary of the building.

I will get you imprisoned.

Hey, sir, I had voted for you. Come, come and sit down.

I have not come here to sit. -Where is she? Throw her out.

Sir, you are under the wrong impression.

You know what? I'm a gym instructor. I was teaching yoga.

Teaching yoga at 2:00 in the morning?

Hot yoga. It can take place at night, too.

It can take place anytime. 24/7.

Please Leave it. He is a good boy.

A good boy. How do you know that? - He teaches me too. Hot yoga.

What? From today, your yoga is over.

And your residence in the society is over, too.

You will have to vacate the flat within 2 days. -Come on sir..

..I've elected you for 5 years and you are throwing us out in 2 day?

Two days. -That is it.

Come. I will get him evicted.

This 'Hot yoga' person. - It is a dally drama with him.

Any problem, darling?

No tension.

We still have 2 days.

Shall we continue?

Mr. Tyagi, water is dripping from the roof. -Listen.

During the monsoon season, only water will drip, not whisky.

After the Commonwealth Games, not being responsible

Has become a common occurrence in India, right?

Will you get it repaired or not?

Hey, you poet, I will not get it done.

Do whatever you want.

You will just leave the house and go away, right?

Go. You don't even know that there is a..

..very Long queue of tenants behind me.

If you want to leave, then leave.

Asking me to repair the roof.

Yes, sir, did you call me? -Hey, Naik..

..what happened to the advertisement that I gave you.. get printed in a newspaper for..

..a paying guest for the house? -Yes, sir, I have given it.

You will start getting calls in response from tomorrow. -Okay.

Naren, why are you getting involved in paying guest problem?

Friend, I have to repay the loan for my house myself.

I have shifted to my parents' house.

It Looks Like the Wankhede Stadium.

I'm thinking that if I have somebody staying with me..

..then not only will the Loneliness vanishes...

..but even the house expenses will reduce.

What is your name?

I'm Phidak Sa.. -What?

Deepak Sisodia. -Do you drink a lot?

Wrong. Only before going to sleep and after waking up.

No, no. Don't worry. I will not get any girl home.

Only my boy friends will come.

What do you do? -Gym trainer.

Any girlfriend? -No, there is no girlfriend.

Yes, but there are several girlfriends.

This sort of thing will not be allowed here.

Hello. Bro, chill.

Why should I get girls home?

Girls take me to their homes.

Okay, okay. Advance?

Yes, the girls have become quite advanced nowadays.

No, I'm not talking about that advance.

I.. Advance. Rs. 1 lakh deposit for a year in advance.

I will have to seduce two or three. -What?

I will make the arrangements in two or three days' time.

Okay. Then from Sunday? -Yes.

Sir, how did you ask me about girls?

Do you know who I am?

Who? -I'm a virgin, sir. A virgin.

Forget the house, I don't even take girls out.

Getting physical before marriage? Never. I hate it.

Marriage is forever, right?

You can come from Sunday. Coffee?

Yes. Thank you sir. - Welcome.

Be it water or stone.

Be it Facebook or Twitter.

Nothing is greater than you, Love.

I think often. I think often.

Wow. Beautiful words.

Especially, the way you have stressed the word 'Often'.

Often, often. -How do you write?

Straight. Straight from my heart.

But are you? -Am I?

Straight? -Of course, I'm straight.

Okay, okay, Mr. Straight. - Tell me..

..can you find a partner for me in your Jhatpat

No. Sorry. -No. Sorry.

How old fashioned, Milind!

Do you know that gay marriages should become Legal?

We are in every field. It is in.

They make film stories based on us.

In Hollywood. Here. -You wait.

In one or two years, there will be a TV serial about us.

Make me gay in my next Life.

Can we Please just change the topic?

Okay, okay. Here is a topic concerning you.

Have you heard about the Satisfied Indian?

Satisfied. I don't even want to hear it.

Listen, friend, Satisfied Indian is the name of a pub where..

..amateur poets recite their poems.

I have used my talent and got your name enrolled there.

You rock, friend. -Thank you so much, Jimmy.

Jimmy, Juhu. -Nice meeting you.

Where do you stay? - Lokhandwala.

Wow. That means you stay very close to me.

Can I give you a compliment? -Yes.

You don't seem to be married.

What does your husband do?

He is a big brother.

I'm not asking you about your brother.

I'm asking you about your husband.

I'm also referring to my husband. He is a big brother.

In the underworld. In Dubai.

You have got a good sense of hum our.

So does he. Till now, he has committed 56 murders.

As if it is a Laughing matter.

Ismail Hatela. You must have surely heard the name?

Any problem, sir? You called me.

Yes. There was a call from Dubai.

Wow, sir. Are you opening a branch in Dubai?

Tell me, when do I have to Leave? My passport is ready.

Listen, there was a call from big brother in Dubai.

You flirted with his wife here?

Do you want to get me killed?

Sir, how was I to know that she is his wife?

That brother is getting all my 6 branches in Mumbai closed.

Sir, don't get tensed.

We will open a branch in Delhi, in Chennai.

The entire India is ours, sir.

Hey, you! Shut up. -I don't want to take any tension, understood?

Talk to the accounts department and get your money cleared.

Go from here. -But, sir.. Sir.. -Now go away. I've told you.

For your information, that girl was flirting with me. -Hey.

And I was doing all this for the gym.

Hey, come on, go away from here.

Baldy. -Hey, go away from here, Romeo.

Ayesha, just come in.

Hello, sir. -Ayesha, that..

You? -June.

I'm not asking for the month.

Your name. -No, no, sir. I'm June Pinto.

I'm an intern.

I just joined today.

Ayesha is in the washroom, so I came here.

Can I help you? -Yes, I was. Looking for..

..the file of Chairman and Sons. 2004-2005.

It must be somewhere around there.

Certainly, sir.

Are you a dream or an illusion?

Are you a dream or an illusion?


Sir, I found it.

Yes, this is the one.

Thanks.. -June.

June Pinto. -June Pinto.

Sir, can I Leave? -Yes, yes.


Are you a dream or an illusion?

Are you a dream or an illusion?

Thank you.

Here you go.

So, Desai, how was the weekend? -Fantastic.

The fun that we had Last night.

Only kisses and hugs or something else?

What kissing? Do you think I'm slow Like you?

Rogues, the entire day you talk about the same thing.

This isn't about the day.

It's the topic of the night.

Yes. Will you have something? -Look, Look, Look.

She's in Naren's team. -Hi. -Hi. -How are you? -I'm good.

New in the office? -Pinto.

Yes, that's true.

You're Lucky, Naren.

Our wives aren't divorcing us Like yours is.

Nor are we getting interns Like her.

Stop it.

You all start as soon as the girl steps out of the house.

He's angry. -Yes.

Sir, would you Like to have a muffin?

No, thanks. -Okay.

I told you, he's very chilled out.

Sorry, friend, I don't have any job. -No vacancy.

I have many trainers.

But, sir, I'm so experienced.

I trained Aamir (Indian actor) for 'Ghajini' (Indian movie)..

..and Salman (Indian actor)for 'Wanted'(Indian movie).

That's the problem.

Everyone sets out to become a hero after seeing them.

But they don't have a single expression on the face.

And they set out with a six-pack to become a hero.

And those jobless actors wear sleeveless shirts..

..and become part-time trainers here.

How many more should I employ? Please Leave, Please.

Sir, I can teach many things.

Hollywood dancing.

Hot yoga. Tai Chi. -Why you..


Bobby, wait, wait.

How are you? -Fine.

What is going on? -Nothing, everything is down.

Where are you going? -Remember Mona Sequeira. -Mona?

That supermodel.

From the Lingerie advertisement.

I had such a crush on her. -Shut up.

Do you know she died today?

She gave me my first chance. -In what?

What do you mean? On the ramp, what else?

I see. -I'm going to attend her funeral.

I will come along as well. -Where are you going?

Try to understand. Someone's dead.

I'm not going to a fashion show.

Come on. -There must be models there. -Networking. Come on.

I mean.. -Come on.

You're very shameless. -Jobless, too. Come on.

That girl from the mosquito coil advertisement.

She is hot, isn't she?

That girl from the 'Masala Noodles' is present as well.

Come on, Lets go there. Come on. -Abhay. Abhay. Abhay, relax.

This is a graveyard. -We've come for a funeral.

You just start wherever you see a girl.

Hi, Bobby. -Hi, Jimmy.

Jimmy, meet my friend.


Jimmy. Jimmy Juhu.

Jimmy Juhu? -'Juhutempral'.

How do you do? -Dude, anyway you Like..

Poor Mona. She's gone.

Do you know what happened with Mona? -No. -What happened?

Bob, one second, darling. -Sure.

Mona had breast cancer.

I told her the first time she went to get silicon implants.

Mona, don't do this all.

Be happy with what God gave you.

It cost her dearly.

There she is. -Yes, yes, there she is.

Come on, move. Faster. Faster. -Come on, come on.

Keep rolling.

Look, here comes Anuskha.

Ex-miss India.

Mona's no.1 rival.

She would back bite about Mona all day Long.

And Look at her today.

Drama queen.

Is she married? -Of course, what is wrong with you?


Look over there in the black suit.

Multi-millionaire Harsh Narang.

She goes around as his trophy wife..

..and keeps searching for new toy boys everyday.

Old hag.

Last year, she picked up my boyfriend Shall from the gym.

I paid all the gym expenses..

..and she reaped all the benefits.


Mona, my child.

It's okay. -Enough, Enough, Enough,

My child.

I will just come.

Hello, poetry Lovers of Mumbai.

I, Gungun Sarkar welcome all of you..

..on behalf of Big FM 92.7.

Whoever wins in this program..

..will win an opportunity to perform in our program..

..'Direct Dill Se'.

Let's meet the first poet of the day.

Mr. Himesh.

Akaash, where are you?

Akaash, where are you?

On the black mole on my shoulder?

Or on my delicate heart?

Or in that closed and abandoned Mukesh Millis. -He's very good.

Or on the waving, capricious Pall Hills.

The wife said, husbands do something.

Our child isn't growing tall, think of a solution.

The husband yawned and replied.. the child 'Mehengai' (Inflation).

I will speak only the truth.

Whether you're close or far, but I will stay in touch.

Nice. -I will e-mall and fax you.

I will relax after sending you an SMS.

Love is important.

And I will consider it a must.

I will Love you first until my Last breath.

I will speak only the truth.

Whether you're close or far but I will stay in touch.

And it's time for the results.

Hall Goddess. Hall Goddess. Hall Goddess.

Mr. Milind KeIkar.

A big hand for him, Ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you.


Need to pose for the pictures.

Fantastic. -Well, not Like you, Gungun.

Your attitude is poetic.

You even talk poetically. -That's true.

So radio station.. Saturday? -Okay.

I will wait for you. -Alright.


Bye. -Take care.

Are you a dream or an illusion?

Are you a dream or an illusion?

A mere sight of her made thousands of bells ring.. my heart in Dolby Digital sound.

I have found my Life-Long Love.

Direct Love. -Aren't you going too fast?

Forget it.

At Least he found a girl.

But he's saying true Love.

Who is she? -She is Anushka Narang.

She used to be a supermodel.

And now she's Harsh Narang's wife.

My ATM card.

You're going to be her toy boy.

Not toy boy, it's called the survival of the cutest.

How will you manage to do it?


Her status says that tomorrow..

..she's taking her dog to the vet.

That's where I will get her.

Yes, babes.

Yes, see you in ten minutes.

Alright, bye.


See you all in the morning. -My babes are calling.

Is he a man or a medical job?

He's available 24 hours a day.

He's gone crazy.

Hello, Naren. -Hi, Sunanda, any progress?

Good news for you.

The divorce papers have been filed.

Within a few months, you will be a free bird.

By the way, are you attending the party tonight?

Sunanda, wrong number.

Sir. -Yes, come in.

Sir, you have to sign this, Please.


Yes. Thank you.

Sir, here is the List of defaulters. -Okay.

June. -Yes, sir.

Are you happy here?

Of course, sir, it's a very cool office.

Say it. -What, Ayesha? -Say it. -No.

What's wrong, Ayesha?

Sir, some people misbehave with June to such an extent..

..that it's unbearable.

Really? -Yes.

You know, sir, those typical midlife crisis men.

There's no such thing as midlife crisis..

Some people might be Like that..

..but not everyone is Like that. -Correct.

Take a Look at sir. -He's been working here for three years.

But he never Looked at me Like that.

Isn't it, sir?

How can I?

You know, sir, I read somewhere that..

..the character of a mature man reflects in his eyes.

True. So true.

By the way, sir, you're wearing a really nice shirt.

It really suits you. -Thanks.

Thanks, June.

June Pinto.

Okay, Ayesha. -Okay, sir.

I have someone coming to pick me up.

By the way, how are you going? -Taxi? -Okay, bye.

Hi. -Hi, how are you?

Fine. -How are you? -I'm good.

Matching shirts. -Yes.

Hello, sir. Hi.

Sir, will you give me a Lift, Please? -Yes, come.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

Okay. -Yes, take this.

Thank you. -Hello, Brother. -Hello.

Show me the best bouquet.

For Rs. 1000 or Rs. 2000, sir?

I don't want to show-off.

Show me something simple.


Here, sir. For Rs. 300.

Rs. 300? This Looks Less.

Sir, I'm giving you a bouquet worth Rs. 500 for Rs. 300.

Add some more. -I suggest.. -What? -Put two more Lilies. -Two?

And two carnations.

And two roses. -Two more roses?

Two more.

Sir, that's enough now. I have put enough in there.


Here. -Okay.

Does it still Look Less?

Do you want me to put these Rs. 300 rupees in there as well?

No, no, no. That's your right. Okay.

But a good joke.

I Like it, I Like it. -Thank you.

Crazy, did you come to buy flowers or something else?

This was a brand new song for you. -Hi. -Hi.

So what happened then? -Gungun Sarkar.

Take a seat, I will tell her.

Hi. -Hi.

You? -Me?

I'm Milind.

Milind KeIkar.

The winner of Dilkush contest. -Oh, so you're the one.

Yes. -Gungun praises you a Lot.

Me. -Yes. Well, your poems.

It's the same thing. -Right.

Who are these flowers for? -These?

For Gungun.

So sing something for us.

Some poetry. -Oh, okay.

If you say so.

This Love..

This Love..

There's a sweet risk in it.

Everything in it is fixed.

Look into your heart your face is mixed in it.

Wow, that was Like fantastic.

So that's Milind KeIkar..

..who is the winner of Dilkush contest.

He works in a matrimonial company.

He gets people married.

So we would Like to know something about his personal Life.

So tell me, Milind.

Did you ever fall in Love with anyone? -I did.

That means he also has a girlfriend. -She's in front of me.

Flirting. -I mean she's before my eyes.

But she still has to come closer to my heart.

Wow, did you hear, Listeners?

This poet is romantic as well.

So all the single girls of the city that is ready to mingle..

..there's a romantic poet for them.

Thank you, for coming to the radio station.

It was my pleasure. -And Lovely flowers.

Gungun, if you want can we go for a coffee sometime?

Sure. Sure.

Today evening.

Not today. Well plan. -Okay.

See you. See you soon. -Sure.

Yes. Thank you.

Gungun, that KeIkar has fallen for you.

Are you mad?

He is not my type.

I mean his name shouldve been Milind Palekar..

..and not Milind KeIkar.

Come on. -Bore. -Let's go to the canteen.

I'LL set you free right away.

I see. So you want a dog?

How much for it? -Rs. 500.

Rs. 500 for a puppy?

You will get a human child for Rs. 300. Shall I give you one?

Come on, don't teach me philosophy. Take it.

Sir, I've brought it up with great Love. Take good care of it.

Oh, no. Its mother has come.

Sir, run. Come on, run. -Hey, Listen.

Come on, run. Hey, run.

Here, ma'am. -Thank you. -Excuse me. -Yes?

What's wrong with it? -Don't, baby. -It's Alright. It's Alright.

He is uncontrollable. -Okay. Okay.

He is fine. -I've not eaten food since yesterday. -I see.

Since he has fallen sick, I have not eaten anything.

That's why.

What's wrong with him?

I don't know. He is not feeling well. -Oh, my God.

Excuse me. -Yes?

What is his breed? -'Roadation'.

'Roadation'? -Yes.

I've heard about Alsatian, Pomeranian..

..but what's 'Roadation'?

I had found it on the road, so I call him 'Roadation'.

So you found it on the road.

Shocking, isn't it?

Why do we humans see status and brands.. terms of clothes, shoes, bags and dogs, too?

And why not Love?

I see only Love.

I find Love.

What is his name? -Kasab.

Kasab? -Yes. I had found him at CST station.

He is a big terror.

Baby. My baby.

Are you Ms. Anuska Mehta, now Narang?

1992. Miss. India. That's you. Yes.

You know me. -Since childhood.

I mean you are childish.

You possess a child-Like quality. -The way you smile. Amazing.

You are not a plastic synthetic beauty..

..Like these zero figure girls nowadays.

They are zero chance. But not you. You are different.

What can I say? -Say Abhay. Abhay Suri.

Abhay, hi.

Mrs. Narang. -Yes. My bag. -Oh, sorry.

Okay. Come on. Come on.

Excuse me.

My doggie says bye.

I'm puzzled on watching you.

Shall I sing a song or some poetry?

He sticks to the radio the entire day.

Hey, put the wedding necklace round the radio..

..and get married to it some day.

What a nuisance! -Wretched Lover boy.

Hey, don't call me Lover boy.

Come on, Lower the volume. -Let it be. The poor fellow is in Love.

It happens often when you are in Love.

Why? Are you in Love, too?

No. My friend is. -Which friend?

Cyrus Batliwala. The poor fellow is in a big problem.

I see. His age? -He is of my age. Around 38 years.

38? What will happen to him now? Forget it. -Forget it.

Hey, no. He is a very nice guy.

He is very sensitive and caring Like me.

In short, he is boring, right?

Why is he wasting his time?

Where will he find a girl at this age? -No, there is a girl.

There is a girl. There is a girl in his office.

What is the girl's age? -21 .

Then it is impossible. She won't even Look at him.

She does Look at him. She glances at him.

She gives him importance. There is some weight age there.

Then what's the problem?

Perhaps, she has a boyfriend who comes.. pick her up daily on a bike. -I see.

He must be of her age.

He can also be just a regular friend of hers.

No, when he takes her on his bike..

..she clings and hugs him.

How do you know?

My friend Cyrus.. - Batliwala. -Yes, Batliwala.

The same friend who is sensitive and caring Like you, right?

I've told you once, then why are you repeating it?

Why are you getting hyper because of his problem?

He is my friend. You give me a solution.

Nowadays, the girls have many friends.

Drinking friends, pen friends, phone friends..

..they have many buddies.

It doesn't mean that he is her boyfriend.

So I should be assured, right? -Why you?

No, my friend Cyrus.. -Batliwala.

Yes, Batliwala.

Tell him to find out who that boy is while talking to her.

Then he should impress her by throwing a maturity card.

Not a bad idea. -She will be impressed.

Don't step back.

Cyrus.. -Batliwala.

Hey, Priya, I'm going to attend..

..the opening of a new club tonight.

Really? -It's going to be awesome. -Wow.

Are you all accompanying me? -No. May be next time.

Hello? -Hi, Naren. Abhay has three invites..

..of the opening of some new club.

Okay. -We are going. Will you accompany us? -No, I can't come.

I have a target meeting of the recession.

Okay, bye. -Hello? Hello?

Hi, sir. -Hi, June. Shall I drop you somewhere?

Thanks, sir. But I'm going to Bandra.

Your route is different, right?

Today, there is overtime, so I'LL drop you midway.

Okay. Thanks.

So, June, didn't your boyfriend..

..turn up today with his motorbike?

Boyfriend? Who? That Krish Pascal?

Of course not, sir.

I mean in college, we were going around..

..and then we broke up.

Now we're just buddies. -I see. So he is not your boyfriend.

Of course not, sir.

I'LL drop you to Bandra.

How sweet, sir! Thanks.

Sir, I'm going to a party, so can..

..I change my top in your car Please? -Yes. What? -My top.

Here? -Yes. If you don't mind.

No. It's okay. It's okay. -Thanks.


I hate this bubble gum generations, showoff.

Sir, you don't Like bike rides?

I Love bike ride. Especially in the rains.

Of course. Of course.

When we were in college, we also used to go.. Vajreshwari, Tughreshwar, Khandala, Lonavala on bikes.

Really? -Yes.

June, what else do you Like?

I Love chocolates, movies, books, karaoke..

..and mature conversations.

Nice. Nice.

Enough. Enough. I've reached.

Okay, June. See you.

Hey, sir, why don't you join us?

Here? What will I do here?

Come on, well have so much fun. Youll enjoy with my gang.

Like this? Wearing these clothes?

Sir, it's cool. You are Looking perfect.

Come on, Lets go. Please. Please.

Trust me, sir. Well have so much fun.

Come on, sir. Please. -Okay? -Okay.

Excuse me. Here.

Thanks, ma'am. -Thanks.

Come on, sir.

Hey, June, you are Looking a killer, man.

Thank you so much.

Krish, this is my boss Naren. -Hey, how are you doing?

Sir, this is Joe, Rocky..

Hi. -Hi. -Hey, what's up?

Hey, man. -Hi, dude. -Hi.

So, dude, what's your poison? -Poison?

I mean would you Like to have a drink? -No, no. I don't drink.

Only on birthdays and New Year's.

That also only two. In Limit.

That's very good. You are a man of Limits.

Hey, June, he is so cool. -Come on, sir, just chill out now.

Tell me, what will you have?

Okay. Vodka. But a small one. -Okay. -Okay.

Come on, June, Lets dance. -Okay.

Come on, sir, you also dance with us. Come on, Please.

Please, sir. -Come on.

This heart is stubborn.

It has got a new habit.

Who has ever come to know what Love is?

But my heart is worried about you.

So something is wrong, darling.

Excuse me. One photo, Please. -Yes.

Okay. Nice. Thank you. Bye.

Hi, Abhay. -Hi. -What's up? -Hi. -Hi. -Hey.

Listen, it is the desire of the desires..

..that they shouldnt be unfulfilled.

Look there.

He was supposed to go for a target meeting, right?

So this is his target?

If there is dancing in the place of a recession meeting..

..then recession will definitely arrive. -Right.

So tell me, what should I do? -Come on.

Hi, Abhay. -Hey, how are you doing?

Abhay. -Yes? -I'LL be right back. -Okay.

I mean I know.. -Cool place, isn't it?

Hello, Gungun, did you recognize me?

I had come to your radio station. Milind.

Palekar, right? -No, not Palekar, but KeIkar. KeIkar.

So how are things?

Dry. Just Like this glass.

Can I buy you a drink? -So sweet.

Girls, will you all Like to have some drinks? -Yes, sure.

Milind is going to bring them for us. -That's great.

But.. Okay. -Give your orders.

One red wine Please. -Okay.

Bloody Mary. -One Martini, Please. -Okay.

And one vodka with coconut water. -Of course. Sure.


Wine. One bloody Mary. Martini. Vodka with coconut water.

Got to go. -I'LL just drop him and be back. -Bye. See you.

Walk in a different style.

Walk in a different style.

Listen, the Life tell you to enjoy for a moment.

Shall I control myself or Listen to my heart?

There is a Little distance, darling.

This heart is stubborn.

It has got a new habit.

Who has ever come to know what Love is?

But my heart is worried about you.

So something is wrong, darling.

This heart is stubborn.

It has got a new habit.

Who has ever come to know what Love is?

Your bill. -It is not mine. It must be someone elses.

But you drank all this. -But my heart is worried about you.

So something is wrong, darling.

Will it work? -Of course it will. Go.

Hey, Abhay, so what's the scene? Your place or mine?

Your place. Help the homeless. Take me home. -Let's go.

Rs. 6300 plus Rs. 3500. Four girls.

Why are you worried? -I can't believe it.

Four girls drank wine worth Rs. 1 1000.

Even the Liquor barrel won't be able to afford them.

From where did you find such girls?

Hey, all of them were not Like that. Gungun is a nice girl.

Hey, guys. Hey, mother of the child, make tea.

Hey, Please, just shut up.

You returned at 5am. Where were you the entire night?

Daisy. I was busy with Daisy.

What a girl!

Buddy, you flirt with girls dally.

Doesn't your heart stop you?

It does. But I placate it.

I tell it to go to sleep and Let me sleep, too.

I have a motto in my Life. Sleep and Let others sleep, too.

Look, this is the Limit of shamelessness.

Why do you airways taunt me? -Didn't you see him?

He was so busy at the party Last night.

Who was she? You have found a hot babe.

She was my office colleague. June. June Pinto.

She had taken me there forcibly.

Yes, it was visible that you were forced to go there.

You were jumping and dancing, after all.

Oh, God. Even Prabhu Deva (Indian actor) may feel embarrassed.

Why are you telling me? Tell him.

He has squandered Rs. 1 1000 on the girls.

What are you saying?

You paid money and brought a girl?

Shut up. Gungun is a friend.

I gave a treat to her friends.

Okay, so did you do anything with her or not?

Yes, I did. I spent some good time with her.

And his monthly savings, too.

You spent Rs. 1 1000 and didn't even kiss her? -Not even a kiss?

Don't be so cheap, Abby.

You know what? When you really fall in Love..

..when you get married and have children..

..then you will understand what true Love is. Yes.

Oh, God. I'm Late. I have to go to Purvi's school. Bye.

Go, buddy. Your wife has gone away.

Your daughter will also forget you.

I hear thunder. Oh, don't you?

Pitter-patter raindrops.. -Come on, Purvi, it's getting Late.

We have to reach school. Come on.

Pitter-patter raindrops, I'm wet thoroughly.

But there is still time for school now.

There is no time. Sorry. Today is her open house. -We have to go.

Okay. So I'LL accompany you, too.

No need. How did you get into the mood of becoming..

..her papa all of a sudden today?

What do you mean? Haven't I done anything for her?

Is what you have done enough?

Stop it, Madhavi.

I can't count as to what I've done for this family Like you.

Rubbish. At Least don't show your bitterness before this girl.

Try to understand.

I tried to understand for 8 years. How much more?

You are right.

I can explain t to a wife, but never a news reporter.

Go, my child. Go. -Come on.

Hi, Joe. -Hi, Desai. -Good morning. -Good morning.

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. -Wait. Wait.

Thanks. -Hi. -Hi.

Good morning. -Good morning. -Good morning.

Sir, I have to tell you something.

You were just rocking Last night.

Don't believe me? Don't believe me?

This is for you.

Isn't it cute?

Yes. It's cute. It's nice. Nice.

Stop it. -How can we, Naren?

You are definitely having an affair with June, right? -Yes.

She must be at Least 20 years younger to him. -No, 15 years.

I told you, I'm not having any affair with her.

Come on, tell us how was Last night's party.

Which party?

One has to take Lunch and dinner to motivate the juniors.

A part of my job. -Motivate? That, too, Late at night?

You have never motivated us.

And, Brothers, this Polaroid is revealing his secret.

A sting operation of senior bank officer. -Yes.

Love. Party. And Polaroid. -Yes.

It's just a photograph.

Okay, why are you getting angry?

We are happy for you. -Yes.

Enjoy yourself. -Yes.

Carry on.

Okay. Okay. Fine.

Just give me some time. Yes. I'LL get back to you.

Gungun, wake up.

We're going to be Live on air in an hour.

Are you dead? -Yes. I'm dead. I'm dead.

Gungun, the script of our show is not ready either.

And I'm not able to get through to the..

..writer Tripathi's number either.

I wonder where he must be Lying sloshed.

Oh, no.

Boss will kill us. Think of something.

Yes. I remember.

Our friend. The poet. Palekar.

Your admirer.

If you call him up, I'm sure hell stand on one hand..

..and write for you.

What say?

You girls are so smart.

Let me call him. -Yes.

Gungun. -Hey dude.

What a surprise!

I need a favor from you. -Okay. Tell me.

Yes. Sure. Sure.

Tell me. Where do I have to come?

You were fantastic.

Milind, you are a killer.

Thank you so much, darling. -Nothing.

You saved my Life.

I must say. You are not just a poet, but a Life saver.

Come on, Gungun. -It's hardly anything for me.

And if you want something written in the future..

..then Let me know.

You are such a sweetheart.

Shall we go out for a coffee?

Actually, I have to Leave for a movie audition.

But next week. For sure. -Okay.

I'LL call you. -ALL right. -Okay.

And thank you so much for this.

Gungun, good Luck for your audition. -Thank you.

I'LL see you Later. -Sure. -Bye. -Yes.

I Liked what you said.

You know. Manohar, you are right.

We can go to Geneva. That's a good idea.

Yes. -An economic forum is to be held there.

We can go together. We can all go along.

We can go next weekend. -Okay. -Well go next week. -Excuse me.

We all are going there.

Excuse me, sweetheart.

Can I just borrow my busy bee husband for a second?

Okay, no problem. -Sure.

I'LL be back. Okay. -Yes.

What happened, Anu?

What happened?

How can you commit to Geneva?

You told me that well be going to Cape town, right?

We had a holiday planned. -So what?

Listen, I'm done with all the bookings.

Travel, hotel.. Everything. -I have told everybody.

Anu. Anu, don't create a scene. People are staring at us.

Listen, I need to go to Geneva for my business.

Okay. You and I can go Later.

I've airways been hearing this, Harsh.

Stop it, Anu. Stop it.

Okay. Take your friends to Cape town.

Have a good time with them.

Shop and stop cribbing about these things.


Hello. -Hi. Anu. -Hi. Who's this?

Abhay. Abby. -Hi. How are you?

I'm fine. Are you busy?

Yes. A bit.

Can I call you back? -Yes. Okay.

So, Abhay, you.. -Call me Abby.

Okay. Abby.

You really Like these night clubs..

..discos and stuff, don't you?

Any girlfriends?

I don't believe in these things.

Girlfriends. Relationships. Marriage.

ALL this is not meant for Abby.

How come? -Pose this question to yourself.

Are you happily married?

Yes. I'm happy.

Parties, shopping, holidays.

A husband Like Harsh.

And is there Love between the two of you?


You are a gym instructor, aren't you?

You are a gym instructor, aren't you?

Will you train me?

Don't hide your emotions, Anu.

You don't need a trainer, but a friend.

It's been a few days that I see a change in me.

I day dream. I sleep Less these days.

It's been a few days that I see a change in me.

I day dream. I sleep Less these days.

It's been a few days that I've heard that..

..the heart's just been taken over. -Hi..

It's hiding some secret.

Only God knows what it is.

I suspect that I'm in Love.

It's been a few days that I have been wondering..

..if I should Listen to my heart a bit.

I need to make some place for that someone in it.

I need to prepare it for that someone special.

Let me cherish some dreams.

I suspect that I'm in Love.

Either you are oblivious or not.

For once, think about my innocent feelings.

Let me keep you under wraps.

So that you don't fall for someone else.

I'm innocent. I'm shy.

I'm a Little simple. Please take that into consideration.

The day I get down to being stubborn..

..I'LL come to you swimming through the sea of fire.

It's been a few days since my heart seems to be bewitched.

Why is it restless? Why does it get led astray..

..and sing in every path you take up?

I suspect that I'm in Love.

Walk all night in the city of hearts.

You and I are fellow travelers. We just roam around.

Let the paths take us wherever they want to.

We fall tired in the sea of dreams.

If there is a method to Love..

I can also Learn the tricks, if someone teaches me.

Where does Love dwell?

Someone should tell me to go ask it.

I'm keeping myself in check so that I don't slip.

It's a new friendship.

Take it easy. Be a Little careful.

This is what Life is telling me.

I suspect that I'm in Love.

Yes. Perfect. -Your cheque. -Thank you.

Mahi, the bill is a bit on the higher side.

You have to tell me who all came.

Come on, everyone out with Rs. 500.

Don't act so stingy.

Rs. 500. -Yes. I'm so sorry I couldn't come.

Give me a moment, sir. Let me check.

Madhavi, Look over there.

That's your husband, isn't it? -Okay. Yes.

He was.

No. No. I.. -Shall we go somewhere else?

No. No, sir. Please. -This place doesn't seem quite right.

I Love the Tamiam soup here, sir. Please sir.

Please. Please. Come on. Come on. -Let's go. Please, sir.

They get started the moment they find a young girl.

What? -Let's go. -Let's go.

Oh, my God. Really? Okay. -Red wine?

Yes, Please. Thanks. -Two house wines. -Sure, sir.

Yes. Okay. Okay. Sophie. Sophie, I'LL call you back.

Give me all the details in the night. -Okay? Okay. Okay. Bye.

Sorry, sir. That was my friend Sophie.

You know what? -What?

She just Lost it. -What? -Her 'V'.

Wallet? -No. 'V' for.. Come closer.


Isn't that cute? -Yes. Yes. That's cute.

Okay. Tell me, sir. When did you Lose your 'V'?

My 'V'? -Come on, sir. You can tell me.

And we are buddies. Okay?

Don't be shy. Tell me, sir. Please.

I was 20 years old. -20 years old.

You were 20 years old. Oh, my God, sir.

I was 3 back then.

Oh, my God, sir.

I can't believe it. I was 3 years old when you Lost your 'V'.

Thank you. -Thank you.

Thank you. -Enjoy, sir. -Cheers. -Sir, waits. Wait. One second.

In Europe, they say that if we don't say cheers..

..Looking into each other's eyes, then one will have..

..a bad sex Life for the next seven years.

A bad sex Life? -Yes.

Another seven years.

Let's not take a chance. -Okay.

Cheers. -Cheers.


What are you thinking? -About you.

About me? What?

You know, sir. Whenever someone gossips..

..about your divorce in the office, I get really angry.

And then I wonder that you are so nice..

I mean how can you get divorced?

Not just me. Madhavi is also nice.

But often, two good people can't make a good Life together.

It happens.

There you go. -Sir, comes in. Meet my granny.

Not today. Some other time.

Sir, may I say something?

Give Life a second chance.

You deserve someone special in your Life.

Look around you. There is Love everywhere. Okay? Bye.

I remain awake in sleepy nights.

I remain asleep in Lost memories.

I keep wondering what I say to you when I meet you.

I can Live or die for a yes from you.

Do you also feel the same restlessness?

You are the prayer that went unanswered.

Sometimes you Look Like..

..the moonlight in the sun.

Are you a dream or an illusion?

Are you a dream or an illusion?

You send the portfolio. I'LL go through it. -Hi. -Hi. -Come.

Because I don't do that.

You gave a very good audition.

But I also tried all I could.

This time, they need a somewhat different Look.

Sorry, buddy. Sorry for this time.

It's okay, Charan.

I'm used to rejection now. Thanks.

ALL the best. Hope we work together soon.

See you.

Subtitle by Aldi Arman

Say something. -What do I say?

You did not tell me. How do I Look?

Yes. You're Looking good.

What happened? Are you in a bad mood?

Let me set the mood.

Gungun, I want to confess. -What are you doing?

I'm in Love with you. Do you Love me?

Please stop embarrassing me.

Everyone's Looking, Milind. -Let me see. I Love you.

Get up and sit. Please.

Everyone's Looking. Just get up. Please.

You are embarrassing me. -You know. -Everyone's Looking. Sit.

Look, Milind, don't be silly.

You want Love, marriage, family..

And I want movies, big screen, glamour..

These are my dreams.

For how Long will I keep ranting away..

..Like a parrot at that radio station? -I'm fed up.

Look, I'm a career oriented girl.

I don't want to give you false hope.

I really Like you. But as a friend.

If you're thinking beyond that, then Please forget me.

Okay? -Shall I say something?

Gungun, you are so cute and honest.

How can anyone forget you?

Okay. I've to attend a party.

I'm getting Late.

Yet another struggle.

Accept this bouquet at Least.

Don't refuse this.

Milind, I'm attending a party.

How can I go with a bouquet in my hands?

Take care. Okay? Bye. -Bye.

Sir, don't worry.

Sir, I saw a Hindi movie.

Sir, if a girl Loves you.. definitely turn around and Look at you.

Really? -She will turn around. -Just say turn around once.

Say turn around.

Sir, shell Look at me if I say it. You say it, sir.

Turn around. -Say it once again. Turn around. -Turn around.


Sir, I guess she did not watch the Hindi movie.

Sir, do you want anything else?

I want her. -I can't give you that, sir.

The next award is for the excellence in fashion designing.

And it goes to ace Hollywood designer. Anna Singh.

Congratulations. -Thank you.

Thank you very much. Thanks a Lot.

And now Last, but certainly not the Least.

The youngest achiever in social service.

Friends, she is a global citizen.

But her heart beats for India.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome..

..the young, pretty, vivacious Nikki Narang.

Thank you, rising India.

Can I ask you a question?

Is India really rising?

I mean we've built big highways since independence for sure.

But our minds got narrower.

We built fancy buildings.

But our families are falling apart.

Our knowledge has increased.

But wisdom is diminishing.

Today we have multiple perceptions.

But our values have diminished.

It brings me back to my question.

Is India really rising?

Time to think. Thank you.

The earth or the sky.

What magic! What an effect!

You aren't far away.

How are you? -Thank you so much for making it.

Is this some magic?

Excuse me. -Yes.

Autograph. -My autograph?

Yes. -Okay.

I'LL take that.

Your name? -Abhay.

Nikki. -Abhay. What are you doing here?

My friend is hosting this event.

Nikki, Abhay. My fitness trainer.

Meet my daughter Nikki.

Hi. -Harsh is waiting for you. Shall we? -Sure.

See you. -Bye.

Good job. -Thank you. Thank you.

Abhay, Shall we? -Well done, dear. Well done.

Pal, Anuskha never told me that she has a grown up daughter.

Meet my friend.. -She's not Anuskh's daughter.

She's Harsh Narang's first wife Sinai Choksi's daughter.

She has returned from America just a few days ago.

Wonderful. -Yes. -Now Shall we? -Don't we have to go to the pub?

Come on. Come on.

You have to see his house.

Buddy, I'm blown away.

Naren, is it your birthday today?

No. -Did you forget your specs?

Contacts. Looking okay?

It is good. Good. -Bye.

Since when did Doordarshan become MTV?

Mosquito? -Yes. -You must have worked very hard, right?

Go. Go to sleep. Good night.

Look at the condition of your world, God.

How much man has changed!

Hello, can I see my sir? The new Naren Ahuja?

Wow, you are Looking so cool.

What's going on?

Nothing. Just for a change.

Have you confirmed the 3 Oclock meeting with Vermas?

Yes, sir, they are coming. -Okay.

June. -Yes, sir. -Want to go to the bowling alley on Saturday?

Wow, sir. That sounds Like so much fun.

Saturday? Oh, no. Not this Saturday, sir.

Why? -Sir, it is Chris' birthday on Saturday, sir.

Can we go next week?

Chris' birthday will come next year, too.

I know, sir. But we are one big gang, you know.

And Chris will feel very bad.

Idea. You also come for Chris' party with me.

What will I do there?

Sir, Chris won't mind.

Come on now, Please. Please, don't be Like this.

Come on, it will be so much fun. Please.

Let us see. I'm not sure.

But I'm sure. You will come, sir.

And, sir, I really Like your new Look. Saturday? Bye.

You have stayed in the US for so many years.

Now you will go back. What? -Yes, Dad.

The moment the NGO work is finished, I'LL shift to New York.

You took such a big decision and didn't even ask me.

Did you ask me when you made a model-cum-socialite my mother?

I'm your daughter, right? -I will take my own decisions.

Nikki. Behave yourself.

I'm sorry, Dad. Forgive me. Like this?

Good morning, honey. -Hi, darling.

Had your Aloe Vera juice?

Yes. Sit. -Morning, Nikki.

Good morning, Anu.

Okay, Dad, Let your juices flow. I'm going to go.

Bye, Anu. -Bye. -Bye, Dad. -Okay, bye. -See you Later.

What happened to her? -Nothing in particular.

She is just reminding me that my daughter has taken after me.


Hi. Remember me?

I remember your name. -Can't seem to remember your face.

Funny. -Awards ceremony. With Anushka.

Vijay. -Abhay. They call me Abby.

Why? Why do people call you?

Hey, Jojo. Get me coffee.

Relax, dude. -Hey. Nice book.

Have you read it?

Yes, I think I have read this book.

This has not been published yet. It is a sample copy.

Nice outfit. -This? I hate it.

What is good in this?

Why? You Look good in this.

Do you Like cheese a Lot? -Cheese? Why?

You speak a Lot of cheesy Lies.

You should go to Hollywood.

You will make a Lot of money.

Funny. Okay.

Okay, tell me, what are your hobbies?

I mean apart from social service and reading books.

I Like driving fast cars. I really Like drinking Like a fish.


..doing drugs, and most of all, I Like watching pornography a Lot.

I'm joking. -Of course, I know.

Don't think I'm joking. I mean it.

Now you can start smelling.

Funny. -Hello. Yes, Ashok Tobhatjee. So how are you?

Yes, thank you so much for supporting the cause.

Of course, I will be there. It is my charity drive.

Yes. Sundar Hall. Saturday afternoon.

Yes. Okay. -Hello, hello? -And what did they say? -Listen.

Anything else, sir. -No. -Okay.

Sir, it will be done. No problem.

There is a Lot of range.

From 15 to 45 years, whatever you say, will be managed.

Okay, sir. Don't worry.

Milind. Milind. -Yes.

What are you thinking? Open the databank.

That Bajaj's son wants a 30-year-oId bride.

And Locate at Least two.

30 years old. Meaning two of 15 years each? -No.

Do one thing? Locate three of 10 years each.

Where are your brains?

Sorry, sir. Nowadays, I'm a bit confused.

You are not confused, but defused.

Stop your philosophical poetry and conduct marriages.


Yes, sir.

There is a Lot of range, sir. I have a 50-year-oId, too.

Gungun, what a surprise!

It is me who is surprised. Where have you been all these days?

No, no. I was waiting for your phone call.

So I thought that you must be busy or not interested.

Just because I said no, you disappeared?

Chill, buddy. We are friends.

And you never know when something may happen in Life.

Never say never.

That's what I believe as well.

What are you doing this weekend? Are you free?

Yes. -Let's go clubbing. -Okay, if you say so.

Okay, cool. So I will see you then?

Okay, see you soon.

So what are you getting Milind to do this time?

That casting director Cherian told.. that Murlishankar Veenu..

..a famous film maker from the South, has come.

Nowadays, he is Looking for a new heroine.

Really? -Yes. So to pay the entry fees of Rs. 6000 and.. escort me, I need some arm candy.

When will this KeIkar come in use?

Are you going somewhere?

No, I'm just getting ready to pass my time.

Okay, Listen, that friend of mine. Batliwala..

Who Batliwala? -That colleague of mine from the office. Batliwala.

Yes, the same person who is sensitive and caring Like you..

..who is after a girl half his age, right?

That's not the point, dude.

Okay. Tell me, friend.

That girl wants to take him to her friend's birthday.

So what do you think he should go?

Of course he should go.

When will he speak his mind?

He is already 39 years old. There is very Little time Left.

It's 38, friend. Be reasonable.

Okay, why didn't Batliwala tell the..

..girl that he Loves her until now? -He is waiting for her.

As soon as he is divorced, he will tell her.

Like you. -Sheer coincidence? I never thought of it. Oh, God.

But you are right.

I think he should go. I will tell him. He should go.

Yes, he should most certainly go.

If his Love is true, then he will get that girl someday.

Like Gungun is going to meet me today.

Wow, Pappu has passed.

But whatever you say, this house is Lucky for all three of us.

Yes, that is true.

For whom? For Milind, me and..Batliwala? -You..

Hello? -Hi, baby, Listen.

Today Harsh is taking me to some boring cultural event.

You know how I hate these pseuds.

Listen, I have a plan. We will have fun.

Meet me at the Intercontinental at 4 oclock.

Anu, I cannot come. Please. -What do you mean you can't come?

Of course you can come. 4 oclock, Intercontinental.

Anu, I'm not free.

What do you mean you're not free? Just be there, okay?

I will see you at 4:00. -Anu, Listen to me. Anu.


..I'LL cross check the List and get back to you this evening.

How many of them came in today?

Madam, we are Actually expecting about 200 donors.

Just make sure that you write all of them down.

Ma'am, about 30, 60 or so.

Certainly, ma'am. -Hi. -Hi. What a surprise!

I hope you are not chasing me?

Your humor is good.

Add a Little sense and it will become sense of humor.

I read in the papers that there was a noble cause here.. I came. -Oh, you read the papers, too.

Of course. One should contribute towards society.

Good. Malti, Please take him.

Where? -To contribute. To the society.

Please come. -Go. -Please come.

Send whatever blood we have collected today.. the blood bank as soon as possible.

Satam. -Yes. -One more blood donor.

Great. -Blood donation? -Yes, sir.

You will Lose nothing by donating just two to three betties.

Come. -First, I will have to ask my doctor.

You don't need any doctor.

You are well built. Hey, Jadhav, take him.

Come. Come and don't get too tensed.

Lie down, Lie down. We will take a nice photograph of yours.

Easily, easily. Oh, madam Surekha. -Yes.

Come and put the blood pressure machine on him.

Okay. -Madam, gently Please, okay?

Don't worry.

Thanks, Abhay.

Just a Thank you won't do.

You have taken so much blood that.. will have to give me coffee.

Of course, we airways give coffee and biscuits to our donors.

Not coffee from here.

Let us, you know.. Let us go out sometime.

You can see how busy I am with my cause nowadays.

Yes. It can be seen.

What about the weekend?

This weekend? I'm in Goa.

Wow. Goa. Where in Goa?

Find me. The way you reached here Looking for me today.

Wow, cool place, right?

I don't Like these noisy places.

You know, I Like quiet places.

Where we are able to Listen to each other.

What? -Able to Listen. Listen.

Yes, yes. -So do you come here often?

Yes. -Oh, nice place. I will come, too.

So anyway, I was. I was wondering, maybe.. What happened?

Nothing. -Who is it?

Nothing, some people from the industries have come.

So I mean, if I could just go and meet them for some time..

It will help me plan. -Oh, yes. -Okay, okay.

So you just order yourself and me a drink as well. -Okay. -Vodka.

Vodka with coconut water? -Yes, yes.

Correct, correct. Thanks, okay.

Okay. ALL right. Yes.

Hey, give me vodka with coconut water and one glass of water..


Hi. -Hi, how are you? -I'm fine.

Shall we go? -Yes, Let us go. -Come, come. She is Gungun.


..sir, I'm a big fan of your films and I have seen all of them.

Seriously. I Love them.

You have a very nice body. A very beautiful face.

But there is a problem.

Let us go. -Hey, we just got here. -Come on. Let us enjoy.

Here is your drink. Come.

What are you doing? -Happy?

Please say something. What happened?

What should I say? That director said such a thing.

What? You mean Like a casting couch?

No. -Then what? -He wants my Latest photos.

Those, too, with a retro Look. -Then get them clicked.

These are not some passport sized photos.

It is a photo shoot. Big photographer.

Make-up. Hair. Costumes.

It will cost between Rs. 1 .5 Lakhs to Rs. 2 Lakhs.

From where will I get that? -Come on, relax, Gungun.

I have been struggling for the Last 2 years.

Nothing is happening.

I will go back to Calcutta.

Please, Gungun, be positive.

A dream that is there..

Look, Milind, it is very easy to recite poetry.

But for a struggler Like me to manage Rs.

2 Lakhs is very difficult.

Take right.

Relax, Gungun, worrying will not help at all.

Thanks, Milind. Bye.

Gungun.. Gungun, Please wait.


Can I tell you one thing, sir?

This girl appears to be very sly.

Please be careful.

Can I say one thing? Shut up.

Just do your work.

What is it to me? It's midnight. -The fare will be double.

Okay, keep going. -Yes, I'm going.

What an amazing couple, man!

Do you want to know?

Both had a rollicking affair during college time.

Then they broke up.

But they still make such a hot couple, right?

They are awesome, man.

So how is it? -Good, good.

You were very good. Chris was okay.

I'm so happy you Liked it.

Okay, guys, one minute, one minute.

Stop the music, stop the music, Please.

Okay, now it is time for the Karaoke session.

Let us see who it is going to be.

Chris? -No, not you, man.

It is going to be.. June's boss Naren sir will sing for us.

Come on. -Me? -Come on, June. -Come on, sir, come on.

Come on, sir. Please, one song.

One song for me, sir. Please, Please, Please, come on.

Come on, sir. -Come on, sir. Come on, come on.

Wish there was someone whom I could call my own, friends.

If not near me..

..even far away would do, but someone my very own.

Wish there was someone whom I could call my own, friends.

If not near me, even far away.. -Stop it, friend.

How much will you bore us?

Hey, chill, man. What a song you have sung, sir!

You know.. uncle Sam, he would sing this song dallies after having a drink.

Just stop it, okay? Guys, Please.

Chill, June. Be a sport. It is just a joke, dear.

You are so very right. One should respect seniority, man.

Nisha. -What is wrong with you all, friends?

Sir. -Hey, June. -Sir, Please.

Sir, sir.. Please Listen to me, sir.

Sir, I'm very sorry for whatever happened, sir.

I'm sorry. Because of me, your party got spoilt.

Chill. Enjoy yourself. -But, sir.. But..

Hi, Dad. What's up? Hey, Anu. -Hi.

Hey, Nikki. How are you? How was your blood donation drive?


Where were you, Dad? It is said that charity begins at home.

And no one turned up from my family.

I couldn't help it. I had appointments.

Cultural events. Ministers.

Dad, if you had come, you would have seen.. many people had turned up. -I see.

There were maximum numbers of donors this year.

By the way, Anu, your yoga trainer had showed up.

What is his name?

Abhay. Yes, Abhay had come to donate blood.

Nice guy.

Really. That's nice of him. Excuse me.

Hey, Anu, sit. What's wrong with her?

Relax, Dad. They get such mood swings at this age.

What do they call it? Hormonal changes. You eat. -Okay.

I swear I didn't know. My friend had taken me there..

..and I donated blood. That's it.

To impress her? -Why would I impress Nikki?

When did I say that you went there to impress Nikki?

You just said that Nikki told you that I had come there..

..right? -That's why I was just saying.

And what happened there?

What happened? I donated two betties of blood.

You know what I got in return of it? -Two biscuits and coffee.

I felt it was for a good cause, so I did it. That's it. -Feel?

What do you feel for me, Abby?

What do you mean?

You are interested in Nikki, right?

What? Have you gone crazy?

What are you saying, Anu?

There is no one in my Life except you right now.

Your thought, your talks, every touch of yours..

It controls me.

Come on, don't spoil it, Please. -No, you don't spoil it.

You are Lucky that you got this Lifestyle because of me.

Are you Listening to it? So value it. -Yes.

I'm going to London next week. Behave yourself.

Of course. That goes without saying.

Come on, give me a hug.

Sir. Sir, I've confirmed the weddings of three clients today.

Wow. That's my boy.

Happy, sir? -Very, very happy.

So I have a small request. -Yes. Tell me.

I want Rs. 2 Lakhs in advance.

Rs. 2 Lakhs? -Please give me the money, sir.

I'LL return it to you in instilments of Rs. 1000 each.

Mr. Milind KeIkar, I don't even give my wife Rs. 2.

That's why sister-in-Law has Left you.

It's better. You may also go if you Like.

But no advance. Out.

And Listen. Only three things work in India.

I know. Cricket. Films. And weddings.

But, sir, the world runs on Love and you won't understand.

You can't, Mr. Mukesh Tiwari. You will never understand.

Papa. -Yes? -Does a fish ever cry? -Yes, it does.

Its tears must be getting mixed with water.

Then how do we find out?

You have a point. Smart girl.

Hi, June. -Hi, boss. How is your mood?

I'm fine. -You know what, sir? I'm so angry with Krish and all.

Today he called up and said, Let's go for a party.

What rubbish! I clearly refused him.

It's okay, June. My generation is unable to relate with me.

May be I don't fit in there, June.

What do you mean you don't fit in there?

I can't do things the way you guys do.

I mean. I can't dance, I can't sing Like you..

..and Krish and everybody else.

So what? You can Learn. I'LL teach you.

And it's not rocket science anyways, sir. Come on.

Stop joking, June. -No, sir, I'm serious.

I'm coming at 8pm today. Be ready to dance, okay?

No, June, I can't dance. How can I dance?

No. I'm coming. -But, June..

Tonight at 8pm at your place. Okay? -Okay.

Okay, bye. -Okay, bye.

Mr. Naren Ahuja, tonight at 8pm, you will dance..

Hi. -Hi.

Looking good. -Thanks.

It's better. If not about your dear ones.. Least you have started taking care of yourself.

That's good.

You started taking care..

What? You want Rs. 2 Lakhs? -Yes.

Listen, Zandu, Gungun is using you.

You become a user instead of her and use her.

Look, I don't want to become a user.

I just want to become a Lover. You get it?

You are neither a user nor a Lover.

You will become a Loser between the both.

He is in a problem since two days. -Don't you have any savings?

I do. I have a fixed deposit of Rs. 2 Lakhs..

..but I have saved it for my wedding.

If Gungun returns to Calcutta what will you do with your FD?

Buy the IPL team?

Get your FD released.

But what guarantee does he have..

..that she will marry him after she becomes a heroine?

What if she deserts him?

It is a matter of Love. It is not a deal.

Whether Gungun Loves me or not, but I Love her.

The matter is closed.

Naren, you are right. I will get my FD released.

See, this is called Love.

And you Look at yourself. -Yes.

Yes, I think you are right.

I'm confused between Anushka and Nikki.

On one hand, there is money and Love on the other.

Anushka is my ATM card and Nikki is my heart.

And I don't have a FD Like him to get it released.

I'LL have to break my heart.

Hello? Hi. When? Yes, yes.

No, no. No. Okay.

Yes. Okay. Okay.

You both will have to go.

Hey, it is the time to drink.

June is coming here.

I see. So June's tune is ringing. So you are Cyrus Batliwala.

Naren, you had said that no girlfriends are allowed here.

That rule is for the tenants, not the owner.

Come on, go out from here. Please. Please go. Come on.

Oh, no. Tenant Laws are very strict.

Enjoy. Enjoy. -Very strict. Really.

Hi. -Hi.

Won't you call me inside? -Please come in. Please come in.

Wow. Someone's Looking Like a cool dude. -Thank you.

This is for you. Granny has especially sent it for you.

What was the need for it? -It is necessary for the mood to dance.

Im boss today. Okay?

Now Lets dance. -You are my world.

You are my sin. -Hold my hand. -No. Like this. Back.

Right Leg back. Correct.

Left Leg forward.

You are before me, you are in my thoughts.

What else is Left?

I've Loved you unconditionally. - Very good..

I've strong faith in you.

Can I take the.. -Leave it. -Please okay.

Once more. Six, seven, eight.

My destination Lies in your path.

Sides together. Side kick. Now drop.

May I take the call? -It must be grannies.

Okay. Okay. -One second.

Hello? What? Where? Okay.

Okay. I'm reaching there. I'LL get there.

What's wrong? ALL okay with granny?

Sir, not granny. Sir, the police has arrested Krish.. some drunk driving case. -Oh, God. He is mad.

Sir, Please accompany me to the police station. -What?

Sir, Please help us. Sir, Please. Please, sir. Please.


Johnny, what happen? -Is Krish all right?

He was returning from the pub after drinking two-three pegs..

..and Krish was caught during the police checking.

Oh, no. Where is he? -Inside.

Oh, God. Sir.

You wait here.

Oh, God. Look at Krish. -Hey, we had caught him Last time, too.

Yes, sir. He will be sentenced to Long term imprisonment now.

Sir. Sir, Please do something. Sir, help us. Please. -Oh, God.

Who is the senior here? -Inspector Gaikwad. -He is inside.

You write down his name, okay? -Okay, sir. -Go in.

You all wait here. Get back.

Come in. Tell me.

Sir, one boy is caught in the case of drunk driving.

Krish Pascal. -What relation do you have with him?

Is he your friend or brother? -Sir, he is just my friend.

Sir, he belongs to a good family.

A good family? -Then tell him to sit at home and drink decently.

Why does he drink and drive?

Come on, get Lost. -Meet me in the court on Monday. Go now.

Sir, I request you to release him.

He has made a mistake. He will never repeat it, sir.

What do you do?

I'm a loan manager in ITC bank.

Loan manager? -Yes, sir.

In a bank.

I have done your work. -Thank you, sir.

Please take care about my home Loan from your bank. -Sure, sir.

Shinde. -Yes, sir?

Release that Krish Pascal from the drunk driving case.

Who is Krish Pascal among you? -It's me.

Come on, get up.

Come on, move aside. Move aside. -Please release me, too.

Come on. -Thank you, sir. Sorry, sir.

Don't drink and drive again. -Sorry, sir.

I told you, didn't I? -Please give me your number.

Stupid. Idiot. When will you Listen to me?

What's wrong with you?

June, Listen to me. -You Listen to me.

Now see, you have to come with me for Sunday mass..

..and you have to make a promise that no more drinking.

Okay? -Okay. I promise. I'm sorry. -Promise? -Promise.

Thank you, sir.

We were so worried. -Don't shout at me. I'm sorry.

Thank you sir. -Oh, God.

Hey, dude, thanks. -It's okay.

And I'm sorry for that day. -It's okay.

Thanks. Come on, guys. -Yes, Lets go.

Sir, I'm so sorry for everything.

We were having so much fun.

But Lets chill out next week. Okay? -Yes.

Thank you for everything. Bye.

Okay, bye.

Take this for your photo shoot.

Oh, my God. Thank you so much, Milind.

But I really cannot take this. -Don't say no, Please.

But how did you arrange it?

Forget all that. You just concentrate on your photo shoot.

Thank you so much, Milind. Thank you.

You are really a sweetheart.

Oh, my God. You are smelling and becoming emotional, too?

I Like it.

I'm going. Best of Luck for your photo shoot.

Thank you. -Welcome. ALL right. Bye.

Wow. I don't believe that there are..

..such people in today's world, too.

Alas, if only I get such a boy.

I will Leave everything for his sake.

What happened? -Nothing.

I'm noticing since the Last few days..

..that you don't have the same touch or passion anymore.

What's wrong with you? -Nothing.

There must be so many people in so many families..

..but how many of them really Love each other?

Do you believe in Love, Anu?

Why are you asking this today?

Just Like that.

You need a drink. -Yes.

Please put your hands together..

..for the Lady behind 'Free Hope Foundation'..

..the biggest charity event of Goa.

Ms. Nikki Narang.

Ms. Nikki, do you think that if a few wealthy people do..

..such type of an event..

..then there can be a change in the society?

I don't think so. I believe so.

There will definitely be a change.

If you had not been industrialist Harsh Narang's daughter..

..would you have still taken up such a mission?

Of course. I believe so.

Shall I say something?

Charity is not done only with money, but passion.

Do you believe in Love?

Have you ever been in Love, Ms. Nikki?

Well. yes, I'm in Love.

In fact, I'm in Love with you.

I mean I'm in Love with everything.

I Love you. You all. The poor children, the environment..

In fact, I Love this entire universe.

Anything else?

Thank you very much.

I won't see the morning without you.

I have promised this to my eyes just now.

To walk without you is also a punishment.

I promised the paths just now.

Listen, these are my feelings.

They say I have desires to Live with you.

I will separate from my breaths without you.

I have promised the breeze just now.

I won't see the morning without you.

I have promised this to my eyes just now.

You are that Land on which I've settled my world.

Where will I go without you now?

You are my support. I Live by trusting you.

I won't be able to Live without you anymore.

Each aspect of mine begins from you.

You are my sun shine and rain.

This cloud won't pour without you.

I have made this promise to the clouds.

I won't see the morning without you.

I have promised this to my eyes just now.


By the way, you both have already got a divorce.

Technically speaking..

..the Letter will reach you in a month or two.

Okay? Okay, Mr. Shirke.


Thanks. -Thanks for what?

For competing all this gracefully. No hard feelings.

And, yes, June is a good girl.

No, I'm not having an affair with June.

Come on, Naren. The same smile has returned on your face.

Anyway, take care.

And all the best. -Thanks. You, too. -Bye.

Hello? Yes, Cherian.


Gungun, I searched you a Lot downstairs..

..but then Tamanna told me that you are here.

Hello? What's up?

Nothing is happening. This is happening.

I tried my best. I spent such a huge amount.

Everything is a waste.

They signed the star's daughter as the heroine at Last.

If they wanted to make the star's daughter the heroine..

..why did they have to do a drama of..

..this photo shoot and this audition?

Come on, Gungun. It happens.

Now I feel I must be Lacking something.

Please, Gungun, you don't Lack anything.

The world has not ended if you didn't get a film.

There is a big world besides the films, too..

..where the people Love you.

This smelling, beautiful Gungun.

Like me.

You are saying sweet things to make me feel good.

No, no. I swear by my third-class poems..

..that you are really beautiful and no one can stop you..

..from becoming a star.

Look, see through my point of view once.

You are a star, okay?

And you are going to go so far..

Thanks, Milind, for being there.

Please don't ever Leave me. -I never will.

I Love you.

I Love you.

I Love you. -Me, too.

Sir. Sir. -Yes?

I need a favor, sir.

You want a holiday? -No, sir.

Someone is harassing you again?

No, sir. Listen to me first. -Tell me.

What are you doing the day after? -Nothing much.

You have to come to my house for dinner.

Anything special? -My granny has invited you.

For what? -Granny wants to talk about something.

Regarding what?

It is a surprise, sir. And, yes, would you Like to have..

..spicy Goan food with red wine?

8pm. Don't make it Late, okay?

Hello, sir.

I will definitely come if granny has invited me.

I'LL be there. I'LL be there.

Thank you so much. Bye. -Bye, June.

Hello? Yes?

Abby, you are Late. -Yes.

Anu, this is the bike key. I don't want it.

Why? I see. You want a car? I Like it.

No, it is not so.

You Look very stressed out. Come.

Come here. Come here. Come. Come. Come. -No. I'm okay.

Okay, Listen. I'm going to Maldives next week.

I have a plan to buy a property. -Come, well go together.

Well have Lots of fun. -Anu, I can't be with you anymore.


I won't meet you again.

It's over. -You are joking.

I'm serious.

Why? You want to become a gym trainer again?

Look, Abby, what's the matter?

Where else will you get all this? -We are having fun, right?

What. what problem do you have?

Aren't we having fun?

Anu, I'm in Love. -What?

I'm really sorry.

Thank you for everything. -Who is that girl?

Anu, why do you want to know her name?

Who is she?

The one whom you are thinking about.


Just go.

Anu, I want you to.. -Just Leave.

Just go.

This is for you, Gungun. Love you, Gungun.

Be careful. Be careful.

Can you believe it?

Miracles occur today, too.

Check it out. -Does she Love you Like a sister Loves her brother?

Shut up. My true Love has won.

I have written a poem on it as well.

Poets, Please dont recite it. She will run away.

Don't be ridiculous. She Loves my poetry. Yes.

Banker, he has succeeded.

But how far has your Love story reached?

June's granny has invited me for dinner.

I have heard that mummy invites people for tea..

..but I'm hearing for the first time..

..that the granny has invited someone.

It is the Leap of one whole generation.

Look who is talking.

Two generations are involved in your Love story, too.

Are you going on with the mother or the daughter nowadays?

No, I can't Live without Nikki. Anushka's out.

Think about it. -I have decided.

I don't want Anushka's Love and comforts.

There is nothing greater than Love.

See? Miracles occur today, too.

So cheers in the name of the Love stories of the three of us.

You know what?

I think this house is really Lucky for the three of us.

See? Didn't I say that?

So cheers again. -ALL right.

In the name of this house. -Cheers. -Cheers.

Hello, Brother. -Hello, sir. Hello. -Make my favorite one.

Sir, the bouquet is absolutely ready for you today. -How?

Your radio friend Gungun has reserved a bouquet for you today.

Oh, fantastic. -And a Letter, too.

Marvelous. -Sir, this is the bouquet and the Letter.

Oh, Love is full of surprises. -That's true, sir.

Take it. -No, she has already paid for it, sir.

No, it is a tip from me.

Okay, I'LL take it if you insist. -Yes.

'Hi, Milind. I don't have the guts to face you..'

'..that's why I'm writing this Letter.'

'I have finally got Muril Shankar Venu's Tamil film.'

'So I'm going to Chennai.'

'After this, I wonder when we will meet in Life again.'

'What should I do?'

'Films were airways my first Love and not you.'

'You were just Gungun's option in her Life, a compromise.'

'And one can't spend Life on the basis of a compromise.'

'Won't you understand me?'

'I'LL never be able to forget you.'

'But you? Milind, Please forget me. I'm sorry.'

'Take care.'

Okay, I need these on both the sides of the road. Okay, Vijay?

Okay. -Oh, great.

Hey, Nikki, is this okay?

It's perfect. -Thanks.

Nikki, the news channel people want your byte.

No. Just ask them to wait. Later. -Okay, I'LL do that.

Hi, Nikki. -Hey, hi. How are you? -Wait. One second.

Do you have a List of volunteers, Allan? -You got it. -Okay.

You seem busy. -So busy. By the way, how are you here?

Will you also participate in this event?

Of course. Why only this event?

I'LL participate in all the other events, too.

May be I'LL even join you in New York. -New York? Why?

What do you mean by why? To be with you.

To be with me? What are you talking about?

I'LL be wherever you are, Nikki. I have decided.

One second. One second. What have you decided?

Rohini, I'LL join you in two seconds. -Okay, ma'am.

Just come here.

What's wrong with you? Have you Lost your mind?

Just because I enjoy your company.. doesn't mean that I'm in Love with you..

..or I want to spend my entire Life with you.

I mean, come on.

It means whatever happened between us in Goa.. didn't mean anything, right?

Of course not.

Why are you talking Like a 14-year-oId teenager?

I mean whatever happened there at that time is now over.

No big deal. -Neither was it the first time for me nor for you.

So will you just grow up?

So it means that.. -It means? It means what, Abhay?

Okay, Shall I say it in simple words?

You are not my type.

Our worlds are too different, Abhay. Okay?

Nikki, I can't Live without you.

Youll do just fine, stud.

No one dies without anyone. Okay?

You have dumped Anushka, but she is still surviving, right?

Hi, sir. -Hi.

This is for you. -Thank you so much.

And wine for granny. -Thank you.

Granny, Mr. Naren has come.

Mr. Naren, thank you for coming. -My pleasure.

June talks about you the entire day.

My boss is this, my boss is that.

She is really fond of you.

Shall we come to the point now? -Oh, sure.

Look, June is my baby. I have brought her up since childhood.

So obviously her granny will be worried..

..about getting her married. -Yes.

Look, she is a very good girl.

But she is Little crazy and moody.

Don't complain Later.

No, Aunty. I mean, Granny. I know. I know.

It is not easy to become her Life partner.

She is a completely child.

She seeks a Lot of attention.

Granny, every girl wants that.

See, June. You need this maturity in a husband.

Caste, creed, wealth, status.. Nothing else is important.

I just want a husband who Loves my baby..

..who will take care of her.

Actually, who will take care of her if I die?

Granny, why are you saying this? We are here.

Tell me. Will that Krish Pascal be able to take care of her..

..and understand her?

Yes. I was also shocked Like you when I came to know..

..that she wants to marry Krish Pascal.

By the way, I know that family since childhood.

But tell me, isn't it taking place very fast?

It is not very fast, Granny.

Krish has got such a good job in Muscat.

So his parents said that get married first and then go.

So what's wrong with that? -Sir, you tell me.

Yes, Mr. Naren, she really respects you.

Whatever you say, will be the final word.

June is right. Her decision is right.

I can see that she Loves Krish a Lot.

Think once more..

..and they have broken-up many times, too..

..and they have broken-up many times, too.

Will this marriage work?

It will work.

It is important for any relationship to have Love.

Everything else is sorted out.

You are right. You are right, a relationship should have Love.

June, your boss has finalized it. My tension is over.

Come on, well celebrate now.

You both drink wine and I'LL Lay out the dinner.

Love you, Granny. -God bless you. God bless you.


What if I had refused for your marriage before granny?

Impossible, sir. You can't go wrong. You are my buddy.

Who understands me better than you? -Me.

One second. One second, sir. Did you forget?

While saying cheers, we have to Look into each others eyes.


Bad sex Life for the next seven years. -Correct.

Cheers. -Cheers.

To tell you the truth, expecting true Love is just too much.

Love in all its forms is just an illusion.

It's a blind man's dream.

It's a deaf man's song.

Love in all its forms is just an illusion.

I wish I had someone I could call mine.

If not close by, then at a far away place.

But I wish I had someone.

It's quite unfortunate, isn't it? -Yes, buddy.

India Lost the match by just three runs.

Hey, I'm not talking about the match.

After three months, three guys didn't get even one girl.

It can't get worse.

Okay, forget it. For the next 10 days in Goa.. one will talk about girls. No one will talk to girls.

No one will chase girls. -Yes, buddy.

From now on, no Love, no affair, no one-night stands.

Girls.. I just don't understand.

I have already decided that I won't even Look at..

..the airhostess in the plane.

Forget girls, if need be, we will marry each other.

Just a thought. -Bad thought.

Go and get the boarding cards. -Yes.

I'm going to the bookstore.

I badly need a book of 'Hanuman Chalisa' (Holy hymns).

Get one for me as well.

Hello. Is there a Hindi book here?

Sorry, I don't.. -Why is it not there?

What do you think? You think that no one reads Hindi..

..Marathi or Gujarati books in India? -Ma'am, sorry, I..

No, no. If you won't keep those books here..

..people won't read them and if they won't read them.. won't stack them here. This is Like a vicious circle.

A vicious circle. -No, there's been a misunderstanding.

Give me an answer. Why are there no Hindi books here?

Because I don't work here. I'm not a salesman.

I'm.. I'm extremely sorry. -It's.. It's okay.

You could've also said it in Hindi.

I'm sorry. -It's okay.

Hi, I'm Swati Paranjpe. -You are a Maharastrian? Me, too.

Really? -Milind KeIkar, from Pune.

I'm from Dhole Patli road.

I'm from Koregaon Paat. It's quite near to your place.

I'm sorry. It was very silly what happened a while ago.

I'm used to it.

By the way, I also read English books. -Really? -I Like them.

Okay, then, this is a very good book.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Please help me. Please help me. -Hey, what are you doing?

Please. My boyfriend is chasing me.

He's here. Your boyfriend's here. -Hey, Pia.

What's happening? What's going on here?

Who's this guy? -Can't you see? We are romancing.

Oh, by the way, meet my new boyfriend. -What? -What?

Yes. My new boyfriend Raj. -Okay.

It's not Raj, it's Abhay. -Okay.

So I Love him, not you. -But why?

Why? Because I just Love him.

I Love his eyes. I Love the way he kisses.

And his heart. -You know what? I just Love everything about him.

And you.. You Akash.. You're a Lousy.. You're a psycho..

You're a possessive and dopey boyfriend.

So you know what? Just get Lost. It's all over.

Pia, enough. Just Listen to me.

Raj, tell him to just get Lost. -Hey, bro, try to understand.

Hey, dude, now get going.

You will regret it. -No, I won't.

Oh, wow. You just saved me. -Don't mention it.

You're a real rock star. -Thanks.

You are going to Goa? -Yes. -Let's catch up.

I'm staying with my friends. -So what?

Where are you staying? -Ronalds. North Goa.

Wow. Even I'm there. We should definitely catch up.

Yes. -Pia. Pia Verma.


They call me Abby. -Good.

I really tried, Pushpa. It's just not happening.

I mean.. You know what?

I can't believe I'm getting divorced.

Okay, Listen, if you know a good divorce Lawyer..

..will you Let me know?

You know, this is the first divorce in our family.

Alright. Okay, thanks. Bye.


Sorry. -Divorce Lawyer.

Sunanda Pradhan. She's good.

I see. So you are also..

Yes. Me, too..

Milind Ahuja.

Neha Desai.

I heard that the whole process is quite stressful.

In the early stages, it is a bit of a problem.

But Slowly, you get used to the Loneliness.

Really? -Yes.

But you shouldnt be alone.

You should be with some relatives, or some friends..

..who can understand you or someone who has been..

..through this problem..

..who would be with you and..

..who would be able to understand you. -Yes.

Or someone who could relate with you.

If you have a problem, I will give you my number.

It's.. -Okay.

98.. -98.. -19.. -19.. -66.. -66..

Subtitle by Aldi Arman

The Description of Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji Full Movie ft. Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Omi Vaidya